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  1. Post on What will you do? in Dark Knight

    By Grehm, posted
    So we're likely going to be getting our awakening in the next patch, along with Kamasylvia. What is everyone's plans once the patch goes through? Are you making a mad dash for that awakening quest? Or will you try and let the rush slow down and take it slow.
    I'm going to be cracking open a fresh dande box and going for TET. (Been saving mats for a while.
  2. So I recently got my Valkyrie to level 56, and began the Black Spirits Awakening questline. However, when I got to the NPC in Calpheon I couldn't talk to the NPC because it said I didn't have enough knowledge. I've never had this issue Awakening any other class, and I was wondering how do I acquire the knowledge I need to proceed through the questline?
  3. So I been playing BDO (On the European servers) for just over a week or two as a Dark knight and I'm curious as to if there's been any information at all on the release date of the awakening?
    I know on the Korean version of BDO the Dark Knight class got its awakening about a month or so after it's initial release, so will that be the same for the North America and European version?
  4. Can anyone confirm if some Awakening Skills are affected by casting speed?
    If they are... which ones?
  5. Hey guys im a fresh 56 wizard, and after fooling around in PVP with my friend, i realized i dont really know what im supposed to do.
    (I know it sounds kind of weird but thats the best way if stating it)
    im not sure how to go about fighting. Am i supposed to try to out DPS them? Am i to wait till they come to me and spam cc's and aoe's.
    also, any combo guides or suggestions would be awesome, 
    thanks guys
  6. Hey guys, anyone who have tips on what awakening abilitys and non-awakening abilitys to spec into ? 
  7. Post on Farming post awakening in PVE

    By Raykonx, posted
    Hello everyone,
    I have come back from a 6th month slumber with a friend, we did the awakening quest etc. and tried our new gear upgrade at basilisks and we did pretty good. However, we feel that even if the belt can drop it is not quite the "best spot". We would like to lvl up while getting som loot, no need to be ultra end top tier but just to see that we get some rewards.
    Right now I am a wizard with 142/137/196 and my friend is a musa with 128/118/196
    I know we have shitty equipment but we should start somewhere so, where do you guys recommend to farm with these stats / party?
    Thank you for your attention
  8. Post on Chakram Combo Guide? in Kunoichi

    By Strycer, posted
    kennt jemand von euch gute Combos bzw Guides/Videos etc für den Chakram?
    Habe mal danach gegoogelt uznd finder sehr viele Combo Guides zum Kurzschwert als die standard Waffe der Kuno aber für den Chakram nicht wirklich soviel.
    Gibt es Combos zum Skill canceln? Oder gute Combos zum Switchen? Schwert -> Chakram, Chakram -> Schwert?
  9. Post on Ninja Awakening Help! in Ninja

    By Nox Demon, posted
    So, I finally reached level 56. And was super excited to finally use the Ninja awakening, which had been the say in my decision to main the Ninja all the way back when it came out. But then I noticed a problem... Skill points. Jesus, I have like 10 skill points to my name and I see all these skills in the Awakening branch that cost like 80 skill points to max out.
    Just checking I have 11/ 657 skill points. I'm still gaining some, but I have used all 657 on my main hand. And the problem is I heard the skill soft cap was like 520, which I assume they increased, but I'm probably close. Once I hit that, I will stilll need to grind hundreds more to skill up the Awakening branch.
    So basically, I'd like:
    Some clarification on the skill soft cap
    An in depth analysis of what skills to get and which to not
    Anyway to get more skill points
    Suggestions on if I should remove some of the skill points from my main hand (I have two level 56+ skill re-setters that I have been saving)
    And any links to similar questions so I can view those answers
    Cheers to anyone who does any or all of these things!
  10. So, I was wondering how much AP I would need on the Sura Katana until it would be viable to use? With a DUO Liverto, an Awakening weapon with the same damage would cost a fortune (if even on market). Does it need to do the same damage as pre- Awakening weapon or is it fine if its damage is like 2x lower?
  11. Here is what I heard about the Ninja awakening when it came out: I
    It was the worst of them allIt was no different from the non awakening (gameplay wise)Was basically a slightly buffed non awakened NinjaTook tons of AP to even compare to any other class' awakeningIt's slow as hellMakes you stationary when doing skills -> venerableLike 0 CCsEveryone switched from maining NinjaNinja is now weakest class post awakeningAre all these things still true? Has the Ninja gotten a buff by now? Or is the awakening still crap? I'm thinking of maining a Wizard if it is still most of these things. Thanks in advance.
  12. I started playing BDO about a week ago again after the game first launched and made a Maewha. I'm level 56 currently, but I'm struggling pretty bad at Sausens. Farming solo just simply isn't effective for money, and even in parties I can die easily from the mobs. Which is even with dodging and using my heal off CD. My damage is pretty poor too, awakening especially but I've only got 80 awakening AP so I expect that.

    Gear is Heves/Rocaba and jarret ring/earring. I also have White and black horn bow, which would be better for farming mobs? I've heard how important accuracy is for PvP but not about Pve.
    I'm not sure if heves/rocaba is good on Maewha but I was told that's what I should go for.
    Any advice is welcome.
  13. The goal of the awakenings was to make classes more complete and to allow to make up for flaws that came with the original class design. But as of now, the whole 'completion' story feels like a goner, because all you use is the awakening. It's not an addition at all, it's just a complete overhaul. This makes it so that the original flaws are taken care of, but only to end up with a new set of flaws.
    Once you reach lvl 56, you'll go for the awakening weapons/skills, which do 1000% in some cases. This is way more then your original skills. The consequence of this, is that you barely look at your regular skills, and turn to awakening completely. The only time i can imagine using the regular skills, is when you want to make it part of your cc chain, but for dmg output you'll go to the awakening skills.
    Wouldn't it be possible to raise the dmg % on the main skills, so that they are on par with the awakening skills? This will allow for a better mix between regular and awakening playstyle, thus completing the class ( as was  intended in the first place).
    This gives the player alot of possibilities towards mixing certain combo's, playstyles,... It would make the class more complete, because you'll use both your regular and awakening weapon;
  14. After getting my Maehwa to level 56, I  (personally) was somewhat disappointed with my awakening. I am looking for a new class to main, specifically with skills able to be used off cool down after for easy grinding such as Rising Storm on Musas/Blader but after awakening. Are there any classes with awakenings abilities such as the one listed above?
  15. Hi fellow adventurers, I'm a returning player in need of infos, first I saw 3 awakened weapon exist, one you get from quest, one you can buy, and the third one, the dandelion... I'm not sure how to get it, I think with an harpy boss but I don't know where it is or if it's a world boss or a boss you have to summon.
    Then I don't understand why the green awekened weapon even exist, since the blue you get from the quest is better, why would someone use it?
    And last but not least, I don't know what gear to take for my mage, I know there is already some guide on the internet for it, but I couldn't find any recent one, and since a lot (I guess) has change, I don't know if I should trust them.
    Sorry if my english isn't perfect, I'm french, and thanks already for your answers!
  16. I found myself with some free time today, so I decided to test AP stuff. First and foremost, a big thanks to @FluffyQuack for his invaluable Health Bar Scanner, so I don't have to try and find willing assistants to test damage numbers for hours on end any more.
    So, first round: testing how mainhand AP affects awakening damage.
    Test conditions:
    Godr Sphera Training V (348% x3) on Troll Warriors with a +0 Lord Godr Sphera (16-25 AP, 20.5 avg.), a +12 Bronze Dagger (8 AP) and various mainhands. 100% accuracy and discounted all crits.
    Test one - +0 Strong Staff : 8-12 AP, 10 avg., for 10 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP and 8 universal AP
    5 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 48.5% - 51.6%, averaging 50.36%Test two - +0 Ultimate Styd Staff : 28-32 AP, 30 avg., for 30 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP and 8 universal AP
    5 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 54.6% - 56.4%, averaging 55.58%Test three - +6 Strong Staff : 28-32 AP, 30 avg., for 30 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP and 8 universal AP
    5 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 54.6% - 56.8%, averaging 55.34%Test four - PRI Liverto Staff : 86-90 AP, 88 avg., for 88 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP and 8 universal AP
    5 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 73.4% - 75.2%, averaging 74.28%So, from this we can see two things: One, mainhand AP affects awakenings (already proven but some people are stubborn); Two, +0 AP is just as valuable as enchanted AP, surprising as I'd seen reliable testing to the contrary but the damage was roughly identical - the very small variation is easily explained by the small sample size.
    We've established that all mainhand AP affects awakening skills, but now we need to find out what percentage of it is used. To do so, I did further tests with differing amounts of awakening and universal AP, both with the +0 Strong Staff and of course the +12 Bronze Dagger:
    Test one - +0 Lord Godr Sphera, +0 Bares Ring, Jarette's Ring, +0 Bares Necklace, +0 Bares Earring, Jarette's Earring, Jarette's Belt : 10 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP, 28 universal AP
    5 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 66.0% - 69.9%, averaging 68.4%Test two - +7 Lord Godr Sphera : 10 mainhand AP, 40.5 awakening AP, 8 universal AP
    5 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 61.2% - 64.2%, averaging 62.7%So, +20 mainhand AP is roughly a 10% increase in damage, +20 awakening AP is roughly a 25% increase, and +20 universal AP is roughly a 36% increase. Makes sense, since universal AP adds to both, that it would be equal to both of them combined (taking RNG into account)! Considering Biohack's testing which shows that AP scales linearly, the numbers show that mainhand AP provides roughly 43% the damage as awakening AP, to put it one way, however I think we need to re-evaluate our terms here; awakening AP is the standard for awakenings, sure, but universal AP is more valuable since it's both at once. So I think we should treat universal AP as the standard of 100%, rather than awakening AP. If we go that route, we see why they chose the percentage that they did; considered together, mainhand AP makes up ~30% of the damage and awakened AP makes up ~70%.
    But, to be sure, let's see if that holds true for another skill; Water Sphere I (764% x5, Trolls are immune to knockdown so the Air/Down Attack isn't an issue).
    Test one - +0 Strong Staff, +0 Lord Godr Sphera : 10 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP, 8 universal AP
    25 rounds of 1 use eachDamage dealt was from 35.4% - 41.1%, averaging 37.8%Test two - +6 Strong Staff, +0 Lord Godr Sphera : 30 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP, 8 universal AP
    25 rounds of 1 use eachDamage dealt was from 38.9% - 42.8%, averaging 41.2%Test three - +0 Strong Staff, +7 Lord Godr Sphera : 10 mainhand AP, 40.5 awakening AP, 8 universal AP
    25 rounds of 1 use eachDamage dealt was from 43.7% - 47.6%, averaging 45.8%Test four - +0 Strong Staff, +0 Lord Godr Sphera, +0 Bares Ring, Jarette's Ring, +0 Bares Necklace, +0 Bares Earring, Jarette's Earring, Jarette's Belt : 10 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP, 28 universal AP
    25 rounds of 1 use eachDamage dealt was from 47.2% - 51.6%, averaging 49.3%So, pretty much confirmed: here again we see exactly 30% mainhand AP / 70% awakening AP. I think that wraps up this round, the next one whenever I happen to find time to get around to it will be additional damage types, namely Species Damage., due to popular demand, testing if all secondary AP counts as universal AP (i.e., gets added to both mainhand and awakening).
    Testing data and screenshots available to download here (the forum attachment system is limited to 2MB so I can't make use of that), separated so that people don't have to download all 600MB of screenshots just to see the data:
    Raw Screenshots
    If you want both, extract them to the same directory to properly organize them.
     Second round: testing whether various hidden AP is universal or specific. Namely, crystals, set bonuses, and food/elixir buffs (I don't have a guild so no guild buff, sorry ).
    Test conditions:
    As before, Godr Sphera Training V (348% x3) on Troll Warriors with a +0 Strong Staff, a +0 Lord Godr Sphera, a +12 Bronze Dagger and various external AP. 100% accuracy and discounted all crits.
    Test one - Control : +0 Strong Staff, +0 Lord Godr Sphera, +12 Bronze Dagger, for 10 mainhand AP, 20.5 awakening AP and 8 universal AP.
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 51.1% - 52.5%, averaging 51.8%Test two - Crystals : Control plus Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power (+5 AP)
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 53.3% - 57.3%, averaging 55.6%Test three - Set bonuses : Control plus Grunil Helmet and Grunil Gloves (+5 AP)
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 53.8% - 56.4%, averaging 55.2%Test four - Elixirs : Control plus [Party] Elixir of Fury (+10 AP, sadly there's no 5-AP elixir)
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 52.0% - 56.4%, averaging 55.2%Test five - Food : Control plus Mediah Meal (+5 AP)
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 54.2% - 56.8%, averaging 55.3%So, the results here are all virtually identical and they match the expected increase for universal AP (they're slightly lower than 20 mainhand AP, and 5 * 1.43 = 7.15 while 20 * 0.43 = 8.6, so it fits perfectly), but this is confusing for test 4 because it's twice the AP increase... For comparison I need to try out +10 awakening AP and +10 mainhand AP, though I don't think that's what's happening here (it should be noticeably higher than it is if it's awakening, and noticeably lower if it's mainhand >.<):
    (note that I screwed up a test after having already +3'd my Sphera, so I had to start a new Control with both that and +3 Strong Staff)
    Test one : +3 Strong Staff, +3 Lord Godr Sphera, +12 Bronze Dagger, for 20 mainhand AP, 30.5 awakening AP and 8 universal AP.
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 58.1% - 60.3%, averaging 59.3%Test two : +6 Strong Staff, +3 Lord Godr Sphera, +12 Bronze Dagger, for 30 mainhand AP, 30.5 awakening AP and 8 universal AP.
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 61.6% - 63.4%, averaging 62.2%Test three : +3 Strong Staff, +7 Lord Godr Sphera, +12 Bronze Dagger, for 20 mainhand AP, 40.5 awakening AP and 8 universal AP.
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 63.8% - 66.0%, averaging 65.0%Test four : +3 Strong Staff, +3 Lord Godr Sphera, +12 Bronze Dagger and a [Party] Elixir of Fury (+10 AP), for ? mainhand AP, ? awakening AP and ? universal AP.
    10 rounds of 5 uses eachDamage dealt was from 61.2% - 65.1%, averaging 63.2%So, like I noted before, it's between the expected values for 10 mainhand AP and 10 awakening AP. The simplest and most likely explanation is that it's bugged and only gives 5 AP (though the buff does say "+10 AP") but one interesting thing to note is that the damage is more varied with the elixir, with more unique damage amounts, lower lows and higher highs. Now, this is a sample size of only 150 hits, so it's almost certainly just RNG that happened to act up right at that specific time, but it is conspicuous that it happened during that elixir both in this test and the prior. Probably nothing, but worth mentioning for posterity I suppose.
    In any case, that wraps up universal AP testing, for now at least. I could test other elixirs to try and 100% verify that it's just this one being bugged, but that's a low priority. I've got other things that I pan to test that would be much more interesting.
    TL;DR - Awakening damage is made up of 30% mainhand AP (ALL mainhand AP, even at +0, not just enchanted AP) and 70% awakening AP. AP from accessories and crystals and such adds to both at once, giving a full 100%. So to find your awakening damage gearscore, take 30% of your sheet mainhand AP and 70% of your sheet awakening AP, then add 100% of any hidden AP you have like guild buffs, crystals, set bonuses, etc.,
  17. https://oddshot.tv/shot/UzprkW2ZrkVG07FYCifNMyyT
    Here you go!

    The full video was apparently taken down and this was leaked by accident.
    EDIT: FULL TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo-mjxHnGfw&feature=youtu.be
  18. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/22/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ Awakening / Fame System / Various Topics / Guest
  19. Post on Seeking some Advice in Maehwa

    By Tsudanama, posted
    Hello fellow Maehwas,
    I am still in my first month of playing BDO and I have just hit 56.  I have some questions on the gear/progression I should go for and some skill point questions.
    -Due to all the bonus xp events I hit 56 with only 560sp so I am a bit starved of points at the moment.  Just before I hit 56 I reset all my skills and maxed out all passives, meditate, blooming, and red moon along with the hp regen skill (I forget what it is called.. spacebar after slash with 26s cooldown). I plan on dumping the available 150 or so points I have free into my awakening once I get finished with the quest tonight after I get off work. Any advice on which skills in awakening I should prioritize would be great.
    -With skill addon's I have put hp/wp regen in red moon but I suppose that should change once I unlock the awakening tonight.  What skill addons should I slot?
    -Now onto my gear.  I currently have only green gear.  All my armor is green grunil (not sure where ultimate grunil comes from or if I should care).  Currently I have it all enchanted between +11 to +14.  My weapon is a green Pri Yuria blade and my offhand is the accuracy one (i think black horn bow?) currently at +14.  For accessories I have 6x Jarettes accessories from the welcome back/new person event. I am not sure at what point but I imagine I will want to not proceed much more than +15 on green armor and start hunting boss gear?
    -From what I understand I will be getting a blue awakening weapon when I finish this quest tonight Should I buy a green awakening weapon for the +mob damage?  I know the blue is better mix of pve/pvp and I want to pvp someday but I have a LOT of gearing up to do first so questioning if I should go green then to boss weapon (dandy?).  I currently only have 50million saved up for gearing and would like to proceed efficiently.
    Thank you in advance for advice and sorry for some noobish questions.  I have searched for most of these answers with minimal success.. perhaps I am wanting some hand holding as I advance into the next chapter
  20. As the title says i'm having issues with the durability loss on my awakening.
    On currently lvl 56 i go from full 100 dura to zero in roughly 15 - 30 minutes when grinding Bashims/ Desert Fogans.This basically means im able to make about close to 1%xp, or less, before i have to leave for repairs, which makes any grindspot without any repairstation nearby obsolete - esp. in the desert.
    Locations with a rep. station close by are getting more and more annoying the longer i play due to the very frequent repair runs.
    I have also been asking in chat and ppl. suggested getting a premium outfit. Now i know that theres a 10% bonus to awakening durability, but i think even with that the current degrading speed is still too steep which makes me think of two possibilities:
    Either one skill or more on the Ninja are bugged or im just simply doing something terrible wrong.
    Edit: Hit lvl 57. At this point i can grind at Bashims for exactly 25 minutes before my awakening AND offhand breaks. This means that i have to leave before my daily grind xp boost runs out if i choose the 200% buff. That's without branding and costume - with them ppl. can stay longer as mentioned in other forum posts - usually around one to one and a half hours.
    I also tested the durability loss with different stance as suggested in this thread - and it works. So as Ninja (and also Kuno player) you basically grind with one eye always on your durability and need to choose your skills accordingly.
    This bug, amongst others on the Ninja has not been fixed with Magoria update. I stopped lvl progression for now because its obviously pointless and will wait for the next maintenance to see if it gets repaired - so most likely i might reroll.
    Conclusion: If your a new player or thinking of playing Ninja/Kuno - don't since the very coregameplay is broken.
  21. hey guys meteorlogikus here,
    my main is a lvl 57 wizard and u can see my equipment in the picture below.
    I have started to think about nodewars and I asked myself if it's better to switch my steel-dagger against a rosar-dagger?
    Also i thought about the evasion-crystals, is it really worth it to switch crit rate and casting speed against these evasion crystals ?
    Would be nice if someone could answer me who tried this evasion "build".

  22. Please rework The Ninja Class They have such a hard time clearing monsters even with high level AP/DP they don't even Seem like a Real class anyone should play to get good at the game, Understand this Mr. GM you as well Mr.Korean GM's 
    We all Love us Ninja Movies and Assassin Movies, Yet this class that everyone holds to high standards as being the Burst Damage Pk'er is not doing the Damage that it idealistically should.  
    All I'm upset about is that they cannot Clear Mobs fast on their own, 
    The Tamers BowStaff is also very weak 
    I'm tired of Taking all the Kills in my party even when We are at an equal in AP.
    I hate watching them fight with me doing nothing but be a Ward for me to help clear mobs around.  As they pretty much are not needed in a group party, when farming mobs. Its sad my Friends get Jealous and wanna switch classes but they worked so hard to almost reach lvl57 with +200ap/+200dp  I want them to be The Ninja class i like it please HELP my Friends Class
  23. I kinda get a bit mad with the skill (key F) to call my Pets or even switch between the Pets. i also get the same problem if i put the pet calls directly on my quickbar.
    If i try to summon my Pet it just wont let me, the animation starts for a millisecond and aborts again like the game wants to tell me that there is not enough room to summon the pet. i have to run around till i find a place where the pet summon works and thats pretty annoying during nodewars or while grinding mobs cause the pet disappears after i died or the 30 minute timer runs off.
    anyone else notices it? a guildie tried with his Wizard and he can use the skill just everywhere and it works just fine but for me it takes sometimes 5-10 minutes till i get my pet to spawn esp if there is alot of stuff around like mobs, trees, rocks and what not. =(
  24. So I'm about to do a complete skill reset on my level 56 awakened ninja and I have no clue what I should I pick. Can someone post a screenshot or something that can help? Thanks!
  25. Hi guys, 
    Im about to get Kakao a lot of salt.
    I asked the guys on Facebook to see if the ap from the main hand was applied to the awakening skills, was only for the witch and wizard, or for all classes.
    This is their reply,
    Have fun