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  1.  In the end all together, we will have 16 - 30 classes only rng will tell. 
  2. I'm almost lvl 56 on my Ninja and I was just wondering if you guys think it would be a good idea to awaken it or not. I've heard that awakening Ninja makes it worse, and some say it makes it better. What do you guys think?
  3. I only have dou main and tri off hand. I have no stones or frags to level up awakening weapon (not bothering with green). Should I just wait until I have enough to buy tri off market ? Or should I just do the quest now? I think it will seriously slow my grind down having weak awakening weapon only +4 if that
  4. Post on Ninja seems subpar in Ninja

    By Rudewizz, posted
    So I'm a pretty casual player and someone who likes to at try all the classes a bit. So far I've got a 56 wiz and am working on zerker and ninja. I've enjoyed wiz and zerker pre awakening and expect it to only get better. 
     Ninja looked fun but so far it hasn't been all that great. Maybe I'm just a terrible ninja but I feel like I'm using healing pots on cd. My dmg gets the job done but seems a lil underwhelming. It doesn't seem like it even has a niche thing that it can do better than others. It's just an extra class
    My question being does ninja get a lot better after awakening in terms of ability and playstyle?
    Any feedback is appreciated.
  5. DK_101  FAYNTU'S FLUFF & FIREWORKS _ some lvl60 dark knight awakening basics
    Can't seem to embed it, sorry.
    But enjoy guys. 
    Open for feedback and any questions which might come up in the future.
    Don't hesitate to whisper me ingame.
  6. Post on Ninja 56 gear/stone in Ninja

    By Maxi_Moot, posted
    So, i have a Ninja lvl 56,
    But no weapon, except the awakening weapon, i have 350M in bank and dont know what buy with it :
    My actual gear :
    Can you guys help me ?
    Or advise me on stone, what's better, what i have to focus after buying something ?
    Thank you !
    Have a Nice game !
    ( no answer on general so i drop it here )
    Hope Ninja comunity can help me !
  7. Hello all,
    So, there have been some discussion regarding AP, staff and Orbs after awakening.
    A lot of Wizards, in PvE, end up using, exclusively, awakened skills, so, without entering on a discussion regarding if that is a good idea or not, I would like to know if the base AP of the staff would matter in terms of damage output.
    I know the hidden stats of the staff would matter, but what about the base AP?
    It's been said that the hidden stats increase with the level of the weapon, and I also would like to know if this is confirmed.
    Because, if the base AP wouldn't matter, then the need to upgrade the staff would almost stop after lvl 56...
  8. Post on WIZARD SKILLS in Wizard/Witch

    By RedGandalf, posted
    Hey guys, I'm almost 56 on my Wizard and I wanted to ask some "popes" in that field if it's possible:
    -Should I reset all my SkillPoints NOW, that I can do it for free (before 56), and max out all AWAKENING SKILLS, instead of start building new SP for the AW Skills??
    -Will the gameplay turn into 100% Awakening Mode since this moment (56 in advance)??
    Bring some light to my darkness please. 
    Thanks in advance for your answer.
  9. Hello all, 
        I've been working on making a youtube channel for Black Desert News. It's just starting out so let me know what you think!
  10. So like usual, here is a video of the awakened 100% and 200% skills for the newest awakening, Dark Knights Vediant! Hope you enjoy my horrid editing skills in this video!
  11. Post on nvm in Technical Issues

    By Hollowmist, posted
    Nvm it just looks like glove skin
  12. Hi all!
    Yesterdaty, I finnaly got the lvl 56 and I've done the awakening quests. I'm still a bit clueless as to what the rotation is for this class. 
    Anyone can help me please?
  13. Post on DK Awakening in General

    By WebKnight, posted
  14. Hey guys,
    First let me clear up that i dont think any class in this game is "OP". But after fighting alot of Warriors as a Zerker i find myself at their mercy more times than not. I dont know if its the buffs they put on their skills (like slows and stuff like that) or the block that grants a hefty buff. But I noticed they have fair amount of knockdowns and bounds, is their anyway to get around these? Cause at this point i dont know what to do.
  15. I've been playing zerker since launch, and recently came back into the game. I have started watching high level zerkers in awakening pvp to try and get a feel for how to use the awakening. I've noticed two major things.
    1. I have noticed that the basic play style of zerker hasn't changed much since the awakening got released besides the awakening just allowing you to make more opportunities to start your grab chain.
    2. I have also noticed that after every grab they use BWS.
    The first change I am actually very happy with since I love the core play style of the class. However the second change confuses me a lot. When I played zerker before taking a break I found that the best combo to use in between grabs in a grab combo was Undertaker>Dual FD>FS(Using Flow: Final Strike)>Next grab. However I have not seen any zerker in any of the videos that I have watched use this combo and I can't figure out the reason why.
  16. Bonjour / Bonsoir
    J'aurais 2 question concernant la Dark Knight
    si des informations on était lâcher que je n'ai pas vue,
    quand l'éveil de la Dark Knight sera disponible et quand
    les set tel que "set de Karlstein" seront disponible pour
    la classe..
  17. Post on What will you do? in Dark Knight

    By Grehm, posted
    So we're likely going to be getting our awakening in the next patch, along with Kamasylvia. What is everyone's plans once the patch goes through? Are you making a mad dash for that awakening quest? Or will you try and let the rush slow down and take it slow.
    I'm going to be cracking open a fresh dande box and going for TET. (Been saving mats for a while.
  18. So I recently got my Valkyrie to level 56, and began the Black Spirits Awakening questline. However, when I got to the NPC in Calpheon I couldn't talk to the NPC because it said I didn't have enough knowledge. I've never had this issue Awakening any other class, and I was wondering how do I acquire the knowledge I need to proceed through the questline?
  19. So I been playing BDO (On the European servers) for just over a week or two as a Dark knight and I'm curious as to if there's been any information at all on the release date of the awakening?
    I know on the Korean version of BDO the Dark Knight class got its awakening about a month or so after it's initial release, so will that be the same for the North America and European version?
  20. Post on Casting Speed - Awakening in Ranger

    By XSCX, posted
    Can anyone confirm if some Awakening Skills are affected by casting speed?
    If they are... which ones?
  21. Hey guys im a fresh 56 wizard, and after fooling around in PVP with my friend, i realized i dont really know what im supposed to do.
    (I know it sounds kind of weird but thats the best way if stating it)
    im not sure how to go about fighting. Am i supposed to try to out DPS them? Am i to wait till they come to me and spam cc's and aoe's.
    also, any combo guides or suggestions would be awesome, 
    thanks guys
  22. Hey guys, anyone who have tips on what awakening abilitys and non-awakening abilitys to spec into ? 
  23. Post on Farming post awakening in PVE

    By Raykonx, posted
    Hello everyone,
    I have come back from a 6th month slumber with a friend, we did the awakening quest etc. and tried our new gear upgrade at basilisks and we did pretty good. However, we feel that even if the belt can drop it is not quite the "best spot". We would like to lvl up while getting som loot, no need to be ultra end top tier but just to see that we get some rewards.
    Right now I am a wizard with 142/137/196 and my friend is a musa with 128/118/196
    I know we have shitty equipment but we should start somewhere so, where do you guys recommend to farm with these stats / party?
    Thank you for your attention
  24. Post on Chakram Combo Guide? in Kunoichi

    By Strycer, posted
    kennt jemand von euch gute Combos bzw Guides/Videos etc für den Chakram?
    Habe mal danach gegoogelt uznd finder sehr viele Combo Guides zum Kurzschwert als die standard Waffe der Kuno aber für den Chakram nicht wirklich soviel.
    Gibt es Combos zum Skill canceln? Oder gute Combos zum Switchen? Schwert -> Chakram, Chakram -> Schwert?