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  1. Da ich nicht wirklich an PvP interessiert bin werde ich hauptsächlich meine Awakening Waffe zum Farmen benutzen, werde also nur sehr selten bis gar nicht meine Waffe im Kampf wechseln..
    Im moment hab ich eine Duo Yuria, und ein Duo Vangertz Shield in meinem normalen Waffen Slot, angenommen ich besorg mir nun ein Liverto Langschwert dann müsste ich doch von den Beiden Gem Slots und den Stats profitieren selbst wenn ich sie auf +0 lasse, weil meine Awakening Waffe eigene Stats hat, sehe ich das richtig?
    Danke Im Voraus!
  2. Hallo BDO Com,
    da für meinen Char in einigen Wochen die Awakening Waffe herauskommt bin ich am überlegen, ob es sich überhaupt noch lohnt sich ne Kzarka zu holen und zu upgraden oder ob die sobald ich die Awakening habe sowieso useless ist.
    Hat da jmd schon Erfahrungen gesammelt?
  3. 1. Can the block skill "brake of patron  [Q]" be rotated while casting if you click to move? 
    No, but you're not locked in place so it doesn't matter.
    2. Must the appropriate summoning be out in order to use a "flow skill"? Example: if i have the earth golem summoned and hit the key for a lighting flow skill, what happens?
    you desummon the current one to summon the correct one. After that, you switch back to your original. 
    3. If i use fire ball then switch to awakening orbs, can i still use the fireball explosion from my hotbar? 
    looks like you can't. Tho not 100% confirmed. YOU CAN! placing any skill on your hot bar will automatically switch you to the appropriate weapon instantly.
    4. How does ultimate teleport work? Do i have to use the ult. Teleport immediately after a normal one? can i space them out, or use them independently somehow? 
    no tricks. Has to be used right after normal tp just like residual lighting after lighting bolt.
    5. Is magic lighthouse literally useless now? The summons taunt mobs and now we have "deadly poison" which taunts and does good dmg, did the devs forsake magic lighthouse? 
    magic lighthouse last longer and i guess still has the dp debuff as a bonus.
    6. Ad soul [auto atk]. Does it automatically level up like the staff atk does, or will i need to spend skill points on it? 
    no, you have to spend the points on it.
    7. When a summons is obeying the "follow command" does that mean it will attack ppl around you instead of chasing after ppl away from you? 
    this is how you get it to stop attacking ppl.
    8. are the summoning bugged rn in kr? They don't do dmg or cc from what I've seen. 
    they do nothing.
    9. Do pets increase aggro limit? 
    No, they can pull a mob but they don't allow you to pull more than current max.
    Thanks in advance.
  4. hier die awakening für die witch:
    btw das fingerschnipsen ist einfach nice
  5. Post on Night vendor awakening in General

    By Perro, posted
    Please make it possible for all classes to roll on their awakening weapon by adding the weapon bundle to the night vendor!
  6. Post on FOTM in Warrior

    By Mastercow, posted
    Anyone else getting annoyed by all of the FOTM warriors? TBH kinda pissing me off idk why.
  7. I play with warrior, and I like my class with shield and sword. Now it is completely screwed. All my old skills are pointless and nerfed. Yes I may use them, and that makes the transition to the awakened class easier, but in general they are pointless. The new skills do more damage and have stronger additional effects, also they have less cool down time. So I have no choice, I shall play with the manga gigantic sword and the new skills. And I cannot play with the warrior I liked anymore. My old sword on tri is a waste. I shall make a new one, that I do not like.
  8. Hi,
    I see a lot of "theories" on which values are used / added to the greatsword's sheet values. I usually make spreadsheets of my gear to determine what to upgrade next for the biggest value etc. So what I would like to know are facts, but as we all know, PA doesn't let us know these facts. Let me just list what I would like to have some clarification on.
    Is 50% of our Main Hand AP added to awakening stats as a hidden value?Is our Off Hand (AP) DP added to awakening (AP) DP at all?Do Main Hand and Off Hand Crystal values count in awakening?Do Main Hand and Off Hand item stats, like +3 crit of liverto, count in awakening?Some of these points are fairly straight forward, others will require some tests. I do realise some of these are confirmed in KR, but we never know what patch we'll get.
    If anoyone likes to debate, test, critisize, or answer the above questions, please be my guest.
    Just to avoid the BM train, I've played warrior since launch and still love it like mad, I play on Croxus EU, Used to be in Moonrise, SealCubClubClub, Ember, XxX (my little solo play guild) and am now part of Transcendence. And feel a bit sad for actually having to type this.
  9. So anyone knows where they ll need to go for the awakening quest :)))
  10. Post on Greatsword Question in Warrior

    By Mastercow, posted
    Green vs Blue
    So with awakening coming on Wednesday, I have a question that seems to be missed on forums. I have a few questions as follows:
    Since I am at a loss for money, I have decided to go with the green greatsword until I can get my hands on a Dandelion.
    1.How much of a disadvantage will I face in pvp if use the green instead of the blue? Is it detrimental? 
    2.Also, I have a PRI Ultimate Yuria, and I was wondering if it was worth putting the mem frags into my +10 liverto. Is it worth using the resources on the liverto instead of saving frags for dandelion?
    3.How important is the Liverto after awakening? Is it still worth it for me to upgrade mine while waiting for dandelion and continue using my green?
    4.Would it be worth going for green to blue greatsword? Or just wait for Dandelion?
  11. Just wondering what everyone is doing to get reading for our awakenings.
    What level should we be at minimum? Seems classes are different at when they can mainly use their awakening weap.
    How many total SP do we need? Since zerkers mainly switch to their awakening weapons do we need a ton left over in our axe tree?
    Any other misc things that should be taken care of?
  12. DrunkenBDO Recruiting those who don't care about level 50+ We drink, we Discord and we play to have fun. We're global, friendly and we don't give a F**K about your AP/DP (we'll help you improve it though). We care more about having fun being active and... erm. having a drink. Msg SpaceKrackler today! Alienware (Dell) PC not required. Noobs
    The forums are not all toxic. some of us like the game
    Everyday I come to the forums and try to help, or answer questions with a positive mindset.
    The forums sadly are toxic and even this post I suspect trolls will come lol
    Many people love the game like us, I wanted to share this boss we did last night, no one got anything awesome but a good time was Had.
    May your guild or grinding mates have a great time as well.
    May the RNG be with you and if your a troll may he go on vacation.
    And to the staff, know some of us actually thanks you and appreciate your work.
    Thanks from Uno
  13. I would like to know what the 200% looks like, however after a long while of looking up I cannot find it. A bit curious atm, guessing people have much better luck at finding stuff like this. If you do, thanks o: !!! Also, have a wonderful day!
  14. Im a new player as it can notice... and i seen a lot of post about awakening but i have no idea what that is ??? 
    It is a class rework ?
    how it works ???
    The point is i make a maehwa but i seen a lot of post and videos and she is holding a SPEAR ! thats like a rework ? like full full rework or what does it means ? did i start from 0  or what D: sorry for noobish questions but i don't wanna keep playing maehwa wiout knowing what is going on D: 
  15. Post on Awakening Skills in Warrior

    By Fostii, posted
    Hey everyone,
    Just wondering if anyone has an awakening skill build. Want to have an idea of what it would possibly look like. x)
  16. Post on Calm and Collective! in Warrior

    By Seboros, posted
    Alright guys yes we will get our Damage counterpart to our Defence but let's be civil and show people how we can handle the power we get. Think of it this way, if we show everyone we can steamroll everyone don't you think everyone will start either complaining that we need to be nerfed or start getting groups to PK us even though some of us aren't a bloodlust killer? Just saying we can have fun but not go crazy with it haha! In fact why not give out our services to people who are getting bullied by pkers. Let's be the bodyguards every little guy always needed!
    We waited a long time, let's not ruin it before it even comes!
  17. UPDATED to 03/09/2016
    Looks like the lack of i-frames and super armor through our mobility skill(s) is actually what is bothering people the most.
    Suggestions and fixes needed:
    -Super armor during the lateral dash (a/d+RMB: you still get hit but you dont get CC'ed, maybe increase the stamina cost by 50%.
    -Make shield chase an iframe, there is already a cooldown on it and it's very expensive in SP: come on it takes 5 minutes of work
    -Make every rank of our passives Fitness Training 1 flat Damage Reduction and 15-20 hp instead of 1 specific DR and 10 hp.
    -Make our defence/block stance scale better/higher with DP, it DESPERATELY NEEDS to last longer.I
    -EDIT: we get it on sideway dash with awakening - Add 10% moment speed for 25 seconds to Heaven's Echo, so we actually have to refresh it but we don't have to wait for the long 40s CD of Elion's Breath for a stupid 10s buff.
    -Fix Sharp Light, Shield Throw, Just Counter, Counter, as in this state using the skill refreshes the CD so we cannot benefit from our full toolkit.
    -Fix stiffness going through our block! "Guard" is suppose to grant us immunity to all CC's but grapple and this is not the case when we are getting hit out of the 180° frontal guard. It's a HUGE issue, especially against all these ninja's with stiffnes in their aoe's, we get CC'd even if they are in front of us.
    I am a lv 58 (almost 59) Valkyrie playing on Jordine, my stats are 178/277 (Tet liverto, full tri with bheg gloves) and yes ive been around for a while to witness what Valks are lacking in PvE and PvP, compared to other classes.
    Now I ask you fellows to fill this thread with your consideration about Valks's issues and your ideas on how to balance the class in order to make it a bit more competitive compared to the others, with the arrival of the awakening weapons.
    IMPORTANT: this is taking decent/good gear in account, since the goal is to have balance between classes at average/top gear, we are all going to get there sooner or later (f.e. Full duo gear with tri weapon is a good starting point, you dont deal with rng too much), so please avoid statements as "valks are great in pve because they don't die: NOBODY dies in pve anymore with decent or even mediocre gear if paying attention, even in valencia.
    Issues i can think of:
    -Low mobility during damage skills: this affects PvE farming speed and PvP performance and placement
    -Lack of AoE's and range: all our damage skills have a frontal cone area of damage and very short range. Even shield throw has a small range and our awakening's aoe's are too slow and within close range to change the situation. This affects PvE because of the very long and tedious aggro'ing time and PvP since almost every class can just simply disengage when low hp when our only ranged CC (CS) fails or is on cooldown.
    -Lack of super armor/frontal guard abilities and i-frames: I know awakening should bring us some frontal guard abilities, but since most of our current ones are bugged 50% of the time (JoL, just counter, shield chase) not providing frontal guard even out of cooldown, I am afraid it won't improve. Keep in mind that wizards and witches can block during most long aoe's, sorcs can block and i frame for a long time (getting worse with awakening), bladers can spam iframes and block as much as a valk, zerkers can run through many aoe's with super armor skills (also during their grab chains), kunoichi and ninja can block and iframe (and cloak sometimes), warriors have frontal guard during almost every awakening skill, rangers have insane mobility especially with swords, tamers have good iframes and insane mobility as well. Countless times ive been shield chasing at 30% speed in the middle of a witch's residual lightning to then just get stunned into it.
    What we still have, even with awakening weapons:
    -Great in 1v1: i know it is going to change with awakenings, but we will still be good. Too bad this is not a 1v1 game.
    -higher DP efficiency with Heaven's echo, Guard, Black rage absorption and our passives
    -Good "mana" sustain (SP) with the use of guard, Herbal Juice and other skills.
    -Especially with the awakening (Shield Stun), the ability to restore a tiny portion of our's and allies's HP once every many seconds
    -Decent buffs to the party such as 12% base accuracy to our allies only (why cant we get it as well?!), 6 seconds of max resistances every 3 minutes with Elion's blessing.
    Here some ideas i would like to discuss:
    -longer range and larger area of effect on some skills, especially for pve
    -huge range increase to our taunt (heaven's echo), allow the skill to aggro more mobs to us or give us a spammable ranged attack that costs SP or stamina (for example a divine light that lowers the enemy's melee DP by a low amount and inflicts low damage at the cost of x SP).
    -Either lower the cooldown of Elion's breath and its flow (to 30 seconds instead of 40 for example) or make it so that it restores more than just 25% of max HP and raise the amount of HP gained by our allies (25% instead of 20% or even to our personal gain)
    -either lower the cooldown of Elion's Blessing or make the effect last longer: 3 minutes of cooldown for 6 seconds of maxed resistances? 1.30 minutes cooldown for 8 seconds buff would be great imo. Let's be honest, why don't we just reroll Witch's so we can spam heals and buffs then?
    Allows us to be more useful to the party and ourselves if we can't do flashy and lethal aoe's!!
    Please, add your ideas and considerations and feel free to disagree providing good reasons, but please keep being constructive and honest about the state of the class, even if there are more or less 2-3 valks every 100 players (think about it, you never see valkyries around).
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Tytyes @PM_Jouska
  18. Do the poll then grab your popcorn and sit tight. A tidal wave of salt is about to hit given the recent news on awakening weapon.
  19. It's happening guys!
  20. For those who have an extensive knowledge of the kunoichi awakening, how is our mobility afterwards? I.e. for Ninjas they possess superior mobility but lack a block which they get with awakening. So do kunoichis, which have the ability to block already, get some sort of heightened mobility?
    If not what DO we get?
  21. Post on warrior concept art in Off-Topic

    By Nezrox, posted
    its an old drawing, but it would be cool for a costume set i think.

  22. Hello forums.
    This is my first post and, well, it's something I feel should be asked about.
    Costumes are quite an important part of a character, for many people. I've seen the upcoming outfits and the two that struck me as odd are the Papilio set, which is for Sorceress only, and the Taught Fallen Crop set, which is for Valkyrie only.
    To me, these outfits don't really fit to the classes they've been limited to.
    When you consider the look and style of the outfits and compare it to the characteristics of those classes - their movements, skills/attacks, weapons - they just seem out of place.
    As if the designer wasn't aware of the classes, beforehand and what they encapsulate.
    Take the Valkyrie: she uses a shortsword and buckler, or lance and buckler. Not things you typically associate with, as the Taught Fallen Crop seems to be, a demon/succubus outfit. This outfit also clashes horribly with her skill effects and "background".
    Same as with the Sorceress: she wields dark/blood magic and a scythe, yet is completely juxtaposed by a butterfly outfit, something you really wouldn't associate with such a dark character.
    Here are some images from bdo-fashion.com

    Taught Fallen Crop

    As you can see the outfits in question are a stark departure from the characteristics of the respective class.
    I like both outfits, but I personally think they would be better suited if they were swapped around. Certainly from a character perspective.
    For now I only want to find out if this is what people would prefer. After that I will make another poll regarding the specifics on how the changes could be made, as the devs would need to change the weapon skins to suit the respective class' weapons.
    Please share your thoughts and if you feel the same way, hopefully, we might be able to convince the dev team to change it, before they're released over here.
    I guess now wasn't the best time to ask. Or no one's  actually bothered...
  23. Latest patchnotes from korea stated that the AP from mainhaind DOES affect the awakening total AP. Anyone from korea who can confirm this and has tested it? And how the AP is going to affect the awakening? Full AP of the mainhand or just the enhanced value? Many rumors are around, pls someone clarify this.
  24. Hey,
    I'm kinda torn between my 2 characters. I've got a lvl 52 Warrior and lvl 50 Ninja and cannot really decide on which I wanna focus more. I enjoy playing both classes and their gameplay really fits me which makes it pretty hard for me to choose. So I looked up more info about them (awakenings and stuff) and I like the Ninja one slightly better. Looking at this it's kinda clear that I should go for my Ninja but since the class is pretty new there are alot of them running around. Sadly my inner hipster doesn't like seeing my class too often and when I see clones of me everywhere, it's a pretty big turnoff. Of course people always say 'play the class that you like best' but it kinda takes away the fun for me when there are too many players of my class. 
    Well my questions are pretty much:
    Do you think the Ninja popularity will drop now after the release (or will it stay one of the most played ones) or do you know how the situation is in the kr version of the game (I can't really find info about this)
    what do you expect when awakenings are released? 
    Thanks for your help 
  25. To those who have experienced Ranger's awakening weapon gameplay (KR/JP/RU?),
    would anyone kindly summarise the benefits of using it over the ordinary longbow?

    So far as I know of, are the mobility that you can forward dash.
    Are the DMG-dealing skills that come with the dagger give higher DMG overall compared to the longbow's SG/wotw?

    Thanks guys!