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  1. When I try to add this preset to the beauty album it tweaks out every time.  Once I confirm the character and confirm it to beauty album this is what my upload looks like:

    I currently have three Presets that all do this:

    The middle one was working for a bit, until I tried to edit it... then it reverted to the blank template above.
    When I try to delete any of these I get this screen:

    and am unable to delete them. @_@ 
    I don't care about uploading them so much any more? But it would be really nice to at least get them out of my gallery?  Is there any way to manually delete these?
  2. Illisae's Character Templates and WIPs
    Hello there! I've recently been adding more and more of my many character templates to the beauty album.  I figured I'd post the three I have up here and maybe other works in progress as I go.  I'm also more than open to requests, though I can't promise that I'll complete them.  For more pictures and creations feel free to take a peek at my BDO related tumblr http://calpheon-rebel.tumblr.com/  ♥
    Ranger:Witch:Valkyrie:Tamer:What I'm currently working on/Coming Soon:
    Warrior PresetSorcerer PresetWitch PresetAny Further Issues/Fixes:
    I've had someone on the Beauty Album comment on my original ranger skin that I stole it from someone else because my templates are listed under the name "Sicero".  
    I just want to take a second to clear that up.  From when I started the game (last spring) til about a week ago my Family name in game was Sicero.  Recently I changed it to Illisae because I have -always- hated my old family name.  Because of this, any template that I made or started in the past has the name Sicero on it, and I often mod off some of my old but original creations.
    When I do mod off someone else's creation I do make sure to state that mine is not the original, but has been intensely modified (IE: by the time I'm done with it, looks hardly anything like their upload did.)  Just like I did with my Valkyrie, which is the only character I have ever done this with.
    Bottom line, TLDR: I haven't and I don't copy people or their templates. I don't like to copy people, and when my work isn't 100% my work, I say so.  This issue is also resolved now and the aforementioned person has acknowledged their understanding that I haven't copied them.  
  3. If I fill it out, go to bottom, and click save, it says "Save?" in a dialog box. I click yes. "Would you like to register it to explorers gallery?" I click yes.If I click the x at the top, it isnt there in my saved stuff. If I click "save current" in the blue box near top, it says "You haven't saved yet. Discard the text? Yes/No" If I say no, I am back where i was before clicking blue box.
    Theres like no young wizard templates up that I can find yet so I wanted to contribute. But this UI is making it really damned hard.

  4. After Patch 21th Dec.
    Inside Beauty (F4) I'm getting errors like "this is not for this character template" and
    often the Face=>Face Shape is not working, sometimes it fixes for a bit after leaving
    the Beauty and going back in. Face Shape just do not allow to edit the face parts.
    Char to Edit: Tamer
    The Beauty Album is still not working either, not able to release the creation.
    Saving Current and taking photos does work but it does nothing after it asked
    if I want to publish the creation.
  5. I'm so impressed with the variety in the beauty album! There are some great designs from some really talented people. I know there is already a thread for people who are showing designs they are NOT sharing, so how about a thread for those of us who can't stop designing and uploading to the Beauty Album?  I love sharing designs I'm not using on my current characters, so I'll start. I'm not out to win the event challenge, just want to share and see what others have done! How long did it take you? Have you forgotten your dailies and spend all day in the character creation tool? Feel free to post a screenshot of your album and ***your in-game family name*** so we can all search for your creations! Mine's under violetarc.   

  6. I would like to start this thread off with a picture of some comments I have received about my character after all the hard work I have put into making it. These comments are hurtful emotionally after spending multiple hours making my character to the best of my ability. I personally think that this event should be ended prematurely before anyone else feels like they are being attacked and bullied out of the game for not meeting peoples sick standards of beauty.