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  1. Hello, everyone! I'm writing a series of guides for beginners. I also have a bunch of ideas for more advanced guides, but for now I'd like to share the beginner guides with you all!
    How to get a FREE bed!
    Quick-Start guide: Worker basics and more
    BDO Glossary: Terms Explained
    Simple Cooking/Alchemy Guide: Cheaper and lighter potions
    I will edit this post as I add more guides. Here is a link to a guide index where you can see all the guides, even the more advanced ones once they're written: Guide Index
    Thanks for reading! Please leave any and all feedback here or as a comment on the site.
  2. I just downloaded the game and for some reason it won't open. I'll try to open the launcher but then it just crashes before it's even fully loaded or just not open at all. anyone know what I'm supposed to do? i just added it to the exception list on my anti-virus and it still wont work. i also tried disabling my anti-virus and it still doesn't work.

    ok it almost been a day. i kinda want to play this game i spent 50 bucks on. is anyone gonna help me?
  3. I Just started Bdo about a week ago, its really lonely to play alone.. im willing to learn i wanted to join a guild but it be great if it is korean guild  
    i can speak Both korean and english and i am friendly! plz add me >.< 
  4. Looking for some founding members that would like to start up a guild!
    No requirements!
    Just have a good attitude, and drive to make a community that thrives.
    https://discord.gg/PUY2DVY discord link!
  5.   So, my highest character is a level 53 Valkyrie, but I know for sure that she is not ready yet to PVP since her AP is 106 and her DP is 126. I so far need to upgrade my armor (steel tartris {probably spelled it wrong} chest piece, and helmet and Algerian Gloves of the Iron Wall) and my Vangertz Shield. My weapon is at +15 and I know I need to upgrade that too. Does anyone else have any pointers of how I can bring my DP and AP up so I can catch up with the rest of the crowd to do PVP? Thank you.
  6. Ich bin ein Sturkopf. Wenn ich mir was in den Kopf gesetzt habe ziehe ich es durch. Nun dieses mal hat es 7 Stunden gedauert. Beginner 1 / Beginnerflinte 0. Habe angefangen den Khalk zu jagen. Nun... hätte ich vorher gewusst, dass ich ein schlachtmesser brauche, dann hätte ich mir vorher eins geholt. Nun... panisch stehe ich vorm Kadaver und auf ins nächstgelegene Dorf. Dort hab ich natürlich nichts gefunden. Dann eine Siedlung dort hab ich es gefunden. (freu). Aufi zum Kadaver. Ich steige gerade ab, da löst der sich in LUFT AUF! VERFLUCHT NOCH MAL BLACKDESERT TEAM! VERLÄNGERT DIE ZEIT EIN BISCHEN! DAS WAREN NUR 2 MINUTEN FÜR EINEN BOSSMOB! Es hat mich verfluchte 7 Stunden gekostet, was mir spaß gemacht hatte ja!, dieses Viech vom Himmel zu holen, nur damit ich die XP nicht kriegen kann... Jetzt ist es 03:41 morgens ich bin TOT müde und werde eventuell dieses Spiel eine Weile nicht mehr aktiv anrühren. Wenn ich wenigstens die XP bekommen hätte... der Drop war mir vollkommen egal!
    Wah ich bin echt wütend und traurig und muss irgendwie über mich selbst lachen das ich so dumm bin und mich nicht informiere  Ich hab gedacht ein normales Häutungsmesser würde reichen. Wuhuhuhuuuu~~

  7. Post on New to Berserker in Berserker

    By Wartunk, posted
    Just got into playing BDO and I was wondering if you guys could help me. I have no idea what to skill on my Berserker. I am looking for a front line tank who can sit there and do damage while protecting his team! Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated, Sorry if this has been asked before
  8. Hello everyone!
    I recently just purchased BDO again after I forgot my main login. I originally bought the game the first day it came out, but eventually fell out of it after about a month. While playing I was always looking into "maximizing" my account's efficiency and I was wondering if anyone has some beginner advice to help me out?
    Some of the advice I received:
    Energy Alts - Make a server full of alts before playing to ensure you take advantage of shared Energy.Resetting Knowledge - Place an alt in the Calpheon Library so that you can reset Knowledge as often as you'd like to farm for S's.? NPCs - Talk to them all to maximize Energy.Black Dragon Constellation - Helps with getting Yuria weapons from Ronatz quicker due to the increased Amity.Strength, Stamina, and Health - Max these ASAP.I have already invested $10 on top of my base purchase as well to buy a pet for the auto looting.
    Is there anything else that I should know going into the game to basically "min/max" my account?
    Thanks so much for the help!
  9. Hi everyone, name's KarateKid, or KK for short. I want to ask a few questions, as a new player.
    Ironic to my name, I actually like magic based classes, so I am really interested in the wizard class. Here goes nothing:

    1. Group play? Encouraged? I really like playing with others and forming new friendships. Without a solid group play experience, I grow tired of MMOs very quickly. This will probably be the #1 deciding factor on whether to stay or move on.
    2. Customization Options? Is there a lot of ways in which I can tailor my character to make him representative of my ideas on how I want him to be looked at and understood, from a role-playing perspective?
    3. Is there an abundance of different options in terms of picking what kind of gear I want to wear or am I restricted? If I am restricted though in what kinds of gear I can wear, do I have the ability to customize that gear? Build or craft it with certain attributes in mind, etc...?
    Thank you, and if you are looking for a new friend, please don't be shy to msg me.
    Edited: Download close to complete!
  10. Hi, i've reached level 50 with my friend and his alt.

    So i've barely done all of the occult spirit quest, and i've acces to the daily quests and week quests.

    I would like to know what should i do now ?

    I've done fishing for a time and now i know that the system have changed so i would like to know if it is always lucrative.

    I would like to gear up better than that but it cost so much.. So there is any tips to acces quickly to those amounts of silver ?


  11. I'm downloading the game at the moment... 13%.
    I'm really excited to get started.
    I didn't even realize it was localized for North America until very recently. 
    I'm pretty good (ok) at MMOs. I play(ed) Tera, DCUO, FFXIV and XI. 
    So, I wanted to know, in just one sentence, what would your advice be for a complete Black Desert newbie like me? 
  12. Post on Breeding Questions in General

    By Zetovex, posted
    hello there everyone
    I was wondering if someone could answear a few questions of mine, all help will be greatly appricated,
    1#  Does the new T5 female from Conquer Pre order works as a t5 when breeding, also did they fix the old t5 male so it works as t5 now ?
    2# If you breed your female with a male horse on the market, who gets the foal ?
    3# How do you breed a female horse with a market male horse ?
    thanks everyone in advance.
  13. There are multiple tiers of processing. Your basic skill allows you to heat, chop, thin, dry, shake, and grind raw mats into refined materials. If you want to take those refined materials and refine them further, you either need a corresponding workshop, or the knowledge to do it yourself. There are three tiers of knowledge for each of the 6 processing types (beginner/skilled/professional). Here is how you discover them.

    Processing: Beginner

    The chain of quests stretches back a ways but essentially when you come to Serendia you will be directed to Alejandro Farm. Do all of the quests there and you should eventually get to In Search of Higher Processing Knowledge... which will take you to Ficy in Heidel.

    At this point you will need to have Gathering Apprentice 3 (possibly 4?) to proceed.

    You will get Learning Higher Processing Skills which will send you yo three other NPCs to learn your first Beginner tier skills.

    Grinding: Beginner - Ornella
    Materials for Equipment Repair

    Chopping: Beginner - Lebyos
    Working the Ash Tree

    Heating: Beginner - Flaviano
    Pure Water for an Experiment

    The other skills are also available around Heidel at this time:

    Drying: Beginner - Techthon
    Need Soft Hides!

    Shaking: Beginner - Lara
    Toys (?) for Kids

    Thinning: Beginner - Dora Fonti
    Thinning Feathers

    Now you can process your melted shards into ingots, your planks into plywood, your soft hides into fine soft hides, and so on.
    Processing: Skilled

    The next chain of quests is available in Keplan. You will need to have Gathering Skilled 9 and Processing Professional 5 to receive the quest.

    Heating: Skilled

    The first quest is Excellent Magnate which directs you to Vatudun in the Keplan Mines.

    You will need to do a chain of quests to get this knowledge. All told you will need 10 coal and 30 iron ore to complete all of them.

    A Man Better than Coal (?)
    Materials for Skills - this is where you learn Heating: Skilled
    Pure Iron Crystal - prerequisite for the next skill quest

    You can now heat ingots and metal solvent to make Pure metal Crystals.

    Chopping: Skilled

    Vatudun will then give you a quest to see Murghed for the next skill. The quest is Looking for a Woodcutting Expert... and will take you to Trent. Bring 11 Cedar Plywood, 1 Fir Plywood, and 1 Pine Plywood along with you. Murghed is not one of the major NPCs so he may be harder to see, set a waypoint to find him.

    You will have two quests to complete:

    Amazing Tree Art
    Processing Wood with Fire

    Ironically, you need to heat the hardener and plywood to get the sturdy plywood, but this will give you Chopping: Skilled, allowing you to make sturdy plywood.

    Shaking: Skilled

    I am putting this here because you actually need this skill to get Drying: Skilled. You obtain it once you reach Processing Artisan 1.
    It is an achievement reward, so if you hit Artisan 1, press Y to receive it.

    Drying: Skilled

    Murghed will send you along to Likke Behr in, well...Behr via a quest which I cannot find in the database.

    He will give you two quests. The first can be done with a skinning knife while killing nearby deer.

    Pride of Behr

    The second seems to require at least Processing Artisan 1 to complete.

    The Best Hide

    There is no indication that you get a bread crumb to the next person, but I will update if there is.

    Grinding: Skilled

    Seek out Geranoa in Calpheon. He will give you a series of quests to earn yourself the skill in grinding. Some require gathering gems which can only be mined from mining nodes with Gathering Skilled 5 or higher. I cannot confirm but some of these you may only need to bring the final item not gather/process it yourself.

    Crystal Clear Green Jewelry
    Geranoa's Proposal - BDO Database claims you need Shaking: Skilled but based on the quest text you shouldn't, unless that is a prerequisite for the quest being available.
    Gemstone Value
    The Best Jewel

    Now you have Grinding: Skilled. One more to go...

    Thinning: Skilled

    Geranoa should send you along to Matheo Oberon at Oberen Farm to the south of Calpheon with Troubled Oberen Farm. Another series of quests will await you:

    Gotta Pluck Them All
    Usable Feathers
    Need More Feathers
    Hunting to Extinction

    At this point you will learn Thinning: Skilled, thus rounding out your skilled processing knowledge. Now go use it to make those thrice refined items for profit and glory!
  14. Hi there, as many other people I'm looking for a guest pass so I can try BDO before having to buy it. It would be lovely if someone was so kind to PM me one
    If I get my hands on a key, what class should I try to get the best experience of BDO? Also what activities should I try of the many?
  15. An in depth look at the Witch and Wizard classes. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Sorry for the length, with a topic this broad it's very difficult to condense information very much.
  16. Post on Hello everyone! in New Adventurers

    By Chron, posted
    Howdy everybody!
    Glad to be here in a new game, I'm a NEWBBB. This game has made it to the top of the list on mmorpg.com and has started a good following so far, a lot of the people are putting this game down saying it's too hard or that there's too much to do not enough reward. But I think it's great, not that simple WoW stuff that's just to easy to handle. I am curious about a lot of things though, like owning a house and workers and pets and horses and leveling their skills up, I'm sure as time goes I will figure more out but if anyone could lend a hand for a good beginner guide let me know. I'm open for all criticism and helping hands!
  17. Witch awakening Q&A! Ask anything in the comments!
    Video Footage PVE/PVP from Twitch + Youtube + Skillbuild:
    Since Ive had countless and countless of people ask me for the guide Ive made I will now make it public.
    Keep in mind, most of the things Im writing are about the current KR version. there might be slight differences in skills like as example Multiple Magic Arrows. 
    I will keep a look out to make sure most is understandable for everyone and if you do have any more questions, please just ask!
    As in for credibility, writing and explaining here is Me, Krystalie (Lv. 60 on KR servers.) and the videos of Cranium (Lv. 60 on KR servers.)
    There will be pictures of our current gear attached on this post.
    1. Witch, 1vs1 or group pvp? Grinding and Pve good or bad?

    2. How to skill for PVE? Skilltree + Best PVE Combo for easy grind

    3. How to skill for PVP? Skilltree + Best PVP Combo for group pvp

    4. Starter Gear

    5. Starter Gear Gems

    6. Advanced Gear 

    7. Advanced Gear Gems

    8. Potential Stats - Attack speed? Casting Speed? Critical Hit?

    9. Horse Combat
    10. Videos Overview, PVP Combat
    11. Pictures - Horse Skills / Gear
    12. Common Questions!
    If anyone of you guys need a picture as to how a horse like that looks ingame Skill and gear wise, just tell me. I will screen mines then.
    Video of Cranium using mounted combat during the old version of Red Battlefield:
    As I will stop this for now and edit more later if you guys have any more questions. I hope this could be of some help for now. 
    Any questions, dont hesistate to ask them here I will answer as soon I can.
    Sidenote: If you would want to use my guide for your guild or anything related please send me a headsup first. thank you~
    So long, Crystalie~  
    For more questions you could always PM me or check by on my twitch.tv/Cherryyami
  18. Good afternoon all! (well, from the UK it is :))
    So, a lovely young lady has given me guest pass here on the forums and I'm in the process of downloading the 32gb game
    I've played a couple of MMO's - so definitely not a "die hard OMG I'm awesome" type of player, but I do invest a good amount of time into whatever the game of choice is for the next 6 mths, which happens to be BDO
    My question is very open and very simple and would really like everyone's input.
    What's the one thing that you would have wished you'd known when you started, that you now know?
    I guess I'm just trying to find out all those nuggets of information that won't have me banging my head against a wall in 2 weeks time
    Cheers All.
  19. Post on Totally Lost in General

    By Bhakta, posted
    I am just on for the first time today. I have created a character, but when I start the game, this is not the character that I see. I can see the character when I first log, but the one in the game looks totally different. I have gone to the beauty shop and I have opened the file for my character, but when I apply and go back to the game, that is still not the character that I see
    Is there a place for absolute beginners to get help while in game?
  20. Post on Earning Points ? in General

    By Zetovex, posted
    I recently found out that you can increase your engery and contribution points by having more alts and completing things such as quests, ( semse the max pool is account shared )
    so I wonder is there a max limit to this number on the pools, aka 100 contribution points ( as an example) ???
    or is it a good idea just to redo alts to get insanely high number on those pools ?
    Hope people can confirm what is account shared, and if i got some of my info wrong
    Thanks in advance