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  1. Hello all,
    New player here, on my third day playing. Looking to team up with a guild that would have me, prefer one that uses voice chat of some sort. Level 50 berseker still learning the game.
  2. Hello hello!
    CasualLuxury here, looking for a group of fun people to join up with in game. I have had the game for three days now and decided to start looking for others to play with. I prefer to join a guild who uses voice chat. I am currently a level 50 berserker.
  3. So i was curious because I've been looking on this forum regarding the 2 but they're mostly related to PvP.
    Which of the two would be better purely for PvE?
  4. Post on Berserker roll in Off-Topic

    By AkiaSenpai, posted
    Hi there,
    Im rolling from a witch to a Berserker but im not sure what accesories to get now, should i go TRI red corals and witch earrings or take something else?
    Wondering what to get D:
    You know what to get for a bers?
  5. Post on 2 Things in Suggestions

    By Rentago, posted
    For starters, I noticed the berserker has missing textures behind one of his ears, basically allowing you to see through him, and that is also a problem with a lot of his cosmetics where his neck doesn't have skin down to the clothing, but rather a void you can see through his body. Always bothered me about him.
    However the main thing was that I wish wagons allowed 1 other to ride on it with you, so that you can do trade runs with someone riding shotgun. If not simply make a wagon with the sole purpose of allowing multiple people to ride in it as a form of group transportation rather than trade.
  6. I just rolled Zerker a few days ago (i"m returning since ive tried basically every class and i liked it the most, and the world could always use more tanks) 
    I guess i picked the worst time to roll though, seeing how everyone is losing their minds over DK (which is fine) and now finding a knot on that you need is a tough as buying a Kzarka (this is a joke if you couldnt tell). But hopefully by the end of the month (meaning march) the market will settle down a bit, because by then the dk's will have their gear up and the others will have gone back to their old classes. 
    Pray for me 
    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  7. Post on Gear question in Berserker

    By bluto, posted
    Looking for advice on a gear question. I am a 58 Berserker gear score of 154/141/311. I mostly spend time pve but looking to do a little node wars. the question is I have all 4 boss armor. Tree bp muskan shoes and bheg gloves are all tri and I am using them. the question is what helm should I wear with them. my giath are plus 13, I also have a tri ultimate steel taratis helm. should I tri giath keep using tar or switch to another helm.
  8. So I'm looking for a tank class to play on BDO. I know that the current "tank" classes are warrior, valk and zerk.
    My question is: Which one is the best on what? Meaning which one is the best for pve, 1v1 pvp, small scale pvp, and siege pvp, and why they are the best. What are the main differences between them?
  9. Post on [Event] Santa Hat in In-Game Bugs

    By Kallas, posted
    Not sure if its a bug or not but the santa hat "hair" is too long. 
    Is it supposed to be like this? It would be better if it were a lot shorter..

  10. I noticed that there are more and more people returning to BDO and i`ve seen many berserker asking for guides and videos that they could learn from. 
    Finally, a berserker streamer named Dellecar (https://twitch.tv/dellecar ) a video tutorial showing the basic of berserker grinding after the awakening.
  11. Post on AP or DP ? in Berserker

    By BoBixs, posted
    What is better more AP or DP ?
  12. Hey guys,
    im new to the zerker world, and i just switched from my ninja. (Cause im tired of being squishy af) and i wanted to know what are some good builds or guides for berserkers to start with before i start focusing on boss gear.
  13. Why can't we have Lava Piercer on a quickslot key? Shift-Space in the middle of battle is a pain in the ass!!
  14. Post on Zerk Discord in Berserker

    By Lar, posted
    Hey all,
    I'm very happy to report that our Berserker Discord is still growing! Just as forums are an ideal medium for more organized/formal dialogue, the discord is meant to act as an environment for casual, free-form conversation about our class - with something for everyone: beginners, returning players, guests, re-rollers (everyone wants to be a zerk, after all!), and class veterans.
    So, stop by and say hello! 
    Our current setup:
    Channels for general conversation, class discussion, PvE, and PvP, and advice.A set of read-only channels with a FAQ and a variety of guides/links to berserker content.A gallery for showing off your character, because we all love a little vanity (channel inhabited primarily by one very gregarious, very pink giant).Suggestion box for any requests, comments, or feedback about the class/discord (especially any guides)."Helpful" tags (green names) for the experienced players who consistently contribute to discussions and content, especially in assisting the newer players.Our current focus is on growing the FAQ and Guides. There has been some tremendous effort from the class community to develop more content, especially in regards to gearing/grinding/specs (all credit goes to those boys in green for their hard work here), so look for more big things in the near future. 
    Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience, class, previous server, or opinion on camera-shake settings, so come take a look around! The rules are few (singular, really: just be polite) and our hugs are endless. We hope to see you soon!
  15. hmmm....ye.... can we get these?
    15% slugfest damage increase in pvp
    Super armor during beginning of fearsome tyrant
    350hp per second recovery on all beast forms
    new "grip" skill for better grabs

    Thats all that matter .... Thanks Daum or whatever ur name is now. 
    KR Post:  http://bbs.black.game.daum.net/gaia/do/black/update/read?articleId=376&pageIndex=1&bbsId=BDN002 
    Translated Post : https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/58fmyh/kr_patch_note_for_20th_october/
  17. Warrior, sorceress and now ranger have their awakened weapons for the ghillie costumes sold separately. The Ranger has their awakened weapon available separately on cash shop available immediately with their awakening. Why has this not been done for the berserker yet?
  18. Post on New to Berserker in Berserker

    By Wartunk, posted
    Just got into playing BDO and I was wondering if you guys could help me. I have no idea what to skill on my Berserker. I am looking for a front line tank who can sit there and do damage while protecting his team! Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated, Sorry if this has been asked before
  19. Is there a discord channel for berserkers?
  20. Horse Skill Change RNG (Random Number Generation) Modification
    I am proposing that the RNG on the horse skill change coupons be changed/modified in the following ways to enhance the overall experience of the Black Desert community patrons, and furthermore reduce/remove the phenomenon of "gambling" with one's real money.
    Idea 1 - Creating a threshold when making attempts to change horse skills at which RNG would no longer play a role, and a guarantee would be granted as a result of reaching said threshold. 
    Ex. * A player is purchasing [Horse Skill Change Coupon] in an attempt to change Forechop to Instant Accel. They purchase one, "Darn! No such luck." and  they try again, same result, they now have two stacks of "Hope". This continues on until it reaches 5 stacks, Little Johnny Gamerson does not have Lady Luck on his side tonight, but behold! By his sixth attempt he has spent well enough money, got his heart rate pumping, but has thankfully reached a fail-safe, or threshold that our friendly Black Desert staff members have thoughtfully added to the most recent patch, assuring that on his 6th attempt he is guaranteed to get the skill of his choice! Now, RNG still plays a role in this scenarios in following way: Prior to attempt #6 a lucky dude or dudette may be able to achieve this goal in less tries than 6, in which case we praise RNGsus and the Black Desert Staff for being totally rad! 
    Idea 2 - Remake the [Horse Skill Change Coupon] completely. Hold on content developers, don't click off the page just yet! 
    Ex. * The underlying system is absolutely fine in the sense that the coupon is exchanged for a skill change, even the name stays the same, however what changes is the price of the coupon and the RNG factor , being realized for the cruel mistress she is, is kicked to the curb a.k.a removed! I would suggest placing the [Horse Skill Change Coupon] at a higher price, perhaps 1000 pearls or somewhere in that general area, and making it a one time deal, you buy the coupon, exchange it in the stables and your desired skill is instantaneously granted to you! 
    It is my opinion that changes such as these would increase the satisfaction of the people who choose to contribute in excess of base-cost to Black Desert, and increase the likelihood that people will choose to purchase this item, therefore generating modest to potentially significant revenue for the game and it's future developments. I also believe that choosing to modify something in this way, that reaches the mutual satisfaction of both ends of the spectrum can help solidify bonds between the BDO Team and the community at large, which is always a great thing! 
    * I totally want feedback from anyone who can add ideas, change ideas, etc, so please comment! *
    A most pleasant day to you all! ( Imagine that in a really posh English accent.. don't you feel classy? )
  21. hi guys ive started berserker when i heard that its a very sustainable class for solo pve (except world bosses) i feel its true so far and i like him but as i keep encountering other classes in game i started to wonder especially about musa/plum ninja/kunoichi classes. i would like to ask you what is their sustainability in terms of how many pots you use and where, or is your healing skill/addon enough to heal you? will i have problems with soloing some mobs (except world bosses) or you can do most of them with proper gear/skill? So what of these classes you think is best for solo pve and why ?:)
  22. Just wondering what everyone is doing to get reading for our awakenings.
    What level should we be at minimum? Seems classes are different at when they can mainly use their awakening weap.
    How many total SP do we need? Since zerkers mainly switch to their awakening weapons do we need a ton left over in our axe tree?
    Any other misc things that should be taken care of?
  23. TL:DR At the bottom for the lazy's who don't want to read.
    WARNING:If you're new and expecting me to tell you what gear/accessories to use then prepare to be triggered and/or disappointed. Also, this is a sort of 'friendly-suggestions' rather than a guide.  So, don't sue me for false advertising. 
    If you're either;
    A) Starting this game as a berserker
    B) Making an alt Berserker you plan to use later
    PLEASE. Do not go to that dude's 'Surrender' guide, thinking it'll get you set and that it'll groom you to be the most savage giant in all the land. Giving credit to where credit is due; Yes, it's quite informational and gives you the necessary citations on how to be a try-hard, but just because you follow the steps of a try-hard doesn't make you good. Not at all.
    One thing that's very important. LEARN THE BASICS AND KNOW HOW TO PVE PROPERLY.
    PvE is what you will be doing 98.99% of your play-time. It will be how you get your levels, your skill points and perhaps even your main source of income. So, let that be practice for you! Don't allow yourself to sit there and auto attack, spam stomp and just passively wait for the cool down of Raging thunder to go away. See how long you can go without using it, even. Switch up your rotation once in a while, not only will it make PvE less boring and predictable, but it'll help you learn how to be less predictable in PvP as well.
    A few more tips;
    1) Stay mobile by dodging, re-positioning behind groups and just hopping around frequently so you can subconsciously know how much stamina you have. Doing this will give you an idea of how mobile you can /attempt/ to be in PvP and the limitations of your dodges EVEN as your stamina increases.
    2) Know what attack-skill animations can be canceled by dodging, or with your default side swipe attacks (or even an ultimate skill). Some of our skill animations are bulky as one would expect, but don't ride out that animation. Try and see what dodge or other movement skill can negate said attack animation.
    3) Know what attack-skills can be used AFTER a dodge! Since we can only dodge two ways, it's good to know what skill you can use right after your evade to get your right back into fight mode, or even lengthen the area of which you move. (Like headbutt and the knee-kick combo)
    4) Know the range of your skills. We're loaded down with CC stiffness and some of which are not on cooldown. Our grabs also have a SMALL bit of 'range' so knowing how far you can and can't grab, get somebody with a stomp, or hit with our other CC (Like our shout and whatnot) is good common knowledge to have.
    5) Be prepared to desync. Unfortunately, BDO is on some riced out servers and desync will ALWAYS be a problem for us. Desync can even mess with our grabs in PvE. But, do not let that keep you from using grabs. If anything, just be prepared for a grab to not work. When in PvP (or PvE) try (or be prepared) for some evading after you initiated the grab command JUST in case the server decides that the thing you're reaching for is suddenly not within reach. This'll keep you from just standing there open when the grab doesn't connect
    (Of course there are a few helpful youtube videos that can guide you as well but im waaaay too lazy to post any.)

    I don't have to tell you that you don't have to listen to me, but I'm going to infer it anyway. I'm not the best berserker in the world, but I've religiously played and burned myself out on it so many times over the months. 
    I'm ready for the few toxic veterans/trolls to come by and slap my thread with some salt, but hopefully this helps at least one person.