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    Current Guide Version:
    Last Guide Update: 29. July 2016
    Author Informations



    (You can also use Rocaba instead of Taritas since it adds +75hp & +75wp aswell as 2 additional Crystal slots)
    • Helmet: Black Magic Crystal - Agility x2 or Black Magic Crystal Intimidation x2 without Evasion Boss Armor
    • Chest: Black Magic Crystal - Vigor x2 or Ancient Magic Crystal of Abundance - Armor x2
    • Gloves with Kzarka: Black Magic Crystal - Valor x2
    •Shoes: Black Magic Crystal - Adamantine x2 or Black Magic Crystal - Swiftness x2
    • Weapon Kzarka: Power Crystal x1 - Ancient Magic Crystal - Carmae x1
    • Offhand Saiyers: Black Spirit Crystal x1
    • Offhand Krea: Black Spirit Crystal x2
    • Offhand Nouver: Black Spirit Crystal x2



    Note* I dont use Corpse Storm. I dont recommend using Corpse Storm. I hate the Desync and i never use 4 Grab combo chains. However it's not a bad skill, i just dont like it and it's the only skill where i desync almost every time. Feel free to use it in case you like/want it.
    586 Points (Including Elastic Force (Does not require skill points anymore))
    752 Points (Including Elastic Force (Does not require skill points anymore))
    900 Points (Including Elastic Force (Does not require skill points anymore))
    979 Points (Including Elastic Force (Does not require skill points anymore))






    Looking for a Node Wars Guild on EU Alustin?

    For 50+ Builds refer to 50-60 Builds

    1.0 Introduction
    1.1 Pro-Cons
    1.2 Playstyle
    1.3 Class Focus
    2.0 Build
    2.1 Build basics
    2.2 Rotation
    3.0 Gear
    3.1 Weapon
    3.2 Armor

    1.0 Introduction
    My name is Skullflower (most people call me Skull) i've been playing MMORPG's since around 11 years. I got into progress gaming when i started playing World of Warcraft and since then i usually focus on power leveling and progress raiding aswell as hardcore pvp.
    Over the past years i've been co-leading several PvE Progress guilds aswell as PvP guilds in WoW/Tera/Aion/Planetside. I used to powerlevel almost every single MMO that was released within the last 5-6 years and i was heavily aiming for server first titles.
    I started playing Black Desert in KR and moved to RU a bit later since KR does not have as much PvP/GvG compared to the russian server.
    I decided to write a little beginner leveling guide because a lot of people where asking for help in the forums and berserker is not as easy while lvling compared to other classes.
    Excuse my partly bad english i never learned it in school. I actually learned it while playing Aion on NA servers.
    This build is not recommendet at 50+ you will have to use your free 45 respec once you hit 50

    1.1 Pro-Cons
    - Strong GvG frontline
    - Insane Awakening
    - Tanky once 50+
    - Easy to learn hard to master (PvP)
    - Great tank while grinding and/or world bosses/guild bosses
    - Good skill animations
    - Good mobility once you learned the combo
    - Really good in 1v1 1v2 PvP if you manage to master the class otherwise you're going to get destroyed
    - Badass face
    - Weak leveling
    - Low dps compared to other classes until 50
    - Requires more gear than other classes in order to be effectiv
    - Requires almost perfect timing on grabs in PvP
    - Potion spam on cd while lvling
    - Requires heavy CC-chains in order to kill people in pvp
    - Weird standing animation
    1.2 Playstyle
    As mentioned above.. Berserker is not intended to deal to most damage or clear packs faster than other classes. You're not intended to burst people in PvP 100-0 within 1 second and you're not going to level as fast as other classes.
    But. Berserker is fun once you hit 50 and he is also the most important class in GvG (large scale fights). You could compare Berserker to Barb (D3) and Lancer (Tera). Does "okayish" dmg while tanking most mobs without problems (+HP on spin and high Armor).
    In GvG your role is to protect your raid from getting flanked/split/grabbed. You will always be in front of the group and you will engage first when the fight is about to start. You will have to pick important targets such as mages/squad leader/guild leader grab them and try to split them from the main zerg in order to win the fight. You are more of a CC-Support and damage dummy in GvG and not one of those guys that sit behind the frontline and spam skills in order to get kills.
    Giant is also really good at 50+ grinding because of his high sustain and tank ability. You can pull as many mobs as you want use F to pull them towards you and your group can easily clear huge packs without getting touched once.
    1.3 Class Focus
    - Heavy CC in PvP and PvE
    - Main Tank / Off Tank
    - Can split zergs if played well
    - CC-Support

    2.0 Build
    While leveling your main focus is AoE DmG/CC aswell as mobility. You're not going to invest too much points into grabs. Once you ding 50 you will respec into endgame builds. (Free respec once you hit 45) i recommend to put as much points as possible into all your main skills listed below. Skill +crit for faster leveling.
    Main Skills while leveling
    Elastic Force - Storming Beast - Beastly Wind Slash (Flow: Windstorm) - Raging Thunder - Lava Pierce - Frenzied Destroyer
    2.1 Build Basics
    Elastic Force: (Auto Attack)(Fury generation)(AoE) used as filler while main skills are on cooldown and used as quick energy regeneration on huge packs.
    Storming Beast: (AoE)(CC)(Mobility)(Pull)(Group) used to pull mobs while grinding.
    Beastly Wind Slash (Flow: Windstorm): (DPS)(Single target)(Mobility)(CC) used as main single target dps skill while thunder is on cooldown. Make sure to spec into Flow: Windstorm.
    Raging Thunder: (DPS)(AoE)(Single target)(Mobility)(CC) this is by far one of the best skills because of its high damage and high mobility. Make sure you have enough Fury in order to use it. (I recommend you to put this skill on your bar in order to maintain 100% uptime (turns grey if you dont have enough Fury)(do not use the skill via skill bar)).
    Lava Pierce: (Mobility)(CC)(DPS)(AoE)(Single target) this is your strongest movement skill with low cooldown decent damage and great for pulling mobs together.
    Frenzied Destroyer: (DPS)(AoE)(Single target)(AP buff) has decent damage and should always have a 100% uptime because of its AP buff.
    2.2 Rotation
    (Always use Elastic Force if Fury is low)
    Single target:
    -> Frenzied Destroyer -> Raging Thunder -> Beastly wind Slash -> Elastic Force -> Frenzied Destroyer -> Raging Thunder -> repead (use Lava Piercer on cooldown dmg is good enough to use it as a filler)
    AoE grinding:
    -> Storming Beast -> Frenzied Destroyer -> Raging Thunder (Mobs should be dead by now)(if not follow rotation) -> Elastic Force -> Frenzied Destroyer -> Raging Thunder

    3.0 Gear
    Gear isnt really a problem until you hit 50 but there are still a few option you could choose from. I will list the items i am using and i will explain why.
    3.1 Weapon
    Get your Yuria weapon in Calpheon as soon as possible. It is one of the best weapons while lvling and also great for 50+ PvP(Human dmg). Use Stones in order to increase dmg. I'm usually using a +2 Attack speed -1 Crit Gem. You should try to upgrade your Yuria weapon as much as possible since your next gear upgrade (Liverto Axe) is really expensiv and its going to take a while to get it. You can later sell the Yuria via market.
    In order to get the weapon you need to have 500 Amity with the Vendor in Calpheon to activate his shop. You will then need another 100-300 Amity + silver to purchase the Weapon.
    Sayer Ornamental Knot is the best off-hand for leveling. You can get it from the market or by grinding mobs. Why? Yes it does have less AP than other Knot's but the +Accuracy is insane. Accuracy is the most important stat until you hit 50. (Do not spend Stones to upgrade it)
    3.2 Armor
    I'm using Agerian Set (3) + Movement boots (Talis). You can get the Agerian set cheap from the market or while farming mobs. Its great for leveling and one of the better sets until you get endgame gear. I'm also using i believe +3 or 4 (will check once i'm home) movement boots.
    I will add rotation videos later today. If you have any questions PM me here - write comment or contact me ingame: