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  1. I've been playing zerker since launch, and recently came back into the game. I have started watching high level zerkers in awakening pvp to try and get a feel for how to use the awakening. I've noticed two major things.
    1. I have noticed that the basic play style of zerker hasn't changed much since the awakening got released besides the awakening just allowing you to make more opportunities to start your grab chain.
    2. I have also noticed that after every grab they use BWS.
    The first change I am actually very happy with since I love the core play style of the class. However the second change confuses me a lot. When I played zerker before taking a break I found that the best combo to use in between grabs in a grab combo was Undertaker>Dual FD>FS(Using Flow: Final Strike)>Next grab. However I have not seen any zerker in any of the videos that I have watched use this combo and I can't figure out the reason why.
  2. So after searching teh interwebz I've found that most guides for Zerkers are simply out of date and the ones that aren't don't honestly have many people contributing them.
    After dabbing in some minor nodewars and small scale pvp (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 2v1 etc etc..) I've personally found that being a hybrid doesn't seem to be viable seeing as warriors and valks will straight up out tank you and musa's, sorcs, witches and wizards straight up out damage you. So it seems to me that surely it would be more viable to go straight DP with an AP of around 150+
    If going for a more DP gear setup what gear would you guys suggest? Grunil/Taritas seem to be the most popular suggestion so far and I agree that this benefits you giving you the higher DP in exchange for losing the +2 AP from the full grunil set. But would going full taritas be viable or a complete was of time?
    Furthermore there seems to be no real advice on what accessories to get for a DP setup, I'd have though shrine guardian tokens to be a solid choice along with token of friendship earrings to match but what are these the best choices? Also what belt and necklace would be viable with these? Or is the Mark of shadow/witch earring still the only choice?
    If/when this reaches a somewhat agreeable state on what gear would be best for a DP build or if a DP build is simply not viable at this point/ever I'll update this post to include all relevant info/gear.
    Looking forward from hearing from fellow zerkers more experience than I.
  3. This KR Wiz, Comes in and Wrects a whole pile of ppl in node war, thanks to this new item!
    This is the reason horses need to cost more. The amount of work to get a t8 to get a chance to get a t9 is worth so much more than 100mil that the game puts t8s at. 
  4. Hi everyone,
    I've been playing BDO for quite a while, and have so far really enjoyed it; but one thing keeps really bothering me, and its the body customisation for males - The face customisation is literally flawless, and I couldn't ask for any better, but as soon as you go onto the body customisation, there's a few sliders, all of which make slight changes to the body
    Let's say I was making a Beserker, the main body shape slider does literally nothing but add on a little bit of 'width', whereas if I am making a ranger, the body shape slider on max completely changes the body, making the character much fatter and bigger.
    I personally just don't get why this is; There are many people ( including myself ) who like to play as big characters, and in many other MMORPG's, such as Blade and Soul, there are many different body sliders that do different things, and can turn the character in a hulking beast.
    Anyway, this is not a deal breaker for me, I just think that something does need to happen / change in the customisation.
    What do you think? Do you agree with me, or not?
    Fellas and Ladies I am a lv 58 zerker. I don't have the best stats nor the best levels. I do however spend a great deal of time PvP. I do these with max attack spd and as much grapple pen as I can get.
    I play a higher DP zerker. I built mine for GvG I have lacked AP from day one I have found that I more than likely would be further in the game had I invested in AP or not spent most every day doing PvP.
    This is what I have found at 144Ap and 300DP I could kill all that have =AP/DP combined. Boss gear or not except for sorcs. I did this with grapple combos here is the combos I use
    "If I have max att spd and grapple pen and 100% Black Spirit" "Costs lots of Stamina Pots"
    29 MOVE 10 GRAB COMBO:
    Shift+Space Bar (lava Charge) Space Bar (Ground Lifting) S+LMB (Blasting) press what ever hot key I have for Rooting. Press E (Smack Down) I let smack down hit them on the ground once I need that duration of the grapple to last a bit so I can use it again after my combo. While grappling them SpaceBar (Undertaker) S+RMB (Beastly WindSlash) while in the air of that combo I rapidly press Corpse storm what ever number I choose for that skill hot key. As soon as corpse storm starts press Space Bar (undertaker) (Due to Potting buffed heavily and the dmg is not worth letting corpse storm work is way through is not worth it in 1v1) S+RMB (Beastly Windslash) While in the air rapidly press Rock Smash what ever number I choose for that skill. Then while they are grabbed I text in say chat "lol" or "Oh no" "got ya" "I Smell a V key" ect. (Its fun :P). Wait a second of holding the guy above you (normally time I spend typing) and then press SpaceBar (undertaker) as soon as it hits Press E (Smack Down) S+RMB (Beastly WindSlash) press Tyrant hot key what ever number you have for that set to and HOLD IT  or the skill cuts out early. Repeat the combos above E, SPACE, S+RMB, Corspe Storm, SPACE, S+RMB, Rock Smash, E, SpaceBar, S+RMB.  now like you started you finish in awakened form. Press C (if done while in a combo it will change over fast) and rapidly press your hot key for Rooting. Shift+LMB (Blasting) W+F (Giant Leap) (has better burst than Devastation and you can run at this point if it lives)
    If anyone survives this just run you aint winning this fight. Its a 10 grab combo with using the awakening dmg at start and finish.
    If you miss a grab use one of the others and adjust your combo accordingly. Just know that you do run out of grapples due to grapple res rather easily and its rare you get to do the full combo but best to know it.
    If they take repeated grappling away these fights will only be winnable if you build lots of AP. I find that boring the combos will be much shorter. As it stands they get out of enough grapples that you have to adjust this combo on the fly during each fight making it ever changing. If I did the opposite and spent all my coin and time on AP it would go much differently shorter more boring but if it has to be done to balance the game I hope that it shows true and is balanced for other classes as well.
    There are other combos this is the most important one if you can consistently do this "not land it resistance will stop that" however if out can do this consistently I believe you should fair well in PvP 1v1.
    If this is well liked I can show more and explain when they are best in my opinion to be used.
    what is your favorite combo?
    what would you do differently I love combos willing to try anything?
  6. Can anyone link a build and explain why or why not you're using specific axe skills? I am well aware that there is not cookie cutter build. My questions is what typically (KR) has been the build of choice. It seems from the few videos i can find the only skills used that arent awakening skills are grabs and spin to win.  
  7. We are looking for more beserkers, valks and warriors to join our ranks for node wars. We are a PVX guild with members in all 3 us time zones and have active people nearly 24 hours a day.  We aren't hardcore but have several hardcore members and are looking for people to grow with us. You can whisper  Malechi,  Tanith or Isaaru in game if you would like to chat. 
  8. Post on Seizing fear in Berserker

    By Gotcha, posted
    So I'm 52 and I don't have any points in this yet. I figured it's a late skill to dive into. Question does the crit stack per rank or does it take that many points just to get 5%? is it really worth it?
  9. I am a 52 zerker looking to go full Grunil, what gems should I get? I plan on doing PvX.=
  10. I always try and create beautiful characters but i dont think is possible with beserkers, so i made this guy and the expressions he makes lol
    He kind of looks like Garry Busey

  11. Post on It's Me. in Berserker

    By Kraves, posted
    Well, my fellow Beserkers. It is official, I am mostly known for the postings of my giant and after tweaking him a bit. (The old one currently in the Handsome Zerker Thread.)
    I decided to just make this thread for no apparent reason, only to give advice on fellow Giant players who want to make a more intelligent looking brute rather than a dumb one. 
    With that noted if any of you need help just PM me or post here. Do take caution text isn't super easy when trying to fix your problem, I would much rather communicate verbally while also being in the character creator.
    Finally a dump of all my current Giant's pictures.

    Now for some non-happy.
    -The offical "Gonna go kill my boss" face.

  12. i've seen in the trailers about the jump skill (predatory hunt) but i dont know something about one part.
    if u use the jump for the first time u move forward to a target it seems, but then the following jumps are on the same spot.
    can u keep advancing forward after the first jump or is it stationairy after??