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  1. Personal Experiences (all the way from launch)
    So to first start this off, I am a returning player that has gone through the Betas years ago and pre ordered the Explorers package for $50 or $60 (think it was $60 at that time). With pre ordering that package I got some exclusive skins for my weapons, the [Warrior] Shudad Shield and [Warrior] Shudad Sword. I am aware that the players who pre ordered the $100 package (forgot the name) got an exclusive matching armor skin. I will have the pictures of them below.
    More Personal Background
    From the start, before the game came out and I was messing with the pre launched character creation, I knew I would end up maining the Ninja when it came out, which it later did on July 20th 2016 (or maybe it was extended? Don't feel like researching to make sure). So, when the game launched, I choose a Warrior, due it it being the only young male class, and I personally prefer to play as males. Now, to this day, I am maining the Ninja, as I originally intended.
    Finally, The Point
    These items were only available for as an exclusive for the limited classes upon release, and therefor, I feel like the Ninja, Kunoichi, Musa, Maehwa, and soon to be Dark Knight classes were jipped in this particular exclusive skin and item set. Though, I think that the real underlining point is all these class bound items.
    This isn't the only thing, also coming with the package was a whistle for my horse to call them from further away. This is bound to my inventory and cannot be given to my Ninja main, meaning that because the Ninja came out later, I was destined to have to pay for another whistle for the class I planned on maining from the beginning.
    What I Am Asking For
    While I am aware that putting a [Class] before the items name has made Kakao a lot of extra income, and I do not feel it is even possible to have them consider not having class excursive skins, I think that there should be a way for players to transfer class exclusive costumes and other skins to another character of a different class. This could even go for enchanted weapons. I feel the realist solution would be to create a new pearl shop items that will "magically" transform a class specific item to another class of choice.
    I am also hoping this could apply to these bound items, to simply create a pearl shop item to transfer bound items to other characters, such as with my bound whistle.
    Lets say I buy the Karlstein costume for my Ninja and if I bought this suggested item from the pearl shop, I could make that item a Wizard Karlstein robe.
    Lets say I also upgraded my Liverto Short Sword to Tri and if I bought this suggested item from the pearl shop, I could transfer this item to a Tri Liverto Staff for a Wizard.
    Costumes such as the Cokro outfit I bought for my Ninja would not be transferable to my hypothetical Wizard, because that class does not have that type of robe. This could go with the earlier mentioned Shudad exclusives, the developers would have to make a whole new script for that item for the new classes.
    Other Points
    Making this even half the price of a new costume for each class would be ideal for players and may encourage even more revenue from players, as those who have been on the fence about buying more costumes for different classes would buy the costumes, knowing they could pay a bit extra to transfer the costume if they decide to try another main.
    Thanks for reading through all this (unless you skipped to this point...)
  2. Those who have the EXPLORER'S
    PACKAGE since the beta will also receive the noel costume?
    Or is it only for the new ones who buy it now?
  3. Hallo liebe BDO-Gemeinde,
    da das Spiel mich sehr interessiert, mache ich mich jz auf die Suche nach einem freundlichen Spender für einen Gastcode
    Ich möchte das Spiel nicht sofort kaufen, weil ich das bereits bei TEO machte, dies aber ein reinfall war, bitte ich einen freundlichen Zeitgenossen, mir einen Gastcode zu donaten:)
    MfG Yzedi
  4. Hallo Black Deser Online Community,
    Ich hätte da 3 Fragen bevor ich mir das Spiel kaufen würde.
    1. Wird der Spielcharacter nach der Beta resetet, wodurch man bei dem Release von 0 anfangen muss ?
    2. Wann ist die Beta zu ende ?
    3. Gibt es im Echt-Geld-Shop Items die besser sind als Items die man ohne Echt-Geld kaufen kann ?
    MfG Scott
  5. Post on Did you miss us? in Off-Topic

    By Ioli, posted
    We're back after 26 hours of extensive beta testing..
    How was your CBT3? Did you find anything cool? Share photos if so.
    Those that weren't dope enough to pay for this CBT, did you miss us? Why or why not?
    Those that payed 100$ for this super exclusive cbt3 homeless man robes edition, did you think it was worth it? I don't know if I could NOT pay publishers to test their game from now on.. I had a blast.
  6. Post on Black Desert Beta Review in General

    By Obosi, posted

    I think neither Daum nor Pearl Aybss fully realised what an amazing opportunity they have with this game. I really don't, because, right now, this game is a veritable slice of fried gold that somebody has, quite unfortunately, puked on.
    And if you think that this is the start of a hugely negative review, you obviously don't know how highly regarded something has to be, with me, to achieve 'Fried Gold' status.
    Let's get a couple of things cleared up, right off the bat. Black Desert is the most beautiful game that I have ever played. 
    Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there are plenty  games out there that trump it in terms of raw graphics, but when I sailed underneath the Delphi Castle, for the first time, or visited Calpheon, or sat atop a mountain range, or decimated a gang of bandits, no game has taken my breath away like that before. No game. For an MMO to have such stellar graphics is phenomenal, but hats off to Pearl Abyss because the design of the world itself it truly amazing. It is as if the entire thing was crafted from a single block of marble. Nothing seems cookie cutter. Everything feels unique. I sailed down most of the game's rivers that were available to us and cannot remember a single bridge that was a repeat of one that I had seen before.
    From the very start it impressed, as I raced through the starter area, killing wolves and Imps, desperate to keep in front of the horde of players behind me. To have so many people questing around me and for it to still look so incredibly polished and beautiful was a joyous thing.

    Yet another beautiful view
    That brings me onto my next point. It runs so, so good!
    I have a pretty good PC with a Geforce GTX 980 graphics card and a very healthy 32Gb of RAM, so I had no problem with everything cranked up to max. However, I was also playing with people who had much older PCs and even though they had to take their graphics quality down to get better frame rates, they were still very impressed with the graphics. For a game looking to last, and to get as broad a range of players as possible, it is very important to cater to people with older machines and that has been done, very well.

    This game has some real depth.
    From the very beginning, I had just one thing on my mind: catch a horse. Because of this I was in turbo mode to get through quests, get my donkey and 'speed' around the map in frantic race to level 20 (EDIT - Aparently you can catch one from Lvl 5) so that I could get this done, soonest. Well, mission successful. I caught a beauty and was very thankful that I had watched videos on how to do this prior. Otherwise I have a feeling that it would have taken quite some time to work out.
    But it was only after I got my mount, that I realised that I had hardly 'seen' anything and I definitely hadn't learnt all that I needed to. So, I stopped. I actually took the time to learn things and the game rewarded me by pulling back the curtains of confusion and it all became clear. Trade, crafting (BOATS!), the node system and even the storyline became much easier to understand once I took the time to look at what was on the screen right in front of me. Tips, search functions, tutorials. Yes, I sat down and read the instruction manual. It helped.

    But this is where the issues begin.

    Let's be honest, no-one wants to read the instruction manual. We don't like steep learning curves here. Nope. We like clear concise direction in our games. Then we like to complain about how our games are too linear.  But still, with so many 'systems' in play, from the NPC conversation mini-game, to the finder art of trading, they should have put together a better way to explain it all to the player. Or maybe its 'hard to unravel' make up was completely intentional to keep profits out of the hands of casual gamers. This was one of the reasons why, for most of the beta, I was one of maybe a handful of players who had worked out how to get a saddle and stirrups from the stable master (Mounted combat is fuuuuuun!)

    'Forward' he cried!
    Many were complaining that these parts of the game system were simply impenetrable and therefore didn't test these things out to their fullest, which is a shame.
    You know what else is a shame? Tay flipping Zonday!
    I posted about my...concerns that I had with the cinematic intro, before beta started, and although many agreed that it left much to be desired, many were also saying that I was nit-picking because no-one watches the intro. Well you speak to the damn NPCs all the time, don't you? The voice acting is shockingly bad. Really, really awful. I suffer through it because interacting with the NPCs is the key to progress, but it is not a pleasant experience and so jarring from the rest of the beautiful world that is noticeably detracts from it. In one NPC conversation, in Velia, an NPC, who is guarding the gate, tells me that he is in the Vigilante Corps. That's fair enough, only he pronounces it 'corpse'. That is what we are dealing with. Someone stuffed all the Korean NPC dialogue through Google Translate and then hired some people from the local drama society to voice act it all. Where is the direction? Where is the quality control?

    The game music is fair to very good. There are a couple of beautiful tracks, including the game's main track which is excellent. But there are other tracks that are serviceable, at best. I don't know the name of the track, but there is a hilarious saxophone solo that had me stopping my horse, mid-journey and having a bit of a 'wtf' moment. Some might roll their eyes and tell me that I don't have to use the game music. Well, I want to use the game music! Especially the great system they have of increasing the music's urgency when fighting challenging or difficult enemies.

    The UI is not the best, either, though it is functional and customisable, so I can't criticise it too much. I did turn on 'Simplify UI' but didn't see a noticeable difference. Maybe someone can educate me in that department.

    The aptly named 'Bloody Monastery
    Ah, enemies.
    I could talk about the combat system all the live-long day, but it boils down to two types. Life and death ballet or utter spamfest.
    I am the sort of player that likes the finer art of combat. Step, thrust, parry, riposte. This game has that. It really really does. My warrior would dance around the enemy in a balletic dance of death and it was so immensely satisfying to have a character do that. The action game style of controls is such a refreshing change to the usual WoW-style tab targetting hotkey setup that I don't know if I could ever go back to hotkeys again.
    An amazing combat system. Amazing.The only problem is, I didn't need to use it, at all. Ground Roar to pull all the mobs. Spam Heavy Slash until they are all dead. Rinse and repeat. Not what I am after, really. Where is the challenge? Where is the enemy that gives me cause to actually play well? 
    Well, as it happens, there were plenty of enemies that offered me said challenge. The issue is that these enemies were many (sometimes over ten) levels above me. Now is this the game developers giving me the choice to find a challenge or is this just poor level balance?
    The enemies themselves are things of beauty, with so much variety to choose from. I wasn't really comfortable with razing entire Orc villages, including what seemed to be Orc kiddies. That felt a little off. But hey, they were all armed...
    I cannot wax poetic enough about the combat system though. It really is a thing of beauty. Weapon swings feel weighty and spells feel supremely powerful. It really does make you feel like a hero.

    Speaking of heroes...

    In a heavily charged Western gaming atmosphere with gender and race being common talking points, it's hard not to upset one group or another, so I'm not going to get into the weeds of all this, safe to say that this is an MMORPG and we should be able to play a female warrior in full plate or a young wizard who is learning his craft, if that is what we want. Someone let me know if either of these things are lore-breaking, but the ability to have variety should be paramount here. But it seems the developers are listening to our requests and doing their best to accommodate, which is a very good thing. The whole underwear thing though...Yeah, I don't get that, so much. 

    Two of my other 'family members' that I hope to play.
    Anyway, back to combat. PvP is not something that I got to try much of, in the beta. That was until I finally found out that you could utilise the cities' arenas at any level! Cue some friendly combat. I liked PvP a great deal and look forward to Guild-level clashes. I hear that there are other forms of PvP but I am yet to see much about them. Suffice to say that the feel of combat with multiple opponents was chaotic but satisfying. Might have to lose a bit of the spell effects as it was hard to see when fighting with multiple people, sometimes. Did I say sometimes? I meant a lot of the time.

    Yeah...My shield took a lot of abuse in the arena.
    Here are some other things that I hope the developers address:
    More NPC murmur. Less repetitive phrases! Also, turn down their voice levels. There is a little kid criticising a giant in the dock area of Velia that is so annoying that I simply cannot spend much time at the warehouse manager there. The inns are a nightmare for this and become somewhere you dash in and out of instead of enjoying the atmosphere.Fix the glowing hair! Enough said.Please, please please make walking a toggle rather than pressing down the cap lock button. I want to walk around taking the world in.Stop with the 'breaking the fourth wall'. I don't like my character looking at me all the time. Make it something that we can turn off.Put more armour items in the game. Not the cash shop; the game. They don't have to be complete outfits. In fact I prefer to mix and match.Make the emote system more intuitive. I want to walk up to someone, wave and say "Would you like to explore this dungeon with me?" But, somehow, it does not come easy. A sign of this is the amount of times i've asked someone something and the 'person typing something' icon appears above them in a speech bubble. About three minutes later I get an answer: "No". Pure 'Kung Pow'I have played a lot of MMORPGs over the years and generally have been left underwhelmed, disappointed or downright angry at almost all of them. It has not been the most successful genre of gaming and that is not for lack of trying...or totally for lack of trying; depends on how you look at it. Sure they've made companies money, but you can't help feeling like you've paid good money for one of those knock-off lightsabers at the fair that doesn't really look or sound like the real thing.

    This game is not a knock-off.

    It is not your every-day Korean import, either. This game is brilliant and that brings me back to my initial point. How can they import a game this great, with the potential to be extremley popular in the west and be so utterly thrifty and lackadaisical in the process of converting it for the western market? Was there no budget? Were they in a rush? Is Mr. Quality Control on sabatical?

    Now many on the official forums would criticise this as 'nit-picking' but imagine if you'd never heard of the game before. You've never played on the Korean servers, never watched a YouTube 'how to' video, and never perused these forums. Imagine now starting up the game and think of what your first impressions would be? Terrible voice acting, massively steep learning curve, spamfest combat. 

    It would put me off. Hell, it has put a lot of my friends off, who were trying it for the first time and this is a travesty. Because this game is more than just good. This game is the first MMO, in a long time, that has the ability to reshape this flagging genre, in the west.

    It needs to be a success. I want it to be a success. I hope that Daum and Pearl Abyss get done whatever needs doing to wipe the sick of this magic title and allow it to bathe in the the adoration that it deserves. I look forward to release so I can, once again, enjoy this slice of Fried Gold.

    Hey you. Yeah you, controlling me. Can I have a pet dog, please? 
  7. The inclusion of the ability for characters to simply walk instead of always running everywhere is a welcome feature, particularly for role-players or anyone who would like to take their time and enjoy the scenery for a bit. But currently the walk button (CAPS-LOCK by default) must be held down continuously to keep the player character walking. Once the button is released, the character immediately goes back to running. This may seem like not a big deal until you try it, but it's actually incredibly inconvenient for anyone who would like to use it regularly. A simple toggle option would be much more useful.
    Here's a hypothetical example: I'm role-playing with a friend, and our characters are strolling down a street in Calpheon. With the current system, each of us must awkwardly stop moving every time we want to type out something in our conversation. Pressing T would allow us to keep moving as we type. but that's even worse because releasing Caps-Lock to type will instead cause the character to sprint forward, forcing the one who is trying to type to stop moving anyway so the other can catch up.
    In short, having to hold down Caps-Lock in order to keep walking is incredibly tedious if you're trying to walk and talk at the same time.
    But if walking could instead be toggled on or off (as it is in most other MMOs), we can simply sets waypoints to where we are headed, hit Caps Lock to toggle our characters walking, and then hit T to auto-run (or in this case, auto-walk) to our destination. Now since we don't have to continuously hold down Caps Lock to maintain the walking, our hands are free to type out our conversation as we go.
    I hope you give fair consideration to this suggestion as it would be a big quality-of-life improvement for roleplayers. Thank you.
  8. Post on NA Beta2 review in Suggestions

    By hespia0709, posted
    I just finished the NA Beta2 BDO game and I have a few impressions and suggestions. First of all, I have played a long list of MMO's, some free to play (although can't call them really free if you need to go to the Cash Shop), some pay to play and some paid subscription to play. I don't mind the concept of Pay To Play. If the game is good I am willing to pay. Even if I had to pay for a subscription it would be worth it if the game is a knockout.
    I mainly play Fantasy, RPG, third person, PVE games, although I have played science fiction ones and a few PVP. What appealed to me about this game was the fact it had many of the things I am looking for in a game, whether it is MMO or single player. My list of requirements for a game that interests me is: Good Graphics, Nice Story-line, the ability to Craft, Fish, Cook, Mine, Gather plants, Farm, Trade, have various and numerous quests, and have housing. Black Desert has them all so I was impressed.
    The character creator is top notch, very realistic, the in-game graphics are also realistic, down to looking wet when it rains, etc. I didn't have much time to craft but I did get into cooking quite a bit. I did gather and mine and fish. The mini game connected with fishing is interesting. I tried to auto fish but it didn't seem to work. I was away from my computer and when I returned, I hadn't caught any fish. I wanted to get into taming horses but had a difficult time finding them. Either they were scarce or had been farmed out by other players already. I love exploring in a game and the map was huge. I thought I had explored quite a bit but found out it was only a tip of the iceberg. I did discover 4 towns and several camps/gateways. I love the node system and the fact that I can hire workers to go gather and craft items for me.
    One thing needs to be said about contribution points. It is so hard to obtain them and they are so precious and needed for lots of things including investing in nodes, obtaining housing and hiring workers are only a few things you need contribution points to do. I wish that the points would generate a bit faster or more often. I thought you get points for solving quests but found out it is only contribution experience and you have to do a lot of questing and exploring to get that experience in order to get one point. What about the people who want to trade or fish or gather mats. It seems you don't get contribution experience when doing that unless you are on a quest. Either we need to get more contribution XP or have other ways of obtaining the points. I finally had to downsize my work staff, close my housing, withdraw contribution points from my sub-nodes (not main ones) in order to recoup my points to invest into main nodes. I wanted to get a storage chest from the warehouse to put into my residence but found out they were 10 contribution points. Way too much! I don't know if I like localized storage in warehouses or not. If you can't get a storage chest to act as a portal from the warehouse to your house, you have to do a lot of running back and forth to other locations. Also, there needs to be a way you can know what you have in which warehouse in which town. I think maybe if you hover over the storage icon on the map, it should bring up the list of what is in that warehouse. Otherwise, I had to write down which town I stored my items.
    Also, I noticed when fishing, I would have a quest to obtain a certain kind of fish and when I got credit for catching that fish it was named something else entirely. This confused me when I looked in my inventory and didn't see the required name for the quest.
    I do like the concept of auto path to quests. That has helped a lot. One suggestion is that in our quest logs, we can see which quests are listed for what areas...e.g. if you get quests for Olivia, the town name will be located in bold in quest log and all the quests you receive from there are listed under the town name. If the quest wasn't from a town or farm or gateway, then it could be according to map area like Southern, Western, etc.
    All in all, I really love the game so far. I realize there were people complaining about it, but I say the game is not going to be for everyone. I like the idea of going into an area and learning all about the area, its people, lore, monsters, etc. It seems more realistic than your average hack and slash game. Don't get me wrong, I like the monster battles but I really like the realism of gaining knowledge about your enemy before you go in guns a blazing and killing them. In life, in order to be effective as a fighter you need to know what you are up against and where the enemy weaknesses are.
    I applaud the game makers that they have tried to make the game as realistic as possible. That is what draws people to a game and keeps them coming. If the open world game launch is as good or even better than the beta, I for one will be coming back time and again to the game.
  9. Before I say anything, this is obviously my opinion. With that being said, I feel like there's a few things that could be tweaked to enhance the gameplay.
    I feel like the clothing/armor doesn't mean anything in the game.When I was starting off I thought, well I can't wait to get some new clothes/armor. Then I soon realized that I would never see new armor or clothes (unless I dyed them.) What is the point in giving me a new shirt if nothing looks different?
    I'm all for sexy women in games, but can we have a choice? It's not very realistic to be fighting goblins in high heels.I don't mind if people want to create women that are sexy, and whatnot. But that's not a lot of people's play style. Why can't I wear pants? I feel like a helpless girl wondering around, instead of a warrior. I like to role play as a normal person, and it's kind of hard when they are wearing stockings, heels, and short dresses in battle.
    Translation needs to be improved.Quests that are bugged/can't find the person to turn a quest in.I don't know about anyone else, but it was very hard to find where exactly I was suppose to go. And sometimes, I couldn't even find where to turn in my quest. I got a quest from a guy wondering the road. I completed it, but I couldn't find him to turn it in. The marker just takes you back to where you had to kill enemies. Maybe they need to show every quest giver on the map and track them; (although that might be a lot on the map.)
    Making the mini map smaller. (I tried and you can't make it smaller to a certain point.) I feel like it takes up too much of my screen. And there is seriously just a lot going on.When I'm trying to read the bottom part of conversations, but at the same time, they're talking; but it's not what's written down at the bottom. (It's distracting because I want to hear and read what's going on.)Separate classes for sex.I understand that they have 2 classes for different sex, but I want to play as a warrior as a female. I feel like that should be an option. I feel kind of limited. Can a play a male? Yes, do I want to? Not really. And I'm sure at some point or another, guys are going to get tired of playing the Ranger as a female. Give us the option to choose what sex we want.
    These are really the only problems I have with this game. It's a great game and I know on March 3rd, I will be selling my life away to this game. I just feel like these are the things kind of missing from the game, and would enhance the gameplay a lot. Again this is my opinion, and if you think I'm wrong tell me why, or add what you think could be improved.
  10. Post on CBT2 Dye System in Suggestions

    By CRYORION, posted
    So as I was playing 2nd closed beta test, I have to say, that I love this game already.
    But there are few things that I didn't like that much: pearl shop prices and:
    Dye System
    Dyeing is pretty awesome, all those parts that you can dye is just great. However, I don't like the necessity to have each dye for each part. It makes whole dye system pretty much annoying and you hardly get same dye often to be able to color your armor/weapons with the same dye. (but maybe as I don't know the game that much, there are some easy ways to obtain the same dye?)
    More interesting would be, if you get one dye, you unlock it for infinite use, but for every dyeing you do on each part, there was some kind of currency or something that would be spent. One dye change on one part = one special currency used. Or something similar.
    Otherwise, I am sure I will have a lot of fun with this game
  11. Post on CBT2 End Brawl in General

    By Haytar, posted
    I thought I'd share the brawl at the end of our final beta together.  Good times, good times.  Can't wait to see you all in the live release.
    apparently I forgot how to embed it... sorry
  12. How do you guys feel about the translation? For me I think it needs a LOT of work, it was very difficult to follow what was going on and most of the text might as well be gibberish for me. 
  13. Just had some experience playing the 2nd beta of BDO and I've found it quite good - although it is not without its problems, I've found it to be quite a game!
    PROBLEMS/CONS for me (found so far) and Suggestions (for some)
    -Opening the Character creator of BDO whilst having already downloaded the beta version for some reason has corrupted my (2nd beta version) of BDO leaving me to re-download the whole thing again =C  (this one is easily fixable and avoidable)
    -Serious clipping issues regarding tree branches/trunks especially in small islands where visibility is near zero due to the foliage, the density of trees in such small islands makes it quite annoying to traverse along through. (this incident for me happened at luivano? island - the island node next to velia)
     -Trading prices (horse market) I don't know if this issue extends through the marketplace as I have not tried it yet, but I found that the prices cannot be adjusted to one's preference as the Marketplace system has its own "pricing" mechanism, personally I am not a fan of capitalism but in a game like black desert... its different as there are unlimited sources of raw materials and resources- as such I believe that if you a allow a free market to occur in black desert the economy overall will govern itself and will not end up killing the game flow (because of competitive markets that'll stimulate growth and players actually selling stuffs instead of amassing them) [I strongly stress that you let the players decide the prices of items for themselves - thats just my opinion though]
    - I think its already been brought up a couple of times but - the BDO world is huge and beautiful... and quite... empty - I mean its a sandbox world sure, but the amount of things you can do in a specific tileset area can be done in another different tileset area in the map - sure I can chop wood, swim and fish and manufacture goods but what I mean is it seems devoid of any unique interactions virtually... nothing seems happening at times and that's nice, but I do wish some variations would occur like random area quests or giant bosses appearing out of nowhere or an actual 'useful' travelling merchant (yes I know they exist already but their wares seems so ordinary) or like secret places like surprise dungeons or random warp holes taking you to some mysterious area in the map. 
    -Lantern animations (I know this sounds ridiculous and mundane so you don't really have to pay attention to this one) I would like different animations for lanterns just because it feels so surreal seeing your character light up like a Christmas tree - it'd be great if i can actually see characters holding up the lantern like a normal person would or at least hang them by their waist and not just magically light up like a firefly.
    -BIGGER BOATS PLOX (or at least an upgrade for the lower-tier boats) what i've noticed is there's this big jump between the crap boats and the good boats which is understandable but I do wish that you make the crap boats, less crap because the way I see it... most people would rather save materials and money to spend on the better boats[i.e. fishing boat] than spend it on a ridiculously looking castaway boat built by wilson which also doubles as a slow turtle who caught aids.
    -MORE COSMETICS STUFFFFFFFSSSSS!!! and make them less expensive - yes at the moment there are already heaps of costumes and whatnot readily available in the cash shop but the variations are severely lacking not to mention SO EXPENSIVE - geez it almost reminds of me Christmas when you need to send gifts to peoples [in your workplace or something].
    I get it, the company needs to make moneys... but there are so many designs and people in the world - lowering down prices won't kill the company but rather open up your cash shop customer base! PLEASE I STRONGLY STRESS THIS POINT, DO NOT follow other company's example of greed and suffer the consequences later on - BDO has so much potential and I would hate to see it die because of greed.
    In conclusion BDO HAS PROVIDED ME with much entertainment despite it being in Beta... it has proven itself more than ready for an actual launch - small tweaks like the ones mentioned above, I believe will gear it to be a successful and player-friendly game.  THANKS FOR READING!
  14. Hello,
    There are this that make me a bit frustrated already. Why? Cause the people who pre-order traveler's pack ain't given no chance to play the second beta. Why don't we get the chance to play the second beta and why are the other pack buyers better then us. We have been waiting to play BDO forever now and still this happens. Why don't you let us play the game just like the others. The more people that play the game and like it , the more players will talk about it and the more players will buy the game after. I think there is more people that think like this. And I'm glad to hear other people about it. Also , sorry for my english.
  15. Everyone. If you have any interest in taking a look at the CBT2 and don't have access, I will be streaming non-stop tomorrow starting at 12pm EST. All viewers are welcome and I will do my best to answer any questions and give a solid run down from start to CBT2 shutdown. Thank you in advance to any and all followers. 
    Follow me on twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/sskopfjager
    See you soon!
  16. If I haven't logged into the game after a while, the first time I log into the launcher and launch the game, then hit the "start" button in the main menu, I get an error saying Account authentication failed...
    This happens every single time, and game shuts down. Trying a second time works and allows me to get into the game. What's this?

  17. Post on DO NOT BUY BETA ACCES in General

    By Ecktou, posted
    So far the beta is unplayable, for every mob spawn there is 50+ ppl waiting to kill it... making a "kill 5 monsters" quest take 30-45 min
    the game looks decent and all, but for you out there thinking about trying it out, I would say wait AT LEAST a week or 2 since the current configuration of their servers is lackluster is best. 
  18. 4 hours after the launch, the only reason I pre-order and I still haven't being able to play. Hell not even able to install it after having to uninstall it.
    Incredible, it took me 4 hours to give up but yeah going to sleep got to work tomorrow 
  19. Post on Can't Get In NA Servers? in General

    By Zeen, posted
    Anyone able to pick North American servers?
    I'm on NA East and it only lets me choose between the EU Alustin and Jordine servers. Yes, I switched my region to North America even though that was the default selection.
    I've swam through the sea of errors twice, and I'm not trying to go for a third. =(
  20. Post on Am I alone? in Off-Topic

    By Eleclya, posted
    Can I be one of the only people, still with shit tones to dl. I'm only at 54% and I've been dl since yesterday. Any others in my situation? 
  21. Hi Guys,
    Thought i'd add some countdown timers until the launch, end of the close beta test and the launch dates as such so far.
    Black Desert CBT-2 Launch 
    Black Desert CBT-2 End 
    Pre-Orders Closed 
    Name Reservation Closed
    Conquerors Early Access
    Explorers Early Access
    Travellers Early Access
    Black Desert Launch
    If i work out how to embed them so it shows on its own i will, if not the links will send you to the current clock countdown.
    Welp, can't see how to embed them so they show on their own, BBcode wont let me add a frame or source, HTML doesn't seem to be enabled so wont let me add an object.
    Unless someone can tell me what this forum uses or if its possible on this forum? 
  22. Post on Keep of uninstall CB? in General

    By Hitokage, posted
    should I just uninstall CB when it ends or is the client able to update the game after that to the full version? I mean it's a lot of data to download so just asking if I need to download all of them again on the release or keep this beta installation.
    Thanks and have a nice day ˛˛
  23. da hab ich wohl verpennt ^^
    bitte diesen thread löschen
  24. Hey
    I haven't gotten a BETA key, but I really want to try out the game!
    Anyone have a spare key, that they'd like to give to me?
    I would really appreciate it.
  25. Mein Problem ist folgendes:
    Trotz eines eingelösten Keys und Zugriff (laut Website) kann ich den Download für den Beta-Client mit der unten gezeigten Meldung nicht starten. Und das obwohl die Meldung eigentlich redundant aufgrund des übereinstimmenden Datums ist. Leider steht auch keine Uhrzeit dabei, für den Fall, dass der Download erst später am Tag freigeschaltet wird.
    Kann mir da bitte jemand weiterhelfen, ob das Problem bei mir liegt oder der Download wirklich noch nicht freigeschaltet ist.