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  1. It is super annoying when the mobs don't move at all and their hp don't go down even though you are hitting them. It gets super frustrating when you are doing a quest killing 400 mobs and some of them won't die. 
  2. hi guy the problem is this evrytime i choose a character or i try to create a new one after a while the game stopped and i return in the desktop , please help me i really wanna play this game
  3. Thought I'd leave this here ^^ http://mmoexaminer.com/black-desert-online-sees-increase-playerbase/ sounds promising.
  4. Post on Controller support? in General

    By Azmyth, posted
    I'm trying to use a controller with the game, it's not recognizing either of the two ones I've tried that both work fine in other games. 
    I've ticked the "enable gamepad" box in settings and it does nothing. If I try to set the buttons it just freezes til I press ESC. Any ideas how to get this working?
  5. Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to read my post. First things first, I am Nomad, hello hello. Second things second, I have been working on a machinima for a few months and managed to complete episode one with minimal help. Now that I'm progressing my series, I have more complex shots that require a little more help so here I am! This post is about becoming a part of a film team using Black Desert as our set, and certain characters/templates as actors. I MAINLY NEED A CAMERA PERSON: This will require you to have a good internet connection so that we may transfer files, as well as a decent computer and recording software (personally I use Shadowplay to record, google-drive to transfer). NOTE the most important thing here is that we keep in contact though, as not every single bit of footage can be captured in one session. Aside from a camera person or two, I also need body actors. This refers to a person who plays BDO who can take direction, and if need-be, get emailed a character template (character design) and apply it to your character to fulfill certain roles/purposes for different scenes. The changes ARE NOT PERMANENT, but are required for certain scenes. Lastly, there is a tremendous amount of fore-thought that goes into each day of filming and it is a tremendous amount of work, but all of that is on my end. What I need from you, if you're willing is dedication, consistency, and an overall good attitude! Art ins't about the destination, it's about the journey... but lately I've noticed that the journey is frigging' tough by yourself. Let's make something we can not only take pride in, but watch and enjoy because dude it's a kick-ass bunch of movies we made using our brains man! HERE IS EPISODE 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOrMZ6CwpAg&t=319s and the TEASER FOR EPISODE 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4gPPHRYXsw
  6. Hallihallo. geht um folgendes. Ein Freund von mir kann meine Skills sehen (mit rauch etc) aber ich sehe nur die bewegungen ohne effekte bei ihnen. wie kann ich das umstellen?
  7. HI, I'm a semi new player and have a question. I'm currently 27 and working my way up to max fairly quickly. I keep getting told that this game is almost entirely pvp which for me is kinda a turn off. I like to pvp but not all the time. Is there any pve content at all other then all the skills such as alch, cooking, traderuns, etc. I'm talking more like dungeons (I know there are no instance dungeons. was just an example) or world bosses that you have a reason to kill. I've heard they have a few things but not sure. If they don't have anything (hoping by now they do) do they have plans on adding pve content or is it what we have now is what we get? Thanks in advance!
  8. I recently got full S rank at Sausan Garrison and I was wondering if there is any special reward to having full S (maybe increased drops or something at that node)? Does anyone else have this and can give me an answer? Or is it just a waste of time?

  9. Hallo Leute!
    Ich bin noch recht neu in Black Desert Online, dennoch finde ich das Game Klasse! Es ist so umfangreich und hat eine unglaubliche tiefe *___*
    Daher hab ich gleich ein kleines Video dazu erstellt. Schaut es euch an und schreibt mir wie ihr es findet wie gesagt bin eben noch recht neu (3-4 Wochen)
    Liebe Grüße StevoMMO
  10. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/8/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ Special Guest's / Various Topics
  11. For some reason I can only play for about 10 minutes and then I can't do anything. Chat still works I can see people running around but when I try and move... I move forward and then it skips back to where I was. Can't use skills either.
    I turned off the new feature for fps no go. If I log out and back in it's okay for a 5 min and goes back to the same deal.
    Played GW2 to see maybe if it's my card it runs fine. Ran repair on the game no luck,
    GTX770 windows 10 64bit, Also in Vancouver on Shaw.
  12. Yea so my Black Desert started stuttering like 1-2 Weeks ago and its getting to the point where i dont even wanna play this game anymore not because i dont like the game, but just because of the stuttering its getting unplayable.
    Im having good framerates from 70-90 on High, thats not the issue.
    The Stuttering can be fixed by restarting the Game, but like i said this is unplayable, restarting the game every few minutes is a big no no.
    I google'd and it seemed like a few more people have this problem but no one really had a fix that worked for me (i literally tried everything)

    What i tried so far:
    Reinstalling Black Desert
    Reinstalling Black Desert on HDD and SSD
    Reinstalling Windows 10
    Reinstalling my Nvidia Drivers with DDU
    Using an older Nvidia Driver.
    Running the game on compatibility windows xp service pack 2-3
    I tried more but most of the stuff is not even worth mentioning.
    I really hope someone can help me out, i dont wanna quit this game.
    i7 4770k
    Nvidia GTX 1080 Gaming X
    16gb ram
    windows 10 64bit
  13. Since we got the Christmas patch I can't hang in a city more than 10-15 mins before my game freezes and windows tells me that BDO isn't responding.
    I've read somewhere that it might be the snow, but it isnt. I can be in places like Fogans, Crescents, Mediah, etc while it's snowing and everything works just fine. The problem comes when I'm in a City (Velia, Calpheon, Heidel, Altinova, Valencia), so I'm sure that the freeze/crash problem is generated because of the -----ing Santa flying over those cities...
    Just hearing his bells is a grim reminder that my game is about to crash, and I'll have to sit there like 5 mins going through the absurdly long "Pearl Abyss" logo.
    Some people states firmly that this is a Hardware issue, and yes, perhaps it is. But I also think that if this event is something for us players to enjoy, they did it completely wrong. I haven't problems with the game as it normally is, but with this crap event I'm freezing and crashing every 5-10 mins, I can't even play in the Arena with my guildies. This is awful and I'd like to have some kind of menu to remove the event from my client, because this isnt fun in any way...

  14. Thanks everybody here!
    With all your help, our Black Desert Online has into the second round!
    Well, we have chance to win the best game in 2016!
    So we need more polls to beat Blade and Soul, to into the last round...(We still have a long way to go)
    Go ahead and thanks to all!
    Check the vote here: http://event.mmosite.com/gameprize/?flag=wb05
  15. Post on Black Desert's Rap in Art & Media

    By Alinna, posted
    Sadly is only in Spanish by now, but will be available soon in English

  16. I will update daily

  17. Black Desert Online represents the latest effort from game developers attempting to rekindle the industry’s dying passion for the MMORPG genre. The game, which was in development for over three years, has already been available in Korea since 2014 and for Japanese and Russian gamers since 2015, but March 3, 2016 marked the first time European and North American players will finally have their chance with the long-awaited Black Desert Online. Those involved in the MMO community were well aware of the hype surrounding the title, and for those unfamiliar, Black Desert Online has been marketed as the kind of revolutionary upgrade to the genre that World of Warcraft helped rejuvenate in 2004. Just how well can any game deliver on those kinds of expectations?
    The 2016 is going to be past, I regard Black Desert as my favorite MMORPG Games. Guess you too!
    Here is the vote page:http://bit.ly/2golKWj
    Let's make Black Desert to be the top1 Forver !!! !
    The lastest news (updated on Dec. 8th)
    1. Black Desert Online FB has repost this vote!!!!
    Pls check it: https://www.facebook.com/BlackDesertOnline/     and ask friends to help to vote it!!!
    Here is the vote page:http://bit.ly/2golKWj
    2. The poll has increased a lot!!!
    Top 1 PROJECT GENOM - 4758 (kidding me???)
    Top 2 RO - 2202 (ok, not too bad...)
    Top 3 BDO - 1850 (must be more!!)
  18. Currently if a person wants to switch names, they have to buy 3 coupons, wait 3 weeks total, and THEN that person has to HOPE that the name they want doesn't get taken after the first week. This is of course assuming that the name changes take effect in the desired and listed time frame.
    I propose that a new "Name Switch Coupon" be introduced, for people desiring to Switch/Swap names with THEIR OWN CHARACTERS.
    The price could of course be the same as 3 name change coupons or whatever seems reasonable.
    This new Coupon would, in effect, take out the massive amount of time spent switching a name as well as removing the chance of losing a name to someone else.
  19. TBA sucht Verstärkung!
    Seis Edelmann, seis Vagabund,
    TBA tut lauthals kund:
    Wir suchen jeglich Frau ob Mann,
    die eine Waffe führen kann.
    Wir sind verlorene Seelen, doch füreinander da.
    Drum leistet eifrig Folge, signiert bei TBA.
    Wir bieten:                                                                                                                  FORUM
    - Bei über 50 Membern ein dennoch sehr familiäres Umfeld                                                          http://www.theblackarmy.de/
    - Eine engagierte und sehr aktive Gildenleitung                                                                               TEAMSPEAK
    - Demokratie und Mitbestimmung durch Umfragen                                                                               Auf Anfrage
    - Gildeninterne Events (z.B. Gildenbosse und PvP-Training)
    - Nodewars
    - Ein Angriffsteam, welches euch bei Spotverteidigungen unterstützt                                   Ansprechpartner
    Wir suchen:                                                                                                       Leader
    - Aktive Member                                                                                                                                      Bertenius
    - 18+ geistige Reife und Humor                                                                                                           Co-Leader
    - Teamfähiges handeln (vor allem in Nodewars)                                                                                        Servia
    - Member die dem Ts nicht gänzlich abgeneigt sind                                                                               Offiziere
  20. Post on Mage Nerf in Wizard/Witch

    By Raygan, posted
    Sooo.... am I the only person thats a lil infuriated that in this recent patch they nerfed one of our main survival skill  then to add even more insult to injury they taunt us with ultimate teleport and then the ignorant cm replies that ohh hey thats awakening skill so we're not gonna add it... Like come on Wiz is already in a really tough spot with the current state of the game where as most classes with just decent gear can pretty much 1 combo you or 1 shot if your warrior even when having all tri boss armor. God forbid they nerf Darkflame there'd be an outpour of crys on the forums but they nerf our main survival tool by pretty much half which usually majority of the time makes the difference between you getting 1 shot or not and not a single peep from anyone but hey lets talk about the things that really matter like new fashion...
  21. Je vous propose une petite vidéo sans prétention , qui montre une alliance ayant pour objectif la protection d'un château contre la terrible guilde des Harmony bhouuu !!!  
    Black Desert Alliance to protect the castle of valencia ! 12/11/2016
  22. Hey, I decided to start up the game again today after a long hiatus. After sitting through over 30gb of patches I finally got to play, but once I started the game things started to go wrong. I've been using a 1920x1080 resolution since I got my computer and I used to play BDO like this, nothing has changed with my computer since last time.
    However when I started up the game it resized my entire screen to a little rectangle in the middle with massive black bars around, at first I thought I just had to change the in-game resolution (the only resolution that worked was the maximum of 3840x2160, but my game ran at 4fps like that, but at a smooth 60 using 1920 (which is why I've stuck with 1920 even though my monitor can use 3840.)
    So I closed the game down and guess what, my entire desktop is now stuck in the little square BDO resized it to
    I've had to change my monitor resolution to 3840x2160 now to even have a full screen on my desktop, however this has made all my files and apps incredibly small and I do not like it, I've tried using the windows 10 resize tool but it only resizes some apps while others remain almost too tiny to read. 
    I CANNOT change my resolution back to a comfortable 1920 as my screen returns to the tiny square in the middle of the screen when I do. I'm genuinely upset about this as I can't play BDO like this, and also the entire user experience of my computer is now severely hindered due to me trying to start up the game.
    I never had this issue earlier while playing the game actively, and I don't understand what have happend.
    Does anyone know anything that could help me solve this situation, if anything I would just like to get my comfortable screen resolution back and just leave the game behind for good if that's what I have to do.

  23. Moin Leute Meteorlogikus hier,
    da ich in letzter Zeit immer öfter mitbekomme, dass viele noch nicht die Anleitungen des Schwarzgeistes gemacht haben, jedoch ein hohes Level bei der Verarbeitung, beim Kochen etc. haben,möchte ich euch heute anhand der Verarbeitung zeigen, wie ihr mit den Schwarzgeistanleitungen Schwarzkristallsplitter kriegen könnt. 
    Start: Holt euch den Schwarzgeist mit (,) heran und klickt auf Anleitung. Hier könnt ihr dann die verschiedenen Berufe auswählen.
    Vorraussetzung: Verarbeitung Anfänger 10
    NPC: Vype Steinkeil(Steinbruch von Nordheidel)
    --> Ihr müsst einen polierten Stein herstellen. Und diesen dem NPC Vype überreichen.
    Belohnung: 5 Energie-Regneration, Produktions-EP und eine Uralte Silbermünze
    Vorraussetzung: Lehrlingsstufe 5
    NPC: Zwergenarbeiter (Heidel)
    --> Ihr müsst 2 nutzbares Kantholz herstellen. Und das Kantholz an den Zwergenarbeiter übergeben.
    Belohnung: 5 Energie regenerieren, Produktions-EP und zwei Uralte Silbermünzen
    Vorraussetzung: Lehrlingsstufe 10
    NPC: Crucio Domongatt (Heidel)
    --> Ihr müsst 30 Kartoffelmehl durch Verarbeitung herstellen. Aus diesem Kartoffelmehl müsst ihr 30 Kartoffelteig herstellen. Diesen Kartoffelteig müsst ihr dem NPC Elo überreichen.
    Belohnung: 5 Energie regenerieren, Produktions-EP und zwei Uralte Goldmünzen + ein scharfes Sammelwerkzeug
    Vorraussetzung: Gesellenstufe5
    NPC: Freharau (Glisch)
    --> Ihr müsst 30 Destilliertes Wasser herstellen und es dem NPC Freharau überreichen.
    Belohnung: 5 Energie regenerieren, Produktions-EP und 100.000 Silber
    Vorraussetzung: Geselle 10
    NPC: Jeron (Schloss Delphe)
    --> Ihr müsst 15 geschmolzene Eisensplitter herstellen und diese dem NPC überreichen.
    Belohnung: 5 Energie regenerieren, Produktions-EP und einen Harten Schwarzkristallsplitter
    Vorraussetzung: Kenner 4
    NPC: Andre Vidal (Anti-Troll-Festung)
    --> Stellt durch Trocknen 100 Seltenes Trockenfleisch her.
    Belohnung: 5 Energie regenerieren, Produktions-EP und einen Scharfen Schwarzkristallsplitter
    Vorraussetzung: Kenner 7
    NPC: Gabril (Calpheon Stadt)
    -->Stellt 30 Weiche Leder her. Daraus stellt ihr 3 Feine Leder her. Die 3 Feinen Leder werden an den NPC übergeben.
    Belohnung: 5 Energie regenerieren, Produktions-EP und einen Scharfen Schwarzkristallsplitter
    Vorraussetzung: Kenner 10
    NPC: Giovan Grolin (Calpheon Stadt)
    --> Stellt 100 Süßkartoffelmehl her. Stellt 100 Süßkartoffelmehl her. Stellt 20 Verarbeitete Kohle her. Übergebt das Mehl und die Kohle an Daniello Stimi. Kehrt zum Questgeber zurück um eure Belohnung zu erhalten.
    Belohnung: 5 Energie regenerieren, Produktions-EP und einen Harten und Scharfen Schwarzkristallsplitter
    Vorraussetzung: Fachmann 4
    NPC: Imam (Tarif)
    --> Stellt 50 Bronzebarren und 50 Stahlbarren her. Übergebt dem NPC Imam die Barren.
    Belohnung: 5 Energie regenerieren, Produktions-EP und drei Harte Schwarzkristallsplitter
    Vorraussetzung: Fachmann 7
    NPC: Alfons Berney
    --> Stellt 5 Sterndiamanten her. Gebt diese dem NPC.
    Belohnung: 5 Energie regenerieren, Produktions-EP und drei Scharfe Schwarzkristallsplitter
    Vorraussetzung: Fachmann 10
    NPC: Nerudo Shen
    --> Stellt 10 Reine Platinkristalle her. Gebt diese dem NPC.
    Belohnung: 5 Energie regenerieren, Produktions-EP und drei Scharfe + Harte Schwarzkristallsplitter
    P.S. : Ich hoffe, dass der Guide den Leuten hilft, die schon ein gewisses Level bei den verschiedenen Berufen erreicht haben.
    Bei falschen Angaben in dem Guide würde ich mich sehr um Verbesserungen freuen, wenn diese nicht beleidigend sind. 
    Liebe Grüße
  24. Post on Memory Fragments in General

    By Karelay, posted

        hi all adventurers, to see my proposal was that it is very difficult to achieve for some memory fragments and repair costs a lot of blue weapons forward. so we ask GM to put some method or something easier for us to access the memory fragment.
  25. We are new guild with the name TheGuardianss and anybody who want is Welcome.
    For contact: AngeIOfDeath (where " l " is uppercase " i ")

    We are in Alustin/Serendia A2