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  1. Nexus Gaming

    Willkommen bei Nexus Gaming
    Wir sind eine Gilde im Aufbau und suchen aktive Spieler!
    Was du mitbringen solltest:
    -min.16 Jahre alt mit geistiger Reife
    -TS3 (Pflicht)
    -Spaß und Freude am Spiel!
    Was wir bieten:
    -Einen TS Server
    -Eine nette organisierte Gilde
    -Nette und potente Offiziere
    -Einen angenehmen Umgang

    Wir sind relativ neu und sind im Aufbau aber wir bemühen uns sehr die Gilde schnell, effektiv und gut zu gestalten!
    Unsere Homepage findest du unter: https://www.nexusgaming.de/
    Falls du Interesse hast dann schreibe uns doch eine PN InGame an:
    Offizier Namikokana (Elbor) 
    Leader Skypi (Angorana)
    Oder schreibe unter diesem Post ein Kommentar mit deinem InGame Name und einem kurzem Text und ich versuche mit dir in kürzester Zeit Kontakt aufzunehmen!
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen euer Nexus Gaming Team!

  2. We reside on the Edan server.
    If you feel that you are a good fit for SoA, then as mentioned above please inquire about how to join using the above methods. After contacting Blac or Myself we'll work with you to arrange an interview using Discord. (You do not need to download the client for Discord until you've officially been invited but doing so doesn't hurt. https://discordapp.com/ otherwise we'll simply send you an instant invite and talk to you using the browser version.) We'll simply be asking you some basic quests to see for ourselves if we feel you're the sort of player that will fit nicely in SoA.
    Please feel free to ask questions, and we look forward to seeing you all ingame!
    Just a reminder, we've got over a year of experience playing Korean BDO, and as such have a wealth of knowledge to share in regard to how to go about progressing through the game in both early and late game.
    Current member count: 28
    Current Level requirement: Level 50 but flexible if you're motivated.
    Recruiting all classes, but Warriors, Berserkers, Valks and Rangers may get priority due to those being in somewhat higher demand.
    ***UPDATE 04/19/16***
    We're opening up recruiting again starting today. Looking to fill in our final 12 guild slots now that we've established a solid core. We're doing guild missions, and guild bosses regularly now. We also gather nightly to do our daily scrolls and even have PvP practice sessions at the arena many nights before scrolls! Its great to help get you motivated and prepared for furture PvP encounters.
    As mentioned above Send us a message if you're interested in joining!
  3. Salutations and welcome! As a guild of Black Desert Online (BDO), we strive to not only be a daunting community, but also a fun one.
    How is this possible? Well, for starters, Webshrouds is by fact extremely modest in comparison to most other guilds. We don't have large numbers on our side (yet), we aren't all up in people's faces (unless they're in ours), and we aren't monarchical (yay for equal rights).
    What are we then? We are a family of diverse individuals that strive to be the best that we can be. We are quality and quantity. Most of all, we are people that enjoy playing video games and BDO happens to be one of them.
    What do we do? Whether it's grinding, farming for gear, PvP, PvE, Guild missions, Scroll runs, or even AFK fishing, we do it all. There is nothing Webshrouds doesn't do and there will be much more of what we continue to do because of how our community is growing.
    How do we get organized? Webshrouds communicates via DISCORD and GROUPME. Discord is a voice chat program and Groupme is a texting program/app. It is highly advise to all members to get these programs to keep up to date with what is happening. FYI, they are free so, why not?
    Who should we know? (You can know whoever you want, but here are some members you need to know)
    Nao Yuudai. An innovative, outgoing, and sincere human being. He is the guild leader and will always meet with each member/recruit personally (virtual interview) to check for compatibility with the guild itself. This helps weed out those that will do us harm and those that will strengthen our guild. P.S. Nao tends to treat people as equals so it's easy to mistake him as anything, but a guild leader.
    GG. A kind, devoted, and feisty person. She is the second in command of this guild because of her veteran status with Nao. She enforces the guild's Code of Conduct like blistering ice by becoming judge, jury, and executioner, should the need arise, so to any evildoers out there, beware.
    Maniveol. Moderator of most of the website's Guide section. He is wise, diverse, and assertive so if you ever have any problems, he can most likely find you a solution) (in real lifeIRL problems have a waiting list, so first come first serve). Out of all the guild members he is perhaps the most laid back because of his experience in life (he's not super old. He's just gone through enough shit to not give any -----s anymore) P.S. Do not get on his shit list. He'll yaoi you to death (but if you're into that kind of kink, each to their own :blink: )
    Code of Conduct - Respect. Treat others the way you want to be treated. That's as self-explanatory as it gets.
    Language. As a diverse community it is easy to unintentionally offend each other. This means it is up to you to put a lid on what you say and when you say it. The best way to avoid any misunderstandings is to hop into the designated channel on Discord or just not say anything potentially offense in general.
    Harassment. This is a very difficult subject to quarantine because nowadays harassment can be anything. So for the sake of naming the most notorious it is highly recommended you avoid; being a bully and racist. No one likes to feel uncomfortable so please don't be the one that brings in the dark clouds (the dust bunnies get all soggy when it rains)
    All in all, just be a decent person. You're in a guild, you're playing a game. Make new friends and all shall be as it should be; Fun.
    Now that you've learned a bit about this guild it is time for you to get involved.
    Guild Requirements
    Play the game more than twice a week. Being active is the only way to benefit both you and the guild.
    Find more allies. Recruit, recruit, recruit! Every member is encouraged to find more people to join this guild because BDO is a very harsh environment and it is up to every member to be able to defend themselves against it. Quality over quantity, yes, but we strive for quality and quantity, so get out there and recruit! Just make sure your recruits refer you so Nao can process their applications faster and give you the credit you deserve
    Communicate. Whether it's via text, discord, or even private messages, please communicate. If you have IRL issues, let Nao know so he doesn't kick you for being inactive (3 weeks) and knows you're alive. If you are having issues in BDO, ASK FOR HELP! (that's why you're in a guild, silly). If you want a significant other find out if any of the guild members are into online dating (who knows. Shit like this happens) In a nutshell, it doesn't matter what it is you want/need, just communicate and maybe your problem will be solved!
    Have. Fun. For the love of whatever you hold dearest to you, have fun. BDO is a game. The guild is full of people with all kinds of tastes and kinks. So get out there, make friends, play the game, do IRL meet ups if you want to, but just make sure you're having fun. Otherwise, why bother playing a game and joining a guild, right?
    What you should do now Now that you've gone through orientation you are free to do whatever it is you want. Just remember the Code of Conduct and the Guild Requirements. Unicorns defecating rainbows might just bless you with friends, in-game money, and memories to cherish if you do.
    To those that wish to join, contact us at Webshrouds@gmail.com. Take care and have fun!
  4. Hi,
    As the title suggests, I am looking for a guild. I primarily focus on PVP in MMO's but I also do PVE if required by the guild. At this point I would take anything seeing as how it's so difficult to find a guild in game. You spam LFG in chat for days and no one responds, mainly because no one wants to waste energy or they can't be bothered. Hopefully I have more "success" here.
    I am on the Alustin server, currently level 45 and solo grinding (which is a pain) so it would be great to find a guild to level with also.
    Family name: TheGOHgamer
    Character name: ONLINEBULLY 
    Disregard the character name, it was made as a joke. If anyone has a guild please let me know by responding here or preferably sending a message in game. 
    Thank you

  5. If you feel that you are a good fit for SoA, then as mentioned above please inquire about how to join using the above methods. After contacting Blac or Myself we'll work with you to arrange an interview using Discord. (You do not need to download the client for Discord until you've officially been invited but doing so doesn't hurt. https://discordapp.com/ otherwise we'll simply send you an instant invite and talk to you using the browser version.) We'll simply be asking you some basic quests to see for ourselves if we feel you're the sort of player that will fit nicely in SoA.
    Please feel free to ask questions, and we look forward to seeing you all ingame!
    Just a reminder, we've got over a year of experience playe Korean BDO, and as such have a wealth of knowledge to share in regard to how to go about progressing through the game in both early and late game.
    For launch we have chosen the Edan server.

    About Sentient Art
    Server: Jordine
    Sentient Art is a social and friendly community established in Spring 2013.
    We are a close medium size community who are wanting to expand for Black Desert, coming from Guild Wars 2. As a community we plan to bring everyone closer together so everyone can get the most enjoyment out of the games we play together. In Black Desert we aim to explore all elements of the game this includes Raids, Guild Wars/Sieges, PvP and all PvX content. Our goal is to achieve the best results we can as a community. We are always open to suggestions to improve the community. The community is looking for fun, friendly, helpful social whether it is casual or hardcore players.
    If you are interested in joining our community here are some requirements we would like from you before applying.
    Being an active member of the guild and contribute to all guild activities.To be able to use TS3 for voice communication, this is to be more social with the guild, talking isn't required as long as you can listen for Guild instructions.Please only join if you are interested and committed to play Black Desert .Being able to play as a team and working with the guild.Over 18+ please.Mature language is accepted but any racism or discrimination to anyone will be guild kicked.We do like to have fun with each other but there is a line with how the mature language is used.No race, sexuality or gender restrictions. 
    To apply to join the guild please private message me with your interests in joining and how you can contribute, after we have chosen our applicants we will redirect them to our community website to register.This is to prevent spamming and trolls to our website.
    We are excited for our community to be coming to Black Desert and are looking forward to meeting new members to share this experience with us. For more information about us please do not hesitate to ask away via the comments/inbox. See you all in game!!
    50/100 members currently in roster.

    Varmt välkommen till
    Silence Of Darkness för onlinespelet Black Desert Online. SOD är en helsvensk guild vars främsta mål är att ha kul och främja,
    en bra gemenskap. Oavsett om du spelar lite eller mycket, så passar Silence Of Darkness dig. Vi har en Åldersgräns på 18+
    Vi har omröstningar då viktiga beslut skall tas, där alla medlemmar får vara med och tycka till . Alla har dessutom självklart
    rätt att komma med nya förslag/regler, vilket är mycket välkommet, Rekrytering är nu öppen. När de gäller inriktning så kommer vi
    att vara PVE-PVP vi kommer nog utveckla detta mer när spelen kommer ut.
    HemsidanVi jobbar hela tiden med att försöka uppdatera hemsidan/forumet för att vi ska ha en bra svensk community att vara på.Kom gärna över och delar era tankar då vi söker mera folk till ledningen.!  SERVER: ALUSTIN CALPHEON A1 Not Swedish
    Welcome to Silence Of Darkness we are a swedish guild only for Black Desert Online. We are middle-sized
    guild whose main goal is to have fun. Feel free and join our forum and say hi..
  8. Hello Guys!

    Who Am I?

    My name is Tom but more commonly known PvtWiggles I've been playing the Black Desert KR version for a few weeks now to get a better of the game come launch, I have led multiple guilds on games such as World of Warcraft and Archeage so I am looking forward to the chance to do it again! I play games alot so rest assured that if you need anything whilst in the guild I will try my best to help you out! Hopefully by the EU launch I will know alot about the game and will be able to help people learn!

    What will the guild do? 

    "Leviathan" will be a semi-hardcore guild, we will do many guild activies like daily guild quests, GvG events like Node wars but we also partake in fun random games which the officers will plan and setup allowing you guys to have some care free fun! We will focus on both PvE and PvP as in this game both allow you to progress towards getting high end gear! At launch will help eachother to get to high level quickly and start farming for gear asap!

    What do we want from you?

    We expect a good amount of participation from each guild member in terms of guild quests and events but we understand that sometimes you won't be able to make them for real life reasons! All that we would ask is that you let us know if you can't attend, we also expect all members to be mature and having a good sense of humour certainly helps! the willingness to help the guild and other members is what will keep us having fun and being successful! You don't need previous experience on this game although it is a big plus, as long as you are willing to learn quickly, we are willing to help!

    How do I join?

    If you are already playing on the KR version of BDO and are looking for a guild then please send me a message on here or in game, it would be great for some of us to play together before the official launch! My ingame name is ApocFTW and character name is Wigglina, if you can't find me on there then please come to my twitch channel www.twitch.tv/pvtwiggles
    If you don't play on KR then that's no problem! Leave a reply on this thread explaining why you're interested in joining and why you'd make a good addition to our team

    I am currently looking for 1/2 officers to help me at launch time, to be an officer you need to be an experienced BDO player and for this you will need to play with me on the KR servers so that we can work some stuff out before launch! if you're interested then let me know!
    Thanks for reading guys and I look forward to seeing you online!
    P.S. I will be setting up a website to officially apply to the guild over the next week but in the mean time please just reply here! 
    Holy crap, this is a lot of applications, thanks for all the interest guys! There is a meeting tonight at 18:00GMT today! (13th Feb) on our discord channel which is: https://discord.gg/0mNxa0YARwYeYaSy See you all there!
    La Gilda Mango Smile torna a Reclutare!
    Mango Smile, è un progetto nato nel 2015, durante la Closed Beta coreana.
    Presenti come gilda sulla versione Europea del gioco già dall'Alpha, abbiamo partecipato inoltre anche alle due Closed Beta, decidendo poi di aprire ufficialmente alla Release a Marzo 2016. Siamo un gruppo maturo e rilassato, dove si da molta importanza alla partecipazione delle persone alle attività organizzate dallo Staff per tutti i Membri della Gilda. Reclutiamo sia player già esperti, che nuovi giocatori, che contriburemo a formare in tutti gli aspetti del gioco. 
    Possediamo un server TS3 da usare per tutti coloro che faranno parte dei Mango Smile e svolgiamo settimanalmente e giornalmente numerose attività aperte ai nostri gildani.
    - Server TS3 Disponibile, di cui è estremamente gradito l'utilizzo durante il tempo di gioco
    - Approfondita conoscenza del gioco
    - Skill di Gilda complete, +5 accuracy, +5 AP, +100 HP, Gathering, Fishing
    - Node Wars settimanali
    - Boss di Gilda settimanali
    - Quest di Gilda giornaliere
    - Formazione dei nuovi player, PVP, Arene e Battlefield
    ... Inoltre non vi mancheranno le guerre di gilda
    Potete richiedere l'apply alla nostra gilda rispondendo direttamente a questo topic, o in alternativa potete contattarci tramite il nostro Forum e gruppo Facebook.
    In alternativa ci trovate in game con i contatti presenti qui sotto:
    GM: Nicolaj (VlaD_Dada/VlaD_Raina)
    Officer: Masker (Lady), Valliere (Valliere/BlueValliere), RedStar (Rossy), DarkSky (Nathariel), DeliriumTremens (Artigan), Mandrillone (Sarittu), Gamers98 (Shardros)
    WebSite - Forum - Facebook - Twitter
    Mail: mangosmileguild@gmail.com