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  1. I was working my way to get enough Seals Of Promise when after the very first two quests 'Necklace of Enhanced Magic #1 and #2' when the unexpected happened. 
    I didn't get the hourly repeats...
    I have waited a day as well to see if that would cause any change. No luck. Supposedly, some of the quest line begins from the warehouse manager but he has nothing for me.  I have also read mention of needing to speak to everyone in the Calpheon church. But to do that i need to gain amity from the priest in abandoned land (which i cannot find (the guy)) I'm not sure if there's anyone else i need to be talking to to get started on these quests. I'm looking to get the earrings. 
    Also, my black spirit quest is bugged. He wants to give me something but has nothing to give. This only happens around Calpheon and the surrounding areas. I'm level 51 and all of my Black Spirit quests are caught up, asides from world of knowledge, etc.  I have tried to reset the UI, disconnect, restart, switch servers; no luck.
    If anyone has an idea of what else I can try to get these quests going again, or an NPC whom I need to chatting with. Please let me know! gotta get those earrings!!!
  2. I seem to be stuck and not sure what to do. I've done the stuff that takes me to & through Altinova with the Prince and Neruda Shen as well as well as some of the Shen merchant info quests but they all just stopped after I got the big 300 cp reward from the prince. It doesn't give me anything to do next/ Anyone know whats going on? With that? The only thing I have left is the girl beside Neruda but she won't talk to me as she's somehow locked behind him even though I have his knowledge? if anyone can help or has a guide, I'd like to see the story at least once before the alt grind sets in.

    (The actual breadcrumb for Altinova didn't show from BS until I hit 51, is there something similar at 52 maybe?)
  3. Edit: Mystery Solved! You have to be lvl 36+ to get the contribution quests from the Black Spirit. There may be other requirements too since people are getting them at different levels, but this one of them.
    Hello everyone!
    I tried asking about this in the in game chat a few times and searching the internet but haven't gotten any help, so I hope you forum people will know how to solve this.
    I noticed that I haven't been getting the black spirit contribution quests where he gives you some gold bars whereas both of my friends have gotten theirs. I'm at 65 contribution right now and one of them is around 40, so that can't be it. Does anyone know what I might have missed? I always picked up the quests the black spirit had for me when ever I got the icon, but could it be possible that I somehow missed one and now I'm stuck? If so, how do I know which one I missed and how to get it if the black spirit currently has no quests for me?
    Thank you for your time!
  4. Hello guys, 
    I have recently completed the Exalted Character IV  Click - quest given by the Black Spirit that required me to have 140 CP; the thing is, I have accidentally finished the quest on my 10lvl alt and I haven't received the following quest in this chain line on any character - Exalted Character V
    Is it a bug? Is the next quest not implemented yet in the game? ...or am I forced to lvl my alt to some point to get it?
    Thanks in advance for your help,
    Best regards!
  5. I've run into a problem where no matter how hard I try I cannot unlock certain Black Spirit quests. I'm mostly missing the ones in the Glish area. I've done all the quests I can find in that area and the red orc area, all the way through the bandit camps. But nothing has happened. I'm really confused here, anyone know why this is happening or how to fix it?
  6. Decent sized monitors are pretty cheap this days so why we have to use a couple inches crammed on the bottom of the screen for Black Spirit quest and dailies seems rather dated. I don't think it would take much work to change it to something like this: 
    Even with my crappy Photoshop skills something similar to this is a lot easier to view.
  7. I"m lvl 50 started doing the dailys for seal of promise. Turned in a quest for my second seal and spam "The black spirit has a request for you" Starts. I call him and nothing. The reawaken thing is highlighted but I can't do anything in there.  I even forfeit all requests and reaccepted them all, but it just keeps spamming me he has a request.  I have gone through every menu and clicked on every option.  Any ideas how to fix this so I can stop getting spammed ever 4 seconds about a request? 
  8. After talking to an NPC or the Black Spirit certain graphics will break.  They will appear to speed up by an insane amount, causing the graphics to change. It's most obvious with Black Spirit Rage: Spirit Rage Bug. It also happens to the Sorceress' fragment orbs that hover around her, leaving bright orbs with black lines spazzing out, but is harder to screenshot.  Trees with falling leaves may also be affected, looking like a thick raining downpour of leaves.  If you talk to an NPC for only a moment these graphics won't hit maximum speed and will look halfway between regular and a blurry mess. The longer you have any NPC interaction window open, the more this effect becomes apparent, up to about 5 seconds where it hits a maximum.
    I don't think hardware configuration matters. It happens with Intel cpu + amd gfx. It happens with amd cpu + nvidia gfx. It happens with any in-game graphical setting. Reinstalling doesn't correct the issue.
    If this has been posted before, please link it for me. I couldn't find any similar thread.
  9. I have a yuria amulet +12 benn trying to upgrade to +13 I need 19 stone to force enhance and most poeple told me it wasn't worth it that I would waste my black stone. Well my friend I now have a failstack of +23 and a really sad looking durability on my amulet lol.

    Am I curse ? lol

  10. Daum, please add a mute option for the Black Spirit.
  11. Hallo zusammen,
    ich bin nun fast Level 20 und habe die Verzaubern und Sockeln Quest nicht von meinem Black Spirit erhalten. Wie erlange ich die damit ich meine Waffen upgraden kann?
    Es geht um die Quest: [Erweckung] Spuren von Edana
  12. Hi all,
    I was hoping someone can offer some advice. I was questing around Veila, and took the Black Spirit where you’re asked to steal some supplies (or something) and take them back to the city.
    I screwed up and didn’t ride the donkey back with the supplies. Later on, realising my mistake, I then couldn’t find the NPC again to steal from.
    I ended up forfeiting the quest, which I hoped would let me talk to the NPC/Black Spirit again.
    Does forfeiting a quest mean you can’t take it again? If I can take it again, where do I find the NPC please?
    Have I managed to screw up the Black Spirit quests by doing this?
  13. As title states many of you have noticed that you're getting a request to speak to the black spirit even though there's no available quest to accept when prompted.
    Simple solution: Open up your quest log in this I case I think the "O" button would do it, toggle "All quests" on and then talk to the black spirit again he'll have a quest for you to talk to some NPC in calpheon for a repeatable daily quest.
  14. I've already reached level 50 and the black spirit won't still give me the daily and weekly quest. Any idea why? My friend can already do his daily and weekly , but I can't
  15. Bonjour,
    J'ai actuellement un problème depuis que je suis lvl 50, mon black spirit me demande de l'invoquer mais il n'a rien à me donner.
    Certains d’entre-vous ont il eu ce problème ?
    Voyez par vous même avec ces trois screens :

  16. I'm talking about the little ghost animation that keeps following your chr while walking, attacking, etc. Starts to annoy when it circles around you while standing still or harvesting stuff. Is there a way to turn that off?
  17. I skipped a lvl 13 kill 100 goblins.  No more black spirit.
  18. So normally when his little icon goes off he has a quest for you, or is allowing you to turn a quest in to him, right?

    For me hes just showing his smug little icon off weather he has a quest for me or not.
    More often than not, he has absolutely nothing for me which is problematic because I have no way of telling when he does or doesnt actually have something new for me.
    And as you probably know, some quests only become available in certain areas. (ex. Calpheon Necklace daily quest that gives you free contribution only becomes available whilst in the city of Calpheon.)

    On a side note, it does seem like some quests are either not activating and becoming available after prerequisites are met; although i could just simply be doing something incorrectly.

    I am half way through level 50, with every black spirit quest I could find completed.

  19. Upon reaching Lv. 30~31, the Black Spirit had given me a Black Stone to upgrade the Basteer Amulet to +1. After doing so, they wanted me to extract the Black Stone.
    I did so, and the Black Spirit didn't want to finish the quest regardless what I tried. It said it was completed, but didn't want to complete. After trying nearly everything, I forfeited the quest to try it again.
    Except they want me to extract it again. I don't have the Basteer Amulet, since they destroy it upon extraction.

    Wat do.
  20. Is this a bug? I've posted it on another part of the forum before making my way here. I don't mean to double post.
    (The Path of a Ranger & Awakening of the Black Spirit)
  21. Hello everyone,
    I hope you are enjoying your in game time as much as I am. Two of my quests "The Path of a Ranger" and "Awakening of the Black Spirit" show as 1/3 and 1/4 complete (respectively) with no way of moving them forward. They were Black Spirit quests, and I have no way of quitting them to restart... I'm just stumped and it is driving me crazy that I can't complete them. Can anyone help? I've included a screen grab of everything I can see for the quest at the moment.
    Thanks to anyone who may be able to help

  22. Ever since I did my 2nd training quest the speech bubble for the spirit has not disappeared and is taking up the top of my screen. 

  23. hi everyone. 
    I am lvl 28 witch, progressing all over the game. The problem is the following:
    i started the character doing all quest given by the black spirit and the main one from npc (exploration, storyline etc)
    After being lvl 21, the black spirit stopped giving me the quests, while my guild members keep getting them (im at 12% progression and they are over 25%)
    is there anything i can do or have to follow to get the quest i missed? As far as i remember he did not gave me the whole blood monastery saga and the previous one.(last quest i remember from him is to do something with rebels)
  24. Posted this over on the Reddit, but thought I'd post it here too.

  25. Hi everyone. This guide special for you. Little lifehack how to boost your silver money from Black Spirits Gold bars more easier.
    Don't forget to turn on ENG subtitles