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  1. hope this is seen. i have tried sending in a ticket and posting a forum but i am too new so i'm still not sure how to use the systems. any help would be great
    my main quest line quest :
    [Boss] org the greedy given by the black spirit currently cant be accepted because black spirit won't offer it to me. i had originally accepted it and didn't have enough invy space so i failed to get the boss summon scroll. then i forfeit the quest to try to retake it but have now i am unable to accept the quest at all and still do not have the boss summon scroll. any help would be great. or if you could point me in the right direction for someone who can i would greatly appreciate it. as of now the boss summon scroll is no where to be found so i cant delete it, support ignores me, too new to know people, and forums have not yielded any response.
    any help or advice would be very appreciated. i would really hate to have ot give up on my dk so close to the end of the lv 55 event. and lose all my silver.
    if nothing else can i please be refunded the permanent horse summon flute that is bound to my glitched character so i can start over on a new character.
    also the 2x +8 inventory expansions are going to be critical to get from my glitched character to my new one. especialy so that this glitch doesnt happen again, and because i spent $25 for the explorer bundle and the important stuff is bound to the glitched character
  2. i ran into a game breaking, soul crushing bug and data error tonight with this black spirit main quest. i have no idea how it is programmed but somehow for the [Boss] Org the Greedy boss quest in the main questline for black spirit i accepted it as i had done the past 50+ that i had been stringing together. big problem, somehow my invy was full and when i accepted it and started it it let me start. but I DIDN'T GET THE BOSS SUMMON SCROLL.
    and it did not appear in mail. it is no where ot be found. so panicking and being an idiot i somehow made things worse. i forfeited the quest thinking that i could reaccept it and get the scroll again but NOPE!!!! the black spirit refuses to proc the quest what so ever and i have no idea what the heck im supposed to do. this is literally so broken its killing me. im currently on my very first character and today is basicly my very first real day of gameplay. im only lv 36, and now i cant progress the main quest line. quest log doesn't help me, the quest is truly forfeit, and black spirit ignores me. 
    WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!!!! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME OR SEND THIS TO SUPPORT!!!! im still too new to know how to properly send in a ticket. fyi im on the NA servers. account: waites2, family name: Waites2, affected character: Disastrea
    my photos are currently way bigger file size than 2 mb, but if anyone has ideas or a supprt or moderator can try to help me i will gladly post as many pictures as i can. 
    2 days gone and im still suffering from this issue. i have calmed down so if anyone has questions or ideas or recommendation please hlep. tried submiting a ticket ot support but no response so if any mods see this and can help please let me know. will keep playing for a day but if it stays bad i will hav eto make a new character and wont reach 55 by the end of the dk event.
  3. Now the black spirit rework has happened constantly seeing 10+ pages of quests on the black spirit pop up screen and only displays 5 at a time.... please change the UI for the to display the full list of available quests!!
  4. It appears its been a while since its really been continued. Can we have a load more quests that continue the story please?
    Many Thanks
  5. Hi everyone for some reason i have Unaccepted research and contemplation quest and i cant take it because it says that i didnt do the first tutorial chain quests :-S and i dont get any black spitit quests because of that , im lvl 20 now btw
  6. Was leveling my kuno today and i realized how frustrating it is to redo all the black spirit quests again. With the exp boosts, costumes and exp events leveling goes so fast that it is impossible to keep up with the black spirit quests. Wouldn't it be better if the quests were account wide? Like the ones we get for reaching a certain number of energy points or CP.
  7. Hi, so i don't really know where to get help, but i'm currently lvl 56 and stuck at the quests in the picture. I can't forfeit or press any buttons related to the two quests. How can i finish them? Please anyone who already had that bug?.. Thanks.

  8. Hi, so i'm currently lvl 56 and stuck at the quests in the picture. I can't forfeit or press any buttons related to the two quests. How can i finish them? Please anyone who already had that bug?.. Thanks.

  9. My request ticket is #229761 but I want to see if anyone has any suggestions that could help me.
    I'm stuck at the NPC named Claus in the Western Guard Camp. The Black Spirit wants me to take a quest from Claus, but he offers no quests. I'm super confused on what I need to do because now I can't summon my black spirit, even though he has a quest for me, and I also cannot do what the tutorial says. This locks up a lot of options I cannot do now because I'm stuck in the tutorial.
    Screenshots In Spoiler:
  10. Been chasing Santa around, looting boxes, reading patch notes (that show what drops) and have found every item on that list however there's something that's bugging me.
    Christmas Black Spirit Face Wall Decor
    Christmas Black Spirit Snowball
    Christmas Decorated Candle
    Christmas Lace Wall Decor
    The above are all part of a 5-set but there's no 5th item that drops. All items in the Pearl Store are 6-set so where's the 5th one, if there is one, that is?
  11. Eevery time there is a new quest avalible, the black spirit starts whispering quite often as a notification, including daily quests.
    I don't know what most think about this, but I find it annoying. It's actually getting immersive breaking. If the only way to shut up the black spirit is to accept all new quests every single day, then I belive it's time to remove the whispering from the black spirit. Now I have tried to turn "Black Spirit notifications" off, in the options menu, but this doesn't seem to affect the black spirit whispering. 
    It doesn't help that there's a bug in one of the daily quest I'm currently experiencing. I did a daily quest, and now I can do it again, though it's already accepted and can't do anything about it.
    Anyway, I'd really like the whisper notification to be removed. 
    What do you guys think? 
  12. Post on Suggestion Quests in PVE

    By Ketsunou, posted
    General question on how to start certain quests in the suggestions tab that I apparently never did. The one's I'm looking at in particular are [Co-op] quests and inventory expansion quests as an example. There's a long list of them that are marked as unaccepted and I have no idea how to start them. 
    As seen below:

  13. As someone who hates things left undone, notifications for the "Earring of Magical Power" and "Ring of Magical Power' quests from the Black Spirit drive me up the wall.
    As it stands now I pick them up whenever they pop, so I'm not being pestered by the Black Spirit, and dropping them whenever I need the quest space.
    I think the most reasonable method of eliminating these notifications, while keeping the quest accessories an option in game, would be to give the quests a completion dialogue through the Black Spirit and then only be available from the quest givers on a daily basis.
  14. I am new, I have seen videos of level 60 people with a stage 2 or 3 black spirit - I just went to i think stage 4 at level 39 (35 quest?)
    image of the current black spirit attached
    why are others keeping it at a lower stage?

    this is the one I see from level 60 player videos, i just had it before this quest

  15. Post on BLACK SPIRIT BUG in In-Game Bugs

    By GsiZ, posted
    Hi ,
    ive got this new bug on my warrior where the black spirit tells me now for like over an hour that he has something for me but he doesnt show me anything new?!
    In my Quest log i have two Black spirit quests that are wihtout a chekbox on the left and when i click the on of them thats says Not accepted: The mud is alive(its a lvl 25 q im lvl 50 by now) i get the normal screen for the quest but i cant set a location. And when i try to abonden it it says " Quest information not found". The other "bugged Quest "Ruines of Glisch" is not even clickable at all.
    I would attach Pictures but my game is on German so it wouldnt help that much i guess
  16. Post on Put It Back Pl0x in Suggestions

    By snappyfu, posted
    Can you please put back the black spirit dice game?
    I miss being trolled by the little bugger with junk items and the occasional useful thingamabob.
  17. Post on Not getting a new quest in PVE

    By Al_Massacre, posted
    So I hit lvl 53 a couple of days ago, and I just finished up all of the main Mediah quests and now I don't have a new quest. What should I be doing now? One of my friends I play with has been seeing quests from npcs that I don't. Did I miss something? If so how can I fix it?
  18. On just one of my characters, my Kunoichi, I constantly get notices that the Black Spirit has a request for me. But each time I summon him, there's nothing there. I've checked under quests even if it's not highlighted. Nothing there.

    More curiously, this began after I hit level 35 or so and arrived in Calpheon territory on this character. Even stranger, if I go back to Heidel, logout then back in, the black spirit will remain quiet, until I pass into Calpheon territory. Shortly after that happens, he wants my attention again.
    Even in situations where he does have a task for me, like killing the Khuruto boss, even after accepting the quest, he still wants my attention, but there's no quest there.
    Has anyone else seen this? Yes, I've changed channels. Yes, I've logged all the way out of the game. Yes, I've switched characters then back again. None of those things has helped.

    For example, tonight I accepted Tower Offense and Mask Owl Rumor quests, but the black spirit is still bothering me.
  19. I wouldn't be surprised if this has been requested before, but I didn't find anything under "disable black spirit notifications."
    Please. Please, for the love of everything holy. Please let us disable the black spirit chatter when he has a quest for you.
    I know I could just accept the quest to get him to shut up, but sometimes I don't want to pick a Daily or Weekly at that moment. For example, if I'm planning to quest with a friend, I want to keep the options open so that we can both do the same one.
    I shouldn't have to justify this, however, because the black spirit is just SO ANNOYING, and the ability to turn this off just seems like such a no-brainer.
    I often play with the game muted as a result of this, which is unfortunate and a shame.
    PLEASE. PLEASE. I can't stress how much this annoys me. Please allow us to disable the constant chatter. Thank you.
  20. I'm posting this on this forum so hopefully someone can give me advice. Maybe its me or maybe its the game. 

    I just did one of the starting quests (to kill weasels) and I'm talking to the black spirit. Everything was fine until I got to accept the quest reward. Hitting complete or R isn't doing anything to allow me to move forward. I've waited 5 minutes and nothing else. I made a new character and I got the same bug on the first killing quest (grass Beatles?) I'm new to the game so I'm not sure if there is a fix for this I'm not aware of. This is really annoying because I cannot continue playing unless I get off this screen. I tried closing the game and reloading, but the same bug comes up.
  21. I just did one of the starting quests (to kill weasels) and I'm talking to the black spirit. Everything was fine until I got to accept the quest reward. Hitting complete or R isn't doing anything to allow me to move forward. I've waited 5 minutes and nothing else. I made a new character and I got the same bug on the first killing quest (grass Beatles?) I'm new to the game so I'm not sure if there is a fix for this I'm not aware of. This is really annoying because I cannot continue playing unless I get off this screen. I tried closing the game and reloading, but the same bug comes up.
  22. Hello everyone, so I recently came back to the game, and just finished leveling up a new character to 50, upon hitting 50, I took the regular quests, to kill Rhutum's and the world explore kill quests, etc; so I have no quests that I can take, but the black spirit summon notification is always flashing on my screen, and in the bottom right hand corner as if he needs to be summoned but when I summon him, there is nothing I can do too interact with (I.E., He has no quests for me, nothing is highlighted other than transfusion for some reason). Anyone help would be much appreciated as someone with clinical OCD, It's extremely irritating that it is constantly flash and out of place, and nothing can be done to fix it.
  23. I've not long had the game, and I am currently leveling my sorceress (currently at 44). I'm curious, do I need to do all the co-op quests? I've done pretty much none of them bar the first boss before entering Velia. I've heard that i may not be able to actually hit level 50 without completing them, and I've also heard that I wont get the scroll dailies without completing them. Is this true?
  24. I just started the 7 Day Free Pass.
    The first character I made was a Valkyrie.  I have spoke with the Black Spirit a few times with no issues.  Shortly later I spoke with him again.  I am currently level 5).  On the screen to speak with him I need to click Complete.  I click Complete but nothing happens.  I press R and nothing happens.  I cannot exit the screen.  My progress is stalled.  I have re-logged twice and the issue persists.  
    I made a Bersker and the exact same thing happened.  I even relogged with him and the issue persists.
    The first two screen shots are with my Valkyrie and the last one is with my Berserker.  I don't know what to do to resolve this.