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  1. Currently mine are like this:
    currently trying to get to TRI on a vangertz shield. Failed on character 3/4 each going DUO-TRI starting at ~32 stacks each. They failed enough to end up with the amount posted above (3 and 4)
    trying to get back to DUO, failed on character 5 going from PRI-DUO starting at 24 stacks. Failed enough to get the amount posted above (5)
    what do you recommend i do if my entire entire account is full of overstacked characters? I don't think I should use a 35 stack just to get a DUO vangertz.. but over half my account has characters that are overstacked for the gear I'm attempting. At this rate, my whole account will be in that situation
  2. Hello,
    I'm fairly new to Black Desert Online. Though I've only been playing a month, I can only imagine the frustration that other players have experienced at much higher levels than I. My suggestion is about the penalty and cost to upgrading weapons, accessories, and gear.
    1. The Failstack system is still a little blackboxed but I understand why it exists. However, my beef is with upgrading beyond +15. The pentaly should never degrade an item back down to it's former level if the upgrade fails. The penalty for having to build up blackstone failstacks, grind for more blackstones, and repair duability is more than enough. Taking away a sense of acheivement for getting Duo, Tri, or Tet is counterintuitive to enticing us to upgrade. As an example, I'm perfectly satisfied staying at Duo for most of my gear bcause I don't want to loose that upgrade ever. Especally when I'm trying to grind tougher and tougher mobs. Therefore I'll never try and therefore I'll never experience the higher level of upgrade. Many players have simply quit the game because they lost a tet or pen on an item. One friend of mine simply won't play because of this reason.
    2. Accessories. These should never "Blow Up" or be destroyed. It's already enough to have to find an item again or use memory fragments to repair the max durability of an item let alone build up the fail stacks to try a Pri let alone a higher level of upgrade. I refer again to penelizing a player for the work that they did grinding, playing and acquiring items to simply try for an upgrade in this manner is ludicris. I will never Pri my Ogre ring simply for this reason. Accessories should have a similar blackstone item such as a concentrated in order to attempt an upgrade. Another alternative is to reduce durability on an accessory by 20 or 40 pts instead of the regular 10 like with armor and weapons. Another alternative is to give a bonus penalty on the item until it is back to a certain percentage of max durability (eg. 80/100 duability = 80% effectiveness). Keeping in mind that Fail Stacks are still necessary for a potentially positive upgrade.
    My request is simple. Change the mechanic of blowing up an upgrade or an accessory. This will help encourage players to continue to grind because they already need to acquire blackstones at an alarmingly low drop rate through various means such as grinding, gathering, questing, and doing scrolls. These tasks are already fairly time consuming. By destroying items, as a game mech anic for all of my hard work, you're now taking away the time that I've spent to attain the attempt at the upgrade, as well as the previous upgrade. Which in some cases is months of work.
    Comments and additional thoughts are welcome.
  3. I'm just looking for a little clarity here as I've been told several things at one time or another. +16-20 (Pri, Duo,  Tri, Tet, Pen) 
    I know that there are the usual risks when enhancing up to duo as there were prior to those enhancement levels.
    What I'm seeking clarification on is the enhancement level reduction following duo. I was under the impression and read guides detailing the process as 'once you read duo, this is your new minimum' Which sounded great to me. If I could get a taste of the new enhancement levels up until duo and safely gamble with the remaining three knowing I had the security of duo as my base, then I was all on board with that.
    Now I'm hearing that if a failed tri attempt happens, back to Pri you go. Now if this is true, then I guess I need to be more dilligent with my forum discussion reading and I guess I'll be a little disappointed.. but I guess I'll live with it. I'm wondering as well though, is it a guaranteed drop? is there a percentage attached to level reduction? or is there a chance I'll just lose the durability and be free to gamble again as well?
  4. Just got online and saw that the market min/max for BSP was severely reduced overnight, to the point where I don't believe it is possible to grind crystals for BSP and make a profit anymore. BSP formerly had a minimum allowable price of ~1350 and usually sold for somewhere around ~1650. Minimum price is now ~1100 with a MAX listable price of ~1550. I expect to see a sharp drop in the amount of Blackstone powder available on the market due to people like myself who process crystals from the market no longer doing so due to the extreme loss in value. The available amount has already sharply dropped from the usual 20k-40k to around 6k available right now.
    I guess I'm lucky that the 8k I had listed sold overnight before the price crash.
  5. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/16KEr7N5nIml_K_XnfrzATcHqqSrh9mpsBN_vhnYE-YM/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Post on Sharp and Hard crystal shards in PVE

    By Cools, posted
    Wondering how everyone is doing gathering the new sharp and hard blackstone fragments. I'm professional 3 in gathering and today I've gathered 300+ water, 300+ fir sap, 300+ wolf meat and haven't gotten one to drop yet. I wasn't using lucky tools and I havent done a single gathering quest yet, could that be it?
  7. Hey guys, so i posted this in the guide's place but it has got little attention there so thought i would try one last time here.
    I have made a BlackStone Failstack vs Force Enchant Calculator.

    It tells you:

    Failstack Enchanting:
    - % Chance of successful fail stack enchant from +7 and up.
    - How much Silvers worth of black stones you have wasted on Fail-Stacks

    - How many pieces of Equipment you need to repair your durability back to 100.
    - How much those pieces of Equipment would cost in total.

    Force Enchant:
    - How much durability you will lose if you Force Enchant.
    - How many Black Stone's you need to Force Enchant.
    - How much those Black Stone's cost (Total for what you need to Force Enchant).
    - Total Cost (Cost in Black Stones + Cost to Repair the Durability of your item by how much you lost from Force Enchanting)
    - How much it will cost you extra if you Force Enchant (Difference from Black Stone's total cost to Paying for Repairs as well).
    - If you should Force Enchant or not (It will recommended that you do Force Enchant if you pay less than 1,000,00 Extra for Repairs and the success % is less than 30).

    To use the calculator, go to:
    I really hope you guys find use in the calculator. There is more to come to the website, like the "Houses" section we are working on. 
    Please leave feedback, suggestions and let me know if you will be coming back to use the calculator on here or on the comment section of the website.

    Thanks for looking! <3

  8. Hey guys, not exactly sure if this is the best place to put this. However it is considered helpful.

    I have made a calculator that works out which method of enchanting will be cheaper/how much you have spent and will spend on black stone's and repairs.
    If you have any suggestions for it, or if there is any bugs. Let me know!

    The calculator is on my new website: www.bdohub.net


    Tried to embed the calculator, however it does not seem to work here.
  9. Long for short. If i have a +6 weapon and wanted to extract the stone from the wep (i know the wep will broke). Do i get all the stone back or just one?
  10. Please fix the level 30+ life skill advancement quests.  These quests give blackstones and create a great imbalance for those who prefer life skills.  I don't even see this listed as a known bug, set many of us have mentioned it.  Please make this a priority for the next patch.
    The following quests are unable to be attained, despite meeting their pre-requisites:
    [Gathering Advancement Lv30] Silence of an Alchemist
    [Gathering Advancement Lv34] Gone With the Fire
    [Gathering Advancement Lv37] Old Tree Bed
    [Gathering Advancement Lv40] Legally Platinum
    [Gathering Advancement Lv44] Three Little Otters
    [Gathering Advancement Lv47] A Pickaxe that Lays Gold
    [Gathering Advancement Lv50] From the Hand of a Person
    [Processing Advancement Lv30] Impatient Jeron
    [Processing Advancement Lv34] To Exhausted Soldiers...
    [Processing Advancement Lv37] Hide for Trina
    [Processing Advancement Lv40] For Calpheon
    [Processing Advancement Lv. 44] Work for Tarif
    [Processing Advancement Lv. 47] Have to Give...    
    [Processing Advancement Lv50] Altinova's Prestige
    Plus the equivalent quest sets for Alchemy and Cooking
    (Rewards: Hard Black Crystal Shards and/or Sharp Crystal Shards)
  11. Hallo zusammen,
    ich weiß nicht ob ich es nicht mehr schaffe richtig zu suchen oder ob es wirklich dazu fast keine Informationen gibt, aber wie werte ich am Besten Liverto, Hexenohrringe etc auf?
    Gibt es dazu irgendwo Informationen, zB wie viele Failstacks man bei Liverto immer aufbauen soll? Bevor man sich trauen kann, das aufzuwerten.
    Bis jetzt habe ich nur Yuria und meinen Stahldolch auf 15 gebracht und da habe ich immer den Wert fürs forcieren -5 genommen und angefangen aufzuwerten. Zusätzlich noch immer mindestens 3 Failstacks mit Ringen gemacht und die günstigste Rüstung aufgewertet, bis ich diese Failstacks hatte.
    Da ich sehr viel Glück habe, möchte ich aber bei Liverto noch ein bisschen sicherer vorgehen. Ich hatte beim Yuria Stab von 12 auf 13 schon 45 Failstacks und ich hätte beim Stahldolch von 13 auf 14 fast den Rekord gebrochen mit 44 Failstacks.. Wenn ich mir ausrechne wie viel mich das in Erinnerungsfragmenten kosten würde, Liverto wieder zu reparieren, wäre ich sehr sehr verschuldet..
    Damit das am Ende vielleicht eine Art Guide wird. Hier wie ich es bis jetzt machen würde:
    - 3 Failstacks mit Ringen bauen. Evtl mit mon noch einen 4.
    - seine eigene Rüstung aufwerten(am Besten das günstigste Teil)
    - Wenn das forcieren jetzt 10 Steine kosten würde, würde ich nochmal 5 drauf legen, damit ich bei 15 bin und dann aufwerten.
    Somit würde man wenn alles gut geht folgendes benötigen: 6 Ringe für max 35k pro Stück, 12 Schwarzsteine für die Rüstung, 5 Erinnerungsfragmente und noch ein Schwarzstein für die Waffe.
    Bei Hexenohrringen von +0 auf +1 würde ich jetzt mal mit 30 Failstacks starten. In Videos habe ich schon welche mit 26 kaputt gehen sehen.
    Ich wäre für jeden Input dankbar:)
  12. Blackstone/Schwarzstein Questreihe (Waffenstein)
    Hey Leute
    Ich hab durch einige YouTube Videos sowie Forumseinträge etliche Sachen über eine Schwarzstein Questreihe gelesen.
    Das Problem dabei war das ich keine genaueren Informationen dazu gefunden haben , sondern nur Bruchstücke.
    Deshalb habe ich selber etwas rumprobiert und habe die Questreihe gefunden.
    Ich dachte mir einfach ich mach dazu ein Video um es den Leuten zu zeigen, wie die Questreihe aussieht und man sie durchführt.
    Hier das Video dazu!
    ( Es kann sein das es dazu schon Einträge auf Deutsch gibt, dennoch wollte ich das hier seperat nochmal ansprechen )
    Für die Questreihe benötigt man die Ultimative Basteer Waffe +7, sowie das Level 48.

    Ich würde mich sehr über eure konstruktive kritik freuen .
    Ich hoffe das Video konnte einigen Helfen und ihnen den Weg zu +15 erleichtern.
    Falls ihr fragen habt, dann schreibt mir einfach auf dem YouTube Kanal, oder einfach hier im Forum
     Ps: Das ist kein professionelles Video , oder sonst was in der Art.
    Ich habe mir einfach gedacht das ich versuche die Sachen die ich über das Spiel weiß anderen Spielern zu zeigen, damit sie es etwas leichter haben.
    Black Desert ist halt ein sehr großes Spiel

    Ich entschdulige mich für jeden Rechtschreibfehler in diesem Text und hoffe das keiner deswegen Kopfschmerzen bekommt

  13. Hallo,
    da ich nach ewig langem suchen im Internet nichts gefunden habe, dachte ich, dass ich einfach einmal hier frage.
    Und zwar geht es mir darum wie hoch die chance ist Rüstungen zu verstärken.                                                      
    Ich meine auch mal so eine "chart" gesehen zu haben allerdings in Koreanisch deswegen kann ich danach nicht wirklich googeln.
    Achja und wenn ich schon dabei bin Fragen und bitten zu stellen, wie kann man den Zeilenabstand verringern? Das sieht mir nach 1,5 Fachen Zeilenabstand aus und im Menü oben konnte ich nichts finden^^.
    Danke schon eimal im voraus für die Antworten.
    Hier noch der Link für die Waffen upgrade chance falls das jemand braucht

  14. Bonjour à tous,
    1- Les gardes m'attaquent dans Calpheon et je ne peux me défendre.
    2- Après ma mort mon épee de yuria est passé de +11 à +9
    Que c'est il passé?
    Je suis dépité de devoir farmer/ racheter une vingtaine de pierre... J'ai juste envie d’arrêter le jeux..
  15. Hello everyone, I would to to report an issue I encountered ingame.
    Some time ago I crafted myself some Steel Taritas Gear, the complete set. After that I used the Taritas Forge in Calpheon to upgrade my armor even further.
    The Result was for example a Steel Taritas Helmet of Agility. Since I intended to use this gear for a while I wanted to enhance it with Blackstones. I did this because I thought I could restore the max durability of this "special crafted gear" with ordinary Taritas items and (!) the Item description explicitly states that it is possible to use any form of Taritas gear to do that.
    Item description: Restore max Durability: Steel Taritas Helmet of Agility, Steel Taritas Helmet, Taritas Helmet
    I would like to ask now if this is intended and the Item description should be changed (especially since I believe that this is not only the case with Taritas gear), or if it should be possible to restore max Durability this way and it's just a ingame bug.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this, have a nice day.
  16. Post on Black Stone help! in General

    By Sapipsmu93, posted
    I've seen quite a few threads regarding the Black Stones and where to farm them, but this is somewhat different, in a sense?
    So, for about a week now, I've gone through leveling my Luck stat, which didn't help to going through all the zones on a new toon to try to get at least just one Black Stone, but to no avail. However, a friend of mine has somehow managed to get 12 in the space of two days. I'm not entirely sure what's going on, or whether I'm just that unlucky, but it seems a bit odd to me. Unfortunately, I know this friend isn't lying, as I've been in a party throughout it all, and the times when I weren't, I was over at their house and witnessed it.
    Is my account somehow bugged to disallow such drops, do the RNG hate me for some reason or another?
    Just a bit confuddled is all Lemme' know if you guys can think of anything.
  17. After answering this question in Channel chat, Guild chat, whispers and even role play chat 5-10 times a day since the game launched I've decided to make a forum post instead. Hopefully this will shed some light on the topic, as well as save me some energy.

    Blackstone (Weapon) Quest Chain:
    This is the final chain in the "Need a Sharper Weapon" quest chain the spirit will give you while you're leveling. Before level 30 he will give you a Basteer Weapon this weapon is the key to the puzzle, at around level 30 when you reach the Delphe knight castle, in the mountains between the Heidel region and Calpheon the black spirit will teach you about enchanting weapons, and will give you a Black stone (Basteer) to try it out with. You will get your Ultimate Basteer Weapon after this. This is the most important weapon for the questchain. Keep hold of this weapon and upgrade it to +7 (it can't be upgraded higher) even if people will tell you Yuria is the best weapon (which is true) you'll want to wait with the Yuria until you hit 50, or at least until you trigger the questchain in question. At level 48 if you equip the +7 Ultimate Basteer Weapon the spirit will talk to you and tell you the weapon just won't do. This is when you trigger the Blackstone questchain. From this point on he will give you a series of quests to kill 50-100 or different types of monsters, This will basically take you to all the endgame leveling/grinding spots to kill stuff, and each step of the quest will give you a blackstone for weapon.
    Also if you destroyed/sold/lost your Ultimate Basteer weapon, for one weapon blackstone the blacksmith at Delphe knight castle will give you a new copy, the Ultimate styd weapon should also be able to trigger the quest chain
    Extra Info: 
    Do not throw your Basteer after you get the first quest in the chain. After you complete all of them, and only if you still have the +7 basteer, you will get an additional quest to exchange the +7 basteer weapon for a +7 Bares weapon and 5 more weapon black stones. Also, you can use Ultimate Styd too to start the chain at 48

    Blackstone (Armour) Quest Chain:
    Similar to the weapon chain this quest is triggered at level 48, by wearing a +5 Dobart's armour piece it can be any piece of Dobarts, you will get a few of these from the Black spirit from quests around level 40, they can also be bought on the marketplace. It's much simpler than the Weapon chain, as soon as you equip a +5 Dobart the spirit will tell you it's not good enough, and he'll give you a quest to go talk to Dobart in Calpheon who's a blacksmith. Dobart will notice your +5 Dobart armour and allow you to trade it in for a +5 of any other set (but only for the same piece as your Dobart) This can help you get a +5 of an expensive set, Agerian and Taritas chestpieces come to mind.
    After you've traded in your armour piece the spirit will give you a chain of quests similar to the weapon ones, kill a lot of enemies, and each quest will reward you with Blackstone (Armour)
    Extra Info:As for the Dobart armour, you can repeat the exchange for all 3 pieces (gloves, head and feet). After that, you will get a free bonus quest from Dobart where you can choose between different +5 chestpieces plus a bonus armour stone.
    Good Luck!
    Added some Extra info, thanks to @insert_brain 
    Extra Blackstone Tip!
    Some NPCs let you rent an item from them, which you right click for a quest. The quest is simply to talk to the person you rented the item from and you're awarded a blackstone.
    Velia - Igor Barteli - 20 Contrib Points - 1 armor blackstone
    Heidel - Jordine Ducas - 60 Contrib Points - 1 weapon blackstone
    Calpheon - Basquean - 100 Contrib Points - 1 weapon & 1 armor blackstone
    BLACKSTONE FOR ALTS ( Thanks for @OddGD ) 
    At 48 you get [Exchange] Better Weapon (Class)   by equipping your Utlimate Basteer weapon and accessing the Black Spirit.  The mission is to +7 your Ultimate Basteer, have it in your inventory, and visit Kanobas in Calpheon. http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/263/1/
    In return, you receive a +7 Bares weapon, and 5 Weapon Black Stones.  You can extract the +7 Bares Weapon to get back the stones you spent on the Ultimate Basteer.  You do not need to repeat the Sharper Weapon quest chain that has you kill a variety of mobs in successive order.  Simply hit 48, have a +7 Ultimate Basteer.
  18. For the love of Elion what is the deal with this RNG crap.

  19. Blackstone Simulator v1.1
    Hopefully I'm posting this in the right area!
    I'm studying android development and decided to make a app that would fill a need I found in Black Desert!  I present to you my Blackstone Simulator!
    You can test your luck through RNG from going to +0 - +15. (Currently only going to +15 since that's what we will have in NA, will update as the game updates)
    Automatically records each +15 hit with the stones it took to reach that point to give you a average over your history of +15s.
    I've also updated it to provide the rates I used in the app, the information is gathered from the KR Inven Boards, the most recent and precise info I could find. (If any of my information is incorrect I'm more than happy to fix it!).
    You can also enter in your current item rank and failstacks to determine your success rate based on my chart!

    Planned Updates!
    1. Add a selector between Armor and Weapons (Still researching Armor Rates, if anyone has up-to-date info please let me know!)
    2. Community Input! I want to be able to take records from real user experiences to further refine the rates.
    3. Eventually I want to add information on accessories but it seems to be the least documented when it comes to items rates.
    Here is the Link!  Or you can search "Blackstone Simulator" in the Google Play Store!
  20.                 Energy/Labor potions that grant more points or buff regen or anything
                    Items that increase chance for successful blackstone enchants
                    Items that lowers chance to drop gems/trade packs/lose exp on death
                    Items that increase chance to get rare drops/harvests/exp (might waver on exp)

    Your CashShop had better only be cosmetic outfits, horse skins, pets, furniture, or the like and not grant any stats(it’s bad enough you’re selling inventory space FFS). Do not shoot yourself in the foot please.

    If you have other items you can think of that don’t belong in a B2P game, please reply with them. If you disagree with the first three bullets then you can jump off a bridge…

  21. Post on First +15 Weapon in CBT in General

    By Loken, posted
    Hello Everyone, so like the Titel said, i got Lucky and sniped all Stones out of the Ah and got my Weapon to +15  
    So pls feel free to flame
    And if someone want to Join our GRIND (EU PvP Guild) feel free to wispher our Member ingame or visit our Guild Tthread xD.