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  1. Why can't I let party members steer my Epheria Sail Boat whilst I am aboard?
    I'd like to be able to use my own canons and crows nest while a friend captains my ship.
    I know its because of the damages they could cause, but I should have the option still
  2. Boat is half sunk and stuck for no reason between Alami Island and Padix Island. 
    Still stuck. Please contact me with a solution!
  3. Where can i get Fruit of Abundance?Can i use Workers?(send node pic)Do i have to gather something?

  4. Im skilled 3 cooking how do i lvl it up fast ? (dont be vague)

  5. Im a beginner lvl at Alchemy and i want to be master as fast as possibel idc about money how would i go about power lvling to master (Dont be vague)

  6. So i wanna get my trading to master 2 and people been talking about this nerf and stuff and now im dumb struck how to even trade so how should i trade, videos,screenshots and complete text guide  the fastest way is the best way!

  7. Where can i get Red Coral at? i cant find it is there a good spot to find it? http://bddatabase.net/us/item/4476/
  8. i need help finding all the calpheon city adventure journals! i found #1 just need help with the others plz help(send video or screen shot of the npc and  where your at on the map)
  9. i click bid and it says counting something and then show results and asks me if i wanna buy it and it says its already sold WTF??????????? how does this thing work and how should i use it?
  10. Can you repair the life span on the Epheria Sailboat?
  11. Hi there,
    Not sure if this has been asked about, it's just a small question, but will I be able to recollect my boat at Lema Island (if its all the way at port ratt) and do the same vice versa?  I decided to move over a lot of money from Port Ratt to Heidel and I ended up hopping on the ferry without storing the boat in the Wharf.
    If anyone can help me out with this thanks!
  12. Post on That moment When in General

    By Allyisah, posted
    When ur trying to get to Margoria on ya fishing boat and a shark comes along and destroys  ur boat and u run out of stamina for swimming

  13. I am not too sure what is going on, but the guild boat has 5000LT capacity, but when loaded with 2500LT of cannonballs it becomes overweight.
    The issue did not start happening on our first session, it was loaded with 2500LT of cannonballs and 1000LT of monster loot, but when we reloaded at ratt, the boat started having problems with being over weight capacity despite my having had offloaded the monster loot and only restored our cannonball count to its original 2500LT.
  14. I was going through Demi River with my fishing  boat and at one point I had to abbandon it.Later I tried remote recovery in Velia and now the boat has completely vanished.At any wharf I go including Helgen ,Velia ,the one at the western guard camp and the one in Calpheon ,the boat stays grayed out.I walked around the entire river and it's clearly gone.It just stays there in the menu with the location as "Demi River".

  15. Howdy again,

       Another idea I wanted to toss out (as I don't believe it's in game), is a scuba-suit.  I know there's the shark-suit and even own one... but have noticed with so much water in the game and how beautiful it is underwater, it's a shame to not be able to utilize it more.  So my idea is to have something we can craft and install into a fishing boat and an Epheria Sailboat.  One of those large-rig scuba-suits that have a hose that anchors to the boat/ship limiting the range a person can go before having to move the boat.  Could start placing special gathering/mineral/salvage nodes under the water, have quests, even have exploration and sunken treasure-chests, etc.  Could open up a whole new avenue in approaching the game.

    Could even add more options for underwater spear-fishing!
  16. Hey-lo!
    ich spiele Black Desert fast seit der ersten Minute die es in Europa spielbar war. 
    Als der"Pay2Win" Faktor kam , der zwar eigentlich seeehr gering ist. Hatte ich aufgehört.
    Bis das Margoria Update kam und ich doch wieder gehyped war.
    (Mochte bei Archeage das Meer auch seeehr!)
    Nun hab ich es mit meinem Fischerboot endlich geschafft, ich bin in Port Ratt!
    Bin an der Quest reihe dran!
    Sammle Corallen!
    ehm.. und jetzt?
    Ich habe Tunnel, Höhlen, alte Ruinen gefunden, schöne Fische etc.
    Nur nichts das irgendeinen Wert hat...
    Keine wertvollen Gegenstände oder Wissen oder sonst was.
    Mache ich was falsch oder ist diese Update einfach nur eine große Pfütze dreckiges Wasser?
  17. Look at screen pls:P It is a new Epheria Sailboat? 

  18. Post on Boat disappeared in In-Game Bugs

    By WOOTAN, posted
    My boat disappeared on the middle of the ocean
    my character is still on the ocean
    cant get the traveler's map
    dont want to swim back to continent
    because its ridiculous
    i want some actions asap
  19. So I've been fishing in Velia on the net at the shore. And sometimes I'm catching complete garbage. Like 2 blue fishes and a couple of greens in an hour. Other times I'm getting blue/yellow/greens like keys and ancients continuously. Could any one tell me if I'm doing something wrong or am I not standing at the right spot to get those good fishes over again?
    And secondly is there any upside to take a fishing boat and go into the sea? I like active fishing so would I get more silver if I took my boat and went to somewhere else?
  20. Post on Boat & Pet missing. in In-Game Bugs

    By Allure, posted
    So, I logged in today after a long break and found my fishing boat was trapped at the lv 55 Pirate island to the far Northwest. Despite the fact that I'm level 31 and Have only been there to turn in the rum. And of course, I had to get back to the mainland... so its obvious I didn't just leave my boat there. And yet, it says I turned it in there for some reason. So I can't recall it, and I can't reclaim it. I also noticed upon logging in, the hawk event item which I had saved in my storage seems to be missing. I didn't want to use it, as I was low on inventory space, so I kept it in my storage. I mean, I have the title and the items associated with it proving I had done the seal Event but the Seal reward is just gone... what gives?
  21. Hello there.  
    We now have Wagon repair kits kicking about for a time now "http://bddatabase.net/us/item/54008/" 
    I would like to suggest releasing the Ship repair kits "http://bddatabase.net/us/item/54011/" and "http://bddatabase.net/us/item/54010/" 
    I know that wagon repair kits were not always a "thing" that we had but I must suggest releasing more of the games content that we really could use.
    Thanks for reading!
  22. Hello BDO development team, I'm sure this has been brought up before but I thought I'd reintroduce it, as I've been traveling a lot by sea and this has become a frequent problem.
    When I travel using autopath on my boat I find that it hugs a lot of the islands and likes to create a stair pattern in the line of travel. Meaning I turn left, move 2 feet, turn right, move 2 feet, turn left.. you get the point. This has caused me to get stuck on multiple occasions as well. I've went ahead and attached two photos showing this. So that's it, just wanted to make sure you're aware of that because traveling in the ocean is dreadfully slow enough as I'm sure we're all aware and this will not only cut out some time but also ensure that we don't get stuck. Thank you for being great BDO!
    P.S. My boat looks like its traveling unwater 80% of the time btw. Might be something with the graphics. I run a GTX 1080 MSI graphics card and all the settings on very high but I've tested various settings and none made any difference. Hope this was helpful, thanks again!

  23. Row row, row yer boat gently under the sea, Ha Ha, I tricked you all cuz I'm a submarine...
    This is what happened to my boat every time I hit huge waves ... then the screen shutters and sometimes crashes the game. 
    Please fix this.

  24. Since the server merge and my boats being warfed by the merge. I am unable to take any of my boats out from the warfs. Please Resolve.