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  1. So, a lot of time has been put into boats. Now, could you maybe fix the docking area? tonight, I spent a lot of time loading up my boat at Hope Ferry with heavy stuff from the oasis. When I was ready to leave, the game had decided to move my boat around, and I was stuck, sollid. No way out because that area is FILLED with crap. Yeah, very immersive. Very atmospheric. and hangs up boats. So I had to go to Abandoned Ferry and recall it. Boom, over half my inventory destroyed. There's no need of this. If you want pretty flotsam and jetsam in areas where boats dock could you please make them not hang up boats?
    And another suggestion: some smart guy a long time ago discovered that if you have a boat at a dock, a piece of wood could be laid down between them so people didn't have to fall into the water with their cargo, get hung up on a bunch of immersive, atmospheric CRAP in the water, swim to the stairs out of the water somewhere on the other side of the continent, then trudge back to the trader. They call them gangplanks. Nice invention. We have boats. We have docks. CONNECT THEM PLEASE.
  2. Post on J O I N B A K A in US Guild

    By LoganTHM, posted
    Join BAKA | Banned Leadership | Rules against Bullying | Strong Christian Morals | ELITE PvE | Bullied by all the major meanie guilds | Girl Stream Subbing | Dank memes | #1 All Girl Anime Fishing Guild | PvMeanies  | Dedicated Core Membership | Samurai Showdown Node Wars | #1 Elite Anime Banter Guild | Survived 5 Dramapocalypses | Undefeated World GvG Champions| Cyber Terrorism | GIRLS GET IN FREE REPEAT ALL GIRLS GET IN FREE | TRUMP 2016 | Autism | A LITTLE Drama | lv 58+ 400 combined/Anyone stupid enough to join | PLS
    <Baka> is recruiting new and veteran players interested in GvG and nodewars.
    You have probably already heard about the legendary exploits of the mighty BAKA so now here is your chance to create your own content in the game without some normie GM telling you to show up to group movement practice 3 nights a week. 
    We have all guild perks, CommandtoGather for crates, Guild Ships for boat pvp and weekly guild events. If you want to be part of a timeless tradition of anime and friendship JOIN TODAY!

  3. So im on my boat going from pirate island to lema island and the ocean is completely open, no rocks or anything, then my boat stops moving and appears to be sinking....thats not what boats do ffs why does this happen?
  4. Post on A**holes on boats in Suggestions

    By Dexy39, posted
    Thanks for giving these A**holes boats that can kill players. Appreciate it. Good way to loose dedicated players that pay your bills.
  5. So, Guild tried going out with 5 people to kill Sea Monsters in Margoria after killing a few last night and making some guild funds, but as we've found out today, after 2 hekaru, a nineshark and a small pirate boat, there was no loot, on ANY of them, currently we're unable to get anything from hunting in the Deep Sea, So guild unfortunately wasted a few hours, any ideas on when a fix will come for this? since it was working fine last night
  6. Post on FishingBoat in Suggestions

    By Ruka, posted
    Hi,i usually don't make topics but this is something that make me sick and i hope that it the same for lots of you

    I would like if was possible increase the boats speed especially the fishing one,
    i mean 100% is pretty slow and is annoying everytime i want go in the ocean(i have also upgrade the boat 'armor' to make it faster),
    i'm not saying to make it 200% cuz this would be unrealistic and pretty stupid but put it in 110/115% base speed would be a decent stats,
    i mean boat are faster then fishing boat and i guess it is wrong..
    often when i'm in the ocean is like i'm wasting my time, while i would like play especially because except to manage your workers there is nothing to do untill you do not arrive at your destination (fishing hotspot,pirate island or simply exploring the islands).
    I think that improving the boats speed would not break the game neither give advantages to people respect other, but would make things smoother for who like me like spent part of the time in the ocean and also for who go there occasionally.
    p.s: sorry for possible grammar mistakes
  7. Post on of Boats and Wagons in General

    By Meune, posted
    Wagons can be upgraded and customized.  Players take pride in their 'ride' and dedicate resources to upgrades and the commerce of making upgrades available to others.  I'd love to see boats more customized with added sails for speed upgrades, hold expansions for added inventory, and some light armament such as mortars (anti-personnel) and cannon (ship to ship combat).
    Guild insignia on sails and/or mast flags when players are flagged for PVP would make sea battles more common and easier to initiate; not to mention a guild insignia on your main sail in an armada of guild-mates would look really cool...
    Boats can carry more than one rider for hunting and transportation.  Why can't this ability be added to wagons so that you can offer people a ride?  One caveat, make riding on someone's wagon by invitation or through request access.  The ability to jump aboard a passing wagon would undoubtedly irritate some wagon pilots.
    Further customization of these in game components would make for happy, obsessed, and addicted players; and what MMO needs a commercially motivated player base?  If Kakao doesn't chase an expansion of these game components down, I think their 'missing the boat'.
  8. Hey,
    first of all: English is not my native language, but I´ll try my best to convey my concern.
    I remembered that upcoming Sea Battles were mentioned in one article of you... Someday. In my opinion this is a interesting fact I wish to become real one day in this game. I propose one thing: A boat, or boats which can made only of the whole guild in the guild house for example. Every member of it has to gathering stuff like planks, wool and other things. Once its finished you can sail it with your whole guild members and battle other guild boats/guild members on the sea. You can place canons and try to destroy other boats from other guilds...
    I know it´s hard to make this even possible, but that´s just one suggestion I wish these developers will read.
  9. I would be delighted to see a coastal storm wash away or Davey Jones these deserted boats at the docks. It looks cool, until you have 30 boats on top of each other and cannot find your own that you just called upon from the dock master. Maybe my idea is a bit extreme, but something to reduce the flotilla would be nice. After all, we are not waiting on Helen to call upon another chiliad of ships, are we?
  10. Geez.... we have a problem here.
    Players don't realize what they're doing.
    They just throw a boat by the docks of Velia and walked away. You can DOCK the boat and put it away from the visual, like stable. Ohterwise it should a mess with many horses right?
    Due many boats, many players have disconnects problems when they walk to the docks of Velia. Even hotspot near causes also disconnect due extreme clipping and ofc many boats. Even with my good internet, i get there easy disconnect. If i am not in Velia, i have no problem with disconnect and game is fine. Heidel is busy place, also Calpheon, but no disconnects. Which means the boats are the problem here.
    What are you doing to solve the problem? Just dock it away... Lazy players.... *facepalm*
    Or Daum should do something about this problem to avoid disconnects?
    What is your answer here?

    No one reacted.
    I got more disconnects when it's busy with boats than normal.
    If dock is more filled with boats, the chance for disconnects will bigger.
  11. So i got a few questions about the Totem of the Sea i was wondering if anyone has info on.
    - is it just a passive upgrade or will it add like a mini statue to the front of the ship?
    - how do you upgrade it? 
    - it seams like there are different types of totems like sacred or refined totems, do they all look the same? or does upgrades changes its looks
    - how can i make the totems upgraded to a different color tier?
    - How can i get the Sacred totems?
    (go to http://bddatabase.net and type in search bar Totem of the Sea, then you'll see what I'm trying to understand if you didn't already know)
    please type what you think please, any info is good info.
    Thank you 
  12. Post on BDO Fish Club in General

    By Wolf216, posted
    I know there are a lot of great fishing sites for Black Desert Online, some cover the basics, and how to build a boat, and a few do have hot spots. I liked that idea kind of reminded me of going fishing IRL stopping by the bate store BS-ing with the old-timers checking out the photos and trying to get some information on where the fish are at (in the water, yes I know).
    So with that thought in my head and because I really like the fishing in this game I put together a website, my hope is it will have that community feel, a fishing club, or like stopping in a virtual bait shop trying to get a line on where the fish are (pun intended).  
    I do plan to post a lot of quick bits of information, so it should be updated information nearly each day (I fish each day), One the weekends maybe a fishing update,  and report on any hot (Gold) spots I hear about or can confirm. To give that wake up early Sunday with your Dad stop by the bait shop and see where to go feeling!
    I see some posts on this forum that some of you have the same kind of idea, I believe I have the site setup so you can post even without a log in (comments) or you can register and post if you want to pass along more information on BDO fishing like you have been here. Much like a bait shop I am trying to make a centralized location to get as much information on the games fishing situation, so I can get on the water and go fish.
    Stop on by anytime you can find the site at www.bdofish.club or www.bdofish.com I welcome any comments and suggestions to make this a good source for fishing and a community of online fishermen.   
    I have just added a Sunday Fish report if anyone is interested: 
  13. Post on Boats - AFK Fishing in In-Game Bugs

    By Nagumo, posted
    Something needs to be changed with the naval mechanics.
    I am constantly coming back to my pc when semi-AFK fishing to find i've either been disconnected or someone elses boat has passed close by picking me up and taking me somewhere else, usually to drown. Logging back in after a disconnect usually places you on the bottom of the sea, or drowned causing loss of XP and crystals, I do not get any disconnection problems on any other online games (this problem occurs on my work pc and home pc).
    The hotspot outside Velia is defiantly a major cause for a lot of the disconnections.
    If you're on a guild gathering mission and the boat owner disconnects you all get lost at sea, not clever.
    We also lost 2 members last night as our boat went through an invisible wall, there was a warning to return to the map but the turning circle of the boat meant they had died before we could turn around, not to mention the ferry from Epheria that actually takes you outside the map and kills you...
    While we're on the subject of boats, I find the durability of fishing boats is far below what it should be considering the lengths/energy it takes to gather all the resources and then build it.
    The idea of making accessories the boat just seem pointless if there aren't going to last, in fact I'm considering just using rafts as at least they are cheap to make.
  14. Post on Boats in General

    By azarias, posted
    Hello, just this morning i finally had the last piece of my ferry boat made, but it turns out that when i registered the ''ferry'' i got a rowing boat instead, instead of the ferry the register item promised me.
  15. Any time I move away from 'the floatilla' of boats etc near a fishing hotspot 'too fast' the server disconnects me. It's a minor inconvenience but still annoying. Sometimes it happens other times not. Anyone else getting weird DCs with the hotspots/boat areas?
  16. Hi Guys, 

    I thought it would be awesome for more expansion of the map North of Veila with Larger islands and cities so there would be more exploration of the sea available, These cities could have houses with tier 3,4 for ship building so you can build larger ships faster to make the traveling easier, these ships would need more durability so traveling around the map wont kill the durability of the boat in one trip around. 

    This would make more fishing spots and more availability for players with boats to get abundant sources for fish etc.

    It would allow more high level quests and mobs for higher leveled players.
    Just thought i would post to see what people would say.
    Let me know what you guys think.

  17. Okay so sorry if this was posted elsewhere but I could not find it so decided to post. I have been looking around google trying to find details on the large ships you see in the korean version, I want to learn how there built so i can prepare in hopes that the recipes are the same as well as know when one of the biggest parts that got me hyped will be coming out. If someone could link me a site to find this or give me info. it would be much appreciated
  18. Post on crashing while boating in General

    By Nezrox, posted
    crashed 4 times in a row now rowing my ferry boat in the ocean near velia, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? its really annoying.
  19. Hello Black Desert Online Forums I had an idea to start a suggestion megathread that will be updated every 2-3 day with some of the most popular suggestions! Each suggestion will be separated by category, and suggestions that are popular from the comment section will be added every 2-3 days with the person who suggested it tagged in the post! To start off the Thread I will add my few suggestions to the game  Hope everyone enjoys this!
    Life Skills
    FishingAllow us to use Pearl Shop and Map while fishing.Make fish knowledge tell us where you can find certain fish.GatheringProcessingCookAlchemyTrainingHuntingTradeFarmingPearl Shop
    PricingUser InterfaceAllow the use of the Pearl Shop when not idle.Other 
    MapPersonal notes on map. (BigPun)OtherAbility to mute the game if it is running in the background. (BunjiKugashira)Ability to turn off other players models including their mounts.Ability to Ctrl+Click links to go to the webpage from ingame.Toggle able walking. (BunjiKugashira)Make reporting have no energy cost. (BunjiKungashira)(Korriander)Make deletion of characters below lvl 15 instant. (BunjiKungashira)Housing
  20. So I just spent a week getting together all of the materials to craft a ship and literally after half a day of using it I'm already down to 85% of it's entire lifespan.   This I feel is a bit wrong. 

    The amount of work I put into making this thing is ridiculous to the short lifespan that it has.  I didn't pay 1.5 million in materials and 2 days of my workers time building it to have it die so quickly.   To me the lifespan mechanic just doesn't make sense.  I Like the idea of vehicles being worn down and damaged over time but I feel that we should be able to repair those vehicles so we don't have to rebuild them again.   it just makes me want to say "Screw Fishing" and do something else in the game.  I mean at least with Wagons I can buy a new one cheap for 180k and keep making money but fishing doesn't have that option. I have to either blow 1.5 million silver to buy another one on the marketplace or go through another 3-5 days of grinding to make one which to me is NOT very fun and will make me quit fishing real quick. 

    My Suggestion is this:
    Make Wagon and Vehicle repair kits that both heal health and lifespan of the vehicles similar to carrots.  Make them both craftable and buyable via warf NPCs (stable managers already sell wagon repair kits so they would just also extend lifespan)   Each tier of ship would take more repair kits to heal the lifespan of the boat than the one below it.  This would balance out the value of these boats as well as create another money sink in the game. 
    If you guys are unwilling to do that then AT LEAST extend the lifespan of fishing ships to quadruple  what it is now.   Because I literally only used my ship for half a day and it's already down to 85% lifespan.   By the end of the day it'll easily be below 80%. 
    If you agree with this please show your support int he comments for this thread. 
  21. So I keep hearing that boats and ships are not repairable. While I understand there are probably reasons that the game is designed this way, I feel like you should be able to repair your boat/ship (even if it's not cheap/takes a lot of resources). I was looking through the Pearl store, talking with some guild mates when I noticed a really cool looking boat. We were talking about it and one of them told me it would eventually break, at which point I questioned why you would spend $20 on something you can't repair. I wanted to get the opinions of the members of the community and would also appreciate if someone could explain why boats/ships aren't repairable so I can get a better understanding.
  22. Just wondering why I can't dye my boat costumes.  I can dye my wagon, horse, and character costumes all sorts of pretty colors, but not my boat costumes?  What's up with that?  If I am missing something please let me know, thanks!
  23. Post on Confused about boats in General

    By Chillow, posted
    So today i finished crafing my calpheon ferry. But instead of looking like a ferry, it looks like a rowboat. It does have the stats of a calpheon ferry tho.
    Is there some bog wit hte models or is this a temporary model till there is the big 'ocean update' where we'll be able to hunt, and have good looking boats?
    Any knowledge about this or are we all in the dark here?
  24. So i've noticed the pearl shop has different appearances/costumes strictly for "fishing boats" now and was just wondering where you can make them?

    I know you can get the boat warehouse in Velia to make the "Raft" and "Ferry" but where is the fishing boat at?