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  1. Hi meine Freunde und auch meine lieben Hater ;-),

    wir die Gilde ZeroKara bestehen ausschließlich aus Wiederkehrern und Neulingen.
    Unser Ziel ist es unseren Spielern, sowohl Wissen zum PVE als auch zum PVP Content zu vermitteln.
    Wir bieten:
    - regelmäßige Gildenbosse
    - PVP Training
    - Nodewars (leider noch in Planung)
    - gemeinsames Grinden

    Wir wünschen uns:
    - Spaß und Interesse
    - Aktivität
    - Teamwork
    @ Gilden:
    Wir suchen zusätzlich auch nach Progress orientierten Gilden, die Interesse an einer Boosting Gilde haben,
    in der sie ihre noch nicht so gut equipten Leute unterbringen können.
    Gemeinsam können wir durch Zusammenarbeit, Bildung und Hilfe bessere Menschen schaffen :-).

    Bei Interesse meldet euch ingame bei Zerathul oder bei Syrai
    !!mögen die Failstacks mit euch sein!!
  2. Hi there, from days ago i cant enter on any of the three boosted servers (Olvia, 1,2 and 3) even when they arent crowded.
    I tried with my main account with a max level character 52 and my girlfriend´s new one (it´s lvl 16).
    Some solution?
  3. Post on FPS boost tips? in General

    By Hyaeyo, posted
    Hey guys, so i recently started playing black desert and i love it. I do have a low end pc and ive pretty much done everything i could do in game. (cropping, turn of this and that). I'm just wondering if theres anything i can do outside of bdo to boost my fps just a little. even if its just 5 or 10 id be happy with it. (I've gone in to power options select high performance already) I wont mind downloading something if it helps. Thank you very much. 
  4. Chers joueurs,
    Comme vous le savez nous avons rencontré certains problèmes durant les premiers jours de l'accès anticipé.
    Par conséquent, comme annoncé sur ce lien, nous allons mettre en place un event aujourd'hui même faisant partie de la compensation offerte.
    Date: 02 Mars
    EU Serveur : 19:00 - 23:00 CET
    NA Serveur : 19:00 - 23:00 EST
    Détails de l'event : 
    Profitez d'un bonus de +15% d'EXP de la part de tous les monstres.
    Merci de votre confiance, nous espérons que vous profiterez bien du jeu et du bonus.
    L'équipe BDO
  5. This software has been around for a while and I believe it will aid the community in seeking FPS gains and performance boosts where perhaps their machine isn't quite enough for the game.

    Soure: http://www.radeonpro.info/
    Thank you! I hope we may be able to utilize this software simultaneously with the game. 
    Feel free to post a comment.
  6. Hello,
    As a completionist, I like to play all aspects of the game to the fullest, experience everything the game has to offer, which means doing the quests that I find in order if I can, the problem with this is it seems in order to level at a sufficient rate of time, all you have to do is just go into a killing area and constantly do the kill grind which at the start is quite appealing but after a while can be quite boring. I started the game with a friend at the same time, we have both chosen different ways of playing the game, he is killing everything he sees all the time while i am doing the quest. in a hour I have leveled 30% of a level doing quests, gathering, cooking, fishing etc while my friend, he has level 2 over whole levels just by killing. I don't think the way the experience is distributed is fair on players who want to do the quests and cook and gather and fish e.t.c
    The game needs a serious boost of EXP, like a 500% boost, since the experience rewarded for completing quests and gathering and stuff is extremely small, for players who like doing quests and the other aspects of the game and not just kill stuff all the time.
    Does anyone else agree?
    If this could be incorporated into the game it would be greatly appreciated
    Many Thanks in Advance