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  1. Sorry for bad quality but this need to be shown, Now that the patch has allowed the mutant ogre to be killed we tried to kill it in eu, little did we know this boss is a mess, Constant teleporting, teleports outside its spawn and resets, repeat resets for 1-2mins and then he's ok again but 40+ minutes of resetting later alot of people are angry, this needs to be fixed asap
    https://youtu.be/a79-SjIEgEc -Proof
  2. Hello everyone,
       Just like we get auras from Kzarka, Karanda, Kutum and Nouver, we could get 0-2 or 0-1 memory fragments from Bheg, Mudster, Dim Tree and Red Nose.
    As a person who spends thousands (literally) mems just to duo single boss gear and attends most bosses, a chance to get few mem frags would help a lot, while at the same time it wouldn't be raining memes, so no big difference from market's point of view.
    What would you say about this additional drop?
  3. I would like Kakao to consider the following changes to world and field bosses:
    Remove the cap of players that receive loot or significantly boost it. - Players who participate from the beginning can receive nothing due to other players flooding in as the other channel's bosses die or due to playing on overly populated servers. A number of players playing BDO has changed mechanics need to adjust due to it.
    Boost the spawn frequency of bosses to every 2-3 hours but limit the number of times a player's family can receive loot from a boss daily to 1-2 times. - This will lower a number of players participating per boss while also giving more players the opportunity to participate.
    Poll for approval
    Edit: Oops had suggestions and general forums tabs opened - I messed up.
    For those who disagree that these changes would be beneficial I'm curious to hear your reasoning and what you would suggest.
  4. I have a suggestion that I have not really polished it untill now, proabably still sounds rough conserning party play and pve.   I think that dungeons could contain one or more bosses, that are more avalable than the daily, awakening or worldbosses (instead of 2 times a day maybe 1 time an hour). I would expect them to not contain something extrodinary like bossloot because that would break the game, id rather it be the same drop system one drop per persion but noting more than has equal silver net value per time spent, and by that proabably less than the average to keep normal grind relative. From what i understand akman dungeons are open for a limited time and that allows a limited amount of people to join the area and i would personally like if you had to organise search parties for theese portals as you have to currently. Alternativley to not make this potencial content to pve only oriented why not have something similiar to nodewars to contest the right to enter theese protals maybe once a week or something (this idea would be cool but Im not sure about it hope you get my gist).  I havent seen anything like this been discussed before, but then again I havent been active on the forums ever, so Im just throwing my thought out there to see if it sticks and what other peoples thoughts on are. No critisism ment when i say i havent either heard anything like this been talked about anyone affiliated whit bdo, but then again I dont watch much of what they say. My oppinion whit this is just that I would like something encuraging combat aimed at some bosses because its cooler and epicer for me to beat som big guy to the ground whit people I know instead of killing poor hiremercenaries or tribesfolk, and from what I understand akmantemples are very similarlly designed to grind exept they are tougher but still simmlilarly endless. 
  5. Post on Fix Boss Loot in Suggestions

    By NiyahHan, posted
    One way to ensure that higher level players stay higher level and nobody below advances, is the loot tables for bosses, or more recently as I noticed, no loot at all. 
    For reference, I'm level 57, 150ap,152awakeningap,250dp and for the past seven or eight world bosses I've fought, I have gotten ZERO loot. 
    Is it really that difficult to make the loot table with these scores? Because at the moment I'm not finding any reason whatsoever to keep attempting world bosses only to waste a good chunk of playtime for nothing. I'm not the only one who this has happened to so I'm assuming that it's intentional. If the game is RNG based like most Korean games, why is it further divided and why is it that some players will receive nothing at all, despite fighting the entire time? If this has been answered or explained elsewhere, please direct me to it. If not, and there is no answer, I hope I can at least be told that so I won't waste any more time.
    EDIT: seriously an enhancement stone or SOMETHING would be nice for my effort
  6. Hi.
    I was riding through a thunder storm in game and it looked great (great job) and thought that the game has all these cool different natural events (could have more) but they don't really matter/contribute to game play. This thunder storm happened to be over Serendia shrine right about the time zaka should spawn and it hit me, it be cool if you guys used them as a warning/notification system so they are more then just pretty light shows.
    Some suggestion for these would be, eclipse, sand storm, volcanic eruption, blood moon, and so on.
    Anyone have some more epic suggestions post em up! or expanding on the idea.


  7. Hi!

    I'm currently half active, don't play too much unfortunately. But I still want to gear up
    My set is 2x Steel Taritas ultimate+15
                    2x Grunil Ultimate+15
                         Kzarka weapon+DUO
                         Kutumn Shield+12

    I got around 380million

    Should I buy Full Set grunil/heve+Tri?
    Or save and buy 1 boss armor part +Tri?
    Or should I buy 2-3x parts boss armor +15?

    Please help me out

    I've no plans of RNG/failstacking

    Best Regards
    Is Ful Grunil Ultimate set TRI

    Better than full boss set+15?
  8. Post on No boss scrolls in PVE

    By Mooncalf, posted
    Hello Guys,
    I am a level 56 Sorcerer playing since closed beta and I came back after some months of no playing and the black spirits is giving me only red nose summoning scrolls I don't get the rest bosses scrolls, any idea why? For example, hebetate etc I don't get the quests
  9. Hi GMs,
    You -----ed up. Please make the boss spawn now like the notification said it would or put out another one in game (NA). TY.
  10. Post on Dungeon questions in PVE

    By Xamda, posted
    Hello, I'm pretty new on the game and I noticed that the game doesn't have an instance system for the dungeons, it will be added? I noticed also that the dungeons are simply "caves" with thougher mobs and no special loot or bosses at all, am I wrong?
    I can see also that the final sets are totally buyable on the auction house (and are few/not very nice to see) and no special sets killings some bosses or mobs, am I wrong again? I love the game as it is but I think that these elementes could improve the rpg/party experience and could reach more players also from more classic mmorpgs games!
    Thank you for the attention and have a goodday

  11. We are a small and Very active Guild.
    Our mission as a meeseek is to help as many people as possible
    The life of a meeseek is not easy ( Turn away u cant deal with it )
    But if you think you can be a Successful Meeseek, here is some info about our Guild.

    1. Mr_Meeseek is a small ( But GROWING ) Guild.
    we have a community of 3,500+ members backing us.
    2. We have a teamspeak server with 100+ people on all times,
    Also have a Discord for BDO itself.
    3. We have a few Requirements to join.
    Must be 18+
    Have a mic
    Be Active on the website [ Mr_Meeseeks ] 
    4. The most important one of them all
    HAVE FUN, ITS A GAME . Not a JOB !
    If you think about dropping bye ask for Weeder_76 [ aka Denz ]
    here is our TS address --->
    Here is our Discord ---> https://discord.gg/MNBYnCE

    The following is what we do on a day to day basis for you wanting to know
    Grinding [ Power lvl toons ]
    Boss Scroll's
    Guild Missions
    [ Soon ] Node Wars
    Life Skill
    Scream LOOK AT ME !
    Make jokes about Meeseeks
    Just hangout and have fun
    All i gotta say is were a relaxed group of Men and Women
    have no hardcore requirements other than 1,000 Activity weekly [ Not hard ]
    Just be active on the Team-speak and Forums.
    Hope to see you all in the TS

  12. I really want the Bheg knowledge, i know that you can get it from the world boss and the daily scrolls. But i am wondering if it is possible to get the knowledge from black spirit scrolls? Can i accept the quest, kill him, then forfeit the quest, accept it again then kill him again? I know it is possible to get scroll each time but am wondering if it actually gives you knowledge?
  13. I started since early beta but I was overwhelmed by all the content all at once and quit after a month or so for various reasons. I really didn't have the right mindset coming into the game so this time around I am gonna be alot more laid back. I am looking for a guild that doesn't take itself seriously and mostly looking for a guild to do boss runs with and make some friends along the way. No trolls, not too interested in PvP If I am on I'll probably be making silver or grinding my first 30days to make as much progression as possible. As I've recently come back I am just focusing on getting up to 200+AP as fast as I can. Currently im sitting at 121AP / 164DP and I know that isn't nearly enough to be very effective on the real stage. If your a guild claiming that you've been around for centuries, have your own webpage and an up to date portfolio of all your recent accomplishments throughout the MMO world...probably not the one for me either. Again just trying to sit back and enjoy the game this time around. 
  14. Hi fellow adventurers, I'm a returning player in need of infos, first I saw 3 awakened weapon exist, one you get from quest, one you can buy, and the third one, the dandelion... I'm not sure how to get it, I think with an harpy boss but I don't know where it is or if it's a world boss or a boss you have to summon.
    Then I don't understand why the green awekened weapon even exist, since the blue you get from the quest is better, why would someone use it?
    And last but not least, I don't know what gear to take for my mage, I know there is already some guide on the internet for it, but I couldn't find any recent one, and since a lot (I guess) has change, I don't know if I should trust them.
    Sorry if my english isn't perfect, I'm french, and thanks already for your answers!
  15. Hey Leute,
    ich Glückspilz habe durch den Kampf gegen kzarka den kzarka fokusreif bekommen. Der ist ca. 100 Millionen Wert
    Jetzt ist es so das ich dennoch neu in dem Spiel bin und noch nicht genau weiß wie das System läuft mit gelben Waffen. Ich hatte nur Standart Waffen und kriege jetzt so einen seltenen Drop.. Ich habe meine Waffen davor normal mit den Waffen-Schwarzsteinen hochgelevelt auf +7. Ab da wird es ja schwerer. Ist es bei gelben Waffen ebenfalls so das ich bis ich +7 bin, für jedes "level" der Waffe nur 1 Schwarzstein brauche?  Oder ist es schwerer? Und gibt es irgendwo eine Tabelle in der Steht wie viele Schwarzsteine ich aufeinmal brauche um garantiert ein weiteres "waffen-level" ab +7 zu bekommen?
    Danke für eure hilfe!

  16. Hallo,
    wenn ich bei Kzarka bin, dann blinkt der immer so furchtbar wild blau, wie kann ich das ausschalten?
  17. Post on Gear Assistance in Ninja

    By osu13, posted
    I'm a 57 Ninja with all pri grunil and duo chest (ultimate). I'm also currently using pri yuria ultimate, and +15 estique offhand, and +15 green awakening. My gear score is somewhere around 135, 120, 197.
    I've been saving up my gold and really despise self enchanting (I understand the benefits and failstacking...did it for most of my gear) I'll be close to 1/2 a bill soon.
    Now for my Question
    Should I snipe a tri Kzarkaor buy a tri liverto and tri offhand (or try and make myself)or should I get Bhegs gloves first before upgrading weapon to increase my AP gear score.Im just trying to figure out what would be the best first move in gear advancements.
    I usually grind at sausan for money but have an interest in Pirates grinding and potentially Bandits or crescent (not sure yet).
  18. Greets!  Here is a screenshot of the Nouver Kunai in the Black Market, but for over 25% increased cost rather than half the cost and what the market value is.
    I wanted to buy this but couldn't because of the overlooked pricing I believe.

  19. I can't seem to find a topic about this so i'll go ahead with it!

    Hey, my general concern is, i've been at Nouver from his 100% to 0%(death) with 176/170/207, been kicking and screaming like anyone else but can't even loot the dragon. As if i just stood by watch everyone kill i and then expect a treasure.
    i mean, am i the only one? how does this work? is there a deeps limit? how does this work? i'm there beating the crap out of it from 100%-0% and i don't get a reward.....?
    please someone explain it to me!
  20. I was watching a few videos on youtube the other day, and I came across a video and a few after that of a gentlemen and some others fighting Ancient Kutum, as he was fighting the Kutum started doing his "Suction" attack and the ground pulsated red with AOE markers, now i know the Korean version is different, as well as the Japanese is too, but I honestly this this is a function we should have available for us to turn on and off in the settings menu. This would really help players understand the attacks and patterns of the bosses, or at the very least larger "raid" like bosses such as Kutum, and maybe even Karanda who both have very devastating AOE's in their arsenal.
    I understand BDO is trying to be a different kind of MMO and that not having these markers adds more "Challenge" and "Skill" to the game and I do not disagree with that, but when fighting Kutum, Karanda, and any other boss for the most part, it can be exceedingly difficult to read the situation and the bosses "tells" for moves and at times its utterly impossible when there is a large enough group of players leading to unnecessary deaths.
    As well, seeing as the KR version and the JP version have this function I would only see it "fair" and "right" to also give us that option as well. I appreciate any thoughts and opinions or information, and hope very much that this will be considered and implemented.
    Thoughts and opinions?
    Feed back, and ideas?
  21. Kann mir einer genau erklären, warum ich vom Schwarzgeist nur eine Quest für die Bossschriftrollen erhalte (vor einigen Tagen mehrere erhalten, wo ich z.B. zu den Skeletten musste) und diese dann nicht mal machen muss, da durch das Annehmen die Quest bei mir automatisch abgeschlossen ist und ich sozusagen "4 free" eine Schriftrolle erhalte (ist die für Rotnase übrigens)? D.h. ich brauch nicht mal Monster zu kloppen. Ich spreche mit dem Schwarzgeist, nehme die Quest an, spreche sofort wieder mit ihm und er gibt mir die Schriftrolle. Ist das ein Bug oder was soll ich darauf verstehen? Und wo sind meine anderen Dailies?
  22. Post on PVP during world boss in PVP

    By OmegaXYZ, posted
    I would ask what players think about PVP during world bosses.
    When a world boss spawns It takes some time to kill him and It is very rare to drop a boss weapon directly. However 100 auras can be collected and changed for the weapon in the worst case. Even so they don't drop everytime and collecting 100 auras may take some time. After getting the weapon the work is half done becouse there is the enchantment part that may take some time as well. It is worth the effort becouse the player can have a top weapon soon or later and there are 3 weapons for each class.
    So i wonder if it is right allowing some players killing other players during world bosses and especially after killing it. What does happen if the player is killed continuosly and cannot get the boss drop in time becouse the drops disappear b4 the player comes back?
    Open PVP or not i think that killing players for not letting them getting the drops they deserve after so much effort is a wrong way to play. I think so.Getting a full boss set is important and it gives a reason for continuing playing but if a player cannot get them becouse he is continuosly killed I think it is wrong. PVP can be done everywhere and it is ok becouse this is a game where PVP is important ofc but not like this.
    For this reason, due to the fact that loosing an important drop that may require months to get, I ask to BDO programmers that every world boss drop would be sent by email to players so they don't loose them. If a player is killed soon after the world boss death and respawns away pets cannot get the loot in time. So due to the fact that the drop expires soon sending it by email should be a good solution.
    Is there anyone that agrees with me or not?
    What do You think? And please try to be Constructive.
    Thank You.
  23. Post on Pvp at boss = bann? in General

    By Flexxo, posted
    So guys i have just heard that it is possible to get banned for killing people of enemy guilds at bosses like kzarka and i just wanted to know if anyone can confirm if this is true? thanks in advance

    also i want to mention that those players didnt get their loot if that would be a reason
  24. Hello guys!
    I've been looking for a solution for this problem for a while now.
    My problem is that I can't summon Belmorn while in the given area, and the game tells me that the "The condition for using this item has not been met".
    I'm a little confused to be honest. I have done the quest "To the Ancient Light" as described here http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/151/1/.
    I'm lvl 46 at the moment and I hope you can help me somehow on this one.
    I've already some research but I can't find anything useful.
    Thanks in advance!
    (Oh I've put the question in the wrong forum, maybe it can be moved my an admin...)
  25. Bonjour,
    J'aimerais comprendre comment fonctionne le système de loot sur les boss même si on sait déjà que c'est du RNG.
    Ce matin un petit kutum, je suis la dès le départ et dps au maximum de mes capacités, 181 PA et rodeur et au final un petit cristal qui vaut 800k et cela m'est déjà arrivé de rien loot.
    Donc, rentable ? non, utile ? non, chiant ? oui