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  1. So we got a guild boss summon scroll for giant mudster. summoned tried to kill it and we ended up all dying. After returning to the node and running back the boss was gone. The scroll says the boss will take 2 minutes to reset but we got back there in less then 30 secs. Has this happen to anyone else? Also would submit a ticket but I have no idea how.
  2. I never expected BDO to be a proper MMO, I was content with a nice eye candy game world and lots of activities to be engaged which ranges from craft to bossing to grind when I am active, and fishing/training when afk.
    But here is the thing; balance among activities is piss poor that it is straight out waste of time and even silver to do some of them. Fixing is easy, and you dont need a rocket scientist to calculate it. Just look at games that managed that before you.
    Formula is simple:
    Money made = (sell value - cost to run it ) * (how many times it can be done in T amount of time) / (Difficulty/requirement of investment 1 difficult - 10 easy)
    'Money made' should be equal among activities; and if it is not same just play around with one of the above variables and problem solved. 
    After so many years and addition of new lvls/gears/grinds/dungeon systems and crafts games like Atlantica Online still have a functioning economy because best money makers are set on higher CD or with incrementally increasing requirements/costs every time you do it again before a weekly reset. So that you cant just stick to the best thing out there and it keeps rotating with economy shifting around. 
    And then there is the shit we call Field Bosses here which is boring as duck being most profitable activity for ranged players, punishing melee for no reason. How hard is it to put a RNG distance calculator on its AoE attacks so that sometimes melee range is safe and being away sucks? Or allowing to get loot once a <T time> per boss.
    I wont even mention how much alchemy and farming sucks compared to the easiest side activity out there: fishing.
    Anyway, at this rate with side activities being obsolete, BDO will fail at the only thing it promises, a hangout place with variety of activities.
  3. Post on Boss Knowledge? in General

    By Zetovex, posted
    Hello I been seaching the internet for the answear to two question, hopefully you guys can help me
    1# How is it decided which person get knowledge on a boss, "Most Damage" OR "Last Hit" ?
    2# Can you get knowledge on bosses via the black spirit boss summon quest chain, if i kill summoned "Biraghi" from the quest "[Co-op] Biraghi Den Keeper" ? (same goes for the other bosses, like queen stoneback crab"
    Hope to hear from you thanks alot in advance
    An official CM respond would be greatly appricated too
  4. So would giving Kzarka loot to everyone who participates really be such a bad thing? The current system of only rewarding those who do the most damage makes it really hard for people with lesser gear to ever catch up so they stay behind while the hardcore players continue to get wealthier and stronger. This obviously also applies to the other world bosses but is more of an issue on kzarka due to the much larger amount of people on him. It also favours certain classes much more than others which is just beyond stupid. Why should sorcs and rangers get more loot than berserkers and warriors? Just giving loot to everyone who participates in killing world bosses, really simple fix and will make the game much more competitive. That one hunter seal consolation prize you just added is complete crap. World bosses are not fun so at least make them rewarding for everyone who does them. 
  5. Hi my name is Wulfy got a character on Croxus Server.
    Anyway long story sort here are afew things players ingame and outside of game complain about:
    First up we got boss fight
    Lets be honest rangers problem.*most players complain about their power in boss fight vs class as melee warriors etc*
    Suggestion on how to fix
    1. Add a buff on the boss about a % dmg they do the further away from boss the more? (sounds stupid I know tho had to say cause a player comment on it)
    2. Increase the DP of a *Warrior,Valkyrie,Blader,Giant* This might sound unfair for all those out there but Hey even with high endgame DP when you block you still get a hella lot of dmg.
    3 Increasing hp? Might be good might not got no idea here.
    4. Any other ideas on how to improve this <reply>.
    Next up we got Item cash prices (Pearls)
    So lets say you pay 30$ for the game (for those who cant spend alot of $$ )
    Then you want to buy another costume? How much is that? Thats abit alot  around 3.000 pearls with a wep.
    Then your horse looks horrible? Want to change that? Pay more for costume.
    Then your house ?*okay this one Is kinda not needed but anyway just saying what I read*Another cash up bed?Or maybe something else.
    Pets and what you can improve.
    Now pets: Here is problem for those who missed the event (yea you did put a pet in event but hey for those you started the game late meh.
    Pet prices: around 10$ for a pet? just to loot? Well it is needed you cant farm without one at the same speed someone else is farming since you need to stop and Loot.
    You could add a pet to Loyaltys? Or maybe get one by ingame?*Then the people that bought the pets would want a refound* 
    Even allow players to sell pets?*People will complain about Pay2Win then :/*
    Maybe one pet needed?Like increase the loot ?That would help alot most people would not compain about buying one but three a different story.
    Loots and how the Loot system works
    When you loot something make it possible to click "esc" to close the loot box *there might be a option didn't find it tho*
    So you wont have to click CTR and move the mouse to click Cancel. In combat getting hit by mobs this helps.
    Game Stats and what is the + Damage to humans.
    Last up we got this.Does Elf and Giant count as human?
    Saying this because people want to know for PVP if +5 Ap is better or worst then +5 human damage.
    This could change alot the item sets in game.
    Game support ingame.
    Add maybe a support GM ingame >Click N >Contact Support /w GM.
    This could help alot in general if the GM doesn't abuse the power.
    Well thats all anyway good job in making it better change this little stuff could improve a lot.
    Some things I posted might have been a bad idea if yes Comment.

  6. <Nerd>
    An individual persecuted for his superior skills or intellect, most often by people who fear and envy him.
    Are you a basement dwelling casual?
    Don’t travel the lands of BDO solo!
    We believe in gaming with everyone and working together to achieve our goals.
    What we are currently focused on weekly:  Farming, Leveling, Guild Missions and Boss Scrolls, gearing.
    (There will be scheduled guild activity nights so you don’t have to stress about how often you are participating.)
    We will be participating in all aspects of PvP! Node Wars, Territory Wars, GvG, arenas and more!
    We provide forms of communication: Facebook, website, TS3.
    Who are we in search for?
    We are looking for active and mature players that strive to win while having fun steam rolling enemy nerds.  To achieve this our members must be the age of 18 and over, represent our guild with integrity and use the forms of communications that we provide.  It is very important to us that every member participate on Team Speak 3 while in game and have a working headset/mic.
    *** Also welcoming other small guilds with merger opportunities. ***
    Interested in joining?
    If you are interested in meeting new people, completing PvE content, becoming competitive in PvP while being able to play at your own pace we may be the guild for you!  In game PM SirAntisocial / Qales  or you can apply at the Nerd’s Website under recruitment.
  7. Just a quick question, the scrolls you get from the black spirit, do the bosses they summon drop the associated boss gear from them? Also can you get them as drops from the bundles you receive from the black spirit? Maybe both or one or the other? Or do they only drop from the world boss version?
    Thanks for the help
  8. Melee should get compensation because we are disadvantaged in every possible content in this game.
    We can not farm field bosses because we are one shot without ability to do enough DMG to get loot. Even this ones who decided to make ranged class to farm field bosses losing time to play not main character,Range character grind faster because of better DPS and fact they do not need to close to mobs to make DMG,Range classes are OP in PvP, especially group PvP,We got CC nerf whiteout release awakening,DP does not work and does not scale compared to AP while melee classes are much more depend by DP than range classes,Now, even if we will get field bosses and class balance patch. It will not bring back our 2 months without ability to effectively farm field bosses. Not mention fact alot of melee players rerolled already on range classes.
  9. Post on Field Bosses in Suggestions

    By Isstine, posted
    So far, after doing at least 50 + bosses I have received absolutely no loot (not even coins) as a melee class. I do not play ranged class, so I do not know if they have the same difficulties but here it is. I am unable to predict the bosses attacks due to the attack animations being laggy or missing entirely (Kzarka turns to face me and I am instantly killed with absolutely no time to react in any way). On top of that I am unable to dodge or iframe freely because the high number of people stacked around me. I absolutely hate trying to fight a boss for 10-15 minutes or more only to get killed several times resulting in loss of time and EXP and receive absolutely no reward at all. This is highly frustrating and makes me not want to do one of the activities that is usually a favorite for me in many games.  
    So I have several suggestions on how to improve field bosses and here they are:
    - Make the animations of the high damage boss skills longer and more easily recognizable. Maybe a longer channeling animation with some specific effects.
    - Allow players to be able to dodge/iframe/run through other players while engaged in combat with a field boss. This will solve the problem of people running into each other an being unable to avoid damage.
    - Make the loot last longer. I cannot count the times that I have been killed right at the end of the boss and would have to run all the way back from the nearest node only to find that all the loot has disappeared. 
    - My last suggestion is about the loot itself. Boss loot is so heavy RNG-dependent and sometimes even with a high level luck and a high level node investment players still fail to receive any good loot. My suggestion is to introduce some sort of a token that would always drop from bosses (similar to how Hunter's Seals are obtained through scroll bosses). A number of these tokens can then be exchanged for items like Liverto and Kzarka weapon bundles, Black Stones, etc.
    Thank you!
  10. Firstly, I'd like to say well done to Pearl Abyss for designing a game from the ground up to minimize the effectiveness of botting. For example, no player to player trading, marketplace item value locking, dynamic combat mechanics etc. This was a well thought out decision. Unfortunately, it is glaringly apparent that they -----ed it up big time with having no real server side checking for things like skill cooldown thus leaving the back door completely wide open to 3rd party programs.
    The 3rd party programs give the player an advantage with automation allowing them to grind levels and gear pretty much 24/7. They also allow players to cheat rampantly in PvP with animation and cooldown circumvention. These are two issues which I don't think are immediately fixable and to be honest I don't think that Daum can fix them - they rely on us to spot them and report them. The other way these programs give the player an advantage (a massive one in my opinion) is one that is fixable and that is the one related to field bosses.
    We all know now that the loot distribution design of field bosses is poor, to say the least. The top 40 damage dealers get the lion's share of the loot and it obviously didn't occur to anyone designing the game that the players in this group will more than likely always be the best geared, e.g. already have boss gear etc. Unfortunately, guess who else is almost guaranteed to be in this loot group? Yup, 3rd party software users.
    It does nothing for one's inclination to play the game when one guy gets a Kzarka weapon box drop and after half the server has finished congratulating him he goes ahead and links his TWO previously attained +15 Kzarka weapons. Yes, that was his 3rd Kzarka weapon drop and this actually occurred on my server Croxus just this week.
    I personally feel that field bosses don't belong in this game as they ultimately trivialise all the other ways to make money in the game, but that is a separate issue. But knowing that hackers are making an absolute killing off field bosses I would strongly urge Daum to disable them until they are able to start to solve the issue of 3rd party software usage.
  11. Hello @CM_Oli and all,
    I'm looking at the fact that many don't know when bosses spawn, which can lead to tons of issues down the road imo.  Couple options that I would like to see within game include:
    API for players to build applications or websites that can see the market / feed workers / boss timers ?In-Game world boss timersReason: This would give everyone fair advantage (for those who work and have a life outside of the game) to enjoy world bosses.Maybe making them spawn more than twice a day as well or some sort of chain event that can spawn them, that would require the server to do.Drops no matter whatMaking the boss one shot everyone, gets old, fast. Can we get some change to the bosses behavior where melee actually have a small chance? Or was your intent for people to be 55 +15 gear all blue armor before they not get one shot?Giving drops weather it's couple armor / weapons stones to maybe a million silver would be nice to see...or make it so we don't lose crystals / xp on death instead give a death penalty ? 
    Other thoughts?
    Maybe making boss zones more friendly to PvErs...I understand people like to pvp (which is fine keep the guild wars...but don't allow pking?)
  12. Hey, just wondering if anyone out there has actually tried going for a full boss killing build, making use of other skills instead of shotgun spam. If so and you had success with it, I'd love to know what the build is and understand why it would be better than the average build!
  13. Hi folks,
    I know that currently, Berserkers are suffering on World Bosses due to the unfriendly melee mechanics.  However, I was curious to find out from those of you who have played with the hand cannon awakening, whether Berserker becomes any better against bosses. E.g., does the awakening add additional range, or mechanics allowing you to better compete without dying non stop.  Any input would be appreciated, thanks!
  14. Thank you for absolutely destroying the game by also adding Boss armor to Field bosses, making it even more important to farm bosses daily now. 
    I didn't get this game to raid zerg bosses as progression, I got it because it had a wide variety of viable options to progress. 
    I'd be more fine with it if it was a weekly event on a couple of channels, not a stupid 24 hr respawn on every single channel. 
    But whatever, this is what happens when you listen to people who don't understand the consequences of introducing certain things that were removed from the Korean server for a reason. Field Bosses (not world bosses like Kzarka) were a beta feature that was never tested properly. 
    Thank you Daum, sincerely. 
  15. Bonjour à tous, 
    Je recherche à savoir si une personne qui ne possede pas de contrat de guilde ( en clair l'icone a coté de sa ligne serait bleue ) peut participer et looter sur un boss de guilde ? 
    merci d'avance 
  16. Post on <Serendia> [Edan] [PvX] in US Guild

    By Dary, posted

    Guild Name: Serendia
    Guild Master: Dary
    Website: http://serendia.org/
    Region: North America
    Server: Edan
    Focus: Read Description
    VoIP: Discord
    Timezone: We are from all around the world, so no matter at what time you get online you will always find someone to do some quest with.

    Serendia, A guild created prior to Conqueror Launch that started as a simple chat to discuss some game related matters without the annoying trolls around the forum at the time. Our goal: Conquer Serendia, Eradicate Calpheon, Protect the weak, and Assimilate or Exterminate the Strong.

    Currently, We seek like-minded individuals; people who don’t take things to heart and can share a laugh, but know when its time to get down.

    Recruiting players, Green or Experienced, as to progress together. All walks of life accepted, be you a Farmer, a Tamer, a Miner, or a Trader, it does not matter. Want to focus on your life skills? No problems, we do Gathering Quests. Want to focus on PvE? No problem, We do subjugations and bosses as well.

    Age: 18+ 

    Be Respectful 

    Be Active in Game and in the official forum, if have to leave for some time make sure to let officers know.

    Participate in forum event and in game activities.

    To apply you must register at our official forum and clicking HERE to create a new post using the "Recruitment Template " found in this same section.

  17. Guten Abend,
    auch wenn das jetzt ein wenig Blöd klingt aber ich würde wie schon o.g. Wissen wie wir (meine Gilde und ich) an diese Gildenbosse heran kommen.
    Wir haben zwar bei der Gildenquest Seite stehen dass dort welche als Quest drin stehen, können diese aber nicht annehmen.
    Braucht man i-was besonderes dafür oder muss man i-welche Quest dafür abschließen?
    Bedanke mich jetzt schon für eure Hilfe
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  18. Hey guys, just a quick question.
    Our guild has only recently moved closer to the guild boss mission, so I checked some guides and videos to learn more about the boss and the loot.
    And that's where I started to scratch my head. Considering the loot I've seen in several videos, I don't see how this is worth the effort and the money in any way.
    Of course the regular member is happy, he gets some cash, stones, maybe grunil piece, maybe even a Liverto.
    But from the guild POV, it just seems like a ton of money flushed while getting back...what exactly? If this was the only guild funds sink, than maybe, but it's not (or at least it's not gonna be) 
    Am I missing something here?
    Thanks in advance, cheers.
  19. So I tried looking through the forums and on other sites for answers about a couple issues I'm having with the game, but I can't seem to find anyone else posting about these particular issues so here I go. I just know someone is going to say I should look at another topic, but if you do please send me a link cause I'm seriously tired of asking the search bar the wrong questions to get what I need.
    Okay with that out of the way here is what I need help with:
    1. I keep getting quests (most often to collect something from enemies, but also learning about them) that I simply can't finish or it's exceedingly tedious to finish. Most of these are quests where the Black Spirit asks me to collect things from enemies (example: 2 Tokens from Red Orc Berzerkers) and usually to get them I just have to kill those enemies, but here's the problem, I kill and kill and kill the objective enemies but I never get the item no matter how many I kill. Some times it works after I've killed like 20 or 30, but in the case of my example I've killed 40+, forfeited the mission, started again, killed a bunch more, and still I have nothing to show for it. It's really frustrating because I just get stuck in the same areas for ages trying to complete one mission unable to move forward to new areas cause the game won't give me credit for the kills. Is there a specific way you have to kill enemies to get credit and receive the item you need? Do you have to be in a certain range of level to finish a mission? Sometimes he'll ask me to learn about an enemy and I will and I can even see their health bars go down in combat, sometimes to the point I'm just slaughtering them cause I've been there so long, but the mission won't complete.
    2. I combat I've noticed especially with my ranger but sometimes my sorceress too, that even though I've got my target locked right on to my enemy and I'm just raining down attack after attack, most of the attacks literally do no damage. And I know you have to learn about enemies to see their health. I can see their health but, for example my ranger, I could fire a 100 arrows at a big orc and maybe 2 of those arrows will actually move his health bar a little tiny bit. meanwhile her knife and kicks can deal tons of damage even though I still only have the second knife I ever received in the game. I don't get the logic with that. no matter how sharp her knife is or hard she can roundhouse, the rangers best weapon should still be her bow. short range shots with a bow should be nothing to laugh at, but my ranger might as well just be kicks and dagger for all the good her styd bow does her. Her powerful attacks do have some effect, but only ones I have to really charge and even then the damage is negligible. I use as many different moves to keep the combat from getting tedious but it isn't helping much and I keep finding myself relying on the same two or three attacks. Please, should I be concerned for my characters? Is this regular? Is there like a ratio with how likely your attacks are to deal damage, like morrowind or old school fallout or something? I know MMO's tend to be grindy but even at levels 26 and 27 I feel like my characters are completely and unnecessarily helpless at times, so any advice on this besides "git gud" would be really appreciated.
    3. Finally I've noticed with some bosses and occasionally regular enemies, that the hit detection goes out the door completely. My computer and my connection I'm sure are not the problem here, since both are fairly awesome. I recently fought the orc boss "Org" and while 70% of his attacks never came near me, almost every single one hit me and dealt a lot of damage. I know they were AOE type attacks but I was like 40 feet away from where they landed and I was still getting hit, or I'd watch attacks fly by me and land off in the distance and then half a second later I got damage. I've seen this with a couple bosses, and I get that the game is gonna be a little buggy, but the level of some of these hit detection failures are just too wild for me to believe it's normal. I've watched enemies swinging at the air a couple yards away and then I just died from watching I guess? I doubt anyone is going to give me a fix about this or the one above, but I'd just like to know if it's normal, or a bug others are experiencing or what? It really bothers me and I feel like I should report it but I don't want to just get sent another message to look around on the forums again.
    Anyways, this turned into a bit more of a rant than I intended, I was just trying to paint a decent picture so people would know what I was talking about. If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated, especially about the first one, cause seriously I can wreck these guys all day but I can't seem to progress in the mission at all which is stopping me in progressing with the game too.
  20. Hello, I've hit 50 but I seem to not be getting the scrolls/boss daily quests from the black spirit. It gave me the Witch one and the Imp one after doing the prequests (kill x100/x30 mobs) but that was it. Any idea why that happens? The only quests marked as black spirit quests on my quest log currently are: get 100energy/contribution points. Searching around seems more people are having this issue with no apparent solution given, any ideas? Thanks.
  21. So my guildmate was wondering what Kzarka's legs looks like....luckily I fell through the world a min mater... >_<

  22. Everyone should remember how certain players/guilds... cough... <Redface> cough... we're utilizing the "Musket Stun" exploit. They managed to obtain mounds and mounds of gear, silver, experience etc. 
    Well Daum did a great job by acknowleding that it was an exploit and fixed it in one of their recent patches..

    March 30th Patch Notes:

    The Field Bosses Red Nose and Bheg can no longer be repeatedly stunned with the Matchlock (Musket) .
    Due to these players involved not being banned, or having the items/silver stripped, they are now abusing their power, how you ask? They are abusing their power by running over everyone in the new zones and camping them, thus preventing anyone from leveling, gaining new gear etc...  They are also the top players/guild in the "Battlegrounds", making that feature useless to the rest of the server.
    The concept of get good, get more gear blah blah blah doesn't work when they are so far ahead and litterally running over anyone who trys to even farm. They are litterally ruining the game for others due to the exploit they took advantage of.
    Please either ban their accounts, delete their characters, or remove the items/silver which was illegally obtained via the exploit. If nothing is done than the playerbase will eventually feel bullied and just give up and move to the next game.
    World of Warcraft, the most popular, most played, most well known MMORPG had one of the toughest stances on exploits, cheats, hacks, bots etc. They wouldn't even risk an exploiter effecting the playerbase like this has. People should keep that in mind if they want this game to be successful etc.
    The biggest argument everyone has is this... "What if they didn't know it was an exploit?" The guilds who were channel hopping and zerging anyone who came near the world bosses knew very clearly it was an exploit. They didn't accidently do it once not realizing what they were doing. They clearly and unmistakably knew how to use it, how to take the most advantage from it, and completely abused it. Luckily these players/guilds were caught in the act, recorded on YouTube and reported to Daum. We just need it to be fixed now. See below for the "User Agreement" we all signed when creating our accounts...
    12.1.4. Use of Exploits
    The User shall immediately report any process or action(s) which, when performed in the Game, allow the User to play the Game in a way it was no intended to be played by game design (hereinafter, an “Exploit”).
    The User shall never attempt to reproduce an Exploit, except for the purpose of providing the reproduction steps to customer support of Daum Games Europe.
    Any benefit acquired from the direct or indirect action of Exploiting shall be reversed if deemed necessary by Daum Games Europe.
    In video games, an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, or speed, etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game's designers.[1] Exploits have been classified as a form of cheating; however, the precise determination of what is or is not considered an exploit can be controversial. This debate stems from a number of factors but typically involves the argument that the issues are part of the game and require no changes or external programs to take advantage of them.[2]
    Based on its severity, the violation of the service policies as provided in Article 12.1 may result in, but not limited to, one of the following:
    - A temporary impossibility to post message on the relevant Service;
    - The renaming of the name violating the naming policy
    - a warning;
    - a temporary ban forbidding the User to use the relevant Service;
    - a temporary ban forbidding the User to post messages on the Forums and to access the Game;
    - a permanent ban forbidding the User to use the relevant Service;
    - a permanent ban forbidding the User to post messages on the Forums and to access the Game;
    - a permanent ban on the Account forbidding the User to use the Account to access the Services;
    - the termination of the Agreement for cause.
    Daum Games Europe shall ensure the proportionality of the sanction(s) in relation to the severity of the violation. Daum Games Europe will not become liable for any costs, losses or damage made or suffered by User due to Daum Games Europe imposing (a) sanction(s) on User.
  23. Post on Boss taunting in Valkyrie

    By Zaily, posted
    Hi guys, haven'f found too much on this topic, but im interested.. We started doing guild bosses a lot lately. I noticed, I can pretty much tank the boss, so he 75% of time of fight attacks me.. I noticed when i draw his aggro with spamming Heaven's Echo (which taunts), he will waste his attack on me instead of other guys in guild/group.
    At least i think this is nice "job" to do as valkyrie because other guys can fully focus on DPS from back.. And im able to survive almost all of his attack due to shield block and dodge (+ healing pots).. Or is that some kind of nonsense and i should just attack the boss like rest of our guys? Because I think that when i have the boss taunted on me, he pretty much faces me most of the fight and does not move too much, but when i leave that, he runs here and there and kills our glasscannons a lot more, then when im aggroing him on myself.. Did any of you do same thing or have experience with that?
    Well there is still that if I do bad block or dodge, I usually die, because i get like 3 of his 4 attacks on me so I dont have CDs of Heals up all time
  24. Hi all,
    Is daily boss scroll based on character or account?
    If it is based on character, is that mean If I have 5 level 50+ characters, I can get 5 scrolls per day?
  25. please add an option in the settings that looks like this:

    [  ] Hide all other player characters EXCEPT:

    [  ] Party members
    [  ] Guild Members
    [  ] Friends
    [ Enter family names that you do not want to hide ]

    *** Players that are Hostile and/or negative karma will not be hidden. This includes players flagged for pvp, and enemy guild members. ***

    This could optimize the open world boss fights and make it not a 6 fps slideshow, and from there we can give feedback on actual boss mechanics because we will be able to see what is actually happening inside the boss room. Also, please remove player collision from ALL *non hostile players*. keep collision present for flagged players, enemy guild. When this is done we can actually make progress! Perhaps. Yes?