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  1. Post on PVE Mechanics in Suggestions

    By Circe, posted
    Design a PVE Encounter 

    The rules are simple.
    1) Link a youtube video of a PVE boss, elite or mob type that has creative mechanics from another game (MMORPG, RTS, Single-player RPG, any existing game as inspiration) 
    2) Explain all major mechanics of that PVE encounter 
    3) Explain how you could implement that PVE encounter INTO Black Desert in the OPEN WORLD
    (Tweak the mechanics, aggro range, enrage timers, rewards, spawn timer and design the area where the boss will be found)
    4) Give your tweaked PVE encounter a new name, rewards and summary
    Thought this could be a lot of fun seeing some interesting mechanics from other games.
    I'll start. 
    1) Rift Drowned Halls Boss 5, Isskal 
    3 Telegraphed areas on the ground that appear in a pattern that players need to avoid standing on
    AOE swirl that players have to run in that direction  
    This would be a water spirit boss on an island in the ocean standing on a stone circle in a clearing 
    Same mechanics but and to activate the boss all you have to do is aggro it, if you jump off the island then it resets
    The longer the fight the faster the telegraphed attacks become until it's impossible to avoid (enrage timer)
    Encounter name Typhoon and the reward for completion for all players involved is black stones, exp, and rare fish
    Something to go do with a group if you sail past by it while you're out fishing or exploring the ocean 
  2. hi, im just wondering how the guild bosses and other bosses in groups works for the loot
    since there probably wont be any tradeing is the loot just an specific amount of stuff that everyone have to share or does everyone get their own loot?
    do you get loot deppending on your class?
    (rangers get bows, wizard/witch get staffs and so on)
  3. Post on BOSS [VIDEOS] in Guides

    By Olympia, posted
    Hi , i just want to share with you guys some videos i found of scroll bosses:
  4. I don't know if it's possible right now but i would love to be able to fight the bosses from the Black Spirit quest. Maybe buy the scroll again from a merchand and get to the specific location, conjure the boss and fight it. Of course the boss will be balanced so it suits the players damage.
  5. Post on the GPU challenge? in PVE

    By Walpurga, posted
    Who will be the first in NA to record this in 1080p HD extreme graphics at 144fps?
  6. After playing the first closed beta I found true love with this game, and I have been searching for an mmo this fun and immersive for a while. However, I had a few problems with it that broke my immersion.
    Make every piece of armor different from the others. In games I love when you find a new chest piece and level up a few times to use it, and when you equip it you look much different. But in Black Desert I would find myself not excited to get new armor. I played a warrior throughout the whole beta, and I found maybe 8 different kinds of chest plates. However, there were really only 3 looks I ever got. Shirt, breastplate, breastplate and shoulders. Each of these looks were awesome, but it was really disappointing to look the same after I would get new armor. And from what I hear the cash shop is going to be the only way to look unique from other players. What we need in the game is each different piece of armor to look different, and for craft able armor to have either changeable parts, or very unique looks because you crafted them. Also this doesn't mean just make every tier of armor a different color. If we are already paying for your game we shouldn't have to pay for in armor end game.SHOW ALL HELMETS. I constantly saw people complaining about this in chat, that warriors and whoever else couldn't see their helmet. I had so much hype for when I found my first helmet, but when I put it on I didn't see anything. I'm guessing this is just a part of it being in closed beta still and the helmets haven't been implemented yet, but I just want to say that this is a must. Also do what I said before and make each tier of helmets look different.PvE:
    Boss difficulty. I never got to experience any PvP in the beta, but the PvE was a blast. I had a lot of fun even just farming simple mobs to level up. However, when your black spirit told you to fight a special boss that you summoned from a scroll, I was pretty disappointed. Killing a boss in solo was way to easy. I never found any challenge against these guys. Maybe in the later game they get tougher, but the bosses that I fought were a cake walk.POTIONS. I felt that the potions in this beta were a little overpowered. I never died because the handy potions were always able to save my life. You shouldn't be able to just chug potions all day and live because of it. I think there should be some animation added to potions and a longer cool down, like 10 seconds.Endgame. I have also heard but haven't experienced that the endgame is almost purely PvP. The PvP looks like a blast, however a strong PvE end game is necessary for people like me, who are more interested in grinding out some dungeons. If you look at other games like guild wars, when you get to the endgame in that  you gain access to a massive amount of dungeons and raids and even new areas. What I think would be awesome would be to have a system to gather a party at docks to sail to islands to take part in tons of different raid style dungeons, which vary in degree of difficulty so only large guilds can take on some and small parties can take on others. I would prefer to have open world dungeons and raids compared to instanced ones, but if we can't have the open world ones because the world is so developed, then I would prefer to have many good instanced dungeons than no open world dungeons.Level cap. I have two opinions about a level cap. Either have a level cap or be very careful about how you don't have one. I think a level cap should be implemented because it keeps players in a range to continue to PvE and PvP with others who have hit the end game very easily. Either this or what I also think would be cool would be to have the soft cap around 50 or wherever, set endgame to work from there, and every hard earned level after that is purely for show. The levels after this point would either give no benefit or a very insignificant one. This way there aren't players level 2000 just slaughtering everyone they want, but you would see that this player is a serious veteran to have gotten to this point. This way everyone can still participate in a fair endgame and PvE and PvP their hearts out without just being slaughtered.I think that's everything, and I hope BDO follows these ideas. I am already gonna play the hell out of this game if they don't add all this, but I would never play another game if they did implement these things.
  7. Post on Boss Design in General

    By Banketo, posted
    Honestly after the recent boss event it got me thinking. I played the game for quite a while even outside beta and alpha. I had some time to test few different bosses. I realized there are few types of mobs normal mob, elite which is a mini boss and a world boss. The boss design is just so bad. I'm sorry but I'm gonna speak my mind. Killing a boss doesn't feel epic. Boss acts as if its just a normal mob but enlarged. It has no epic moves. The moves are hard to see, sometimes you just wonder... Is this mob even hitting me? The animations don't look fearful. they are very unclear. There is no indication of impact. The moves are just slashes and jumps. I believe there should be a variety of long and short range attacks. I would recommend the black desert team to research into good boss designs and what a boss fight should look like. what feeling it should convey and think about the final outcome more and not just try to fill up the mobs attack list mindlessly. Right now, I believe all the current bosses would easily fit in as elites but not as "bosses" not as world bosses. On top of that Zaka, Harpy and Dragon are all punching bags there is nothing to be afraid of. So far the best boss mechanics in the game that I've encountered in a boss fight is the mud guild boss when he changes into a pool of mood and deals heavy aoe dmg as well as Zaka where you have to hide behind a pillar. 
    What I would like to see is some ranged spells with some clear animations and special effects. Something like lava in WoW and Diablo, it spawns under random players so that they don't just stand in 1 place. Something like Aoe in cone, or rocks falling from the cave tops. Some long aoe attacks in form of a line, which we got to see on a frog boss. Overall, my boss experience in Black Desert is 2/10. It might sound very unrealistic but killing normal elites 1v1 is more fun and feels more rewarding than killing a "boss". Please can we be more creative?
    Another note to Pearl Abyss is to tone down spell effects. I think I don't have to explain this one. What do you guys think?
  8. Looking for a HARDCORE PVE Guild (NA), I like to be prepared for this game's eventual PVE dungeon/raid implementation. I take PVE seriously, looking for people with the same mentality.
  9. So, I love everything about this game, except two things. The lack of dungeons or any real thing pve wise to do that isn't just killing the same mobs somewhere else (fields, caves, etc.). And while the seamless non-instanced world is impressive it leaves much to be desired when my friends want something to do other than the thing they just did (killing mobs in a field). And by that I mean kill more stuff of course (I know of the other stuff you can do in BDO) but in a different and more rewarding manner than just the same grinding in a field.
    My biggest issue however, is the open world bosses
    This is just embarrassing. I can't spread the good word of BDO with such a bad display as this. There is no strategy, nothing to plan against, its all mindless. This is terrible. Did PA ever address open world bosses and mention anything about improving them in any way? I mean more than just giving the bosses better stats. How about better attacks? Attacks you have to plan on countering and/or avoid? Anything at all? I just really can't see this as part of PA's vision. Or anyone's vision really, on how good open world boss design looks.