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  1. Hi guys today when i was switching my characters, cause system lag, when i was threwing fish on inventory, for an error i threw my dim tree spirit armor PRI
  2. Hello,
    I completed all 30 days of the October Attendance Rewards leading up to yesterday, October 26th (which would have been day 30). I logged in a little after 12:00am CDT (technically the 27th) to find that I could not accept the final day's attendance reward. Is there any chance that I might be able to get the box since I did log in for the 30 days?
    I wasn't sure if I should even bother posting this, but I wanted to ask just to be sure I didn't really screw myself over. I just didn't get to log in from 7:00pm to 12:00am and I figured I should at least ask if it's possible.
  3. Post on Attendance Reward Event in General

    By Thingol, posted
    It says that I can receive the reward for the boss armor on the 26th. That was the last square for me to collect by logging in today. Will I be able to after maintenance?
  4. To begin with, I have to make clear that this guide is not for PvP. In PvP you pretty much need muskan shoes and bheg gloves to compete with the ones who have those items. So this guide will mostly cover the PvE aspects, PvP only if you don't plan to get yourself the boss set.
    Let's get started: First of all I'll go through the differences of set bonuses and stats you get with the boss set, in comparison with the set of my choice - the grunil set.
    Boss set stats with four pieces at +15: 300 HP (100 helmet/200 chest), 100 MP/WP/SP (Chest), 200 Stamina (Set), 1 Atk/Cast Speed (Set), increased accuracy (gloves) and evasion (shoes).
    Total DP: 49 (Shoes) + 32 (Gloves) + 49 (helmet) + 61 (Chest) = 191 DP
    Grunil set stats with four pieces at +15 ultimate: 150 HP (Set), 7 bonus AP (Set), 8 Dmg reduction (Ultimate all four pieces total)
    Total DP: 36 (Shoes) + 36 (Gloves) + 50 (Helmet) + 55 (Chest) = 177 DP
    These are the numbers you get with both sets. At first sight yeah, boss armor seems to be superior. But let's go even further and count in the "optimal" off-hand weapon for each set. When taking the boss armor set you already have enough accuracy because of the gloves and whatever main weapon, which won't be part of this guide, since it comes up to personal choice and won't affect much on this subject. However, with boss armor you will be able to take the boss off-hand weapon nouver in best case, otherwise the standart AP off-hand. With grunil set you are pretty much forced to take the accuracy off-hand vangertz, which is nevertheless one of the best off-hand shields in terms of overall stat value.
    Nouver boss off-hand shield +15: 27 AP, all resistance +10%, 1 crystal slot more
    Vangertz off-hand shield +15: 10 AP, 19 DP, 7 accuracy and increased accuracy with enhancement, 2 evasion and increased evasion with enhancement, 2 Dmg reduction, additional special attack dmg +1
    Now, as everything is listed above and in favor of a better overview, I venture to sort the "mostly" irrelevant stats for PvE out and give you a comparison of what you can expect to get with each set. Imo minor important stats for PvE are the following: 100 MP/WP/SP, 200 stamina, evasion, all resistance +10% (it's really nice but not a key stat for PvE, also take in mind the greatsword buffs which we will get to boost the resistences).
    Finally I'll show you the comparison of both sets and combinations:
    Boss armor set + Boss nouver off-hand (all +15):
    Total AP: 27 (nouver)
    Total DP: 191 (boss armor set)
    Total HP: 300 (boss armor bonus)
    Note: Nouver off-hand has one more crystal slot which you could fill with an extra black spirit crystal that gives another 100 HP and 5 AP; 1 atk speed stat from boss set bonus is negligible because you can easily get to 5 atk speed with the two crystal slots from gloves alone, not to mention the possible combinations with main hand weapon.
    Grunil armor set + Vangertz off-hand (all +15 ultimate):
    Total AP: 17 (10 vangertz + 7 grunil set bonus)
    Total DP: 196 (19 vangertz + 177 grunil set)
    Total HP: 150 (grunil set bonus)
    Total Dmg Reduction: 10 (2 vangertz + 8 grunil set)
    Note: The huge amount of dmg reduction will benefit you in in every situation and AFAIK it has more value than DP in a comparison 1:1; the additional special attack dmg +1 from vangertz shield will give you an approximately amount of a 7 AP boost when attacking enemies (tested this myself and it seems that it will also affect skills that doesn't have a special attack state like counter, back, down etc.)
    TLDR and outcome:
    In the end everything comes down to a minor advantage of AP in favor for the boss set + nouver combo, which is less than 10. But a massive advantage in terms of survivability in favor of the grunil set + vangertz due to more DP and the huge amount of damage reduction. Another important note is the price of enhancing and maintain the boss set, which is without doubt going to be more than 10 times more expensive and frustrating than the grunil set. What you finally choose is left to you ofcourse, this guideline just should give you a realistic expectation of what you can expect to get with both set types.
    EDIT: It's indeed true that the overall value of the boss set which I descriped gets more value when enhancing it above +15 (mainly due to the huge AP scaling of nouver shield). However, this guideline was originally stated for +15 gear, which was made clear enough.
    EDIT2: Adjusted the thread title for further clarity that all this is meant to be the case just at +15.
    ~ Skulldemon
  5. ----- this
  6. So I got a few questions about the Black Market in BDO. 
    It seems like there is this guy called Patrigio, who supposedly sell stuff at night, such as Liverto weapons and boss armor. Furthermore I heard you need to be Professional 1 tradin level to interact with him. I am currently unaware if this guy is in the EU/NA version of the game? I have not been able to find him anywhere. 
    If you click this link http://bddatabase.net/us/npc/40068/ and press sell. You will see the items he is selling. I really want to find this guy if he is in the EU/NA version. I have been trying to obtain information on this guy on the internet for some time, and there really is no topics talking about him on the EU/NA servers. 
    So my question is:
    - Do he exist in the EU/NA version of the game?
    - If yes, how can he be found?
    - If no, how come RU and KR version got acces to this guy but EU/NA dosn't?
    Thanks in advance 
    The guy in the Video is on RU. Patrigio seems to exist both in RU and KR, but is unavaliable on EU/NA. 
  7. Is the Giath's Skull Helmet item in the game?
    Item was found on BDO Database
  8. Sitting on spare boss armor/kzarka weapon? (Alustin)
    Want to get more profit out of it than just the lousy silver?
    PM me for interesting offer!
  9. There has been a ongoing discussion on boss armor, and some of the upcoming changes in black desert online and topics covering issues with reform stones with friends and guild mates. For some that have been playing since the game has come out and has NEVER received one drop from doing scrolls every single chance that they can get there hands on and for some people have full sets drop off scrolls, yes pure RNG and yes this is gonna have a HUGE advantage in PVP when sieges and stuff come out, clearly having gear go to ultimate and is a mere kinda balance to the game rendering all previous gear like grunil and such and such Useless! The item drop rates off boss gear is absolutely horrible, and what is funny is that you see the same people getting those those drops on the servers pure coincidence i think not! So in the patch notes, now for all those people that worked there living butts off my hat goes out to you for converting your gear to ultimate before this new patch goes out it really costed MILLIONS and lot of time and devotion towards getting those stones and pure luck! With yet more time wasted I would like and the rest of the people would like compensation for the time we spent in doing so, especially if your gonna just hand over ultimate to all those player for the mere yet of having them pay only 10 stones per piece of gear! These changes are like when world of warcraft makes it to where everyone gets to enjoy the same thing, and punish the ones who worked there ass off and losing countless of hours of sleep on grinding this stuff out. " OK!, I get it now the hard to get stuff you just wait a few patch notes and for a few pennies theyll just give it to you for free." IF THIS IS what this game is going to for now on ill just wait until you guys make it easier to get then get this stuff, there are lots of people quitting because of this, and because of that were watching guild after guild disperse and fall apart of issues such as this! Guys remember hard work should always pay off, that is when you feel accomplished and its much more rewarding then having daum hand you stuff for free!
  10. Will NA ever get the night vendor? Should we?
    Thoughts, discuss
  11. Ich spiele Black Desert jetzt seid release... Crafte eigentlich nur in Black desert. Jetzt habe ich eine frage.  Warum zum teufel gibt es Boss Armor die 1000000 mal besser ist als die gecraftete Armor. Diese Armor kostet 85 M  macht den rest der Rüstungen einfach nur noch nutzlos. Jeder erstellt sich einfach nur noch einen Ranger/Mage und geht Bosse Farmen . Schön ich habe gedacht das das Crafting wenigstens in Black Desert seinen wert bei behält. Da kann ich genau so gut WoW spielen scheint ja auf das selbe hinaus zu laufen.  Danke ich werde mir wohl ein anderes spiel suchen müssen denn auf kurz oder lang werden diese Boss waffen und Rüstungen die besser sind als die gecrafteten rüstungen das crafting system zerstören.
  12. Post on Secret Shop? in General

    By Tricuspid, posted
    Why exactly do we not have the secret?
    This would solve:
    - QQ market place bot. (Liverto Weapons)
    - Players that can't camp field bosses would have chance at BiS gear instead of 3 bundles per day.
    - It will ease the RNG aspect of the game.
    Pretty much all the complaints here in forums will be solved except for the "45 force PVP"
    From what I've read online 80% of Boss Armor comes from Secret Shop or "Korean Lootboxes"
  13. Red Nose Armor
    Item effects: Increased HP Recovery & Max MP/WP/SP +100
    Hebetate Tree Spirit's Armor
    Item effect: Max HP +200 & Max MP/WP/SP +100
    (Testet by few Guild Members)
    200 Max HP > 8hp/10s is that Armor Bugged????
    The Red Nose Armor "HP Recovery" which gives JUST 8hp/10s is ridiculous why does it exist??, 
    The Tree Boss is MUCH easier than the Red Nose Boss why is the Tree Spirit Armor WAY better than the Red Nose Armor.
    I mean shouldn't the both Boss Armor's equally strong or am i wrong ???
    Red Nose Boss > Tree Spirit Boss
    Tree Spirit Armor > Red Nose Armor
    but why??? ....
    PLEASE BUFF THE RED NOSE ARMOR or its just a USELESS Boss Armor(Item) ........
    source: bddatabase
  14. Streamer has this stream Ancient Bronze Coin = Boss Armor
    More info here
  15. sorry double post with chrome, check http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/76621-a-problem-with-the-boss-armor-patch-that-is-coming/ instead
  16. Post on First Boss Armor EU? in General

    By Xandour, posted
    Am I the first one out there?!     
    Got the Hebetate Tree Spirit Armor a while ago and was wondering if I am the first.
    Anyone else has any boss gear?