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  1. I have a suggestion that I have not really polished it untill now, proabably still sounds rough conserning party play and pve.   I think that dungeons could contain one or more bosses, that are more avalable than the daily, awakening or worldbosses (instead of 2 times a day maybe 1 time an hour). I would expect them to not contain something extrodinary like bossloot because that would break the game, id rather it be the same drop system one drop per persion but noting more than has equal silver net value per time spent, and by that proabably less than the average to keep normal grind relative. From what i understand akman dungeons are open for a limited time and that allows a limited amount of people to join the area and i would personally like if you had to organise search parties for theese portals as you have to currently. Alternativley to not make this potencial content to pve only oriented why not have something similiar to nodewars to contest the right to enter theese protals maybe once a week or something (this idea would be cool but Im not sure about it hope you get my gist).  I havent seen anything like this been discussed before, but then again I havent been active on the forums ever, so Im just throwing my thought out there to see if it sticks and what other peoples thoughts on are. No critisism ment when i say i havent either heard anything like this been talked about anyone affiliated whit bdo, but then again I dont watch much of what they say. My oppinion whit this is just that I would like something encuraging combat aimed at some bosses because its cooler and epicer for me to beat som big guy to the ground whit people I know instead of killing poor hiremercenaries or tribesfolk, and from what I understand akmantemples are very similarlly designed to grind exept they are tougher but still simmlilarly endless. 
  2. Post on No boss scrolls in PVE

    By Mooncalf, posted
    Hello Guys,
    I am a level 56 Sorcerer playing since closed beta and I came back after some months of no playing and the black spirits is giving me only red nose summoning scrolls I don't get the rest bosses scrolls, any idea why? For example, hebetate etc I don't get the quests
  3. Post on Dungeon questions in PVE

    By Xamda, posted
    Hello, I'm pretty new on the game and I noticed that the game doesn't have an instance system for the dungeons, it will be added? I noticed also that the dungeons are simply "caves" with thougher mobs and no special loot or bosses at all, am I wrong?
    I can see also that the final sets are totally buyable on the auction house (and are few/not very nice to see) and no special sets killings some bosses or mobs, am I wrong again? I love the game as it is but I think that these elementes could improve the rpg/party experience and could reach more players also from more classic mmorpgs games!
    Thank you for the attention and have a goodday
  4. Post on bosses respawn in General

    By ferdynar, posted
    When was playing in june, there was a discord server were people says when a boss was up and in what channel. is there anything similar now?
    Sorry if the topic is repeated but i couldn't find a recent answer.
  5. Post on PvE Content in Suggestions

    By Chromas, posted
    Things i would like to see come to BDO...
    Groupingthis is a MMO right?Dungeon farmingBoss scrolls are fun and all, but i'm honestly tired of useless junk with no real progression.CraftingManos, for example, will always cost you silver to BUY the manos pieces from the NPC why can't we craft or obtain these through other things such as world bosses?Crafting could open such a new and better system overallClass Rolesthe fact that there isn't really any class roles and everyone stacks AP is really dishearting. So linear that even a child could build something better. No uniqueness at all.Enhancementremove the punish for trying to progress. almost a year into the game and i'm honestly tired of losing my progress that i've made due to some RNG crap.add ways to help enhancement - crafting/bosses/guilds/dungeons...Geargiving away free shit is fine and all, but that really ruins the game and a reason to play. Handing out free boss gear and top grade things just proves that the content in game isn't correct and you are too lazy to fix it. Hidden Stats / DamageWhy do we not have a damage log? All the hidden stats...why? Give us information; stop hoarding it. 
    Overall, these are just somethings that bug me about BDO. The final thing i wanted to say is that BDO doesn't provide any sense of accomplishments.  I for one don't feel happy when I successfullly TRI TET etc while others with more failstacks and more attempts fail over and over and over. It ruin's the game and deters people from even playing.
    I hope things will change, but it's looking worse imo. 
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Serenity @CM_Yukimura @GM_Axion @GM MWallace @PM_Jouska @PM_Belsazar 
  6. I just did a Giath Awaken Boss scroll and a Bheg Awaken Boss scroll (another guild members), or at least I think I did. The bosses said <Awakened> in the title above there name. Honestly I think the scrolls are bugged currently. Nothing about the loot I received was any different in quantity and quality (no boss armor received from either ;-;).
    I don't know if anyone else who has done their scrolls is feeling the same way, but it might be a good Idea to just hold onto them until Daum can confirm that the scrolls are actually Awakening scrolls.
  7. May i suggest to Kakao/PA @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @PM_Jouska that Karanda Kutum Kzarka and Nouver have a 100% chance to drop 1 aura, and only 1 aura, for every time you kill them and would receive any sort of natural loot instead of the aura's being part of the RNG on top of the RNG loot system.
  8. May i suggest to Kakao/PA @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @PM_Jouska that Karanda Kutum Kzarka and Nouver have a 100% chance to drop 1 aura, and only 1 aura, for every time you kill them and would receive any sort of natural loot instead of the aura's being part of the RNG on top of the RNG loot system.
  9. So it would be nice to see this addressed, Its becoming increasingly difficult for players to attend bosses, find a new grind spot, etc with the current timers. I figured this would happen as the awakenings were released, I currently am trying to farm Karanda for a dandelion, as is 90% of everyone else I am sure at the beginning it wasn't so bad, i could attend a few karanda's and feel satisfied with my efforts to get this insanely hard to get box/aura but now since the move and all the awakening being release she wont last more than 5 minutes with the huge groups that attend. So not only do players have to fight the lag fest, and compete with a huge amount of players for a RNG loot chance we also have to wait a ridiculous amount of time before we can swap to another channel to fight her again and 99% of the time shes already dead, meaning if your really lucky you can kill her 2 times a day if you didn't previously switch before engaging her.
    I would love to see this changed some how, I know its not suppose to be easy to get but as things are now its a bit much in my opinion. When all we are trying to do is progress its exceedingly difficult, hell we even get EXP penalized for playing in a party?  
    Thoughts and opinions?
  10. After playing the game pretty heavily for a couple of months now i do have to say that the game lacks variety in alot of things once you get later in the game and i have been very disappointed by that. First example of it and i think this ties into 3 of my suggestions is bosses. When we are going through the main story and some of mediah story we get to fight a variety of bosses through their scrolls but as we hit 50 and start getting daily scrolls that variety just like other things starts to decrease and alot of the other bosses just get dumped into relic,cartain and pila scrolls. Now i know the reason behind this game design decision but im not fond of that reason especially in an mmo like this and hopefully my suggestion in this thread would seek the attention of the mods. 
    Before i get into the suggestions i want to say that i dont check these forums often so if any of these suggestions have been brought up before i apologize but im bringing it up again. 
    Now if you dont know the reason why boss scrolls are they are its because those bosses give good gear but there's a flaw in that design as well because a few of those scroll bosses arent even field bosses which brings me to my first suggestion. 
    Suggestion 1) Have more world/field bosses. = i have been doing mainly field/ world bosses throughout my time playing this game infacts its probably the only thing i do now on this game because work makes me miss guild node wars, other activities and even bosses. i honestly believe that each  and every single one of those bosses that we did fight throughout the story should become a field boss especially the bosses that do drop good armor like gaith and muskan. Doing this adds more variety to the field bosses and game in general it also will incentivise people to get out of the cities. an issue with this could bring in a situation which is already taking place where people arent doing certain bosses but i thinki have a balance in mind which bring me to my next suggestion
    Suggestion 2) Give each field boss their own armor set. This idea sort of just sprung up on me a few days ago after running relic scrolls and leveling a new alt i realized that i am particularly fond of a few of those bosses design with the main one i really like being the giant boss gehaku's design which is why i would want him as a field boss. But after looking at that and looking at all the other pieces of gear i noticed a big issue. Early game you have a wide variety of armor and weapon/accessory sets to chose from be it , grunil, yuria, kalis, bares, strength of heve, zereth , taritas etc i'm sure you get it and thats not including the class specific secondary gear like white hornbow, rosar horn bow, axion shield, kite shield, vangertz shield you get it there are tons of options to choose from because of the items set effects, special effects, and other things that you can combine and mix to put together what will work your play style. But as you progress into the boss gear territory that level of choice plummets and each player becomes very similar. but choice isnt the only issue , because of some bossess dropping similar (and by similar i mean i mean the slot it will go into) pieces of gear like red nose and tree armor and since one gives hp recovery while the other gives more hp you have a situation where people are going to go aim for that one and go fight that tree boss for the chance of getting that armor instead of fighting red nose. 
    speaking of the tree boss, it is the only boss that drops 2 useful pieces of gear ( and by that i mean ggear that has the word tree in it. not talking about livertos and other things) being tree belt and the armor meanwhile the other bosses only drop one. Adding in more boss gear sets will add more choice and influence different play styles in the end game setting because already the boss pieces we do have already have their own effects. it will also get more people to go and do thoe bosses they stopped doing. Example red nose armor gives hp recovery and max sp/wp/mp so that means every other gear in the red nose set be it red nose helm, gloves, boots, etc will also give those benefits or you can set them up like how the other armors are and give set affects which will then bring back the option of mixing boss gear as opossed to forced mixing we have now when we have all boss gear peices. This will also introduce more gear styles but hopefully the devs dont screw up on that. i would love a gehaku armor set that doesnt look like ripped cloth like red nose armor especilly since im a warrior.
    suggestion 3) increased drop chance and stronger bosses. after adding more field bosses and gear sets the next step is this. I dont know how rng is calculated in this game, i could get good drops at a level lower than others, with many deaths sometimes and other times i cant, just like if i am the first at a boss and attack it for a while before others show up i sometimes get crap loot when others get something better while other time i get the loot i was supposed to get while others gets crap so i dont know what the heck is wrong with the system  but it needs a fix badly this is ridiculous. and i know bosses just got a buff but they still are not strong enough.
    last suggestion is make mutant ogre and giant mutant troll killable. 
    Last suggestion# 2 i guess  its more of a question awakend boss scrolls when are we going to get? incase you dont know the awakened boss scrolls are harder version of the boss scrolls we have at the moment and i think they have increased drop chance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdW5xH-yHn8 the scrolls are purple 
    also giant mudster is a boss but he is the only one of of the current bosses that we can kill that doesnt drop an armor piece or weapon with its name on it.. no mudster shoes, gloves, helm, sword etc
  11. You've seen them around... you might even have tried to fight them a bit... but the best you've gotten is a measly 1ngot and seal... if anything at all. Dont worreh brah. ill give ye some tips to help ye get some better LOOTZ.

    Before anything, as a newbie i advise you to go attend every boss, yes that includes mudster and Plebnose. they may not drop boss loot but that also means that a lot of higher geared people dont bother them and its easier to get into top tier DPS brackets on them. Free livertos and Mark of shadows for everyone.

    secondly, use an alt if possible at a lower level just to learn the bosses patterns, it will save a lot of hassel and XP.
    First off. classes, while whatever class you pick and play can easily get top tier loot if played well and smart, there are 4 classes that id like you to consider if you're making a dedicated boss alt that in my opinion work very well at bosses even at lower levels. before i say anything about classes though I would advise you to achive 130-140 AP on your main/boss alt you can definitely get boss loot at lower ap as that seems to be more RNG dependant, but getting in higher brackets of regular loot an liverto drops is greatly enhanced once you are at that AP range.
    Ranger: Simply said, ranged class which can stay out of reach of most boss attacks while dealing constant DPS, with their awakening its amzingly viable to deal wombo DPS at melee range and continue DPS at range when the boss decides to do an AOE.

    Witch: similar reason, lots of AOE's to catch teleporting Bheg and Plebnose, and loads of amazing scaling skills and a shotgun wanna be skill too. No need for pots *though you should carry them* and self heals for sticky situations.

    Sorc: Iframes galore. massive melee damage untill the boss starts his aoe, then just Nightcrow/stormcrow around till you can attack again. Scythe block stronk too.

    warrior: Really just because of the frontal block on armour break, you can facetank most bosses regular AOEs and still deal damage while other classes are GTFO of there. It needs to be said that most bosses have a wombo AOE which will go through most blocks and superarmours, having extra protection by no means alludes to you sleeping at your keyboard.

    Now simply rolling these classes doesnt guarantee you loot. Plenty of witches/warriors yada yada get shit on by boss loot as well so what more can you do to get loot from these guys. well this depends on giving yourself a massive damage buff from elixers and foods.


    1. Knights combat rations: More AP and More DP, what more do ye want
    2. King of the jungle hamburg. You generally want to do as many crits as you can on a bawss. and this food adds an extra punch to your crits :3
    3. VAlencia meal: protection from CCs and some CC resistance. ye need all the help ye can get for tanking em AOEs

    Now elixers are BEAUTIFUL. while it might be a bit daunting to pop an elixer, die, and then have to wait 5 mins for it to be off cooldown, there is a way to circumvent the cooldown for the most part. This comes in the form of party elixers. Party elixers last longer than regular elixers, and have a cooldown of just one minute, you can also stack different elixer buffs at the same time or after one minute each depending if you are in a party or not. Try to use Blue versions of all elixers

    1. Elixer of Frenzy 25 attack and -10 defence
    2. Elixer of fury *if frenzy not available/too expensive*. 15 attack
    3. Elixer of Detection/Assasination MOAR CRITCAL DAMAGE/BACK DAMAGE
    4. Elixer of Demihuman hunt More damage against.... demihumans.
    5. Elixer of Will less damage from demihumans.

    Helmet: Magic crystal of Agility ---> MOAR EVASION
    Main hand : AP crystal or Carnage crystals ---> more damage
    offhand: -----> Back attack/Critical crystals MOAR SPECIAL ATTACK DAMAGE.

    i should also say that you should try to ultimate the offhand ASAP since that provides you with all sorts of special attack damage improvement :3

    welp. thats pretty much how i min/max my damage at bosses. With this on my witch boss alt, i easily land top tier loot every boss i attend, *she's 145 ap* i hope this min/maxing helps you get some better loot as well. no go get them livertos.
  12. Hi!
    At the beggining i want to say that i love this game and support it..
    Future of this game isn't indifferent to me. Im the on of casual player, maybe not in 100% because i try play how long i can and when i can every day.
    Im full time employe, so time when i end any game in week is around 12pm and can start around 6pm, on weekend i can;t play whole night but can play more in a day.
    So currently timers for this two bosses what we need to kill for quest item are:
    - Kzarka 8pm to 8am of next day,
    - Karanda 1:53 am to 7:53am.
    I even can wait this 4h for Kzarka when Karada is a boss what i miss many many times before it has a normal spawn window.
    Other problem is even i take this timers, even i go and kill bosses that quest item is a random to get. So far i get 3 Karanda Auras, for time when more and more players go on boss i don't even get a single loot on it. We casual players need to bring 100 of this item to get weapon, it's 100 days, its 100 kills with this random spawn windows and random drop we don't get it in 100 days.
    For me You should change this drop rate:
    - when you killing boss you will get 1 aura, you can get more but its depends of a loot table like normal items, you need to get normal loot and RNG give you or not another auras
    - Make This bosses timers more fixed, eg. from 8pm to 1am,
    I know that not only help casual player and boost this geared players who play 24/24  and are on spawn every single boss. But when they get weapons they can sell it, when more players can sell it more on AH will show players can spend money for it and do something.
    Currently im over billion silver on my wh. there is nothing what i want on AH and what i can buy, sorry ill not spend 500mln silver for ring because the price is ... to hight, not worthy etc.
    Some players say to me... "if we can drop Dandelion Weapon Box and open in on char who don't have awakening weapon yet after release it so why Night Vendor don't selling Dandelion Weapon Box Instead of normal weapons...'
    Some classes need to wait more that 3 monts before they get awakening weapons. Classes what get it now get nice advantage vs classes without awakening both in pve and pvp.
    PS: Did you try stay alive on spot when geared warrior or geared sorcerer jump on it... im a little witch do what i can do.. but this classes killed me on single combo... and dont want to nerfs, buffs etc... just want to Pay attention to the difference
    Make this game more fair and friendly for all kind of players but in the same way don't make this game so easy .. eg. log-in and get weapon or boss armor or whatever.
    Thorn in my hand is not RNG but that it can not compete with the other because the life of me does not allow me to play 20 hours a day.
  13. Instead of relying on others to notify us on discord for bosses, why is it that this isnt a thing yet?
  14. Greetings Hunter, welcome to the IHA!  
    I am happy to announce the release of the IHA for Croxus, including a world boss timer for the Croxus spawns.
    Basically the IHA is a community of people that are interested in Field/World Boss Hunting - including Whale Hunting and other upcoming Hunting Bosses. On top of that every IHA offers their member socializing and a place to simply chill & talk to other people. 
    We offer to anybody who is interested a great coordination tool - the IHABot - which allows people across all servers to coordinate their attacks to get the maximum out of a single spawn, even with different Bosses alive at the same time. In addition to the actual communication & coordination on the Discord the IHA is also providing a website based Boss & Spawn Timer that allows people without access to Discord to still track the Bosses.  http://puu.sh/qNXWZ/91a54b3117.png (Bot in Action)
    Currently the IHA World Boss Timer does only provide 100% confirmed calls for Alustin and Croxus.
    Future Plans:
    Our plan is to integrate Jordine as last EU Server next. - You can find the IHAJ here.
    We know that a fresh start is a little bit rough but we are certain that people will agree that the quality of IHA is exceptional! Once we are done with integrating Jordine into our community the next step of the IHA will be the integration of Edan, Orwen and Uno. I want to mention that the IHAs for Edan, Orwen and Uno are already up and ready to serve the community, we also have a team of moderators ready to help new people from NA that are interested in case the NA community wants a faster integration of their servers into the IHA
    Everything left for me to say: **Good Hunt!**
    This is a short guide video about some of the IHA Features & the control:  
    For more information about the IHA click here.
    For your Servers World Boss Timer click here.
  15. Post on World Boss Timers in Suggestions

    By Chromas, posted
    This would prevent people from being greedy and allow everything to actual join in on fighting world bosses rather than all the "big zerg clans" camping them and not shouting nor giving back to the community. 
    Why should it be limited to a set few that are able to camp? Why should people who already have TRI + items destroy the chance of someone that is fresh and new the chance at obtaining better items? The answer isn't well you should join a bigger guild or join a guild. There are people who rather smaller guilds over large ones and that there should be something for the smaller one's to do rather than get pushed around because of numbers. 
    World bosses should be meant for everyone and not controllable by the few.
  16. <SoulOfTheDragon>

    Recruiting players on Orwen North America!
    Is this the guild for you?
    <SoulOfTheDragon>, we've had experience with a variety of different MMOs, but currently we're influencing the enjoyment of Black Desert Online. A group full of friendly people with good attitudes. Some of the things we do are PvP, PvE, guild missions and bosses, node wars participation and more! We also use Slack, which is not required but highly recommended as an extra way to get the word out to people who are not able to be in game, as well as to plan and manage guild events.
    To generally be an active, mature playerTeamspeak 3 (talking isn't required, just listening in) 
    If you're interested in joining or have any questions, the best way to get in contact with me is by messaging me here on the forums or sending me an e-mail frostxblood@gmail.com. You can also try and catch me in game on Mediah 01 (Khanee). Remember, we want quality, active, and dedicated members who we can trust.  
  17. <DivineInt> is a PVE focused guild recruiting all players, any level, especially to participate in guild missions & events. Also looking for 50+ players for a biweekly team of boss scrolls and subjugation missions. We use Discord. PST for more info or to join
    If you're interested in joining, please send a message here or in game to Fleb.
  18. I'd like to know which mobs (especially Mediah ones) drop which scrolls.
    I've tried to search the forums/Reddit but there is not a lot to go on, imo it'd be great for everyone if we could summarize in one topic.
    This is what I've found;
    Mansha Goblins - Goblin scroll [Got multiple dropped myself]
    Serendia Shrine Mobs - Monestary Leader scroll [Guildie got multiple dropped]
    Hexe Skeleton mobs - Hexe Marie scroll [Got one dropped myself]
    Cron Castle Mobs - Imp Captain scroll [Got one dropped myself]
    Giants - Imp Captain scroll [BDO forum post - Needs confirmation]
    Rhutums - Altar Imp scroll [Reddit post - Needs confirmation]
    Frenzied Skeleton mobs - Hexe Marie scroll [Got one dropped myself] 
    Sausan Garrison mobs - Imp Captain scroll [Party member got one dropped]
    Wandering Rogues - Altar Imp scroll [I'm not sure both are correct, I saw conflicting reddit posts on this, mob design wise I'd say Rogues are more likely, but I'd really need confirmation on this.]
    Manes - Altar Imp scroll [I got PM'd by someone claiming he's got these dropped]
    Note 1: Afaik nothing drops Hebate scrolls, logical because there is an (unimplemented in EU/NA afaik) item in KR that drops of off Treeants and combines (much like discos) into a Hebate scroll.
    Note 2: I've never seen any mobs that drop Moghulis scrolls. Seems odd to me as every other scroll can be obtained via farming mobs.
    It would be cool if you guys could help confirm this list and add to it! I'll keep the list up to date!
  19. Allow a party of players to enter dungeons filled with mobs , elite mobs and bosses (red nose, tree, etc)
    Make them harder than the daily bosses and easier than the world bosses.  By harder I don't mean just "increase stats / levels" by making it harder I mean add ACTUAL MECHANICS to the fight, like interacting with the environment or the such.
    DROPS are not guaranteed, unlike the current world bosses where the geared players get most of the loot.  Give the ability for party to NEED if they don't have the item, GREED if they have it.
    When you GREED a "bid system" is set in the party, party members can continue to bid until someone stops bidding and the item goes to the highest bidder (Similar to the Blade and Soul greed system in party dungeon)
    If NEED is selected by 1 or more party members then the item will be given randomly to the players that selected NEED in a roll.
    If GREED is selected by 1 or more party members then the item will be given randomly to the players that selected GREED in a roll.  (Priority goes to the NEED rolls)
    Dungeons mobs will NOT replace open world grinding, so little EXP and no "trash" items will be obtained through them.  This way if people want to make money by "grinding" they can continue to do it in the open world.
    We could use the house instance system to create different instances in a "dungeon entrance" for example 1-10.  Parties would be able to enter other parties instances and fight for the spot (maybe some rules can be applied)
    For every dungeon everyone would be able to select need UNTIL they win a roll.  This will be saved in the character and you will NOT be able to need again.
    Please discuss how we can improve the above.
  20. DISCLAIMER This is NOT about nerfing bosses NOR making them all the same - I just want bosses to challenge us properly! DISCLAIMER
    I believe the current design philosophy regarding World Bosses may slowly burn players out and kill the game:
    - One-Shots out of the blue devalue all the investment you made into gearing your character and provide no challenge.
    - Suicide zerging - dying, respawning, running to boss to deal damage, rinse and repeat - is NOT enjoyable gameplay.
    - Ranged having a distinct advantage over melee in World Bosses is just ridiculous.
    Solution #1 - Rather than one-shotting players out of the blue, Bosses (at least World Bosses) should have mechanics that overwhelm less prepared players.
    1 - The Boss attack that usually one-shots players could instead hit VERY hard (still one-shotting undergeared players and heavily wounding proper geared players).
    2 - All World Bosses should share at least 2 mechanics:
    2.1 - Stacking all of the the following 3 Penalties (On Hit): DP, Healing and Movement Speed.
    Some attacks might apply more than one of those penalties at the same time.
    Some attacks might apply more than one stack.
    The duration of the penalties would be long enough that if you mess up often enough, you'll stack them and inevitably die no matter how well geared you are - although good gear allows you to make more mistakes without dying.
    - Healing penalty makes damage eventually overwhelm you.
    - Movement Speed penalty makes it harder to avoid attacks.
    - DP penalty eventually turns some/all boss attacks into one-shots.
    2.2 - Some world boss attacks should either hit in a very long cone (making it harder to avoid if you are far away) OR hit harder the further away the player is (hardest against and possibly one-shotting players outside the range of the boss' other attacks).
    Solution #2 - There should be stacking respawn period so that suicide zerging a world boss results in huge respawn periods.
    With the above, the game would change from "Attack didn't kill you? Back to full health!" to "Mess up enough times and nothing will save you!".
  21. Seeds of War is recruiting! We have a core of a group of friends who have been playing MMOs for almost 20 years, and we've already grown to 60+ members in BDO. We are very experienced players, and we play often. However, we are also very laid back and understand that you have a life!
    We are looking for like minded individuals to join our ranks. We are looking to be competitive in PvP (though we are not solely a PvP guild, we do like all aspects, but PvP is going to be a focus). We are looking to recruit some more people who are interested in Node Wars/Sieges/PvP right now, level 45ish or above.
    Requirements are simple... don't be an asshole! We are looking for active players who play at least several days a week. We want people who are going to be active in the guild (ie not off soloing only, we do need people to do guild missions and it helps to chat in guild chat). We do not have age requirements, but most of our core is age 30+.
    We have a Ventrilo server. VOIP participation is not mandatory, but for sieges it would be very helpful if you can at least listen in (no mic necessary).
    Most of our players are EST. Typical play times for many of our players are in the range of 6pm-1am EST weekdays and all day on weekends. We do have players on at times outside of that, but those are our busier times.
    If you are interested, apply on our website or contact me (I am the guild leader) or one of our officers in game.
    Server: Orwen
    Usual Channel: Balenos 1
    Contact Info
    Website: http://seedsofwar.enjin.com/
    Guild Leader
    Family: Svenn
    Character: Ilyena
    Alternate Officer Contact
    Family: Kirbsah
    Character: Kirbi

  22. Hey adventurers,
    I'm not really one to post on the forums, but I was just wanting to drop by with some ideas I had the other day involving player trading and the sense of endgame a lot of people seem to seek.

    ·         Unlockable as a Guild Perk that guilds must actually work to achieve.·         Players must server a full (30 day) contract before eligible. Or must possibly be at a certain number of activity?·         Guilds with a high influx of players entering and leaving  can/will have trading temporarily disabled while under investigation for abuse/RMT. Or possibly just disabled if X amount of players leave the guild during a month.·         Perhaps have limited trade amounts per month (100 or so maybe?) and completing guild quests will refresh X amount of trades. 
    Not sure what people’s opinions on this would be, but it seems like it would work fairly well in my opinion- though it will take some monitoring from the GM side for keeping an eye on average influx of players joining/leaving a guild every month or whatever they deem appropriate to squash RMT/abuse, or just a mechanic to diable it after a certain number of people leave a guild. And I also have no idea how difficult that would be to manage. I feel having the guild trading perk disabled after X amount of players leave the guild within a certain time frame would be a fair countermeasure to RMT/abuse. Should a guild be wrongly flagged, they can get their perk back simply by playing the game and completing guild quests.
    As far as the “endgame” goes, something I figure would satisfy that need for the boss that drops shinies for people would be to incorporate weekly guild quests. Through doing so (possibly completion of X guild quests) the guild will unlock a special boss scroll each week. This boss would be more difficult than the one at Omar Lava Cave (or even just a more difficult version of him) and have a complete loot table. By complete loot table I mean this boss would include drops from every current boss in the game at a low percentage, as well as the little things like Witch’s Earrings, Mark of Shadow, decor, etc. at a much higher rate, along with 1 guaranteed Liverto and a 30% (spit-balling here) shot at a second, possibly even a low chance boss-specific pet. I feel that not only would this alleviate some of the complaining about world bosses (lag, too many people, low frames, not enjoyable, etc.) but it would also give the satisfaction of slaying that one big baddie every week for people that they’ve grown to enjoy from other MMOs. Since the current guild boss does, in fact, have instancing (once another guild pops the scroll it puts them into their own instance if there is already a guild fighting him) you won’t have to worry about people crying about lag. Or if the decision is to make a new boss, they can design 2-3 new guys so guilds will be spread out within 3-4 different areas.
    To be clear, I’m not saying disregard world bosses. They’re fun, and a lot of people DO enjoy doing them, myself included. But perhaps to function as a counterbalance to the weekly guild boss, maybe we could possibly have world bosses guaranteed to drop one of their named items, be it boss armor, Kzarka weapons, etc. that is not able to be traded or posted on market, 2-3 Liverto and a boss armor/decor drop (at the current % drop rate) that is trade/market approved. This way we can still enjoy being able to call a mass of people from the server to drop by and slay these guys when they spawn and doing so would actually still be rewarding! That being said, I feel it would be important to put these drops on random loot tables, versus the current highest DPS = highest % chance at loot to avoid abuse of the aforementioned trading idea. With an exception to the guaranteed drop that you can't trade/market, of course.
    Recap for world boss drops:
    1 guaranteed boss armor/weapon (Non trade/marketable).2-3 Liverto weapons.Current % drop chance of a trade/market approved boss armor/weapon.Current % drop chance of decor pieces.
    Curious to see how others feel about this idea! Would this cause a flood in the market, or is this idea possibly the hero our city needs? Feedback appreciated!

    - PvP (such as siege's and nodes)
    - GvG
    - PvE (world bosses and future content)
    - having fun 
     At this moment the biggest thing we want to focus on is doing the guild quest as much as possible to make the guild grow expand on it and get more guild skills. What we need is players who are willing to contribute to that to climb the ranks even more than we are already doing right now! 
    - support where we can
    - a friendly and open minded guild.
    - a sweet atmosphere in which you can enjoy your time in game.
    - Voice communication via Discord for advanced in game tactics and support.
    - participate and contribution to the guild (via guild missions) is a must.
    - Some knowledge about the game.
    - Don't bring Drama into the guild.
    - Treat others as you want to be treated, with respect that is.
    - Join us on Discord for advanced in game tactics and support.
    - be at least level 50.
    (you don’t have to talk all the time in Discord at least be there for each other) Doesn’t have to be all the time but in PVP its so useful! also if we want to grow as a guild than its guild questing all the way so you will see them close to every day.
    Wana join? Have any Questions?
    Let us know in game or leave us you IGN!
    You can whisper us in game:   (Brotghar or Zorkni Bugradorian)  (MrWinter or FrankCastle BloodSnow) (Dutchy zoldycksx) (MickeyMad or Artemees Unitas)
  24. Post on What world bosses NA? in PVE

    By Dary, posted
    My questions is, what world bosses do we currently have in our version and where are they?
    I really don't get all this world bosses topics but would love to get into that.
  25. Post on Guild Bosses? in General

    By Sara, posted
    When will they be implemented into the game? I came to KR only a few months before EU released so I don't know when they were released in KR, just wondering as I read that Q/A and it had nothing on guild bosses.