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  1. Im a beginner lvl at Alchemy and i want to be master as fast as possibel idc about money how would i go about power lvling to master (Dont be vague)

  2. Today I wanted to breed a horse, but accidentally registered a wrong one in the breeding market. I took it out, and I was surprised to see that I cannot register an other one for 6 hours. Why is this restriction in the game? I think it should be fixed like this: the timer will NOT start when registering the horse on the market, but when the actual breeding is started with the registered horse (either by me, or someone else in case of public registration). This way, the timer won't start if you do absolute nothing with the horse except registration. You could take out the horse if you accidentally registered a wrong horse, and put in the right one without delay. However, if a breeding actually happens, the colldown would be still initiated.
  3. Post on Horse Breed Bug? in In-Game Bugs

    By Ryuukan, posted
    I bought a tier 4 from the market with no breed attempts left but it was able to be reset. I bought the reset and used it on the horse but am unable to actually breed it now and the breed count is at 1. I've sent two tickets but those take awhile. I actually bought another tier 4 and did it again just to see if it was only for that one that it was maybe bugged. But no I have the same results and am unable to breed both that have had there counts reset
  4. I would like to see the option when we exchange (Breed) our pets to have a box that shows all the possible looks and choose what we want.  I see the pink cat has a 10% chance and when you think about the cost to gamble like that, it's too high.  You could easily spend hundreds of real life dollars trying so it's just too much.
    I think to help combat this, we should exchange them like normal but a window pops up with the pet look we want.  Maybe we have to pay extra silver to pick the look or something, or have to take our pets to a specific NPC that specializes in breeding to help us get the color we want.
    It would be best and people would be happier with being able to pick the colour of the pets they receive, seeing as we are paying real life money for this. Whether or not we should have all skins unlocked inside the shop, I don't know.  It would be nice.  There are SO MANY pet colors and most people probably have no idea that there are so many.  It's crazy how many!
    Here's an example of some pet looks that some may not know exist: 

    Please allow us to pick our pet look when we exchange! :3
  5. Hey guys
    so everyone took same horses from Conquer package..i assume the male right now level 30 cause it was the only valid choose for traveling  long time ago  
    the second female most likely to be level 30 if someone afk leveling her all time... SO
    Can you guys share your result of those horses? 
    or u guys have different plan using them? 
  6. Hi Mates,
    I'm writing to you for the following suggestion: two seater is not available for the purebreeds (t7).
    I want that you guys change this. I cannot understand why this 3 Purebreeds cannot learn two seater and the others (they will come in future) can learn it. Purebreeds are quiet harder to get and in fact those should have this skill (or better the hope to learn it).
    I asked few people I am playing with and they agreed with me.
    What is the "Win Situation" for you guys?
    You can earn lot more money. Lot ppl will buy the shopitem for changing skills to get the two seater.  Or spent already on t6 (i know this, i have a t6 two seater and all want one too and they spent money for the chance to get it already).
    So you see...
    we (the players) and you will win something. Win-Win Situation. Isn't this great?

    Sorry for my english, it isn't this good. But i think you can understand what I mean.
    Thx and Bye
    Payne Vehring
  7. I have a male level 25 Teir 4 horse and want to reset the breeding at 2 at the moment. it says  (able to reset)
    I bought a male breeding reset token when i try to reset the breeding it says it will not increase the breeding for this horse anymore.

    Any answers to this?!? 
  8. Hey guys, after I finally claimed my free hawk from the Maewha event, I took to extend my enjoyment of horse breeding and pray to RNG for some luck with my pets. 

    For those of you who aren't entirely too sure what Pet exchanging is, it's more or less like Horse exchanging. You exchange two tier 1 pets, lvl ~ and get X back. 

    The following is ripped from Dulfy.net to give you some info on pets and i'll leave a link if you wanna check it out further - http://dulfy.net/2016/03/18/black-desert-pets-and-pet-food-guide/
    Breeding allow you to exchange two pets of the same type (i.e. two cats). This will kill them both but the offspring have a chance to advance a tier or even multiple tiers. The highest pet tier is tier 4.  You cannot breed two pets that are more than 1 tier difference apart. For example you can breed a Tier 1 and Tier 2 dog but you cannot breed a Tier 1 and a Tier 3 dog.
    To breed two pets you first need to check them in. Click on the Exchange button and this will open the breeding window. Select the two pets you want to breed by clicking on the breeding button. This will place them into the breeding window. If your pet has any skills that give player buffs  you can select which one parent’s buffs you want the offspring to inherit. If the number of the inherited skills does not surpass the new pet’s skill capacity, the skill slots will be filled with extra random skills.
    Levels do still play a factor but the system is predominately RNG based. If you want the best chances at advancing a tier, obviously breed two Level 10 pets. However, I have gotten Tier 3 pets from breeding two level 1 Tier 1 pets so if you are in a rush and have money to spend levels may not matter as much.
    Appearance wise you can either get unique appearance exclusive from breeding or the appearance can identical to one of the parents. For example I breed a Tier 2 Shepard dog and a Tier 3 Batian Dog and got a Tier 4 dog with an unique appearance.

    Here are my results from two seperate breeding's ! 

    Tier 1 Brown Hawk lvl 10  + Tier 1 White Hawk lvl 10 = 
    Tier 3 White Hawk /w Special Colouring -


    Skills : Karma Recovery +3% and Training Exp x3%

    Secondly I got excited from the first one and wanted to test it out - 

    Tier 1 Brown Hawk lvl 2 + Tier 1 Brown Hawk lvl 1 = 
    Tier 3 White Hawk /w Predominant brown markings. 

    Skills: Hunting Exp +3% and Trade Exp + 3%

    I'd like to know what people get though or have gotten! The idea of having unique and special pets is pretty awesome...
  9. Post on Horse Racing in Suggestions

    By Tachiras, posted
    Hello everyone.
    I know this idea cannot be easily brought to life but I just wanted to share it. Firstly, I would like to mention it is not a request, just some sudden eureka idea while playing the game ( at this particular moment manually riding a horse aka "no auto pathing"). I believe publishers cannot do anything about it, maybe just let devs know if they can see potential in it, if players might show interest in it. There are a lot of stuff to do in BDO and that is why I like it. One of the activities is horse taming/breeding which helps us to get beautiful horses for daily casual usage, other people might do that because of the income, even though people are not happy about higher tier prices. I thought there could be MORE what is related to horses and as you probably already guessed from the title, I think horse racing can be really possible in this game... if well presented. I believe there are many approaches how to implement it. It has a vast range of possibilities: betting, some weekly entertainment, horse rankings and much more. Probably some fields controlled by NPC should be created it but that would be decision of Dev team. Anyways, probably everyone could add something extra to this idea if they find it interesting and I believe the game can make it real with some time. Many people wanted naval battles, it is coming, if there would be desire for some PvE fun activities, horse racing could be live too.
    Thanks for hearing me out. I would love to hear what other players (maybe even administration) think about it. Would it be viable aspect of the game? Or you think it wouldn't be popular and it is just a waste of time.
  10. Collection of useful links.
    Fishing hotspots, up-to-date. 
    http://bdohotspot.tumblr.com/ (With pictures for location)
    http://maomaoprince.com/ (Map)
    Community/forum for more fishing tips!
    Equipment calculator (Could be slightly off) Kudo's to Svenn!
    Crystal database
    Horse calculator (Breeding tier chances)
    Cooking guide
    Character templates
    List of titles 
    Amity mini-game help tool 
    Easy 28 Energy
    I have only collected these links, I haven't made any of these guides, just thought it would be easier for some to find these links if they were all in one topic. 
  11. I'm trying to breed my horses, both have max stamina and I have enough money, but when i register my male in the market only available to myself he stays on queue indefinitely. Does anyone have any suggestions? The only thing I can do is cancel I cannot breed my horses.
  12. As title explains, I can't breed my tier 3 hawk with my tier 1 hawk. there's no option to add the other once I put 1 of them in.

    >EDIT< Apperently the tier has to be -1 or +1 and not -2 or + 2.

    A +1 can't breed with a +3 
    but A +2 can breed with a + 3
  13. Hey there! I made this worksheet for myself to stay organized with my horse breeding and thought I would share.
    I am by no means an expert at using excel at all, I just figured I would share it for people who may not understand how to use excel, aren't very organized themselves, or maybe just don't want to take the time to put one together. If you already have your own set up just ignore this
    It's pretty basic, and I have some minor instructions on the Horse Breeding sheet for you to use. They're tips that I use, but you're more than welcome to use the spreadsheet however way you want.
    I use this mainly to keep track of my horses and their levels, tiers, locations, ect. I DON'T have a deaths tab because I personally don't breed horses with any deaths. That's something you can add if you want. The breeding tab itself isn't super complex. I personally just paste horses on and then delete them off that sheet once they've been exchanged.
    There is also a sheet in there that has little pictures for almost all of the available horses in game for you if you like to put the picture in the table. I don't have ALL the horses but I'm pretty sure I have most.
    Anyway, feel free to ask any questions!
    Horse Breeding Template Example.xlsx
    Horse Breeding Template.xlsx
  14. I have a few questions regarding horses, wagons, and PvP. I considered putting this in the PvP forum, but since this is really about horses being killed by players, I felt it'd be more appropriate here.
    So, here are the questions:
    - Can a player kill a horse owned by another player?
    - Can a player kill a wagon owned by another player?
    I am assuming the answer to the above is "yes", but I've never heard of either actually happening.
    - If you can indeed kill another player's horse, will the horse be penalized; i.e., will it have a death added to its death counter? I've read here that it doesn't count, but I'd like a confirmation, as I don't really trust information from January.
    - If a wagon is destroyed by another player, will the wagon suffer any real penalties; i.e., will it have its lifespan shortened? Also, what happens to any attached horses?
  15. Hi! So i've been breeding my horses for some time now and haven't had any problems with it TIL NOW *pout*
    As i want to register my T4 male horse, it says i have no energy. My energy was full. I tried using evergy to see if it moved. It did. I tried closing the game. Tried using another character and tried changing server. I still have ''No energy'' to breed.
    Anyone exp this?   
  16. So I've been breeding horses to see what I get out of just lvl 1 tier 2's... I haven't gotten a female from breeding and combining yet and I've done it at least 10 times. Is there possibly a glitch, or do higher level parents increase chance of having a female foal?
    I can find female horses in the wild no problem, the issue is that they don't seem to ever be born if I breed.
  17. Post on Horse Tiers in General

    By narunekogi, posted
    Just wondering what the maximum horse tier is at the moment for the NA/EU client. In the wild you can find Tier 1 and Tier 2 only and it's quite different in the other clients so I'm guessing not all tiers have even made it into the game yet. Or am I wrong and you made it just simply harder to get to Tier 8? Having to breed from 1 or 2 to a maximum of 8. Thanks.
  18. Post on Mule / Hinny in Suggestions

    By ShyGuySpirit, posted
    I haven't got that far yet, but I notice that there aren't any mules  or hinnies in the game. I mule will be great for those that want something close to the speed of a horse, but can carry close to the amount of a donkey. A mule is an offspring of a Female Horse and a Male Donkey. A hinny  is an offspring of a Male Horse and a Female Donkey. Both the Mule and Hinny are sterile. They can have a speed that is in-between that of the donkey and a horse, have around 3 inventory slots and weight limit between the donkey and horse. The skills can be whatever the donkey have.
    This will be nice, because the donkey is pretty slow, but the horse only has 1 slot. I know that are carts you can buy, I just want to suggest more options for mounts. Consider there is horse breeding in the game and you have horses and donkeys.
  19. Post on Horse Breeding in General

    By narunekogi, posted
    So I bred my first horse and everything went well, easy to understand but I'm wondering about the aftermath. 1 Male that can breed once and 1 Female that can breed twice. Ok, easy.
    Bred, got my foal. Now it says "Complete" on my Male horse and I can't reset it. Now how do I remove this horse from my stable? I don't need it anymore, I have no use of it anymore, the only option available for me with the horse is reset the breeding count which I obviously can't and don't want to. HELP!
  20. Hi,
    ein sichtbarer Countdown im Stall fürs Horse exchangen wäre super hilfreich und auch nur ein recht kleines, bestimmt umsetzbares Feature. Sitze hier gerade und frage mich, wie lange ich wohl noch warten muss. Natürlich nicht überlebenswichtig, aber es wäre ganz angenehm.
  21. I am making this thread for players to suggest different breeds of (cats/dogs/birds/etc) for Loot pets that they would like to see in-game. Along with Horse breeds/colors we have yet to see in game. Even suggest different colors for cat breeds that already exist in the cash shop. (example being  Orange tabby cat or Tuxedo cat, black pugs etc )
    Please be realistic with your suggestions, for example don't go asking for mini purple elephants.(as cool as that may be i doubt it would happen)
    My Suggestions are as follows;
    Loot pets;
    -Red fox (I know theres foxes ingame as mobs but i can dream. )

    -Artic Fox

    -Tuxedo Cat

    Calico Cat

    Australian Shepherd

    Bernese Mountain Dog

    Crow or Raven

    I have more Suggestions but I believe this post has gotten too long with the pictures, so these are my top "picks". (I might post more later in a different post.)