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  1. See here: http://imgur.com/a/8ku33
    I've just finished up a nodewar on the node Altinova Gateway to find a guild using this absolutely bullshit location. PA specifically design the Node War Grid to ensure that most locations like this are unusable, but it seems they missed a spot here. Please spread this far and wide so it's fixed!
    (also, fix valk shield plz)
  2. DK is receiving significantly way less damage than many other classes.
    Tested with a lvl 58 DK with 263 DP | Musa lvl 60 273 DP | Zerker lvl 60 283 DP | Wizard lvl 60 273 DP
    (no evasion items via crystals, jewelry etc.) 
    (all members had full boss gear) 
    (Approximately 50 rounds or trials were performed on each participant) (standing w/ No KD) (with KD)
    The lvl 58 DK had a very consistent average about 150-250 more HP than the Wizard & Musa 
    The DK had an average of 100-150 HP more than the Zerker
    I want to know if anyone else has done some experimenting and with other classes as this is what we had available at the time.
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/134494122

    Front Guard to Chakram Crash is not working.

    Delighted Blast Does animation, We get cooldown..Skill does not fire.
  4. After patch 5th April, today..just now I went to kill first mob. Wandering Rogue Den, I'm lvl 59 awakening AP 218.
    So..surprise within 10 minute that my patience lasted - I farm mobs there twice longer then before patch and I even had TRI weapon switched to TET (should go faster then before ain't it, even if little) Breezy Blade swiped one hit...now Im like 80 y old ranger trying to compete with my grandchildren in long jumping. What was changed (im not number smart, detail wiz) with patch? Why after 10min I just gonna quit this mob killing and not come back to it. Rangers were not super grinders to begin with, why and what was broken now?
    Any explanation to the dummie?
  5. I have no idea what is going on. When I first started playing it worked fine and now it says it failed to read the launcher version. If someone knows the fix to this please tell me.
  6. Alright, I've noticed this little thing that's a royal pain in the arse. I like my character to look at the camera for screenshot purposes, but with this I really can't.
    Anyone know how to fix it? I tried on other people's outfits to see if it was just mine, but theirs did it as well. The only time it fixes itself is when you restore to the default model.
    Here's what I'm getting when I try :')

  7. The golden chest that spawns inside the goblin cave spawned whilst i was fighting Giath, however when i went over to loot it using my golden key that i had on me, the chest has no interaction option at all. It has been 15 minutes since its first spawned and now several other players have arrived all attempting to loot the chest and none of them can either

  8. Post on Please fix kuno! in In-Game Bugs

    By KingXRay, posted
    So far ever since i started game, I start with kuno first thing already experience annoying bugs
    - double jump and press w+f to dash forward will causing you stuck in the air and increase height fall damage
    - stealth will not work when you have awakening weapon at your back
    - smokescreen combo to stealth does not always work
    - while stealth sometime you are not allowed to use heart aiming with pressing space
    - flash slash does not give invincible, it is a skill that will let you die, DO NOT USE IT!
    - ghost step w+f most of the time does not give more distance than w+w but giving you lv1 skill distance instead of lv3
    - ghost step cooldown is incorrect as saying 1sec but actually it is 1.3-1.5sec instead
    - enemy grab or sorc spinning will go through block jump sometime and causing you become invisible, still can attack while being grabbed LOL
    - lunar dash with add on buffs on hit will not give you buffs when fighting world boss 80% of time

    It seriously need fixes
  9. Post on Transport system in General

    By remilafo, posted
    Is anyone else having issue with the Transport/shipping system in the game?
    It's been hours and my parcels are still sitting in veilia destined for Heidel.
  10. For some reason I can only play for about 10 minutes and then I can't do anything. Chat still works I can see people running around but when I try and move... I move forward and then it skips back to where I was. Can't use skills either.
    I turned off the new feature for fps no go. If I log out and back in it's okay for a 5 min and goes back to the same deal.
    Played GW2 to see maybe if it's my card it runs fine. Ran repair on the game no luck,
    GTX770 windows 10 64bit, Also in Vancouver on Shaw.
  11. Please make it so we can disable these three UI elements.  I have never used them in my life. All they are doing is breaking immersion for low UI players. The one on the top right can't even be moved around. The interface is the first thing people see when they play your game. Make it work for the players.
    EDIT: You also do not have the option to disable the 'high level equipment' element. This is ridiculous.

  12. As of right now the item "Emergency Medical Kit" which can be bought from any General Goods Vendor is broken. I am not saying that the whole item is broken because the idea of the item is great and it works really good in sieges or node wars. However, the fact that people not participating in the siege or node war are able to revive people that do participate is just broken and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I am not here to cause conflict so I will just be talking about guild A, B and C but this happend last night at a siege in EU. So.. Guild A is at war with Guild B in the siege and they are fighting eachother in a 1v1 for the victory. Members of Guild C who are not participating in the siege are watching the siege from a short distance. Guild A wipes Guild B outside their fort and rushes to their fort to destroy it and claim the victory. Guild members of Guild C, let me state it again they are not participating in this siege, they strike and bring out their kits to revive members of Guild A because they don't want guild B to win. For whatever reason that may be, anyway.. This means that a guild that doesn't participate at a siege can have a huge influence on the progress and the outcome of a siege. This is so broken that it really needs to be fixed, it's only 10 people reviving others now but next time it's a mercenary guild of 60 that are hired to do this kind of stuff. 
  13. -Guest Book Broken
    -Saying Of The Day Broken
  14. When I heard about this "New World" update, I was exited. The benefits that could come with such an idea are great (expanded market, more players ect). However, I did not anticipate the toxicity and down right idiocy of some of the Black Desert player base. Its not even just myself that have noticed it, just look through the forums a little.

    Lets just put this into perspective with my first day of new world. Since launch I have run the same horse training loop around hiedel. I understand that I leave the safe zone in this loop but I have not been attacked or killed ONCE in the entire time since launch.

    1 day into new world, killed after 5 minutes.

    Looks in chat, filled with trolls and scum.

    If you're so keen on improving your game and bringing players together, you need to do it properly. Give us a way to report the trolls that isnt taking screenshots and opening tickets. do it IN game. If you want to keep your respectable and decent players (of which there are many) this needs to be sorted ASAP

  15. Pretty simple really.  Shadow Clone and Floor Sweeping say they have "Down Smash" in their tooltips, but in truth they do not have a Down Smash effect at all.
    I can provide video evidence if necessary, but anyone with a Kunoichi can test this for themselves.
  16. I'm trying to make a new character, but when I get to the face shape adjusting the sliders are stuck and the face isn't highlighted so I am unable to adjust the facial features. Also, when I press "reset all" the game crashes. Has anyone else had this problem or know why it's doing this?
  17. I so far gone through a whole Balenos fishing rod and into next for a couple hours now and got Zero (0) Ancient Relic Crystal Shards since after patch today.
    I asked around, and so far noone else haven't had any either.

    I however had a bunch of keys and fish.

    This feels like something is broken, or they removed ancient relic shards from fishing without telling us?

    How about you guys? You had any since patch from fishing? And if you are which server, channel and places you been fishing on? This is on Croxus Velia C1 this going down on.
    I get at least 3-6 during a whole dura of a rod, this never ever happened before. Since others also experience this on server it raises questions of course.
  18. Post on How to re-download?? in General

    By K00zyk, posted
    Hey guys, I haven't been on in a while... like a few months... 
    I decided to go on to catch up a bit and rind some more, got the new patch on, and the game freezes at the start-up screen that's back and says "kakao games" 
    The game stops responding and I tried leaving it there, but it doesn't go anywhere. I want to go to the site and re-download the game but I can't figure it out, can someone put a link in where I can get the game again without having to buy it again?? 

  19. I would really want a GM response to this issue that many of us have been facing across all servers.
    There have been heavily noticeable FPS drops and insane desync in BDO recently, and the game has been feeling very sluggish. This has only occured after the recent patch and I feel that this MUST be addressed right now. This problem has been known to be happening all throughout the world, from EU, to Australia, to Canada, and to the US.  I have yet to see an official response or confirmation that a fix is on it's way. I have not been able to pvp or pve efficiently since this problem has risen and would like the community to raise awareness about this problem. 
    It has come to my attention that developers are constantly trying to fix the problem, however nothing is working so far. I have been told certain internet nodes are having problems, causing this desync. Also, FPS problems may be due to the added trees, lighting effects from the Halloween event, and new textures that came with the October 12th patch. The best we can do now is wait and hope for a fix.
    CURRENT STATUS: Possibly Fixed. (10/26/16) *Desync MAY have stopped, please fill this out: http://www.strawpoll.me/11510780*
    I do not see wagon/horse rubberbanding anymore as well as player rubberbanding. Lag is still apparent due to falling leaves animation and ocean. Thanks for all the support on this post for making it happen. -RemRam
    Please post the following on this post: (Requested by GM_Dew)
    Your server and channelApproximate date/time you are experiencing a lot of desyncYour countryYour ISPUpdate 1: GM_Dew response on page 2: https://gyazo.com/73238f62d2c3b97e83900f10bb6b110e ,
    Update 2: GM_Caramel has responded to me saying that she hopes for a reply later in the week.
    Update 3: GM_Salome has responded saying that "the more devs know, the better and hopefully sooner they will be able to respond" and "it might not be ready just yet due to the time difference to Korea". 
    Update 4: GM_Salome has told me that they have checked in with the developers for any new updates, but sadly there isn't any yet. Also Salome has told me that this issue has been marked as high priority in order to get a faster fix. GM_Dew has responded on page 7 with the following message: https://gyazo.com/52d076e67507c151d78c4b8e0fa3b633
    Update 5: GM_Dew has notified us that developers have applied some change to "fix" the problem, however no one has seen any difference so far. 
    Update 6: 10/19/16 patch came out today, so far no change. 
    Update 7: 10/26/16 patch applied, not sure if desync is fixed for all. NEW strawpoll: http://www.strawpoll.me/11510780
    Regarding FPS drops:
    Live Strawpoll: http://www.strawpoll.me/11436927 (With recent results, closing in on 400 total votes with almost 93% of players who voted saying that they are experiencing the stated issues.)
    Reddit Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/57kekl/please_bring_awareness_to_lagdesync/
    Screenshot of players discussing problem: https://gyazo.com/49619729cc8821b9544fa2e8b93fe0fc , https://gyazo.com/4e0eb01a7ea80b72c9d2db9569569e39 , https://gyazo.com/73de24fd2234f18fd4eec76c67dc1025 
    Examples of this problem: (More videos are welcomed showcasing this problem)

    **As we can see through multiple sources of evidence, desync is occurring throughout all servers, not limited by ISP, region, nor computer specs. Post will be updated with videos/evidence as I receive more.**

    Keep an eye on the ranger 2:03 of video
    Another case of wagon/horse twitch and rubberband.
  20. Hi, I purchased 2 Calpheon Worker Lodging +2.
    I used them but I dont have extra lodging and I'd like to know why this is not working.
  21. Hi,
    Today I wanted to claim the Day 25 - Master Worker Contract reward. When you click on it you get the pop-up if you really want to claim it. You can hit <enter> to accept or to decline. I accepted. The icon on the Claim Reward Menu then gets the "Claimed Seal".
    However, the contract is not in my inventory, not in my mailbox, not anywhere. Nor is there a worker added to my worker list whatsoever. The item just disappeared, or rather, never appeared in my inventory to begin with. The other login rewards that gave contracts (day 4, 11, 18) where "box" icons with the name Contract Box, however day 25 just says: Contract Bundle.
    Where is this suppose to show, it did not do anything for me and it was the login reward (next to the boss reward) that I looked the most forward to because it states you can get a <MASTER> purple quality worker which is unique since artisan is the highest in the game for us to obtain normaly. But now the reward is gone T___T
    Some background information, I was standing still when I claimed the reward, I was in a safe zone (Heidel), and I was not on any mount or transportation. I did not receive anything in my inventory, all other claims have gone to the inventory so far. Currently have 48 workers, those are my own workers I already had prior to today.
    Please help, I really want my login reward!!!
    Thank you for your time!

  22. Post on Fix Harpoons! in Suggestions

    By BastiHard, posted
    Its been what 1 an 1/2 months harpooning has been broken for. It may not be popular but an entire activity being broken for that long is a bit silly. Can we at least get an update on whats going on?
  23. If you awaken (skill-addon) Abyssal Flame, the awakening effects do not apply to Abyssal Flame 3 unless the skill is off cooldown; while Abyssal Flame I, and II the skill addons effect regardless of the skills cooldown timer. 

    All other skills in the game effect as long as they are cast, so far this is the only skill I've run across that does this. Will continue testing other skills now that I know this about Abyssal Flame.

    Edit: After more testing, it seems that it DOES apply one cooldown, but only somtimes; just sorta sat there and spammed it and every now and then the MP drain effect would happen; but not on every hit, just once every 3-4 Abyssal flame activates it, only only for 1 of it's 3 hits. Whereas I almost max my MP back out with a single abyssal Flame I every single time.

    @GM_Dew @CM_Aethon
  24. Post on Titium Valley issues in PVE

    By TotallyRad, posted
    I have a level 9 node with S knowledge on all the mortars and kamasilve active for almost twenty hours of farming. I'm lucky to get two gear pieces to drop during a session. Haven't seen a scroll in days. I get maybe 3 black stones an hour. 3 helmets per mob kill if I'm lucky. 
    I had a 5 or 6 rank before Blackstone event and only one monster with S. I would walk out with several scrolls and many pairs of Rocaba Shoes and more helmets to vendor than you can shake a stick at. 
    Anyone else having issues? Like... where the hell  is my loot?
  25. the 7 day Kamasilve's Blessing says it gives Energy Recovery +2, I am still only getting +1 energy every 3 minutes. I have looked at it tick for 9 minutes and only gained 3 energy. Please fix this.