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  1. Hi,
     I am having an issue that I cannot see other players skill effects, even thought i have "Remove others' effects" and "Remove distant ones' effects" disabled.
     Deleting my game cache like the website suggested fixed it for a very short amount of time and then it just stopped displaying them again.
     Is there a fix to this known bug?
    Any more info you need, just ask
  2. Post on Kunoichi's basic walk awakening in Kunoichi

    By Karzael, posted
    Hi all, i'm a kuno player for several month  now ( and i won't give up cause i love the class <3 ), the reason behind this post is to complain about one little bug that drive me mad, the basic movement of the kuno don't stop instantly when you release the movement key ( zqsd for instance ) when in awakening.
    Am i the only one that it drive crazy ? I can't efficiently perfom double tap dodge.
    PS : BTW i'm not english and really tired this morning so please forgive me if it's not really clear
  3. Since the last patch there has been a bug when I try to afk train my horses with a wagon. I set up my Auto Loop, watch a full cycle to make sure I am not getting stuck on anything and then go off to work. When I get back my character is just standing in the middle of the road quite a ways off from my wagon. This has happened every time I try to train with a wagon after the patch (dont know about a single horse). Here is a video from another bug report (but with bad English hardly understandable) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDQkJBV32K4&feature=youtu.be
    Please fix this! I work 90 hours a week and have practically no time to actively play, so afk is the only way I can get anything done, and it is really frustrating when I make no progress for a week due to this bug. 
  4. Hey Leute,
    ich habe gestern angefangen meine maximale Energie mit Bücherregalen aufzustocken (also twinks lesen lassen) und festgestellt das es da einen "bug" bzw ein Problem gibt...wenn man auf einem bestimmten channel die twinks lesen lässt kann man beim erneuten einloggen auch nur genau diesen wieder betreten. Ich hab gestern so oft channels aufgrund von worldbossen gewechselt und keine ahnung mehr auf welchem ich letztendlich meine twinks habe.
    Meine Frage ist also kann man irgendwie nachschauen (gibt es vielleicht eine Datei oder so) auf welchem Channel ich war bevor ich das spiel geschlossen habe? oder komm ich nicht drum herum das per ticket von einem Gm fixen zu lassen?
    PS: Nein man sieht keine gesperrten channel und nur der eine ist offen wie normalerweise bei den 15min sperre da meine twinks ja quasi noch ingame sind und ich herausfinden muss wo
    danke im vorraus an alle die sich die zeit nehmen mir zu antworten

    EDIT/FIXED: Hab nun einfach in der zwischenzeit alle channel durch probiert bist der richtige dabei war, andere lösungen habe ich hier im Forum bisher noch nicht gelesen scheinbar gibts da keine alternative. Dauert nur sehr lange da man nach jedem versuch neu starten muss. Naja kann den thread nun nicht mehr löschen falls jemand doch noch was dazu weiß gerne bescheid sagen
    Ambesten schreibt euch den Channel auf damit das nicht noch mehr leuten passiert!
  5. Post on Non-daily 'dailies'? in General

    By Witchblade, posted
    I've not seen a lot of my quests for a few days now. Calpheon dailies, the mansha 200cont hunting stuff.
    I've also not had the black spirit hand me any scrolls for some time.
    Aren't those supposed to be dailies? Am I misunderstanding something about the quest system?

    Note: I'm talking about the daily 200contribution point given by the soliders in the ditch next to Mansha Forest.
  6. https://youtu.be/v_xyzsAcrFs 
    Dark Knigh - Knot  visual bug. 
  7. Please link GMs/CMs to for senpai to notice.

    I escaped, made a ticket, etc. It is possible to die in the sea under; you will not lose stuff since you are in the arena, but you have to use the escape function.
  8. I was doing Black Stone chain quest in Altinova into Altinova Mines/Quarry I noticed putting auto path to my quest location I got stuck several times 
  9. The terrain texture will blink from normal to.. soft? I have had this bug since the last patch and my settings haven't changed. It blinks more when I move than when I stand still.

  10. Verursacht beim Würfelspiels (Abenteuer des Schwarzgeist) das der Ton verzerrt ist.
  11. Moin,

    ich spiele erst seit wenigen Wochen BDO, habe mich nun doch für die Dunkelklinge als Main entschieden.Bin jetzt Lvl 37 und stehe vor einem großen, nervigem Problem.
    Ich habe nun die Quest "Verwalter der Fördermühle" angenommen.Sobald ich aber mit Darius, im englischen wohl Dawson sprechen will, verweist mich dieser weiter zu Jordine (Großhofmeister in Heidel).Ok, gesagt getan, zurückgelatscht zu Mr. Perfect....der nichts als Standardsätze für mich hat, gehe ich nun wieder zu Darius sagt der mir erneut, dass ich nicht seine tollen Vorraussetzungen erfülle und doch mit Jordine reden soll -.-. Ich will doch einfach nur spielen und das stört gerade meinen Spielfluss doch deutlich.Bei Jordine steht auch, dass ich für ein Gespräch noch 3mal Wissen in Politik I brauche....die meisten NPCs dazu befinden sich aber wohl in Calpheon und ich habe wirklich keinen Bock drauf mich mit jedem davon zu befreunden, Regale im AH seh ich dazu momentan auch nicht, falls man darüber überhaupt wirklich Wissen aufbauen kann....ich muss doch nicht ernsthaft in der Weltgeschichte rumgurken, nur um mit dem Hochwohlgeborenem Herrn reden zu können, oder ? Ich meine Gespräche waren doch nur notwendig, um eine Freundschaft aufzubauen...die sind hoffentlich nicht (Haupt-)questrelevant ?

    Hab auch schon versucht die Quest nochmal neu anzunehmen, passiert dasselbe.Den Client dürfte ich jetzt auch mindestens 5mal bemüht haben.
    Ich frage mich ob es ein Bug ist oder ich etwas sehr Wichtiges übersehen habe.
    Hat sich nun doch fix gelöst...habe Jordine todgegrüßt und bin dann hoffnungsvoll doch noch mal zu Darius, hatte Jordine wohl mal bestohlen und deswegen -100 Freundschaft bei ihm. ^^ Aber interessant, dass es anscheinend Quest blockieren kann, wenn man jemanden hat, der einen nicht mag....Asiaten und ihre Beziehungsspiele.
  12. With the toggle "Throw away useless items caught during auto-fishing" checked, I'm losing fish!
    I noticed this a few days ago when I was doing a fishing quest at Splashing Point. I was supposed to be getting Crawfish and Perch. I caught a few, which went into my bag, and then I went off to do other stuff so I set the toggle on and went afk. When I came back, the quest had updated the count by a few but I didn't have any more of those fish in my inventory. I thought it odd, but carried on as they started appearing in my bags again.
    Today it's happened again. I'm on the quest "Helping Pilava Island" and have apparently caught 4/25 sand eels without any showing in my bag. I had the useless items toggle on and, when I checked, my fishing pole was at 50/65. When I turn the toggle off, I start getting fish again! 
  13. Hi. Today I wanted to go to Pirates. When I took out my boardship from Velia I was bugged. I was in the air. I was trying to used escape option but it doesnt works. Also after a few secs, I was dead and I pressed to revive in the town, i was in the same bugged location in the air. After my 2th death I finnally was to the near node. But I lost 2% exp and and my crystal =( 

  14. Changing channels did not resolve the bug, could be a wrong texture seeing as there are 2 rocks nearby and no dirt mounds.C
  15. @GM Felaxus @GM_Axion I have been attempting to cook beer as I typically do. I am using the proper indigents (5 potatoes, 2 leavening agents, 1 sugar (regular sugar not raw sugar), and 6 mineral water). But I keep getting the message seems like something isnt working, or wrong combination of items.

  16. There is only three dye slots on this costume, and all three of them take up more then one color on the armor. For example the dye slot I show in the picture dyes the armor and the cape at the same time, while in default color they have two different colors. Please fix, this costume looks really nice imo and I would love to dye it better.

  17. I received a T5 horse, one week ago, but once I log in today, he isn't anywhere to be found, he don't even appear in the stable as injured, what should I do to recover him?
  18. My friend has been having trouble playing this game. As seen in the attached screenshot you can see the character creation menu overlapping some other menus. The character itself is also absent. If anyone out there knows what the problem may be, please help.
    Note: game has been installed 4 seperate times on his pc, but the bug stays.
    UPDATE:seems that some of the recent drivers cause this to happen.

  19. A lot recently I have been having problem with auto pathing and at some point my character will in the middle of a the road and my wagon will be quite far from the character. I assume that it would be my wifi, but my it isnt as I play this game without hitting a loading screen. I tried seeing the effect of this and when I autopath multiple times and the the results are4 at least in a 10 minutes I would hit  a loading sceeen. 
  20. The tier 2 house in Tarif only gives 1 extra lodging instead of 2, I bought a mediah worker expansion slot and had 2 worker slots in tarif, then i bought the lodging house up to tier 2, now i have only 4 instead of 5. PLEASE FIX
    in altinova i have a similar problem. im missing 1 worker slot 

  21. I have all 3 lodging houses in velia, together they shouls give 7 worker slots, with the free worker slot every city has there should be 8 worker slots in velia, instead i only have 6. THIS is only possible if the TIER 2 lodging houses in velia give only 1 worker slot instead of 2. I tested that by getting a tier 2 lodging in Toscani farm. And i found out that the tier 2 lodging houses in Balenos give only 1 extra worker slot instead of 2. PLeASE FIX THAT

  22. Lumber Jack Area in The Moutains. 
  23. So fun fact, if you mount heilang during a duel people can no longer target you while you can still dmg them. It's only during duels. and only while mounted on heilang but I thought I might post it here to c if anyone would be able to record it. My toaster can't take running anything other than bdo or I'll start a house fire.