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  1. I found a new bug in the quest with the title [LV.32] Testing a New Weapon.
    You get this quest from a NPC at the Delphe Knights Castle.
    *The objective is to cross the bridge and blow up some rocks. Pick up the shattered rock and bring it back to him.
    How to reproduce the bug:
    1) You cross the bridge where you find the rocks. Pick one (doesn't matter) and talk to the rock to "blow it up".
    2) After the explosion pick up the Shattered Rock.
    3) Walk back to the NPC and drop the rock near him. 
    You will remain "stuck" then, instead of being able to walk freely and/or talk to the NPC.
    This bug seems to be 100% reproducable. As I have tried to relog 5x and I keep getting this bug.
    Finally here is the screenshot.
    Please reward me kindly  (Like more playtime on Olivia servers).

  2. Hello guys, I was fishing around in the Wandering Rogue Den to get some knowledge from fishes, since I fell down a mountain and didn't know how to go up again, I wanted to drown myself (and I discovered that you can't actually die by drowing, if you stuck the character undersea and wait until the blue bar finishes, nothing happens, it only pushes you up to the surface if you unstuck yourself), so I went undersea and things happened:
    Undersea bug video, I can't explain what is going on!
  3. Greetings.
    In the past few days I wanted to get the knowledge on the Brown Seaweed (Life Skills/Primary Products/Seaweeds); I used 4 magic hoes, that means at least 1000 gathering sessions, and I did not get the knowledge. I managed to get the knowledge of all other seaweeds in a few (at most 20) tries. As far as I see, it is bugged and cannot be obtained right now. Could you look into it?
  4. i can't hide my helmet i pressed the button in my inventory "head gear settings" tried to reset my ui /reloadui restart the game, it's only for my outfit pls help??

  5. How can I kill or drop from the horse a afk trainer with this bugged musket?

    @GM_Dew could you fix please?

  6. Post on Again a FPS thread in General

    By Xxy, posted
    Hello people, I have a problem with fps and I saw some threads but I never found a fix.
    So my pc is good enaught for bdo for sure:
    i5 7600k, gtx 1080ti, 16GB 
    I set the Xbox dvr thing to 0 and I dont know what to do, I get random fps drops, even in empty cities, but most of the time at the storage, does anyone know a real fix?

  7. Despite what the stat sheet says many people have confirmed these cannons are bugged and do the same damage at the exact same enhancement level except stat wise the blue cannons should be doing close to double the damage to the green cannons.
    I have to also do more testing on the dp of the blue set to green set to cause so far this also seems somewhat bugged killing sea monsters like Hekarus and ocean stalkers.
    Is this a bug or is this intentional as there is a superior battle sailboat with 4 cannons coming as to make the current sailboat appear super weak?

  8. So i found it cat fish waterfall teksture bug. 

    Lok at this .

  9. Post on Weird Problem in Technical Issues

    By Lau Lau, posted
    Hello, this keeps happening to me after being online for a while (about 1h). Why? And how do I fix this? Do I have to re-install the game?

  10. After the latest patch 26 of april, weapon swapping on warriors are now bugged.
    This bug first occured in Korea, and they had to hotfix it very quickly.
    On our version they patched the bugged version instead of the hotfixed KR version, so now we are left with the same major bug with weapon swap on warriors.
    Someone else made a video that explains the bug here:
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Kabz @CM_Praballo @CM_Serenity @CM_Tytyes
    Can we please have this fixed ASAP like korean version? Since it makes weapon swapping laggy and clunky as hell now
  11. Post on Armor Glitch in In-Game Bugs

    By Warshade Z, posted
    I have this issue where, for whatever reason, my screen will go black for about 5-10sec and then afterward my skin clips thru my armor - and if I swap any gear after that, the dye will go back to its default color.  The only thing that I can do to reset it...is restart the game.

    Anyone else having this issue?

  12. Hat das noch jemand, das da #Name? steht?
    Ich habe das bei fast allen Ausrüstbaren items. Sehe das auch bei verlinkten items im Chat.
  13. Post on Witch Hair bug in In-Game Bugs

    By LunaLiddell, posted
    witch hair has no physics and cant even edit the shape in the beauty shop.
  14. My game has crashed twice tonight, ive use the repair file from the launcher twice. It worked for a while and then crashed again after being repaired. Has anyone else experienced this?

    I tried looking up the fixes for this, but when I go to my log file location there is no file with PAD#####.paz or paz in my most recent log.
    Ok restarted my computer, game loaded, I selected channel and clicked enter on my character. Error popped up again but this time it restarted my computer......what is going on???
    So I have deleted the PAD#####.paz giving me an error, game worked for about 10 minutes, then it crashed again. This time being a different PAD#####.paz so I deleted that one again. 

    I also rolled back my graphics card update (I have Nvidia 970 SC) because I read Nvidia gives problems with BDO as well. Still no solution yet.....

    This is only a gaming computer I play on, I only use it for gaming, and pretty much any site relevant to the game I am player (somethinglovely.com and forums), now however, it will kill my web pages.

    If this next PAD delete crashed again I am going to try a system restore to see if that might help. 

    Note: I was literally playing BDO earlier with no error, this just started happening once I came home from class and opened up BDO after minimizing it for AFK processing.
    Update Day 2: GM contacted me told me to check RAM, Exclude BDO directory from AVG, Make BDO files open on windows firewall for in and out.

    Ram Mem test, all good.
    Excluded the BDO directory for AVG and Added everything to windows Firewall.

    Still getting 'File Corrupt' errors. I even blue screened after doing the next step (after doing the above). I deleted the PAD#####.paz file from the log file that showed the error. Deleted version.dat and repatched from the launcher, from the launcher my computer blue screened.

    Since then I have asked my guildies from the game to send me the PAD file causing the error (so far I am up to 3 different PAD errors), but when they searched their Paz folder, that PAD file was not in their directory.

    I have also deleted and uninstalled the game (uninstall does not remove everything so I deleted the remaining files not removed from uninstall) and reinstalled the game. Still getting file corrupts.

    I was able to log in once today so far (I set the game to compatibility mode, I read doing this helps resolve the blue screen) and the game was playing at 14 FPS on medium settings. I usually play the game on High and Slighty High in the 60 FPS range.

    Please if anyone is currently having this problem and resolved it let me know, my last ditch effort is to wipe my computer and start fresh, which I do not want to do because of the time involved to re-download everything.

  15. Sorry for bad quality but this need to be shown, Now that the patch has allowed the mutant ogre to be killed we tried to kill it in eu, little did we know this boss is a mess, Constant teleporting, teleports outside its spawn and resets, repeat resets for 1-2mins and then he's ok again but 40+ minutes of resetting later alot of people are angry, this needs to be fixed asap
    https://youtu.be/a79-SjIEgEc -Proof
  16. When I hopped on today I noticed a drastic decrease in my blasting gust(q spam damage) I went to grind and used it on a single target normally I would 1 to 3 shot the things but now it was like 7 to 10 shots none of my gear has changed!!!
    I then tested it against a player and they said as well it seems weaker and I duel them all the time!!!
    I then decided to hop into red battlefield to find out the poke damage I had on my ranger was completely gone!!!
    The q spam though weak is what makes a ranger stay at range and when I cannot do any damage with it whatsoever why am I playing the class!!!
    Please fix this bug ASAP and also consider making rangers less of mana hogs as there is no reason for every class in the game to use hardly any and then I have to spend a huge chunk of  my money on mana pots!
    Most MMOs Mages should be using Pots way more then ranger especially when they can 1 shot an entire team!
  17. Post on Bug ? in Tamer

    By CrazyEsP, posted
    Dueling today at calpheon with some friends happened something that ive never saw.
    Tamer mini pet , leave a coment please ( no jokes 100 % real )
  18. Hallo zusammen,
    Kann es sein, dass Zäune automatisch an NPCs zurückgegeben werden, wenn man sich längere Zeit nicht um einen Garten kümmert ?
    Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob es sich um einen Bug handelt, aber alle meine vier Gärten sind verschwunden, samt Pflanzen. Drei Zäune waren geliehen und einen hatte ich durch eine Quest bekommen. Ist jemandem schon mal etwas ähnliches passiert oder sollte ich mich damit direkt an den Support wenden ?
  19. As I stated, I'm a new player. I clicked play then created a family name I liked, and clicked continue. It said "processing" or whatever it says when you create a new name, for like 15 minutes and then I gave up and closed out of it. Then reopened it and tried to use that same name and it says it's taken. But technically its not, because I'm the one who created it and now I can't use it. What can I do?
  20. when i close BDO my windows tiles in the home menu don't respond anymore so if i click one nothing happens and the hover animation from them is gone. the only way to fix this is to restart my pc and i dont want to do that every time i close the game.
    does anyone know a fix fot this?
    thanks in advance:)
  21. Hallo,
    ich habe mit meiner Bändigerin immer wieder mal das Problem:

    der Skill zum schnellen Sprinten mit SHIFT+Leertaste geht einfach nicht mehr, er friert ein.
    Ist das ein Bug oder ist das ... ja?
    Über Feedback würde ich mich freuen
  22. I've got the Sin Terrna Premium costume on my DK,but the default stockings are missing,if i go to Dye window i can see and dye them(have done so),if i open the shop i can see them,i can see other players stockings too,but i can't see my characters stockings(dont have underwear), ive also tried changing the graphical settings to see if that is the issue but it doesn't seem so.
  23. Title. I'm currently in Epheria trying to craft a Fishing Boat.
    - Yes, i have enough materials (more than enough) in the Epheria storage.
    - Yes, my workers are from, and lodged in Epheria
    The crafting section will ALWAYS say "Not enough ingredients in storage". Example: 0/25 Bronze Ingots, but i have 50 in storage.
    Anyone know a fix?? Thanks.
  24. Title. I'm currently in Epheria trying to craft a Fishing Boat.
    - Yes, i have enough materials (more than enough) in the Epheria storage.
    - Yes, my workers are from, and lodged in Epheria
    The crafting section will ALWAYS say "Not enough ingredients in storage". Example: 0/25 Bronze Ingots, but i have 50 in storage.
    Anyone know a fix?? Thanks.
  25. when I was sailing near the Hope Ferry, I have been teleported to the hope Ferry node by a system. I can not find my sailboat, and I can not do collection because I have a lot Ratt trade items. Can any GM teleport my sailboat and character to the port of Altinova?