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  1. I tried to see how it works since it "should" prolong your stay underwater, ... as I have said "should".
    Best thing is that devs don't even as much as give a flying f--k about such issues since their main target is to sell as many shark outfits as possible, so why would we need functional ingame gear right?
    ... I miss this part of Guild Wars 2 ... you jsut bought a scuba set and could dive for as long as necessary. In here, anything underwater is just pain, especialy that your character turns into a truck underwater for some reason or rather tries to mimick it with the movements. ... I like to swim and I normally feel free in the pool since oyu can go in any direction ... BUT! Maybe all water in this game is made of pudding!? ¯\_(° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
  2. Yeah so this happened...
    if dis is Nover buff, plz don't gibs it to Red Nose as well QAQ (His contagious sneezing is gud enuf)
    (On a serious note, CM/GM plz feedback to game devs. I can replace (some) crystals but doesn't mean I want to ;3 )
  3. So what's the dealio with the hat covering the player's face with this outfit? The brim comes down from the top of the head down to the chin. What in the what? Is this a glitch??
    If this is somehow deliberate, it's a real head scratcher. Apart from the roleplay aspect of this where you wonder how-in-the-fark your player can see anything, there's an equal what-the-fark OOC aspect which is that it hides your characters face. Character creation/customization is something that BDO does really well. It's what makes characters unique. So why undermine it? We want to be able to see those faces!
    Can this be fixed (if broken) or changed, especially considering they are pearl items and cost real money? A hat sits on a head, not on a face.  At least in America.
  4. Boat became a submarine ; _ ;

    The area I got stuck in was in the south channel of Derko Island.
    (Apologies if this issue was brought up before)
    Edit: Thanks to GM Dresden for the fast response :3
  5. Hi people, 
    Never had this problem before but I have recently created a new berseker and once getting into level 49.999%
    The quest to level up to 50 (To kill the big catfish) does not appear and I cannot take it as I can't see it when I summon the black spirit.
    Any suggestions?
    Did the quest on Another character and all seemed OK.
  6. So basically it started from awhile back, after sometime of buying BDO on sale. Now I hate to be another one of 'those people', but it needs to be stated and maybe I can get help. I manage to connect to a server after loading up the game, and not even a few moments in before I can even move it disconnects me and says. "Connection to server has been lost" or something like that. What makes it worse is I can't really move before it disconnects.
    I'm about to rage quit and uninstall this game.
  7. [Deleted every single file and reinstalled the game, didn't work] 
    Ever since the last patch I've had several bugs, several times a day. It takes relogging the game to fix this. Changing character didn't work. 
    I cannot ride my horse.I cannot speak to any NPC.I cannot call upon the Black spirit, and sometimes I can, but I'm not able to enchant. I fall through my houses.When I can enter my house, I sometimes cannot access utilities (cooking/alchemy stations)I sometimes can't use my weapon/attack, requipping does not fix this.I've never had lag, annoying bugs or anything while playing BDO (playing since CB). I had no hardware changes, nor changes in my router etc. 
    So far it's been every day since the last patch, every few hours... It's really starting to get annoying. 
    - Halifax. 
  8. Greetings lovely Community. 
    First one or two word. I'm kinda new to this Forum and this is my first post and those dreadful times summoned me here. But still, were're one Community! I'm sorry if I killed you in the node wars before or at pirats, but right now...Right now, we need to hold together! 
    Now you maybe wonder what this is all about. Well, let me tell you! Have you ever leveled up... peacefully in Elwynn Forest in WoW? Or killed some Raptors in Durotar and went to Ogrimmar or Stormwind encountering some massiv lags? To be honest, the only MMORPG I'm playing right now is BDO, but back in the past... No! I did not have such lags in ANY MMORPG! 
    Okay, to be fair, EVE, WoW, etc. demand ~13 bucks per month + the game license. We only pay 10€/$ for the game. Then... well then, everyone of us, who's in the Forum and played more than 100 hours of this game probably paid ~30-90 bucks for pets (t1-t3) + 30 bucks for a Costumes. Then there's a massiv amount of cash spend into a good horse and into one or four maiden and so on. 
    Sorry, I do not have any spreadsheets for our Community. But I personally paid about ~ 300€. Then I read about people who spent around ~3000€ and more. 
    What I'm going for is, that Kakao Games made approximately 100m+ last year... after they paid their employees. And they still provide us with shitty servers?! 
    My statement for the day is... not as I wanted a "group signature riot" (or so... sorry, english is not my first tongue), but...
    I won't play the game anymore, till they fix it! 
    We don't need patches for DK's javelins on freaking elephants...
  9. So my patching screen has a white screen over all of the buttons. Ive deleted the entire game, uninstalled and then attempted to reinstall.
    The top bar seems to work fine, the bar with all the settings and such.

  10. Getting an issue that's occurred several times now while trying to LMB attack where it cancels itself repeatedly about .2 seconds into the move. So char appears to be stuttering slightly and does not follow through with the attack in any way. I am lvl 50 currently. Just seems like the animation is hitching on itself and not following thru in several cases. Happened 4x during the course of my hour and half from lvl 1-50. The only way to make it stop when it begins is to completely release LMB and wait a second and use a different attack. Pressing LMB again right after just has same effect with ability autocancelling itself.
  11. Das ist schon seit einigen Wochen so, jedoch gehen manche Fehler wie zum Beispiel "Gildenvorstellung ändern"  mal, kommen aber dauernd wieder wie aktuell.
    Derzeitige Fehler im Bereich Gildenoptionen und -menü:
    -Gilden Motto des Tages ( Nicht mehr löschbar noch lassen sich neue Posts hinzufügen seit Dezember 2016)
    -Gildenvorstellung (sämtliche Bereiche sind aktuell fehlerhaft. Nicht mehr änderbar)
    -Gilden-Gästebuch (Einträge können seit Dezember 2016 nicht gelöscht werden)
    Gibt schon einige, die sich deswegen beschweren. Trotz einiger Tickets deswegen wurde bisher nicht mal ansatzweise was getan in der Richtung
  12. When you have boats getting stuck out near pirates, sink holes, n such. Quick fix it, rather than having you're support be spammed and not able to address other problems until a week/days later; just take some rope in game or make an inviso wall and put it around the problem so players can't continuously get stuck and spam support with the same problem. Helps us, and helps you guys.
    RIP horses/wagons stuck in the water right now.  :,\
  13. So im on my boat going from pirate island to lema island and the ocean is completely open, no rocks or anything, then my boat stops moving and appears to be sinking....thats not what boats do ffs why does this happen?
  14. So für mich ist Ende, 1 Jahr plagerei. Ich frage mich seit mehr als einem halben Jahr ob diese Firma dahinter überhaupt was taugt.
    So viele Bugs wie man melden kann kommt man an arbeit scheinbar nicht hinterher, an schiffen bleibt man hängen kommt nicht mehr weg, gab es anfangs nicht und nun sowas *Bug ist geboren*.
    Die wissen wie man einem den Spielspaß raubt, aber hauptsache geld verlangen für jeden kleinkram ingame.

  15. I'm still very new to this game, so please forgive my shortcomings. Feel free to correct me if my terminology and lingo aren't accurate. This testing was done on a Maehwa at level 18 for reference.
    After thorough hours of testing I have found that the gamepad opinion is an extremely nice and useful feature, and I'm very thankful for it's implementation. Though with everything, no matter the greatness, some faults can always be found through trial, but with diligence addressed accordingly soon after if it's brought into the light. There were only a few things I noticed that if improved upon, would make for a much more engaging, thus enjoyable experience, with the already excellent performance of the gamepad. Perfection is always evolving and why it is so fun to strive for. No one is perfect, and practice makes better. With that being said let's move onto the topic at hand.
    The very first thing I noticed when using the gamepad was how often I would unintentionally double tap a direction, executing a roll or dash, that caused the accidental use of the stamina and/or WP bar. I do understand how some people would prefer to use this feature, however I have come to the conclusion that any fast tilt to the left analog stick could generate this problem causing issues in the future. Seeing as customization is one of the key points, possibly most important, in setting keybindings, I don't think the complete removal of this is the right course of action. I do however suggest that in Settings, on the Game tab, under the Gamepad Settings, present the option to disable this feature by checking a box. Option reading: Disable Double Tap Movement. I'm unsure how possible this request is, but I think it would be very helpful and a much more forgiving addition then what is currently available. This is a game were a fast pace movement system is required to achieve optimize combat capabilities, so giving the option for a second guess moment would be very helpful, as I usually tap slightly unconventionally initializing this action. Second guessing ones own movement will cause this to happen more often then not, and this is why I believe this option would be a much welcomed improvement.
    Lastly, while I was setting all of my keybindings to the gamepad, I noticed a rather bazaar thing. While holding down the bumpers, which I gather act as the function keys, I realized you are unable to make any type of movement with the left analog stick. This also creates a problem with the right analog stick when holding down both of them. It removes the ability to look around while granting you the zoom in and out function with up and down. I'm unsure why this effects the analog sticks this way, as that one step or over the shoulder look, lost in the process, would mean the difference between hit or miss. I suppose it was thought of to give the option to be able to key bind things to the function + left/right analog sticks. However, I personally wouldn't want to lose any type of moment, while holding down the function keys and using the right and left analog stick. It's possible I'm the only person that wouldn't want to bind anything other than character movement and camera movement to the left and right analog sticks, but from spending the hours testing this and keybinding, I've found there are more then enough buttons to keybind things without the use of the analog sticks in the process, other then them functioning solely as camera moment and character movement that is. I do however think that the lose of the vertical camera movement on up and down with both function buttons held down is minuscule and should remain as is, because it is a very nice feature to zoom the camera in and out and a good idea. I do however recommend still giving the ability for horizontal camera movement in the process. So, in Settings, on Game tab, under Gamepad Settings I recommend adding the option to enable analog movement while function keys are held. Option reading: Enable Function Analog Moment. The keyboard is needed to chat anyway , so leaving the least used hotkey functions on there to open up menus, or using the start button to manually access them, would make it entirely possible to get away with this implementation and create a much more immersive game.
    Though I am still rather new to the game, and I haven't experienced everything this game has to offer, these are my thoughts on possible improvements to the gamepad. There might be more that present themselves in the future, but the base structure of how it functions at present is rather solid and complements go out to the developers for gamepad support. I do however, think there are some improvements that could work out for the better. It is my opinion that the gamepad isn't really used as much as the mouse and keyboard, thus these little things fly under the radar, so I'm submitting this post. Please feel free to comment, suggest, critique, and just in general join in on the conversation. Do keep in mind however when brainstorming it is best to remain calm and collected, as it's not necessarily they are insulting your opinion, but rather not understanding it. So, be the respectable community I know you can be and calmly discuss your debate. It hurts the creative process to ferociously argue. There is a fine line between argument and debate, and emotion tips the scale. Thank you for you time on this topic and sticking all the way to the end. Be productive and have a great day.
  16. This last patch really broke the game. Ship getting stuck, cannot switch to alts without disconnect, constant disconnects, cannot restart game from lost connection screen. Undo the patch and try again the game is unplayable at this point! Also some great compensation to all players
  17. So I was heading to the stable to register my mount I had just tamed.  The game crashes right when I enter Heidel, forcing me to reload it.  I get back on the game and lost the mount I had JUST tamed.
    I don't know what the gender was, but based on the mane and tail both being braided, I think it's either tier 2 or 3.
  18. These mobs aren't respawning at all and I can't do my quests and my friends here can't grind is it a bug??  You can see that weren't just cleared because the radar would show some at least.

    Mobs at mansha are gone too I'm standing in the quest area and none are here.
    No mobs are spawing anywhere for us.
  19. I have well over 100 days of gametime in BDO, and there are bugs that are so prevalent that I just can't see how they're still there. I'll keep updating this list as I think of more bugs.
    The "please wait 5 minutes after registering an item" lasts well over 5 minutes. Also, why is the cancel button ever "Cancel Queue" when it is utterly impossible to cancel during the queue phase?
    When holding F to use the instant accel horse skill, if the horse falls from a height and does the stumble animation, the horse immediately stops and uses the fore kick ability (given that it has it, I've never had one that doesn't have that)
    Every 5 minutes I see something grammatically incorrect. It ranges from missing spaces to illogical sentences that are complete lies. The first that comes to mind is the party invite notification.
    The UI scaling is not done how it should be done, and as a result UI icons and text look blurry if changed in the slightest.
    WTF is the rest button on horses for at all?
    When hovering over my horse icon in the upper left, it always says that I have a horse flute active, except that I don't (not on my main character anyway)
    As a kuno (possibly ninja too) if you use target chase and sprint continuously through the end of the skill and through your stamina, you're character is teleported back (possibly due to the change in movement speed not properly been communicated between server and client)
    Additionally, if you use target chase and ghost step while jumping from a height, a glitch-fest ensues along with the ever so lovely "ordinary movement is not possible in this state" which is incredibly vague.
    more to come when I get the time
    (Yay first time coming back)
    The photo gallery is completely broken except for being able to upload photos and look at other peoples photos. Aside from that, absolutely nothing about functions at all.
    Sitting is broken to other players (i.e. backing into a chair/sofa, the character floats above it to other players)
    If you walk into a house monopolizers house (as frequently happens when browsing other players homes), objects will progressively spawn in, trapping your character and you can never escape (without using escape, that is)
    I forgot the other ones I found, I'll do them later
  20. Constantly and consistently getting knocked out of SA / Block / Front Guard on my Valkyrie, hoping someone can shed some light on my situation because I'm almost convinced I'm the only one. Some things I can deduce to latency (More like s**t servers) but other things are just plain eye sores and some of our skills are just plain useless making them an outright abomination.

    Skills that need serious working on and need answering/justification

    Hastiludium (W+F)
    - Getting knocked out of SA MID dash (Not sure if this is related to my next point or not)
    - What the f***ing hell is going on with our W + F wind up? Sometimes its instant, sometimes it's like I'm winding up with -30% CS and MS?? <- Unrelated to move speed. Im talking Instant as in Wind-up animation doesn't even happen.
    - Does the Instant animation cause the game to think were still doing the windup during the dash therefore only have frontal guard?? Ridiculous.

    Terra Sancta (S + RMB) 
    - Why is my basic RMB taking priority over my S + RMB coming out of block? Is this server side issue? Game just not registering inputs?? Or just plain shotty design? This would be so bad if I could cancel out of the skill via Promptness...

    Verdict : Lancia Lustitae (Shift + RMB)
    - Using my F -> Shift + RMB constantly getting knocked out of beginning plunge animation (From wind up until first hit). 
    Lucem Fluxum (Flow RMB)
    - What kind of circus skill is this? No Super Armor? No retaining frontal block? More uncontrollable travelling for 4 hits? This is a joke. I keep mine locked anyone else? 

    Grab (E Non-Awaken)
    - If the last skill wasn't a joke this last one sure is. We're stuck with the worst grab in game. At least the ninja has 2 grabs to compensate for its equally terrible grab. Hell our counterpart gets -30% grab res and instant grab. Ive been grabbed by warriors while im grabbing them. Sounds ridiculous but desync is just as ridiculous.

    Noble Spirit (E)
    - "Super armor while using"... None whatsoever, i've been stunned stiffened knocked down knocked up glitched into push away push into whatever while sprinting. I'm not even sure the devs know what super armor is they just wanted to add flavour text to the siege buff it looks like.
    - Also glitches out with Death Line Chase if you force it. Fix this.

    Sanctitas de Enslar (F - 100%)
    - Would be nice if we could at least land before people get up from the CCs. But the main Issue I have right now is I've been getting knocked out of our wind-up and worst of all I've been killed while in the air so many times its unbelievable <- Either Change the wording "Invincible while in air" or make it happen because we have 2 different definitions of invincible it would seem. Or did the devs just copy pasta some google translate garbage and call it good?

    Lancia Training (LMB)
    - "Consumes 200 stamina per left/right moving attack" yet my mobility cancel relies on using LMB to cancel into Promptness and that takes 200 stamina on a basic stationary left click. Fix.

    Death Line Chase (Shift + W/S)
    - Sorc gets IFrames, Ninja Gets IFrames, Ranger gets IFrames, Zerker has a SA dash that works, Musa/Maehwa get IFrames, Witch/Wiz get IFrames, our warrior counter part is invincible while dashing. We get frontal block on 3s cooldown and the backwards death line chase has guard where we don't need it (the opposite way youre facing). What a Joke. 

    I've never been knocked out of promptness, so I'm truly convinced that our skills are broken. 
    QQ /endwhining - Edited forgot about our garbage grab and such. 
  21. Im not sure if this has been addressed But there is a huge problem with the Wizard Kibelius sets both armor sets are broken as in poorly made the 3d mesh models clip terribly with the character. this does not happen with other classes.  the A chest armor and boots clip into the character model. The B armor set boots clip into the character model.

  22. Post on Cannot connect in New Adventurers

    By Teper, posted
    I have downloaded the game and set up an account and when I launch the game it get to the opening screen - I click start and then it says "now processing" followed by "Failed to connect"
    I have tried several times
    Not a good way to get new players
  23. Lets start a single thread which contains all known bugs/issues with Tamers. Witch/Wiz got an instant fix to the issues with their Awakening release yet some of the most serious Tamer bugs have gone ignored for months and months.
    Post your bugs below, with video/gifs showing them, and I'll update the OP with an index of them.
    The ones I am aware of are:
    1. Grabbing a blocked opponent using Soaring Kick results in zero damage when they are downed and you are hitting them with down attack skills.
    Example here: https://streamable.com/a78z
    Thanks to @Danjiano
    2. Grabbing an opponent using Soaring Kick often results in them doing a weird slide then launch animation before teleporting to the side (not always the same side). An example here:
    Thanks to @Romanx for the vid.
    3. A stealth nerf to the crit chance on All-Round Spinner. This is significant because we're a class that relies on crit chance success for bursts. As far as I'm aware, no other class has had their ult crit chance nerfed this way.
    4. At the same time as our All-Round Spinner skill got a stealth nerf, it appears many of our awakening skills got a reduction in damage percentage. Consensus is that this happened in the 16th Nov maintenance/patch but there are no patch notes mentioning them.
    5. Summon Heilang XI can cause Heilang to desummon in shallow water. Downgrading to Heilang X reduces this problem significantly. I will try to get video evidence of this.
    6. Tamers take approx. 30% additional damage from magic attacks.
    FIXED. An ongoing issue with Heilang's surging tide CC not being applied to target, but to a random monster/character/empty spot somewhere around. Sometimes Heilang even ignores it completely. Skill was broken months ago, never got fixed.
    This has been fixed as of the 5th april 2017 patch:
    8. Heilang: Berserk makes Heilang immortal for a min. However, Heilang is already nearly immortal to players for all intents and purposes which makes it kinda useless. Maybe give Heilang a different buff instead such as greater speed/wider range to his cc's.
    9. Heilang: Howling is used to draw mobs and damage them but as soon as you use an Awakening skill he stops. Pretty useless so maybe it'd be better to prevent Awakening skills from cancelling Heilang: howling.
    10. Various issues with iframes/superarmour not existing for the full length of the skill/move. Not sure if this is by design or bug.
    11. Issues with returning to a standing position after knockdown and your weapons are drawn OR you're stuck being unable to escape until the cooldown of YOUR last performed skill passes.
    12. Awakening block (Q in awakening stance) gives a DP buff but you need to hold it for approx 1-2s for the buff to appear. Most classes don't need to hold it. Please align us with that.
    @GM_Dew @GM_Rhotaaz @GM_Gemu @GM_Salome @GM_Caramel @GM_Axion
    Please at least acknowledge these issues - individually they are problematic but as a whole they mean Tamers are inadequate (unless you have reached 59/60/61 and have exceptional gear) for endgame content. They are now extremely obvious now that Awakenings for all classes have been released and our roles have been bettered by other classes.
    We have even seen examples of Tamers being purged from some guilds because they are not optimal for node/siege wars.
  24. Every time i play i have to restart my entire laptop every 10 to 30 minutes or so because i'm disconnecting. Help??? Im not doing anything special, only level 14. but it's still bugging out. 
  25. I have been moving, so I haven't logged on BDO in a while and finally, i get everything set up and I can't log in the BDO launcher. it's a complete mess, For 5 days now I tried everything even went to tech support and nothing they suggested helped can anyone please help me fix this. I un and reinstalled it 5 times now!!!!!