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  1. Post on Small Dye Bug in General

    By Maeroth, posted
    Okay, So it's a small bug I found but it's still something slightly bothersome. I play a wizard and I dyed my dagger with a purple trim (in the first image) and when it's sheathed the dagger returns to its original coloring. (second image) Nothing too big but just something I thought I'd bring up.

  2. The game when played seems nice and fun to get around in and the learning curve isn't to steep. Overall, I do enjoy the game but as it is the launcher makes me want to rip out my hair. Yesterday, a friend and I were trying to play together but my game version was out of date and would not patch to the newer version making me stuck in the EU servers. Today however, the game wouldn't patch again but said I was on the current version and left me with no way to force an update in the game client. I am testing if deleting the  "version.dat" file will fix it as I write this, but this should not be a thing I as a user should have to do to force an update. This is something the game devs really need to fix or at least post pone the game till it is fixed. I don't enjoy bugs that break a game to the point you cant even play it after spending money on it. If anyone has any idea whats wrong with my download please help me. Thanks. 

    P.S. My friend who has a working launcher had her Mini Map disappear and it has never come back and when in a part with other people her level, gather points, HP, and the other parts in the top left disappear on her. This should not be an issue in a fully fleshed out game like the devs say it is.
    P.P.S. Deleting the version.dat fixed my issue but still.... shouldn't be a thing
    ..... P.P.P.S The game keeps crashing and lagging to high hell, also cant log out. This isn't SAO... Let me log out >:l
  3. Hello Everyone!!
    The second closed beta testing is well underway and boy, has it been a ride! Throughout my first few days, I've explored all sorts of things and taken note of any sort of possible bugs that I've found, as well as some things I feel could benefit from being altered. With that said, I will go ahead and go through some things I feel could use a change to benefit the game.
    1) Censorship
    When the chat filter is enabled, all the naughty curse words are **** out... except hate words? That doesn't really make sense. ----- and -----got should both be filtered when the chat filter is enabled, however, the latter isn't, along with other great words like ni... well, yeah. So, the filter should probably be changed to incorporate hate words.
    2) Energy to Request a Chat Ban
    So, there is Noob420Kyller spamming channel chat with "DONALD TRUMP 2016" until his energy runs out. You've been out fishing all day or gathering herbs, I don't really know, either way you have maybe 4 energy and you decide to request a chat ban for this fellow only to be prompted with "Insufficient Energy." That doesn't really make too much sense, so it might be wise to make it to where chat ban requests do not cost energy.
    3) Water Navigation
    I was out braving the harsh coast line off of Velia when my party member requested I swim to him. I was a long ways away, but we wanted to quest together so off I go. Let me tell you, my hand got pretty tired holding down "W" to keep swimming, all because the navigation system won't auto-swim you. I suggest broadening the navigation system to incorporate auto-traveling in water.
    I might go ahead and update this regularly with new suggestions etc, but for now, these are a few *little* suggestions that I think could improve the game. 
  4. Die Kamera fokussiert sich bei mir nicht mehr auf das Gesicht des Charakters, sondern eher...naja, weiter unten, wie der Screenshot zeigt:

  5. Going to keep this as an ongoing thread for the length of CBT2 and maybe even launch. 
    The game play itself is fine, i think in terms of a stress test on the servers it's a success. 
    The interface and UI could use some work and i am mainly talking about the in game menus such as combat skill window/settings window/etc.The combat skill window feels like a real hassle, the window is exceptionally small for the amount of information contained within it.The scrolling feature just makes it hard to compare builds/ability/talents.Overall it just feels very "finicky" and i think a solution as simple as expanding the combat skill window would be great. 
    Same goes for the settings interface. A lot of information/features packed into an unnecessarily small window. Is it a big deal? No. But it could be improved quite a bit. As i said before, simply making the window larger would be a good solution. 
    One thing i'd really like to see is a scale-able UI for individual components. For example being able to change the size of the mini-map. 
  6. Just a few things I noticed or thought might be able to be tweaked a bit.
    At night the ambiance is a little to consistent. example, the cricket noises along to road made it sound like I was standing still instead of riding/walking past. Maybe a fade out and in of the ambient sound track might help with that.No seagull sounds near the ocean or ports, or heck if you can even slap some gulls in there that'd be great. again these are just minor design and world aesthetics, nothing major.The first time you encounter a node manager or even look at one on the map have the help menu pop up with the explanation for them. I was able to figure it mostly out with any help or seeking a guide. But others can be seen here on the forums or in global chat crying out for help.Crafting and Processing: Instead of displaying plain white text with "nothing will be made from this" instead say something like knowledge is lacking and that we should seek out experts in that field of processing. Just makes it a bit more clear. As I thought it would be rather simple to make an ingot... but turns out I don't know how to work a metal mold.That's about all I can think of off the top of my head from over the past few days. The only other thing which has been mentioned a bunch already is the hair shader making things glow at night and in low light visibility. Also applies to torches and lights during the Stormy Night event as well. they just don't seem to work as they should.
    That's all I got!! Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to test out the game! See you in CBT2!!
  7. Post on MISSING A SKILL D: in Ranger

    By Linxa, posted
    Hello guys,
    Sorry to bother, I made an archer before and I rushed it and didn't feel I learnt anything about the game so I made another archer, now with this one I realised that I haven't got the Razor Wind 1 skill when I had it before level 15 on my first archer :<
    Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? D:
  8. Is there some sort of in game feedback? It would make it easier to report a bug we see on the spot? Perhaps I'm just missing the button.
  9. Bonjour / Bonsoir à tous, je viens de rencontrer un problème sur le jeu. La vidéo qui suit le montre clairement, un bug ou une "map" non verrouillé ?