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  1. Voila voilou, je vois un peu partout "c'est quoi vos skill" ou "après l'awake on garde quoi".
    Alors opur ne pas avoir des pages de lecture, le plus simple c'est comme à la maternelle, une image.
    Utilisez le simulateur à cette adresse pour faire passer vos builds.
    A bientôt pour voir vos builds persos.
    A+ IG
    Il ne vous reste qu'à sélectionner votre classe en cliquant sur les logos correspondants (oui on m'a MP pour me dire que je donnais des choses useless).
    En ce qui nous concerne, notre arbre:
  2. Bonjour,
    pour faire court, petit simulateur de talents avec la partie awaken de l'arbre.
    Pour vos partages de build.
    A+ IG
  3. Hi, i want to know what do you think about this ranger build! Viable or not! 
    Kutum: http://bdoplanner.com/s/Ss8UpbTD
    Rosar: http://bdoplanner.com/s/NbftwGTG
    Nouver: http://bdoplanner.com/s/MwJZwMlM
    - Helmet: Rocaba, x2 Agility crystal
    - Armor: Hebetate, x2 Evasion crystal
    - Gloves: Rocaba, x1 Assault x1 Valor Crystal
    - Shoes: Muskans, X2 Swiftness
    - Offhand: PvP- Kutum Dagger (if you have high AP); Massive PvP- Rosar Dagger, Pve- Nouver Dagger.x2 Black Spirit Crystal
    - Weapon: Kzarka Bow, x2 Precision Crystal
    - Rings: x2 Crescents
    - Earring: x2 Red Coral
    - Belt: Tree Spirit Belt
    - Necklace: AP like Ogre Ring
    - Food: -New Margoria food with +2 Crit
                 - Knight
                 - Valencia
    Test it if you want, and tell me your opinions. Thanks a lot. 
  4. Hey guys, anyone who have tips on what awakening abilitys and non-awakening abilitys to spec into ? 
  5. Do anybody know of a viable PVP build for the warrior? The only ones I see in the forum are PVE builds...
  6. Post on House bugged in In-Game Bugs

    By FaidESk, posted
    i found this in the first map  
  7. I really need help on which gpu i need for this game. My gpu choices are GTX 1050 mini, GTX 1050 ti, RX 460, and RX 470. I am buying a used PC tower then adding one of these gpu's. The used PC tower will be Windows 7 or higher, Quad Core CPU, 4GB+ RAM, 250+GB HDD. Only game i want to play is CS GO and black desert online. I already know this build with any GPU that i have listed will be able to play CS GO i just don't know about Black Desert Online.
  8. Hello, i have a problem. I did a research on web and i cannot find a latest build version for either base or awakened for Kunoichi. Please help me . Thank you.
  9. Hey guys,
    im new to the zerker world, and i just switched from my ninja. (Cause im tired of being squishy af) and i wanted to know what are some good builds or guides for berserkers to start with before i start focusing on boss gear.
  10. Hey what's up everyone, I was having a talk in channel yesterday and was told about how I should have atleast 100/100 APDP as I have just reached level 50 after grinding at Cron's, is this true? I have invested around 20-30M in full +10-15 Grunil plus I have also got a Yuria Blade of Destruction which make up around 80/60 or 70 all together.
    I want to make sure I am doing the best damage possible as I want to grind to 55 and also get tons of black stones so I was just looking for some tips to get my stats up? Anyone got ideas
    Thanks & look forward to ideas
  11. Could someone provide me with a pre awakening build? I wanna touch up my tamer a bit but i can't find any proper build.
    Thanks in advance. 
  12. So this is my build: http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/14119
    I lack SP so I wonder what should I go for now
  13. Hell so i have been playing Ninja (maining it) since it has came out, and well i would consider myself alright (PVP wise) But i am still wondering, Of course boss gear is BIS but. What is the best set to go with besides Boss gear? 
    For awhile i was running with Taritas/Rocaba Mix to get the extra WP because Ninja skills stack with max WP, and HP but I have just switched over to a FULL rocaba set since it gives the extra evasion, The way i see it the Evasion build counters both the "Glass cannon" (AP) build as well as negates the Accuracy Builds as well. Of course this is just MY theory and I would appreciate some insight from everyone, and people who know a little more about the game and class more so than I do.
    So my question is what is the "Best" gear set for ninja? 
    Is it best to maximize evasion to dodge more attacks? (especially since the Killer Training passive skill increases Melee evasion every other level) Or would it be better to go with a different set?
    I also have heard recently the Korean meta game changing to Evasion rather than Accuracy due to in awakening PVP it comes down to who lives longer rather than who has the most AP.
    Any ideas, suggestions, opinions are welcome and thank you in advance!
  14. Bonjour j'ai une petit question, je suis en trin de up ma petite sorcière et j'ai demandé conseil à ma guilde sur le stuff et beaucoup me conseil : attack speed / speed cast avec de l'Agerian en armure. Seulement j'ai regardé une vidéo d'un bon bonhomme qui à tout l'air de main sorcière et qui conseil un stuff Grunil en build PV / crit / speed cast disant que la vitesse d'attaque n'es plus du tout viable sur cette classe. Je voulais savoir ce que vous en pensiez ? Je voudrais être sur avant de me lancer dans des dépenses astronomique. 
    Sa chaine : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xlLy_xgU20 Lomitall
    La vidéo au moment ou il explique : https://youtu.be/8xlLy_xgU20?t=18m21s 
    Ps : J’espère que sa ne dérange pas que je link une vidéo, et que sa ne te dérange pas toi, auteur de cette vidéo, merci de ta compréhension et merci d'avance de vos réponces !
  15. Hi folks!
    Let's have some talking about the gear and the gems you are rocking or what you are aiming to, speaking about reasonable plans for the next close future (let's avoid "i want TRI ogre, TRI basilisk, TRI molars.. You get it, not JUST BiS for hardcore players, any preference is allowed!)
    I am especially interested in your choices about CC resistances gems!
    I will start by posting my current build:
    -Red nose's chest: 2 x 5 Dmg reduction
    -Bheg's gloves: 2 x BMC Grapple resist
    -Muskan's shoes: RBF Adamantine, BMC Swiftness (Dropped it, not what im aiming for, but im actually starting to like it to counter enemy slow debuffs!)
    -Agerian Helmet: BMC Memory (Waiting for Giath, the stun resistance is quite nice)
    -2 x Blue Coral Earrings (Want those Khalks, but the cheap price of Blue Corals might win over the BiS title)
    -Crescent Guardian Ring and SP&AP quest ring
    -Basilisk Belt
    -Manos Diamond Necklace, thinking about switching to the Ruby one
    -Kzarka with 2xRBF power
    -Kite shield with Black Spirit Crystal
    What is keeping you alive?
  16. Post on Ninja Build in Ninja

    By jonboy2542@gmail.com, posted
    I have started the ninja class and just hit level 50 and need some help with building a good class build. Only build i have found was on bdfoundry and it doesnt look like a good build. Help please
  17. So I am a returning player, I haven't played for over 6 months. I have just started playing again, and I have to say I am a bit confused.
    Could someone give me their complete build, like everything they do, and maybe their rotation. Atm I think I picked too much, because I have been trying to look at what different people said. But because they only talked about partial things I think I might have messed up..
    Thank you in advanced.
  18. Hey valk players can anyone help me out with a 550ish points build? i'm still leveling but would like to follow a good build for both pve and pve.
  19. With the latest patch, I was hoping some experienced Witch players could recommend a solid PvE build. Most of the online builds are 3-6 months old (or older) and I assume there have been some changes. Also, I'm coming from a 53 Tamer, so if there's any Tamers converted to Witches I'd love to hear from you.
    Would be great to see recommended Gear (guessing Grunil) and build order (e.g. get X first at 20, Y at 30, etc).
  20. Post on Tearing or PW? in Ranger

    By Grizabella, posted
    I have my main skills all maxed and now can pick Tearing Arrow II or PW II (or Pinpoint II). Which is best and why?
  21. Post on New buils? Help in Sorceress

    By Elaniar, posted
    So I was reading some topics here and I came across some seemingly experienced sorc-players.
    I myself am also playing a sorc as my main and I'm not going to reroll to another class despite recent fixes and nerfs. I'm way to stubborn and I'm not going to give up just because of that.
    Though I also have to admit that I am now having a harder time in PVE and PVP both. I kind of got used to DF being so OP that I now have to lern some new tricks, baisically  lern how to be a bit more efficient with my sorc again.(Preferably for PVE atm) 
    My question is, if you guys have re-skilled your sorcs and if so, would you mind sharing your builds or at least some nice skill combos for animation-cancelling with some sorcs who are trying to get good .
    Now I do understand that every player has his/her own playstyle, but I'm just looking for some inspiration. Help a sister out
  22. Hey guys. So I recently started playing this game and I'm highly addicted. One thing I noticed from reading in the forums is that : you cannot change your "pvp skills build" ! And I only have a chance to do that at level 48 or something.
    This makes me wonder is there any UPDATED/valid pvp build that I can rely on without messing up? I looked up a few guides but they are from 2015 and the few I found from early 2016 are basically soo different from eachother
    Can someone help me :)? thank you in advance guys <3
    example : http://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/2015/10/11/tamer-class-guide/  This pvp build is somewhat different from other ones I saw. I don't know if this one is the perfect one or not.
    another example : http://black-desert.com/forums/blog/index.php/Entry/27-Tamer-BM-Skill-Build-2016/ ..  I don't know what to choose.. if someone can link me a perfect build or something similar that would be great<3
  23. Click HERE for the guide!
    06/22/16 - published guide and changed formatting
    06/23/16 - added images and the accessories section. Boss armors, xtals, and awakening skills under construction. Added a note about Ancient Weapon Core and Ancient Guardian Seal. Added disclaimer.
    06/24/16 - added a few small notes in the skills section
    06/28/16 - updated armor section with boss armors and zereth shoes. Font size. Spoilers! Awakenings.
    06/30/16 - changed note about steel and bronze dagger
    07/04/16 - notes on awakenings
    07/12/16 - Changed gem necklaces to Manos versions. Finally added the crystals section!
    07/19/16 - small note about Liverto
    07/20/16 - Fixed error in Armor. Upcoming changes in the guide for Armor options, New  awakening skills, and new Crystals
    07/21/16 - Revised some role descriptions. Changed to bddatabase.com's skill calculator! Removed awakening references in skills
    07/22/16 - Updated Crystals with the new "Black Magic" variants. Updated the armor section with Armor options! New recommendation is Heve+Zereth Shoes. Removed Boss Armor Roadmap (since transitioning would be easy if you go Heve+Zereth Shoes). Updated accessories! Included Blue Coral Rings since they became very cheap!
    07/28/16 - Due to forum’s buggy formatting, I switched the guide to a master google document. The forums will now reflect the content of the gdocs. Made a few changes to sections necessary.
    07/31/16 - Moved Flow: Pinpointing Gust II as an optional skill. Removed redundant words and grammatical errors. Finished migrating the guide to Google docs. The gdocs will serve as the master copy. No more spoilers or item links though New nicely formatted table of contents and outline!
    08/01/16 - Completed the “consumables” section including foods, elixirs, and alchemy stone. Added a section for new Rangers, let me know what you think!. Next on the list is to improve the accessory section
    08/06/16 - Currently reworking Accessory section. Not sure when I will finish. Refer to @Ayl’s guide for now. Migrated the entire guide to gdocs leaving only the changelog
    08/09/16 - Added Black Spirit’s Rage to the skills section (idk, I thought it was worth mentioning; not sure if I should mention mounted skills). New and improved Accessory section!
    08/20/16 - Need more testing on Ultimate: Blasting Gust (Thanks Immobilize from Discord!)
    09/14/16 - Changed information about Sidearms (Particularly added Nouver and mentioned Kutum)
    09/28/16 - Fixed typos. Added Elixir of Thorns with a special note. Decided against including all consumables from Khalk and Blue Whale. Small edits in armors section. Added Awakening Weapons! Also updated crystals and some foods thanks to @Intimacy/Fluffy. Planning on improving organization of crystals section.
    09/30/16 - Added Sicil’s Necklace
    10/01/16 - Removed some reference links
    10/03/16 - Enabled printing on the google docs (idk why I had it disabled). If anyone wants a simpler published page, you can access it through here.
    10/04/16 - Moved charging kick and pinpointing gust II as an optional skill. Found a few inconsistencies in the core skill build (fixed it). Also adjusted the core skill build to level 56 with awakening skills (level 60 will come later but by this point, you probably have everything maxed)
    10/05/16 - reverted charging kick change (still useful after awakenings)
    10/12/16 - The day we have been waiting for! Changed the “roles” section in accordance to elven swords. Elixir of Thorns removed from list (uncraftable as of today for OP reasons). Complete renovation of the skills section. Elven Swords skills still under test.
    10/13/16 - Added new accessories. Also color coded their names based on rarity!
    10/14/16 - Add-on Recommendations! Let me know if you agree/disagree with anything!
    10/15/16 - Simple Skill Combos added. Got lazy with the skill combos. Let Taboo be your instructor on doing advanced combos! Moved Flow: Rooting down as an optional skill. Core skill build has been adjusted to reflect this change.
    11/19/16 - Finally updated the descriptions of Elven Sword skills (a bit rushed so let me know if anything should be improved). Also made small changes to the armor section over the past few weeks. Added more accessories to the list (it now lists ALL accessories that provide AP). Currently planning to add an accessory-buying guide (if ever)
    12/09/16 - Large update regarding the pace in obtaining gear. Considering the availability of (the once legendary) Bhegs/Kzarka and the bottleneck of memory fragments, I reevaluated gear that newer players should work towards. The idea is that we use green gear until we can skip to yellow. Check the Weapon and Armor section for more info. See @VipeR’s guide for a quick tl;dr. Deleted the former “analysis on all armor sets” because it was too wordy and not as relevant anymore.
    12/12/16 - Totally forgot to give Rosar weapon/offhand some love! Mentioning both now. Also forgot about offhands xtals that give resistance ignore. Fixed a lot of issues within the crystals section and made them look much nicer! One gem-slot gear is now deprecated, meaning I no longer recommended them. This includes Zereth and Yuria. Small exception to the +5 Agerian you get during quests and offhand. Ran spellcheck
    12/14/16 - Rosar Dagger is not considered an alternative to Nouver anymore
    12/15/16 - Removed Ring and Earring of Sealed Magical Power. I don’t think the quest is worth your time anymore.
    12/20/16 - Updated the Foods and Elixirs to look nicer with updated information
    12/18/16 - Nouver is finally here! Currently needing some feedback on Rosar/Kutum on Rangers. If you use it, please let me know!
    01/01/17 - Small change to awakening addon suggestions
    01/03/17 - Combat Promotion Exp quest added for new ranger quest recommendations. Changed the layout of weapon suggestions. Still needs some work for organization but main change is that the choice of green/blue weapon is up to the player. I won't recommend green > blue anymore (at least in the guide). You decide which is most time/cost efficient!
    01/07/17 - Added Alchemy Stone of Destruction as a recommendation. Linked a full list of crystals. Reorganized the New Ranger section with more recommended quests and a comparison of green vs blue gear.
    01/11/17 - Added Kaidict’s Crystal (from attendance event formerly known as Caphras). Made note of the new Awakened Boss Shards in the New Rangers section. Reorganized priority armors; same armor sets but different format.
    01/31/17 - Added Margoria Special. Reorganized daggers into two categories: Offensive and Defensive. Thank you to the awesome people on the BDO Ranger Discord for feedback on Rosar, Kutum, and Nouver. Improved description for weapons. Added accessory progression due to popular demand.
    02/01/17 - Added accessory progression due to popular demand. Improved stat descriptions in the Role section
    02/12/17 - Added TheLazyPeon’s beginner guide (video) in the new rangers section
    02/15/17 - Added new black spirit rewards (offhand and armor). Deprecated bronze dagger. 3-piece Heve + Roaring Magical Armor has been added as a priority setup. New quests will be updated in the “New Ranger” section once they are available on bddatabase. 
  24. Hi guys,
     i have an idea why would we dont create topic where everyone should share their ideas about build and experiences after patch.
    Here is my build: [LINK]
    Here please fill out your build: http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/wizard and repost it here witch comments.

    I have realize that Pasive skill for casting speed its not worth it. And also iam using only one healing spell (lighthouse) which grand a HUGE amount of restorarion. The other is waste. Also i have changed Fireball which seems useless for damage but its only good for CC (but you have to be precise and aim corectly). And added also Freezing skills for PVP which are great CC skills for PVP. I imo this build is very competitive and also you can get with grunil on around 2200-2300HP which is great!
    Main DMG:
    MMA (fill gaps when reuse)
    Blizzzzard (+ultimate one) (use on CD)
    Lightning combo (use on CD)
    => Everything dead