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  1. Hey guys. So I recently started playing this game and I'm highly addicted. One thing I noticed from reading in the forums is that : you cannot change your "pvp skills build" ! And I only have a chance to do that at level 48 or something.
    This makes me wonder is there any UPDATED/valid pvp build that I can rely on without messing up? I looked up a few guides but they are from 2015 and the few I found from early 2016 are basically soo different from eachother
    Can someone help me :)? thank you in advance guys <3
    example : http://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/2015/10/11/tamer-class-guide/  This pvp build is somewhat different from other ones I saw. I don't know if this one is the perfect one or not.
    another example : http://black-desert.com/forums/blog/index.php/Entry/27-Tamer-BM-Skill-Build-2016/ ..  I don't know what to choose.. if someone can link me a perfect build or something similar that would be great<3
  2. Click HERE for the guide!
    Newer Forum Thread
  3. Hi guys,
     i have an idea why would we dont create topic where everyone should share their ideas about build and experiences after patch.
    Here is my build: [LINK]
    Here please fill out your build: http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/wizard and repost it here witch comments.

    I have realize that Pasive skill for casting speed its not worth it. And also iam using only one healing spell (lighthouse) which grand a HUGE amount of restorarion. The other is waste. Also i have changed Fireball which seems useless for damage but its only good for CC (but you have to be precise and aim corectly). And added also Freezing skills for PVP which are great CC skills for PVP. I imo this build is very competitive and also you can get with grunil on around 2200-2300HP which is great!
    Main DMG:
    MMA (fill gaps when reuse)
    Blizzzzard (+ultimate one) (use on CD)
    Lightning combo (use on CD)
    => Everything dead
  4. I'm not much of an expert, just a level 51 that switched over to Ranger recently. Any big changes that we should consider for respecing builds?
  5. I'm trying to understand why we as a player have to pay cash for something that seems like such an integral function of any MMO, which is allocating skills/points. Typically, you try a build, and if it feels inefficient, you'd pay ingame currency at a trainer and then proceed to try a new skill build to see if it's the play style that you are comfortable with.
    I understand charging for convenience items, I've gotten over my frustrations with the prices of all of the vanity items, because I am not forced to buy those for any actual reason if I want to enjoy the game. However, with character skills, we are forced to pay for a skill reset if we do not like the build that we currently have. While it's true that you get a free complete reset when leveling up, the average player probably won't realize the importance of holding on to that their first time through and just use it haphazardly. Add on to that the confusion of some of the cryptic skill texts--like certain tamer skills referring to a Heilang Spatial Thunderbolt(what?), or inaccurate descriptions, or even the soft cap on skill exp that prevents people from being able to grind all of the skills in the tree out, forcing us to pick and choose skills [but if you pick and choose the 'wrong' one, you're pretty much weak as hell and inefficient]. It's inevitable that people want to change their skill builds for whatever reason, but in BDO often those reasons are a result of a bad mechanic of the game itself. Forcing the player to pay for that, I think, is very unfair.
    I think a fair thing would be to allow a FULL skill rebuild for, say, 1000 LP, as opposed to the 400 single skill reset. At that rate, it would take me 40 days just to be able to reset Leaf Slash from Rank X to Rank I.
    Someone who's spent too many greenbacks on skill resets trying to find a fun way to play my character.
    TL;DR: A game shouldn't force the player to pay for skill resets if the cause of said skill resets is due to an inadequacy or mechanical failing of the game. Allow us to have a full skill build reset for 1000+LP as well as the 400LP partial skill rebuild [which can take upwards of a month or more just to reset a single skill]
  6. Does anyone have any clue whet the actual differences are between the Green, Yellow (ultimate) and Blue (i.e. Agility etc) Zereth pieces?
    They don't have more DP when Blue or Yellow, so I assume there are hidden stats. Gonna guess that my +15 Zereth Boots or Agilty have Movement Speed maybe? But what does Ultimate give and is it worth getting? I have a +15 Ultimate Zereth Helmet that I bought so the question is should i sink silver into the RNG hell that is an ultimate set of boots or just sit with one ultimate and one Agility?
  7. Hello
    Tout d'abord je tiens à préciser que ce guide n'as pas été créé par moi-même mais juste traduit (Certes j'y ai corrigée quelques truc, et ajouté des idées à moi, mais c'est précisé)
    L'original a été créé par Exort (Midnite ~ Inferno), forumer de la communauté international, et Maehwa de niveau 55. Le guide original est trouvable ici : http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/83093-maewha-class-guide-amateur/
    Pour ma part je suis une petite Maehwa de niveau 53, et ce guide m'ayant bien aidée, j'ai décidé de la partager sur le forum Francophone !
    Le rôle de la Maehwa :
    La Maehwa est une classe d'assassin, qui possède un bon nombre de CC*, passant par les Repoussements, et les Flottements.
    En tant qu'assassin, la plupart du temps vous vous sacrifierez pour le bien de votre équipe, l'attaque est la meilleur des défense. Commencez avec un CC à distance pour pouvoir vous approcher de votre adversaire, et enchainer avec votre palette de compétences avec l'aide de votre équipe et vous serez ensuite capable de tuer tout adversaires.
    Il faut principalement cibler les Magicien(ne)(s) et les Rôdeuse(s) qui, la plupart du temps, seront en backline* de la bataille, attaquez les en abusant de Poursuite et essayez de les isoler pour pouvoir mieux les attaquer sans être dérangé par l'équipe ennemie, le but est de lui faire énormément de dégâts et très rapidement.
    Pour le PvP, en général, il vous faudra ne laisser aucun répit à votre adversaire en l'enchainant de CC pour qu'il ne puisse ni fuir, ni répondre.
    L'équipement de la Maehwa :
    L'objectif est d'atteindre 5 CRITIQUE et 5 VITESSE D'ATTAQUE avec les cristaux.
    Grunil :
    Armure + Chaussures : +150 PV
    Casque + Gants : +5 PA
    Bonus d'ensemble : +2 PA
    Casque : 2x Cristal magique ancien (Harphia) - +50 PV, Récupération de PV +5 (x2)
    Amure : 2x Cristal magique ancien (Cobelinus) - +100 PV, Limite de poids +20 (x2)
    Gants : 2x Cristal magique d'infinité (Assaut) - +2 Vitesse d'attaque (x2)
    Chaussures : 2x Cristal de champ de bataille rouge (Adamantine) - Résistance aux trébuchement/fauchage +25% et résistance à l'évanouissement/la rigidité/le gel +5% (x2)
    Ce set d'équipement est recommandé, la classe de Maehwa est très fragile de base, il est important d'avoir un minimum de PV pour ne pas non plus mourir de tout et n’importe quoi.
    L'avantage du set de Grunil c'est également son nombre d'emplacement de cristaux, qui permet de modulé son équipement selon les situations.
    Moitié Grunil/Taritas :
    Casque + Gants (Grunil) : +5 PA
    Armure de Taritas : +20 PV, +20 PM/PF/PS
    Bonus de 2 pièces d'ensembles (Taritas) : +100 PM/PF/PS
    Casque : 2x Cristal magique ancien (Harphia) - +50 PV, Récupération de PV +5 (x2)
    Amure : 1x Cristal magique ancien (Cobelinus) - +100 PV, Limite de poids +20
    Gants : 2x Cristal magique d'infinité (Assaut) - +2 Vitesse d'attaque (x2)
    Chaussures : 1x Cristal de champ de bataille rouge (Adamantine) - Résistance aux trébuchement/fauchage +25% et résistance à l'évanouissement/la rigidité/le gel +5%
    Ce set peut être envisagé également. La PF en plus apporté par l'équipement de Taritas fonctionne bien avec Décapitation, qui, au niveau 53, ajoute +10% en dégâts la valeur de notre maximum de PF. Ça permet également d'enchainer plus de Poursuite, qui est l'arme principal des Maehwa. Ce set est viable du moment que votre Santé n'est pas au niveau 30.
    Armure de Boss :
    Bonus d'ensemble : Endurance +200, Vitesse d'attaque et de lancement +1.
    Casque : 2x Cristal magique ancien (Harphia) - +50 PV, Récupération de PV +5 (x2)
    Amure : 2x Cristal magique ancien (Cobelinus) - +100 PV, Limite de poids +20 (x2)
    Gants : 2x Cristal magique d'infinité (Assaut) - +2 Vitesse d'attaque (x2)
    Chaussures : 2x Cristal de champ de bataille rouge (Adamantine) - Résistance aux trébuchement/fauchage +25% et résistance à l'évanouissement/la rigidité/le gel +5% (x2)
    Ce set est considéré comme le meilleur. Mais comme pour le Taritas, le bonus de PF devient moins important avec une Santé au niveau 30. Cependant il donne plus de précision que les autres équipements, ce qui permet de se débarrasser de l'arme secondaire précision et ainsi avoir une augmentation de PA. Qui plus est, ce set possède autant d'emplacement de cristaux que le Grunil.
    L'ensemble donne également plus de Défense (DP) que l'ensemble Grunil, mais à faible quantité. Vue le prix, il est quand même conseiller de viser le Grunil ou Grunil/Taritas en premier abord.
    L'Armement de la Maehwa :
    Arme principale :
    Lame de Yuria  :  16 - 21 PA de base. 68 - 77 PA, vitesse d'attaque +1, chances de coup critique +1, en +15 Ultime. x1 Cristal magique ancien (Carmae) - Taux de coup critiques +1 et vitesse d'attaque +1
    Cette arme est la plus répandue et à juste titre. Elle est très bonne pour le PvE* mais également pour le PvP* grâce au bonus "dégâts supplémentaires aux humains +5". Elle est également très populaire car elle est assez facilement obtenable à petit prix (Magasin d'amitié de Ronatz, à Calpheon).
    Lame de Liverto :  18 - 22 PA de base. 78 - 82 (en +15), chances de coup critique +3. x2 Cristal magique ancien (Carmae) - Taux de coup critiques +1 et vitesse d'attaque +1 (x2)
    Avec la Liverto il est facile d'atteindre 5 de critique et 5 de vitesse d'attaque. Qui plus est, cette arme confère plus d'attaque et de précision qu'une Yuria Ultime +15. Elle n'est pas extrêmement cher, mais il faudra quand même campé devant l'HV avant d'en voir une passer, sinon il faut faire les World Boss.
    Une des meilleures armes pour le stuff final de son personnage.
    Lame de Kzarka : 18 - 22 PA de base. 78 - 82 (en +15), vitesse d'attaque +3. x2 Cristal magique ancien (Carmae) - Taux de coup critiques +1 et vitesse d'attaque +1 (x2)
    Pareil que pour la Liverto, avec cette arme il est facile d'atteindre les 5 de critiques et 5 de vitesse d'attaque. L'arme a la même puissance d'attaque que la Liverto mais surement plus de précision (aucune confirmation).
    C'est LA meilleure option, mais compte tenue de son prix et de sa rareté (3 vendu sur mon serveur à l'heure ou j'écris). Il faudra se contenté d'une Liverto pendant un moment.
    Arme secondaire :
    Arc de guerrier en corne noire :  3 - 3 PA, +5 précision. x1 Cristal d'esprit occulte - PV +100, PA +5
    Cette arme la ne gagnera pas de PA en augmentant son niveau, mais elle gagnera en précision. C'est le meilleur choix possible quand vous n'avez pas assez de précision sur vos autres pièces. Quel utilité d'avoir beaucoup de PA si au final, vous ne touché jamais votre cible.
    Arc en corne blanche :  6 - 6 PA. 21 - 21 (en +15). x1 Cristal d'esprit occulte - PV +100, PA +5
    Contrairement a l'arme cité au dessus, cette arme gagnera en PA avec les enchantement, mais énormément moins de précision. A prendre uniquement lorsque votre précision est déjà considérablement haute. (Avec les Gants de Bheg +15 entre autre)
    Les Accessoires de la Maehwa :
    Bares :
    Boucles d'oreilles (2 - 2 PA) x2
    Anneaux (2 - 2 PA) x2
    Collier (4 - 4 PA)
    Ceinture (2 - 2 PA)
    C'est le plus accessible, et le plus efficace trouvable à ce prix. Mais ils doivent être temporaire le temps d'avoir de meilleur accessoires. Ils sont particulièrement facile à obtenir au Lac Kaia.
    Si vous avez un ami avec qui échanger vos récompense de niveau il peut être intéressant de remplacer les anneaux de Bares par les anneaux de bienfaisance, pour gagner un peu en précision.
    Full PA :
    Boucles d'oreilles de la magicienne (5 - 5 PA) x2
    Marques des ombres (5 - 5 PA) x2
    Anneau d'ogre (10 - 10 PA)
    Ceinture d'esprit des arbres (5 - 5 PA)
    C'est ce qui offre le plus de PA. Les dommages des Maehwa sont bon mais, nous perdons énormement de PA en utilisant l'arc de guerrier en corne noire, alors il faut se ratt-----r la ou on peu ! C'est relativement assez cher, commencer d'abord par les accessoires de Bares
    Suggestion d'Exort :
    Boucles d'oreilles de la magicienne (5 - 5 PA) x2
    Marques des ombres (5 - 5 PA) x2
    Collier en rubis corrompu (5 - 5 PA & résistance aux prises +30%) OU Collier de topaze de régénération (5 - 5 PA & résistance aux trébuchement/fauchage +30%)
    Ceinture d'esprit des arbres (5 - 5 PA)
    Ma suggestion à moi serait de partir sur des bijoux similaire aux Full PA, en remplaçant une boucle d'oreille de magicienne par une boucle d'oreille de Mesto (4 - 4 PA, précision +1) pour, encore une fois, gagner de la précision la ou on peux, sachant que ces boucles la n'ont que 1 de PA de moins, et gagne en précision à chaque enchantement. Il peut aussi être envisageable d'en avoir 2. Elles coutent moins cher que les boucle d'oreille de magicienne.
    La priorité des compétences :
    Dans cette partie on va listé les compétences prioritaire de la Maehwa.
    http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/bladerf/19843# C'est le build qu'Exort recommande. et il nécessite d'être niveau 55. Il est axé PvP.
    Chaos : Lune Rouge C'est LA compétence de la Maehwa, celle qui ferra le plus de dommage en PvP/PvE tout en bloquant les attaques ennemies de face. Mais attention, les Berserker et autres peuvent quand même vous att-----r pendant cette compétences... Il faut la monter en priorité
    Maehwa : Décapitation Notre meilleur alternative a Lune Rouge lorsqu'il n'est pas disponible, et en plus, il étourdit les ennemis.
    Morsure du Dragon (+ Griffe du Dragon, Taillade Lunaire) cette compétence inflige un effet de contrôle à l'impact. Le combo entier (il suffit de maintenir le clique gauche après la morsure) fait énormément de dégâts.
    Appel du tigre fantôme Cette compétence est celle qui ferra le plus de dommage dans une période de temps assez courte, elle inflige un étourdissement. Cependant il est indispensable de la faire avec Trancheur ou Poursuite, sinon l'animation est bien trop longue.
    Représailles Pas besoin d'investir de points de celui-là, il est obtenu via les quêtes. Cependant il est très important d'apprendre à le maitriser car son effet de trébuchement vous sauvera la vie (20 secondes de rechargement) Il est aussi important d'apprendre a maitriser la posture de représailles, qui elle, n'a pas de temps de recharge et bloque les attaques frontales.
    Force de l'épée Pareil qu'au dessus, pas de points à investir, juste des quêtes, +5% de chance de coup critique passif, gratuitement.
    Empalement fulgurant C'est une bonne compétences utilitaire car elle ne ferra pas de gros dégâts, mais vous procurera un bonus de chance de critique de 30+ pendant 10 secondes, essayez de maintenir actif le bonus. Attention à ne pas l"utiliser pendant son temps de recharge, sinon, en plus de ne pas recevoir le bonus de critiques, le temps de recharge repartira du début, repoussant ainsi votre prochain bonus de critique.
    Poignardement insidieux A utiliser après empalement fulgurant en appuyant sur S. Cette compétences est bien en PvP car elle permet d'étourdir l'ennemi, en plus d'avoir des dégâts plus que correct.
    Taillade vengeresse A utiliser après empalement fulgurant en appuyant sur espace une seconde fois. Cette compétences sera bonne surtout en PvE, au niveau ultime, elle offre une régénération de point de vie monstrueuse, elle peux littéralement vous remettre la totalité de vos PV sur un pack de monstres.
    Taillade rétrograde Utile en PvP grâce à son effet de ralentissement 50% pendant 10 secondes, qui peut vous permettre de fuir ou d'empêcher votre cible de fuir.
    Volonté de Maehwa notre principale moteur à PF, 150 toutes les 15 secondes. Suffisant en PvE, mais en PvP je vous recommande d'utiliser des Infusion concentré en plus.
    Poursuite La force de la Maehwa réside dans sa mobilité. Poursuite est censé offrir une invulnérabilité à la Maehwa, mais souffre de quelques bug pour le moment. Il existe également des moyen de rendre le dash plus rapide que la normal. Il est important de savoir que Poursuite arrière ignore les collision.
    Découpe Tourbillon Notre attaque de côté. Sympa contre des boss grasse à l'effet d'affaiblissement de la 3ème attaque. Vous n'utiliserez plus du tout votre attaque de base grâce à celui-ci qui offre dégâts, mobilité, et regain de PF.
    Séparateur Il peut être utilisé pour se soigner, personnellement je préfère me soigner avec Taillade vengeresse, je n'ai pas appris ce sort.
    Trancheur Le niveau 1 suffit pendant un long moment, utile pour faire un Appel du tigre fantôme instantanément. Intéressant à monter, mais pas en priorité.
    Entaille cyclonique Cette compétence ne coûte pas très cher et possède d'assez bon dégâts, intéressant pour initier le combat grâce à son effet de soulèvement.
    Flèche véloce chargé Le niveau 1 suffit, cette compétence à l'arc servira surtout à engager un combat à distance en étourdissant l'adversaire.
    Arts martiaux de précision Pas trop cher, bonus passif plutôt sympathique, à prendre.
    Entrainement à l'épée Super intéressant à monter après avoir monter les plus importante compétences. (Généralement au niveau 55)
    Entrainement tactique Pareil qu'au dessus, mais moins prioritaire.
    Lame du Tigre Cette compétences donne une grosse sensation de puissance, mais n'est pas si forte que ça en PvP, voir inutile. Elle reste intéressante en PvE de par tout ses effets de vitesse et de regain de PV. Mais il est peut-être plus sage de la laisser dans un placard en attendant d'avoir tellement de points à ne plus savoir quoi en faire.
    Eveil de compétences :
    Chaos : Lune Rouge - 5 PA
    Maehwa : Décapitation - 5 PA
    Trancheur - 10% Vitesse d'attaque
    Découpe Tourbillon - 5 PA / 10% Vitesse d'attaque
    Empalement fulgurant - 10% Vitesse d'attaque
    Représailles - -10% Vitesse d'attaque (ou mouvement) à l'adversaire
    Appel du tigre fantôme - 5 PA
    Flèche véloce chargé - -10% Vitesse d'attaque (ou mouvement) à l'adversaire
    Conseil pour PvP :
    Flèche Véloce chargée > Poursuite avant, avec Appel du tigre fantôme instantané > Morsure du Dragon > Griffe du Dragon > Empalement Fulgurant > Poignardement insidieux > Taillade rétrograde > Décapitation > Lune Rouge > Ascension céleste (l'amélioration niveau 55 de Lune Rouge)
    C'est le combo que j'utilise le plus en PvP, les dégâts sont important et le stunlock marche à merveille.
    Flèche Véloce chargée > Poursuite avant, avec Appel du tigre fantôme instantané > Empalement Fulgurant > Décapitation > Morsure du Dragon > Griffe du Dragon > Empalement Fulgurant > Poignardement insidieux > Lune Rouge > Ascension céleste
    Un autre enchainements intéressant
    *Légende (pour les plus débutants en MMO/Anglophobe) :
    CC = Crowd Control, Contrôle de foule
    Backline = Ligne arrière (l'inverse d'être au front quoi)
    PvE = Players Versus Environment (Taper des monstres en gros)
    PvP = Players versus Players (Joueur contre joueur)
    Stunlock = Le fait d'enchainer les effets de contrôle qui empêche la cible de faire quoique ce soit.
    Voila, comme je l'ai dis j'ai modifié quelques trucs à ma sauce, et corrigé les erreurs ou ce qui n'était plus à jour, mais très légèrement, ça reste qu'une traduction, je ne m’approprie pas du tout le guide ^^
    Je vous laisser poster vos retours sur ce topic ou sur l'original, dites nous ce que vous en pensé !
    Je tâcherais de maintenir le guide à jour à chaque modification du poste original, et en cas de changements sur un patch.
    Désolée pour les fautes !
    ~ Alex
  8. Hi everyone,
    I was wondering what does everyone build on their warrior?
    * Vangertz vs. Axion vs. Kite:
    - Which one do you run and why?
    - Can you really ignore the accuracy that the vangertz offers?
    - How's the Damage Reduction on the Kite shield?
    * Crafted Necklaces:
    I've considered swapping back to the ruby necklace, but the 25% grapple resist gems should be out soon so I've also looked at the sapphire necklace or even the diamond necklace.
    Any thoughts on this?
    * Here's my current build:
    2452 HP
    485 WP
    Helmet - 2 Harphia gems (50hp, 5hp recovery)
    Chest - 2 Cobelinus gems (100hp)
    Gloves - 1 (+2atk speed) gem, 10% grapple resist
    Boots - 2x 25% Knockdown resist
    Weapon - +2atkspeed -1crit
    Offhand - Crit damage

  9. Post on Musa class builds? in Musa

    By Rockett, posted
    Hey everyone, was wondering if you guys could post the builds you currently use for your musa's.
    After the recent patch a fair few things have changed so I was wondering if there's anything new.
  10. So I started warrior about a week ago and I'm absolutely loving the class and I want to make it my main. So like any other I looked through multiple builds and did my own interpretation of what I'd like to do. Please let me know what you think, and also what I should look more into fixing. The build is for pre boss armor but I do plan on getting full of it eventually, and I will adjust the build slightly to suit it.
    -Thanks in advance!
    (here's the skill build) 763 Skill Points

    (here's the stats and set up)
    Warrior Build
    4 piece Grunil (2 slots/set bonus +150 Hp & +7 Ap)

    x2 Witch Earrings (+5 Ap) (replace for whale molar once it's released for the extra 200hp)

    x2 Mark of Shadows (+5 Ap)

    Ogre Ring (+10 Ap) *note* best when at least pri

    Tree Spirit Belt (+5 Ap) (Basalisk Belt will be better for enhances since it gives +3 Ap each +)

    Kzarka Weapon (+3 Atk Speed/Cast Speed as well as giving accuracy and 2 slots)

    Krea Shield (If you have a kzarka I feel like this shield becomes the better choice over vangertz due to having 2 slots)

    Weapon: x2 Red Battlefield:Power (+5 Ap and +2 damage to human)

    Secondary: x2 Black Spirit Crystal (+5 Ap and 100 Hp)

    Helm: x1 Harphia (+50 Hp and +5 Hp Recovery)

              x1 Intimidation (+10% Knockdown/Bound Resist)

    Armor: x2 Cobelinus (+100 Hp +20 Lt) or Patience (+35 Mp/Wp/Sp [or if they add the good one..] +50 Mp/Wp/Sp and 10% Stun/Stiffness/Freeze Resist)

    Gloves: x1 Assault (+2 Attack Speed)

                 x1 Sturdiness (+10% Grab Resist)

    Shoes: x1 Adamantine (Kd/Bound Resist +25% and Faint/Rigidity/Freezing Resist +5%)

                x1 Energy (+150 Stamina)


    End Stat Results
    Ap: 144
    Dp: 196

    Swapped to Boss Armor Stats (more everything else but I lose some ap swapping and gain a lot of dp :P)
    Ap: 137
    Dp: 210
    Hp added: +450
    Wp added: +0
    Lt Added: +40
    +5 Atk Speed
    +0 Cast Speed
    +2 Crit Chance
    +0 Movement Speed
    +0 Luck
    Stun/stiffness/freeze: 25%
    Knockback/floating: 20%
    Grab: 30%
    Knockdown/bind: 55% (Max)
    I do plan to write my own guide eventually on warrior so anything you guys think to do or change would help immensely! My play style is very aggressive so I figured I'd like to make sure that my burst would suit the nature of my play style. Don't know if that helps show kind of what I'm going for with this.
    -Thanks all again!
    *edited* Added pictures because they make everything easier  
  11. Post on Hidden Stats in Suggestions

    By Superman, posted
    I have tried to look for a certain thread and maybe i have missed it on this topic because most people seem to be hitting on this point but have not really had a thread dedicated to this.  This game needs an extra tab to show our hidden stats and i know the devs/daum/cm can get this simple request done. Almost every game has stats and generally most show all of them to help players calculate dps and builds and so on.  I am almost certain the game devs can see this information and write a script to apply to a tab for us to see.  I do not only ask this for people that want to be the "best dpser" people enjoy the fact they can make different builds and our toons are not linear.  I am happy with our passionate community members that diligently take the time out of their playing time and normal lives to sit in game and try to calculate ap/dp damage,accuracy etc, but it is still hearsay because we can not factor someones particular damage to others because all of our stats are different as CMs have just found out. KR knew for a long time.  I am not here to blame or discredit anyone nor am i here to say this game is crap because I have played this game since it started in KR i really like this game,  I just want to be able to say "oh thats why this build is not beneficial" and "oh this skill is better because of this gear", you get what i mean.  Please I sincerely implore you to talk this over with the developers to get this in the game. Im sure others that read this topic will have many things to say but the one thing is certain we want this game to flourish into a better game. I know there is going to be new and better updates and i am eagerly waiting for them but at least can a CM comment on this topic?
    Comment if you have an opinion
  12. So i've seen a lot of kids saying "OMG FULL AP SHOT ALL 199 AP WOW IS THE WAY IM COOL" etc.. without put accuracy but let consider better the food question or other buff.
    If you use food buffs (+10 AC) + guild bonus AC + Liverto/Kzarka AC + alchemy stone AC. Is it worth to make a FULL AP build considering only those bonus?end-game jewelery are AP focused such whale molar, crescent belt etc...
    Do you know koreans build^ Did they put a lot of ac? 

    If you reply with proofs would be better
  13. I was wanting to post this somewhere to get a bit of an idea on what people think of this sort of set up. It's pretty much the build I'm striving for and I'm curious of what others might think. Or if anyone has come up with better stats.
    Here is the build.
    And here are the stats gear set up.
    3 part Agerian
    1 part Teritas [shoes]
    2 Witch Earrings
    Ancient Core Belt
    Thunder Necklace [Diamond] +10% all Resist (I still think this one is best suited for this set up.
    2 Outlaw Rings (for this I made them both pri since it's pretty cheap)
    Liverto Weapon (+3 crit and scales accuracy/ap)
    Vangarts Shield (Accuracy/Evasion/Def)
    All Armor and Weapons are at +15 to get these stats
    Infinity - Memory +2 Cast Speed
    Infinity Valor - +2 Crit
    Adamantine +25% Kd Resist +5% Other Resist
    Abundance +5 Damage Reduction
    Red Battle Field  +5 ap +2 Dmg to Human x2
    Black Spirit +5 ap +100Hp
    +3 atk speed [I use forward slash(3) to regain stamina]
    +5 Cast Speed
    +5 Crit
    30% Grapple
    55% Knock Down
    50% Stun
    30% Knockback
    Grunil Build
    4 part Grunil
    2 Witch Earrings
    Ancient Core Belt
    Thunder Necklace [Rubin] (+30% Grapple Resist)
    2 Outlaw Rings (for this I made them both pri since it's pretty cheap)
    Liverto Weapon (+3 crit and scales accuracy/ap)
    Vengarts Shield
    All Armor and Weapons are at +15 to get these stats
    Infinity - Memory +2 Cast Speed x2
    Viper - +1 Atk Speed/Cast Speed
    Infinity Valor - +2 Crit
    Adamantine +25% Kd Resist +5% Other Resist x2?
    Abundance +5 Damage Reduction x2?
    Red Battlefield +5 Ap +2 Dmg to Human x2
    Black Spirit - +5 Ap +100 Hp
    +1 Atk Speed
    +5 Cast Speed
    +5 Crit
    Max(60)% Grapple
    Max(60)% Knock Down
    30% Stun
    20% Knockback
  14. So what I have under "Current set" is what I am obviously currently running. I am curious if it is worth me upgrading to "Best" set, or grinding for "Only If Looted" set. Are these builds a good option in PvP for warrior? Right now I feel DP is the best to go for Warrior without awakening being in game yet, as we die fairy fast if we focus too much on AP and don't balance it very well.
    Some things I left out in picture:
    BE = Bares Earring
    Weapons: Yuria Longsword Crimson Flame/Vangertz
    Level: 50
    Link for full sized image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/171757148240478208/171897915386626049/gear.png

  15. TLDR: RNG is everywhere, to have a healthy PvP scene with variety, different styles/metas, RNG must dissapear from PvP-related stats.
    The reason I bought this game was its PvP, my guild comes from gw2, we are a hardcore PvP guild and I'm sure a lot of ppl came here because of PvP.
    The problem is RNG. Recently, It was confirmed that HP/MP per level stats, and probably hidden stats, are affected by RNG. So two players with the same level/gear can have different stats making it unfair for those unlucky with RNG.
    With RNG theorycrafting and organized PvP are dead, why?
    Hidden stats: You don't know if you need more or less accuracy, more or less critical, more or less evasion.You can't make a proper build that fits your playstyle because you don't know what stats you have atm and how they affect your skills. And they are probably affected by RNG when leveling.HP/MP stats: This stats are huge for PvP, since classes depends on how much HP/MP they have to do their rotations/combos. A player with 80HP/MP more than other one, with the same lvl/gear, due to RNG is totally unfair and doesn't make the game more unique but unfair and broken. Because that player can make a bigger rotation or use one more spell just beacuse RNG. srsly?Builds/Gear: Here is where the magic happens. Your guildmates discuss how they want to play, what they want to prioritize, what gear/food/elixirs to use depending on the situation, but the thing is all these questions have no answer thanks to Mr. RNG.The beauty of organized PvP is creating an unique style of playing, aggresive or not, tanky or dealing tons of damage, something to be proud of your guild. But since we have stats affected by  Mr. RNG plus hidden stats, theorycrafting and creating an unique way of playing it's pretty much an odyssey.

    So my suggestions, resumed with the post title, are:
    Delete RNG from increase-per-level stats.Reveal Combat formulas. This is really important for theorycrafting, without it, Everyone will play with the same gear/skills and playstyle.Allow players to see their hidden stats.Final thought. By doing this PvP players have everything they need to develop a healthy PvP scene and we will have  tons of different and unique playstyles. Isn't it what devs want? Because right now everyone looks the same, same builds, same gear, we are like slaves of Mr. RNG.

    Mr. RNG marks the difference, not the players.
    I want to do an litle  update after reading a bit reddit threads and forum threads.
    Stats affected by RNG when leveling up:  In this spreadsheet  looks like the disparities are closer than I thought, with a maximun disparity around 40points. These disparities could get up to +50 in higher levels. In my opinion, +50HP/MP are still pretty huge and unfair and I still think RNG should be deleted from stats.Hidden stats: Looks like this is the most voted option. Hidden stats need to be visible. It's obvious this change must happen in order to allow players to make a proper build because if these stats are affected by RNG, then you can't know if you need more or less accuracy/crit/evasion/etc.Combat formulas: I think combat formulas is the key thing here. I don't see ppl discussing whether these formulas should be public or not. Example-> combat formula in Gw2 Wiki. As you can see you can know exactly what stat you need in order to do more or less damage. These formulas are the key to make a healthy PvP scene, where ppl can make different and viable builds. Right now everyone is playing with the same gear because everything is hidden so there's only one way to build and that's terrible.Overall I think the leveling-up system needs a rework where the player is the one who decides what kind of stats wants for his character. A system with transparency where you know what stats you have, that allows you to make your builds as you want. This system maybe works in korea, but not in the West, which is a shame since the combat-mechanics in BDO are awesome.
    I know what devs have said, and his reason to do it. But could @CM_Jouska or any other admin try to tell us if these changes are viable? I'm not asking why this system is like this, but asking if it is possible to make this happen since it's something the community have mostly supported across reddit and official forums.
    Thank everyone for voting, reading and/or commenting.

    EDIT: 06/09/2016 https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/4n97k4/kr_random_stats_are_now_static/

    In KR, RNG is gone from stats when leveling up. One small step to have a better and healthier PvP scene.
  16. Post on Need Berserker Build... in Berserker

    By Guwop, posted
    Hey Guys!
    So I already searched for some good builds for my berserker level 38, but i wasnt able to find some... my friends are playing the sorceress and the warrior class but it seems like the have better skills. They 1-shot enemies for who i need a few seconds (like 20sec) to kill them.
    Does anyone have a helpful homepage or a build guide?
    Thanks in advance!
  17. As the title says guys, I would love a cookie cutter/decent endgame build as I'm still unsure which skills are keepers. I know this isn't the first time this question has been up but I'm really not sure which build is the best and you guys probably know better than me. I want my build to be viable both in PVP and PVE. I'm more of a solo player so buffing others and that kind of stuff isn't that interesting, or should be at a lower priority atleast
    Just found this build, is it any good/what could be changed? http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/602/
    My points so far http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/wizard/13554# which more should I add?
  18. Hello.
    I recently decided to start playing my Wizard, and I love it.
    It's just that all the guides and such are quite confusing... So I've got a few questions.
    Some guides are maxing Magic Missile and choosing Multiple Magic Missiles. And they put nothing on the Concentrated Magic Arrow.
    Some other guides just keeps Magic Missile in first rank and max Concentrated Magic Arrow.
    So which is best according to you guys? Or are both worth getting? (PvE/PvP)
    When I'm at Abandoned Monastery it feels like I keep missing my enemies.. I've got 91 AP/60 DP.
    My sorc had Talis Shoes and Agerian Set, Yuria Amulet and some other stuff. But I killed them alot faster. It's not just that it's faster... It's more like, I miss all the time?
    But according to guides, alot of wizard has the items I have but full Grunil instead. (Put my gear on the bottom of this topic)
    Should I switch to the Taratis(?) set or stick with my current items? I mean, most other Wizards seem to be using Grunil so yeah..
    What is Wizards "main" ability? For example like... Claws of Darkness for Sorc seems like their main. 
    Chain Lightning seems to be it? Max it?
    And what is like, Wizards most important skills?
    Mind Training passive... Share your opinions please.
    Anything I can do to improve my dear Wizard? (Except upgrade with Black Stones)
    Level 50
    +5 Grunil Helmet
    +5 Grunil Gloves
    (For the AP)
    +6 Armor of Hercules
    +5 Shoes of Hercules
    (For the +150 Weight Limit)
    +11 Yuria Staff
    +8 Steel Dagger
    Witch's Earring
    Witch's Earring
    PRI: Bares Belt
    4 AP Ring
    Ring of Good Deeds
    Bares Necklace
  19. Greetings to all of you fellow Valkyries out there. I will keep this as short and to the point as possible. I know you are all probably quite tired of seeing threads around build advice, however I lay another one at your feet. 
    Having hit level fifty the other day, I have been scanning the forums relentlessly to find a skill build that will suit a pvp Valkyrie. I have used my token to reset all my skills and filled in what abilities I am absolutely sure will be used in pvp. However with some few 37 points left and the prospect of grinding to level fifty one, I would ask your advice on what skills I should take next and perhaps what skills I should awaken. That said, I am not going to ignore pve, so if shield throw is necessary for quality of life I suppose I will have to invest in it again. 
    My build so far - http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/valkyrie/13360
    Thank you for reading, any advice would be much welcomed. 
  20. Post on What to spend my SP on in Ranger

    By xCroz, posted
    Hi guys! I was wondering where is should spend my SP on  currently a lvl 41 ranger but going to reset my skill as soon as i hit lvl 45. I currently doin alot of PvE and want to start focusing on PvP at level 50, could you do some good suggestions?
    Thanks in regard. (Note my english is not that great xD)
  21. Hey Team,
    Level 50 Warrior Re-rolling Sorcerer 
    Not going to waste my time with a gimp class when I could be playing as a God. I -----ed up, should of did my research before I rolled a warrior, but the good news is, I've got 25 black weapon stones and 30 armor stones, 8-10 million silver, and now I know where to grind. Instead of using combat exp scrolls this time, i'm going to use skill exp scrolls, and i going to full grind, as oppose to doing any type of quests.
    I've already used my 1 time level 45 skill reset, so leveling this toon will be sensitive to choosing skills poorly. With end game PvP focused in mind. 
    With that being said please answer these questions:
    1. What armor?
    2. What weapon?
    3. What offhand?
    4. What jewelry?
    5. What crystals?
    6. Any links to a PvP Build Skill Tree would be awesome.
    7. Any links to a PvP How to play style would be awesome.
    8. Any links that you as a Sorc found useful would be awesome.
    9. Anything alternative advice that you'd like to contribute would be awesome.
  22. As the title says I'm a bit uncertain on certain skills, whether I should max them or just ignore parts of them or just entirely ignore them. So far I know the following based upon what I've read on this subforum http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/valkyrie/13077
    I've maxed what I've read are the best to max and left the ones I'm not sure on out. Some of my uncertainty lies with shield chase and shield throw. I notice the higher the lvl of shield chase, the longer the cooldown wouldn't it be smarter to keep it on basic so I can use it more often while sacrificing the range per use? I am aware it also costs more to use by keeping it basic but would being able to use it more often outweight the distance gained and reduced cost to SP? Also I remember reading the in game description of the skill mentioning something about being able to use it multiple times or something? As for shield throw I'm wondering should i get the 2nd level of it or just ignore the 2nd level entirely?
    If you have any suggestions or changes you'd recommend please let me know so that I can adjust my build and if possible provide a brief explanation why you believe I should or shouldn't get something Thanks in advance!
    EDIT: Updated WIP build = http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/valkyrie/13088
  23. Hello there,
    I have been playing the Berserker since release and have been 50 for a while and PvPing. I was just wondering which abilities I should focus on now that I am level 50.
    here is a link to my build.
    I am also wearing Taritas Helm, Gloves, and Chest and Talis Boots as well.
  24. Post on Ranger Build in Ranger

    By Meshpy, posted
    Hello guys. Just 1 question - Will this build somehow work ? If no why. Or tell me what to change please. Thx