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  1. Post on Lvl 53 PVP Build in Ranger

    By Feverila, posted
    Hi, im 53 on my Ranger and i want to reset my skills again... mostly based mostly on PVP/GVG .
    I still want to be able to grind well.
    Im somewhere around 550 points... trying to get all the quests done and grind to 600 650.
    My curent skill build: http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/ranger/11299#
    I was thinking about lowering bow skill to 7, and removing the points from Razor Wind since i'm not using it that much in PVE
    Do i max out Penetrating wind or get Ultimate Descending Curent?
    Is tearing arrow good for anything?
    Is razor wind good in PVP? Will i need this skill in the next patch for PVE? Does the ultimate make it better?
    Sorry if one of the questions were already answered in previous posts.
  2. Post on PC building help in Off-Topic

    By AkiaSenpai, posted
    Im going to buy a GTX 970, though i might need a new CPU aswell. My current CPU is an A8-7600. Im significantly looking for a good build for MMORPGS like this.
    I was thinking about buying a FX8350 but im not sure if thats the right thing to do, i would also have to buy a new motherboard ( an ATX) and could get an m5a97 r2.0.
    My budget is about 600,- euros. though you need to count the 970 off that wich makes it 245 Euros. Current specs are:
    CPU:  AMD A8-7600
    GPU: R7 250 
    Mobo: ASUS A88XM-A
    Could you give me any advice or know a better thing to do, then please tell me!
  3. I know "Whiplash OP, max it, love it" and this might sound stupid, but hear me out. THEN you can shoot my idea down (constructive criticism please).
    Trample III: 682% x 2 (30mp)
    Whiplash V: 574% x 2 (20mp)
    Trample takes longer to cast than a single Whiplash, but not by much.
    Assigning Trample to a quickslot makes it spammable by using the button. (Hopping/Dunking Tamer, anyone?)
    My question:
    Whats the penalty for using Trample on cooldown? The tooltip says "No Bound effect in pvp" and "...during cooldown" on the first version (Trample I).
    If there is no reduced damage if you use it during cooldowns, would trample spam be a legit alternative whiplash? The extra damage should somewhat make up for the slower spamability. Not even considering the mobility you get while spamming it.
    If trample gets damage penalty when used during cooldown, nevermind this whole thread....
    Anyone else knows the penalties of the other skills when used during cooldown?
    I dont have Whiplash maxed yet, so if anyone could do a damage comparison (+consideration of respective casting times), that would be nice. Share your experience and ideas
  4. Here's my shot at a good build for solo/small scale pvp.
    Any major issues?
    Oklidokli then.
    since nobody else will, imma answer my own question:
    This build looks OK, but I would advice against spending points in Tackling Rock because the bind for it makes it so that you will hit it on accident literally 90% of the time when you mean to do a stomp. Falling rock can be worth it but you have other stun abilities that are less situation based.
  5. Hey fellow Sorcs! I am about to hit 50 in the next day or two and me being a nub, I claimed my respec at 45 without knowing it has a time limit of 7 days
    So now I'm desperately trying to decide what skill build to use for my "end game" as I have been experimenting during the leveling phase.
    I've come up with 2 builds which fit my playstyle but appreciate any advice you guys may have.
    Build 1 (Takes Black Wave over Crow Flare): http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/sorcerer/8703
    Build 2 (Takes Crow Flare over Black Wave): http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/sorcerer/8704
    I've been toying around with Crow Flare because I knew I had the skill reset to use. I like doing a Midnight Stinger(Stagger) > Crow Flare > Beak Kick(Bound) > Dark Flame > Shard or DoD etc, etc
    It seems Crow Flare is really frowned upon, but I've had success with it. With 4 casting speed, Tier 3 CF and Tier 2 BK take only a split second to cast and I can transition into Dark Flame. Wouldn't it be better to have the extra damage from CF > BK rather than just using Stinger > Rushing Crow > Dark Flame > Shard/DoD?
    Anyway, this is from my own experience. So it would be nice to hear your experiences.
    Appreciate any input and guys, keep it civil
  6. I have recently finished the grind to lvl 50 and am now looking to find the right build and gear that suits my needs. I have not played any pvp so far which is why I have no clue which skills are useful for pvp and which aren't. I have saved my lvl 46 skill reset and would like to not screw it up.
    Here are a few questions. Feel free to ignore as many of them as you'd like, but I would be happy for any piece of advice that I can get.
    - I don't like playing glasscannon builds, especially not as a melee. Is it viable to play a more defensive style of Tamer? And what items (sets, jewelry, sockets etc.) would be best for such a style of play? Most of the sets seem to have some kind of balance between defense and offense which makes the choice that much harder for someone like me who doesn't know how to value health, stamina, accuracy, ap in this game.
    - For leveling convenience I used Roaring a lot but I'd imagine that skill would not be useful in pvp at all. Is this correct? For grinding mobs we have a lot of aoe damage already with Trample Combos and Whiplash so I am thinking about ditching Roaring altogether after my respec (or maybe only skill it to level 1 for pulling mobs in PvE). Thoughts?
    - I have tried out E, S+F and S+RMB and all of these skills seem to be fairly similar knockdown/cc abilities. Which ones of these are the most useful for pvp? I was thinking of probably picking two of them (I prefer E and S+RMB so far) and max one of them.
    - Shift+F and Shift+Q are also very similar. I like the utility in PvE and think I would probably want to keep one of those abilities.
    - I am kind of confused about Void Lightning. I have only the base version of the skill but it does decent damage and also has a guard effect. How does the guard work in this game? Is it just some sort of improved defense for a short period of time or is it more complicated? Would you suggest maxing this skill?
    - How useful are Bolt Wave/Jolt Wave in PvP?
    - I know this is a broad question but what are some of the most useful combos for engage, burst damage and finishers as a tamer in PvP?
  7. Post on Sorc pvp build? in PVP Diskussionen

    By Xxy, posted
    Hey guys i tryed to find a video or something else where someone explains which spells are good in pvp and also how to combo this.
    I dont found anything pls help
  8. hey there fellow wiz/witches
    Atm my build is http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/wizard/7691
    I have 88 SP atm left over,
    Since the game is down rn i cant say exactly what my awakenings are, but it should be smth like: All lightning skill, Castspeed/ attack/movement speed slow
    And i think like meteor with castspeed aswell.
    What is worth resetting, what awakenings aree worth resetting for?
    or what else should i actually skill for better PvPenis
  9. Hello everyone!
    This is my first post in this part of the forum. Whilst having our own Discussion in our Guild-Forum about Builds and stuff, I wanted to gain feedback of the more experienced players out there. This shouldnt be a Guide or anything, just a calm, reasoned discussion about builds and stuff! I will post my Build and Gear-Choces/Options and would be glad for every opinion I can get out of that!
    I read many discussions in this part of the forum already, so I think I got a good grasp on the matter (me thinks). So lets start!
    The totally barebones skillset I will be running with fresh 50 will be this:
    Skillbuild fresh 50

    After you got more skillpoints and reach the Softcap (around 500 and being max-level: 54) it will look like this (needs testing):
    Skillbuild 50+
    The idea of this Skillbuild is being highly mobile and utilise all the damage-selfbuffs to be not only a solid 1v1 Zerker (to defend yourself while grinding alone) but also the be a fast force to be reckoned with in Group-PvP. I miss out on our "Ultimate" Fearsome Tyrant, which is only good in Sieges anyway, to put the points in Abilities which gives me a much greater Powerspike.
    My thougths about gear and the stats a Zerker needs:
    Gearset 1:
    Zereth Set
    2pc: 200 stamina
    Helm: 15% knockdown resist
    Shoes: 200 stamina
    Taritas Set
    2pc: 100 WP
    Armor: 20 HP, 20 WP
    Gloves: 2 accuracy
    With the intended Liverto Weapon/Saiyer Knot and all Gems I want to put into it I get (without Accessories/Shoe-Gems):
    5 Crit
    4 AS
    400 Stam
    120 WP
    120 HP
    2 Acc
    15% Knockdown resist

    Gearset 2:
    Agerian Set
    2pc: 100 HP
    Helm: 15% stun resist
    Gloves: 1 AS/CS

    Taritas Set
    2pc: 100 WP
    Armor: 20 HP, 20 WP
    Shoes: evasion
    With the intended Liverto Weapon/Saiyer Knot and all Gems I want to put into it I get (without Accessories/Shoe-Gems):
    5 Crit
    5 AS
    120 WP
    220 HP
    15% Stun resist
    +2 Evasion
    What do you guys think about this?
  10. Hey fellow 'zerkers.
    So I'm maining Berserker and taking my time to level, no hardcore grinding, but after I found myself chugging through far too many healing potions I started thinking I'm doing something wrong. Since this is a game where you have to pay real money to respec, I figured I'd follow a guide on my build instead of experimenting myself. I'm following this one I found on google: http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/berserker/1698
    I'm level 27 and spinning to win, but it hurts man. If I'm chugging this many potions at this level while my level 24 Ranger is having no problems in sight, still left clicking her way to victory taking no damage, something must be up.
    So after doing some research I found this build I'm following might be for PvP only? I'm hoping that's the cause for my problems. Any feedback from more experienced Berserkers? Is it worth paying money to respec at this point while I'm leveling?
  11. Post on Base tamer build in Tamer

    By TimeDawn, posted
    Here is a small base build I made for tamer. This build is a base for both pve and pvp, but is more focused on pvp.
    I kept the points spend under 500 soft cap.
    As for awakened skills, I'd pick skills you use the most so the buff/debuff is always up.
    Personally I'd go for: 
    - Whiplash (skill damage or skill speed increase)
    - Trample (critical chance increase - use before you use whiplash to make it hit harder)
    - Evasive attack (movement speed debuff - can be spammed a lot so being able to slow your opponent in pvp will help a lot)

    After you got this build you can aim for a build like this:

    Jolt and Bolt wave are both very amazing skills in pve, they take up a huge amount of points however so its better to focus on a build that works everywhere instead of a build that only works in pve, which is why I didn't pick this skill for the base build.
    The same counts for Absorb Heilang, though its amazing at both pvp and pve, it just takes too many points to be picked over the other skills untill you reach a high amount of skill points.
    Got any question about my build or do you think my build is wrong in any way? feel free to ask anything questions or share your opinions.
  12. I have not been able to participate much in Beta's or played on russian or korean versions.
    I would firstly like to ask if the general free skill reset at level 45 is available in release version or if this was just a Beta thing?
    However I'm looking for advice on a specific build:
    I would like to concentrate on GvG, with Castle Sieges etc., as my main interest.
    I'm looking for good crowd control and of course AoE damage.
    Is skilling Freeze up to Freeze 5 useful ?
    What might be the best nukes to be included in a rotation?
    Based on peoples experience, is the additional cast reduction of Mind Training in addition to Speed Spell worth the investment?
    Should I go for a combined dmg/support build in order to be useful for a guild raid group or rather roll two wizards, one with dmg the other with support (like to avoid this if possible, but if people feel the combined build is not viable, would need to bite the bullet and roll two wizzies)
    So if anyone has experience in GvG scenarios I would be most grateful for your advice or a link to your build
  13. Hallo, bin total neu was Black Desert angeht und hab mich über Youtube und Foren versucht schlau zu machen. Ich bin von der Mechanik und dem spiel selbst total begeistert. Weiß aber nicht wie ich mein Magier skillen soll.. 
    Am ende ist doch recht wichtig bzw. schnell passiert das man sich verskillt hat. 

    Auf was muss ich achten? Welche spells sind stärker, Welche lohnen sich garnicht? 

    Hab bereits auf http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/wizard# herum probiert. Aber dafür bin ich zu doof 
  14. Launch in three days. Post your pc setting boys. Let see who's has the glorious pc master race system read for the BDO experience.
  15. Post on Wiz/Witch PVP Build in Guides

    By Kelrin, posted
    I've been doing a lot of searching through the forums here for Wizard / Witch PVP builds. Unfortunately, I am not finding much if anything except people complaining about PvP before the game even officially launches. I think it's time we start to change that. So, in order to get the conversation started, here is a build that I found. While it isn't tagged for PvP or PvE, I think this may make a decent PvP build. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Keep in mind, there is a difference between pointless insults and beneficial critique. Let's try to keep this in the beneficial critique realm.
  16. Hey,
    Some time ago a friend of mine introduced me to the game. And i decide i wanted to paly in when it is released.
    I was planning of playing a witch/wizard. but is it doable to play them as a support role?
    What  i founded so far on the wiki/forums it should b doable but how is leveling if you go that way?
    the build i was planning to do is the following: http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/wizard/3225#
    Thanks in advance
    edit. the plan so far for a supportive witch/wizard shall be: http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/wizard/3436
    this build is for lvl 50 whit and i took a skill point cap of 500
    might swap over de freeze/fog spell over for a a extra lvl of fireball explosion
    edit2: after some more finetuning i came up whit this build for a supportive witch/wizard:
    it got all the heal and support skills that a worth to use.
    it still got some of the good dmg spells like lightning residue and fireball exposion maxed.
    its aimed to be useable at lvl 50 whit 500 skillpoints (since that is the soft cap)
  17. THIS IS FOR PVP BUILDS ONLY. I can't tell you what to do but if you must share your PvE build then classify it as such.
    With the game coming for release here in NA/EU, what are your guys' planned builds? I've been planning to go with http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/beastmaster/2152
    However, I'm not sure if it's even any good seeing as its based off of what I've read. The places I'm not too sure on are not getting absorb heilang and maxing out evade attack. I've also heard some say fearful trembling is amazing while others say its pretty terrible in PvP.
  18. I've seen a lot of end game builds for the Witch / Wizard, but what order should we be getting the skills as we level up? I have every intention of mad dashing to 50 when the game drops for early access, and want all my ducks in a row.
  19. Post on Krieger Build in Krieger

    By Raptorious, posted
    Ich versteh diese Builds vom Krieger nicht wirklich ..
    Könntet ihr mir welche empfehlen?
    Ich würde gerne n Mix zwischen PvE und PvP, jedoch falls ausschlaggeben mehr auf PvP bzw Siege (falls es überhaupt mit Krieger sinnvoll ist) 
    Ansonsten kanns gerne auch ne Full PvE Skillung sein
    Wieso sollte man eigentlich nicht in Schwertstreich bzw Brutaler Schwertstreich investieren?
    Mit diesen Skills spiele ich zurzeit eigentlich nur .. Ich zieh Gegner um mich, blocke und hau dann brutalen Schwertstreich raus und bis jetzt wirkt das perfekt
    Danke für eure Hilfe schon mal
  20. Hallo,
    ist der Skillbuilder Aktuell?
    Wenn ja, wäre ein Sticky gut :-)
  21. Figured I'd get a system build thread going since i cant find one.
    Mine is a I7-4790k @4.8Ghz and 1.27v with a corsair AIO 280mm rad
    A MSI GTX 970 @ +100 on the clock and +350 on the memory @ stock voltage
    16GB of G.Skill Ripjaws X ram @ 1866Mhz
    An EVGA supernova G2 1000w power supply
    etc etc
    Cpu temps don't really go over 50c and the gpu around 70 with a heavy load.

  22. Hey guys not really sure where to put this so i started a new post.
    I have already tried out the Ranger on the Korean Version of the Game and I personally really liked the way it worked. With the Awakening Weapon being melee I was wondering how this does effect the way you are going to skill the Ranger. I mean, my build did not inclue any melee Skills at all, but this probably does not work when you are focusing on melee with the Awakening weapon. 
    I am aware of the fact that you dont have to use it at all, but I consider that not too smart.
    So did any of you guys reach the Awakening on the Korean Server and can help me out with the order of skills/ the changes in the Ranger Build caused by the Awakening?
    Thanks already!
  23. Hello fellow forumites, I'm AngelofAwe. Well in-game anyway.
    Like all of you I'm impatiently looking forward to the release of BDO and being a rather HC MMO player myself I've gone through my usual habit. I've only had 3 days of experience trying out the game during CBT1 but I've also done somewhat extensive research and tried to puzzle them together. That's what this topic is for, I'd like some feedback on everything ranging from my grinding plan, to gear and skill builds, all of which are of course subject to change after more testing in CBT2 but your input and advice would be valuable.
    So as I'm posting in this section, my choice of class for release is a Witch (Wizard in CBT). I chose this class primarily because I like the amazingly flashy skills, great AoE capability with easy grind, good support skills and a being a great asset in GvG and other PvP which will be my primary goal as I'm a PvP player first and foremost. The PvE content for me is only a means to a goal. A goal of complete world domination that is! Mwahahaha!
    Moving on from the introduction.
    My gearing plan is quite simple to understand. I'm going for a Yuria staff and Agerian armor set early on. (Well as early as I can get a hold of them, I expect to get the Agerian at monastery). I'm going to upgrade them at the rate I get enchant stone drops until the safe limit of +7 and +5 respectively, probably beyond that as well but we'll see once I reach that point.
    In the late game I'm going to switch out my staff for Liverto/Zaka and my armor for Neil.
    For socketing my focus will be on cast speed and critical until I hit the cap for the two of them.
    Question 1: If I've understood it correctly you can actually go to a blacksmith and extract the enchant stones you've put into an item at the cost of that item, until the safe limit at a 100% rate. What about when you go beyond that safe limit. Say you have a +10 weapon you choose to extract. Will you still have 7 (from +7) stones guaranteed with a random chance for more or is it pure RNG for all of the stones including the safe ones after you've surpassed the safe level?
    Next up is the grind itself. My goal is to reach level 50 as quickly as possible to then slow down my grind and do some other things like crafting/gathering CP/farming items etc. I know the usual start is to level by the "tutorial" until level 15 or so with the quest progression into the first town, however is that really faster than simply grinding and if so why? Do you miss anything by skipping those early quests? In release I'm going to have my mount and all that from the start anyway so I don't really need to worry about donkey quest details or such.
    From that point on the progress becomes a bit more clear for me, it's just a matter of grinding through the zones while skipping practically all the quests. I will complete all the black spirit quests of course but I'm still wondering if it will be worth slowing down my progress to complete the inventory extension quests or if I should just leave them for level 50+? What do you think?
    I'll have my own grinding route but I'm not planning on looting anything whatsoever until I reach the monastery since there won't really be any worthwhile loot until that point and it slows progress significantly. My pet will most likely loot enough for me to sustain some low silver costs of potions, recovering my horse and such minor expenses I may encounter in the beginning.
    For misc concerns I have a few things I'm wondering about. First off, what is the real benefit of investing into the node in your grinding area? Is it only more loot drops or does it have other advantages? Is it worth spending some extra time to invest into the nodes you're grinding at and keep removing and replacing them in the new location as you move to the next zone?
    I also heard that the "rating" as you gain knowledge of mobs actually has an impact on the grind giving you more loot AND making them easier to kill the higher the rating is. Is this correct? Does it affect both loot and killing speed? Does it do anything for exp? How much of a difference does it make? Is there some kind of percentage scale? Does it affect anything else like experience gain?
    And then with those out of the way, here's my preliminary skill build. This is for level 55 and only includes the absolute basic levels I want of everything. This is my foundation, any skill points I have beyond this will be invested into improving on these skills.
    I've gone for full firepower with all the damage spells I'll use in PvE maxed out. I haven't leveled magic arrow because I don't know what it would be useful for. Am I wrong in not leveling this ability? At the moment I don't even use it to finish off low hp mobs, I use chain lightning instead.
    My passives are all maxed out as is the speed buff and AoE heal for party buff use. I've kept the single target heal at level 1 since I've never really needed more but if I have extra skill points I will of course max it out after I have the foundation finished.
    Earth's response is level 1 as I've never really used it, it's only an "oh crap" ability to me and not a tool I actually use offensively.
    Revive is also level 1 as I find that sufficient until I have leftover skill points.
    Likewise freezing and frigid fog remain level 1 as I use them purely for the CC in PvP and not for the damage. Frigid fog will also be upgraded with extra skill points while freezing will remain at level 1 for longer.
    Mana absorption is level 1 as I've never needed more. It's always been sufficient to keep my mana up in PvE but I'll raise it at a later stage or when needed.
    Magical shield is an ability I'd only really need in PvP which I'm not doing until 50+ either so I've left it at a level 1 "it helps" stage to be upgraded when I'm able to.
    I haven't picked up the group shield as I have never seen it in action and don't really know what it's useful for. What does it do? I'll pick it up of course but I'd like to know what it does first. I'm assuming it's a useful PvP skill so there's no need for me to rush it until 50+ anyway.
    That only leaves the evasion and teleport skills in my build, both of which I've left at level 1 until I need them in later PvP. Level 1 gives me all the mobility I need in PvE already.
    As for all other skills I find them useless at a first glance and haven't planned to invest any points whatsoever into them.
    That's about it for my current plans and thoughts, any feedback on any of it?
    Thanks for reading!