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  1. Good afternoon, I've been trying to buy liverto for pre-buy and there's no way I've even tried to put a different amount to see what it puts me and says I do not get the money (logico when you put 11 liverdos xD) so I put it back One single and that message that you can see in the image I closed the game and try again and there is no way, I sold my liverto the sorcerer to buy the dark knight class, can help me or if they know if it is something of The options (I have not touched anything but if there is something I should tell me please) came very excited to try the class after being without internet 1 week (worse than the dependence of smoking D;) and it seems that I have bad luck now with the Marketplace TT
    thanks in advance, sorry my English'm still learning and I need a translator for some phrases  ^_^u
    PD: The marketplacer npc stayed the same as me with the message xDDD
    Close the post already solved sorry for the inconvenience and thanks alike cya! ^^
  2. Hi! I'm looking to bye some Valkyrie outfits? Mainly the Kylia outfit set with weapons, but honestly anything would work as long as it's both the outfit and weapons ....If you are selling some, please let me know and I'll buy it off you first! I tried asking in game but no luck there...IDK where else to ask? IDK if this is the right place...so sorry if it's not
    Update - I got it!
  3. Hello BDO Community,
    I want to buy the Trumpet Creeper Costume for Maehwa, but I cant find on in the Market. I buy both variation just the "Costume Set" or the entire "Bundle" which include the weapons.
    I pay 25kk, but we can talk about the price. I play on the EU server.
    If you are interested send me a mail or write a comment  
    Kind regards Yasukami Rosakiri
  4. In BDO they implement several systems to create money dumps, like the extremely high taxes, and high fail rates, along with permanently destroying one item to repair another of the same type. I propose that one more be placed in the game to help keep the Market Place from getting backed up and allowing people to get paid for the items they have posted. At the end of the 7 day counter already placed on items registered to the Market Place, they should be "purchased" by an NPC at the lowest (minimum) market rate of that item. At this point the item goes away permanently and the seller is given the silver along with space to place another item.
    My primary reasoning for this is when mysterious accessories, mini games and giveaways were introduced, it created a shift in supply and demand destroying the market for many items. This would help bring back somewhat of a balance by helping remove some of the fodder without penalizing the player (by having to vendor items originally with market value) because someone in charge doesn't know how to manage events in game.
    It sucks for items to just disappear, but if you care less about the money than the item you can pull it before the 7 days are up and repost.
  5. Post on Bidding fail question in General

    By Onineko, posted
    Since few weeks i'm trying to buy few things on marketplace and because i've never succeed, I wish to ask about something. When the item is biddable, like some Dandelion, Value Pack, a pet or an outfit, there are two kinds of text poppin' when the bidding is closed (and obviously I wont win the bid - I never did...) One text is "Failed to purchase the item" and the other is "Item is already sold" - where is the difference between their meaning? Does that mean I just lost the roll and the text is random, or am I keep failing at some point while trying to buy something?
  6. How do you buy Premium Outfits on the market? Or should I ask, how does the process work?
    I selected "Bid" on a set, but then it didn't allow me to select an amount, then said "Bid Result" and I clicked, and was told that I "failed at purchasing the item."
    Do I have to be the first player to hit the bid button, or the first to hit bid result, or is it rng?
    -Some Rando Noob
  7. I don't have a credit card and that would be the only way to buy it.
  8. I thought A snake would be a good choice as a pet. You could have desert snakes that up hold equivalent bonuses as desert foxes. You can also have "Garden Snakes & black Snakes" that up hold similar bonuses as cats. 

    P.S. this Ideas is very basic and off a whim, but I'm sure with further elaboration this could flourish.

  9. I'm thinking of buying the explorer's package and I was wondering if the pet of choice  includes the fox. it says any pet but doesn't  list the fox but its newer so I thought maybe that's why it wasn't listed.
  10. If anyone thought about selling their +15 Liverto Longsword then pm me please.
  11. Hello, I have been saving up silver for a while to purchase a +15 Yuria axe, I now have about 35 million silver and want to buy the Ultimate Yuria axe, but it is not very common on the Marketplace. I was wondering if it would be worth it for me to wait for one to come on the market place, or should I just buy the green one or one of the blues until I can farm up my Liverto axe?
    Any info is appreciated!
  12. So remember the Beauty and the Beast event? Top prize was a black spirit figure. Will Daum ever have a merchandise store? I like that statue a lot and wish there was some way I can get my hands on one.

  13. Greetings fellow gamers,
    My name is Phinix, and I have been an avid gamer since I was spending hours playing qBert, tanks, and Spiderman on the Atari 2600 as a tot, to Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego in elementary computer lab, and I've been gaming and modding MMO's for over a decade. You can see some of my work for other titles here Phinix Master Recipe List (links to Skyrim mods at the bottom).
    I am posting to let everyone that might see this know why I personally feel BDO is absolutely worth the minimal cost of entry.
    Like many I was skeptical at first, which is understandable as like many I've been burned on over-hyped games in the past that ended up uninstalled within the first week of actual play. I was concerned that it would be an overly PVP-focused game where the bulk of content was devoted to encouraging too-often unfair player ganking and griefing with major guilds baring content to huge areas for the rest of the population. I could not be happier to have been proven wrong!
    After exploring for myself what the game has to offer, I purchased the $49 version with the free mount and pet (I chose Hawk for my Tamer). I can say honestly I have absolutely ZERO buyer's remorse, and have enjoyed this outstanding title so much I made the purchase before my 7-day guest pass was even up (day 3).  
    Here's just a taste of what you can expect:
    OUTSTANDING crafting, trade, and market system.OUTSTANDING free action combat system.AMAZING graphics and SUPERB attention to detail.BEAUTIFUL soundtrack that enriches the experience.Mini-games (fishing, farming, horse taming) that are a lot of fun.AWESOME dynamic mount system.AFK tasks to advance your character while you work, surf, etc.Intelligent PVP design that discourages negative PVP while promoting the positive.There is so much more I could say but I wanted to just touch on a few of the things I really enjoyed.
    Practically everything you do advances your character in some way. Riding your horse around raises it's level and increases its stats (speed, health, etc.), and you can gradually learn skills which give it added functionality. You can tame horses as mounts. You can earn pack mule mounts from quests which give more storage and can be used to transport trade goods for profit. You can even buy or craft WAGONS of increasing size and quality for much more storage and the ability to attach two or even FOUR horses (and train them all at once).
    The whole crafting system is integrated into the way the game walks you through all the various systems it has to offer. There is literally something for everyone, and while it may seem a bit daunting at first, STICK WITH IT! I almost gave up after everything wasn't immediately handed to me but let me tell you, YOU CAN TRUST THIS GAME. The people that designed BDO deserve some major awards for the level of detail and intelligence that weaves these systems together. I am a programmer and I can tell you I was personally very impressed.
    The engine is also rock solid. No crashes, and the 64-bit client is so well optimized that you can easily run the game at absolute maximum settings with an i7 and a single NVIDIA GTX 780 card.
    It is honestly difficult for me to think of many negatives. I guess the fact that there is so much to learn, but to me that is part of the reward, and the way it is built into the game reinforces this. There is always something new to discover, and the learning process is rewarding and FUN! Even the PVP system is designed not to impede the quality of life of non-PVP players, as there is not only no real incentive to player kill PVE players but a strong counter-incentive (Karma and gear loss) NOT to do it. Plus in my time playing I have seen as many guilds devoted to being "guardians" and defending the PVE players as I have organized PVP guilds.
    Trust me when I say, if you enjoy MMO's, you will DEFINITELY enjoy BDO. Check the threads here and on Reddit giving away 7-day passes or ask around, and spend a week with it. If you truly give it a chance, and overcome your inherent MMO player instinct to give up at the first sign of a Google search needed, it may just turn out to be the best game you ever played.
    You will find that this (Dulfy.net) site will help a TON with the early learning curve.
    Happy gaming!
  14. This needs to be fixed.
  15. greetings peoples, i want to know why when i try to purchase the game i get this error message:

    Your country is restricted from accessing our service.

    I live on argentine Never Ever We get one ip block on any game online, What are happened here?
    i want to buy the game and play it with my 20 Friends ...... i hope one fast reply
    Best regards.
  16. Post on A few Suggestions in Suggestions

    By Khayalan, posted
    Hello dear BDO-Players and GMs
    Im playing BDO since 02.03.16 and never played it before... I was superhyped, because i waited about 1,5 Years for this game to come to EU. The waiting was worth it, i think. I have really much fun with the game and im going to play it for the next months, but although this game is the best MMO i played so far (in my opinion), ive got a few things i would like to see
    1. Buy-Assignment
    I really hate to buy for example 500 Potatoes in the auction house... At first i have to buy sometimes 3 or 2 or something, this takes a long time to buy 500. Second is, that there arent atm 500 Potatoes in the Auction-House, i have to wait and wait...
    So i have a Suggestion: Buy-Assignment
    At first a Buy-Assignment is a Button, when you are in the Items-Window. Now you can choose how much you need from the item, and the system says the max and min Price... So if you click "Confirm" the Money for Maximum price is taken away and from now on every Potato that goes into market, is instantly buyed by you, until you reach the 500.
    If everybody is wanting to buy Potatoes the price is going higher  Thats the Basic-System, but i would like to see any kind of such a Buy-Assignment-System InGame
    2. Player-Trading
    I know everybody is now screamin:"Ohhh... Again a Thread about Player-Trading", but ive got something to say about this. I really appreciated to help GuildMates and other Friends in MMOs, but without PlayerTrading, thats nearly impossible, often its just a normal Trade between Guildies because someone found something the other needs.
    I dont know how to solve the Problem, and i know the Problem of Goldsellers and co., but such a Feature is really needed to really act as guild...
    EDIT: 3. Release of Content
    I also would like to see new Costumes InGame, the one that already exists in Korea and new ones, some NPCs wear really nice ones... I dont have a problem with paying about 25€ to buy one, but then it have to be one i really like and the variety atm isnt good at all
    Second thing is new Classes, i hope you release them soon, because a lot of people wants to play a certain class in End-Game, but cant actually play them because they arent available yet. I dont want to release them the next weekend, but i really would like to see all Classes in the next quarter year
    Sorry for the bad English
  17. Dear Players,
    In MMOs I'm always interested in making some money. Since BDO is awesome I thought why not create an own subreddit for that. The subreddit is really focusing only on how to make some money. People can ask, answer questions and provide valuable feedback towards getting rich.
    Personally, I just started with BDO so I don't have a clue on how to make money yet, but I'm quite interested to find out. Also, should you be more experienced, I'm searching for moderators as well...
    Currently, there's not much content on it, but I'm sure this will change soon so people can take profit out of it.
    If you're also interested in efficient strategies and ways to make silver, please check out the subreddit Black Desert Online Economy!
    The design will be updated within the next days/week

  18. When trying to buy materials from the marketplace. it is a incredibly huge pain in the ass to be forced to buy hundreds of crappy little stacks of 1-2 units (which imply, clicking purchase, then clicking max, then clicking the captcha zone and finally entering the captcha for every single purchase). 
    Would not really be a problem if we could filter by quantity and buy stuff that is not at the lowest price, but since we cant (we cant even change page on the results). then for resources like iron ore you end up with about 25 stacks of less than 5 irons available to buy (125 iron ores) even tho theres 25000 iron ore on the marketplace. Which mean that all you can do currently if you want to buy say, 1000 iron ore, is to buy those crappy little stacks one by one, entering captcha for every single ones, until finally a larger stack show up. 
    Adding a simple "mass buy" function that allow you to buy any quantity up to price x per uni (with a maximum of whatever is available under that price offcourse). Would greatly reduce the hate toward the marketplace. Essentially, you click the resource you want, then you click "mass buy" enter the amount you want and how much your willing to pay per unit. Enter the captcha and the system handle actually buying all those single stacks for you at once. 
    Edit: if there was direct player trading, this could be somewhat mitigated since i could nag chat until i find someone willing to sell me whatever amount i wanted in a single (or a few larger) transactions. But since marketplace is all we get for trades, i do believe it should be built to actually encourage buying not discourage it. 
  19. Ich würde gerne via Handyguthaben im Cashshop bezahlen. Gib es da schon was neues ?
  20. Please do not charge things like skill reset. Every game (MMORPG) that is success (i'm not going to name) is not charging things like skill reset. Those are little things that will climb you to the top od MMORPG genre. Please do not be greedy, or you are going to regret it, i really love this game and i want it to live. If you are not greed money will come. The most successful games are the one who are not greedy. Even if this game was F2P you could earn a milions in other way...it's just a matter of time...and nothing happens during the night. Please, but PLEASE do not be greedy even a little bit...money will come. And this is not about just a skill reseting, you can see people complaining all over the forum about those little things... I will not enumerate, i will just say listen to people because THEY will climb you to the top, not their money. Money will vanish some day but if people do not continue to play, you will vanish along with your earned money...DO NOT allow yourself to destroy THIS. This can be top of MMORPG genre. Do your best, work every night and every day. WORK HARD! AND YOU WILL CLIMB TO THE TOP OF THE WORLD ALONG WITH THE BEST!
    Best regards,
  21. So I'd like to propose the idea that since those who purchased the conquers pack they deserve to have the ability to repurchase their pre-order cosmetic armor for other characters. Make it an NPC in the first town where if you equip your conquer title (which should be available to your alts too) but make it cost a substantial amount of silver so that pre-order individuals have to work it off first 
    Don't limit this to conquer though, I know the Explorer gets a weapon skin. They to deserve the ability to repurchase that.
    If not silver perhaps for a few extra dollars, but please don't go crazy.
  22.  So here is another video about the controversies.
  23. I think there should be a way to put in something like a buy order in the Auction House.  One of the thing that I find frustrating was trying to buy a highly valued item and not being able to do so cause I'm not fast enough. Example... trying to buy armor/weapon upgrade blackstone.  I've tried sitting at the AH and trying to buy one but was never successful cause by the time I clicked it and enter the code, it was already sold.
    A good way to do this is to allow people to place buy order on the AH and have it deducted from their storage.  Example... to place buy order, a player needs to have money in their storage.  The player would then place the buy order setting the max price they would pay for it.  The order could be fill base on when it was entered, like how stock market work.  To prevent abuse, could implement a fee to do so and a limit on how many item can be bought per buy order. Also limit the number of buy order one can have at any given time.
    I think doing it this way will increase the over all economy of the game by allowing goods to be bought and sold a lot easier.  Not to mention eliminating the frustration of not being able to buy something cause your internet speed and hand dexterity is not the best.
  24. 1. Class Underwear x1
    2. Minimum 3x Rank 0 pets. Maxium 18x rank 0 pets.
    3. Weight 50x4, 100x1, 150x1
    4. Costume x1
    5. Inventories 1/4/8
    1. The reason why it is #1 is that it is cheap. Class Underwear will give you +1 luck at start, your target is to boost your luck to 5 as soon as possible. In the beginning you will have to use stones to boost it to 5. Later your title will be giving you luck, at some point you will be getting +3 luck from your title, +1 luck from underwear and you will have to cover only 1 more luck to make it 5. Luck affects your drop, the faster you get it the better
    2. This is your most important purchase. Lets assume that 1 rank 0 pet will cost us 500 pearls, ie €5. So for 3 pets=€15 and 18 pets=€90.
    If you cannot afford to get 18 pets, get at least 3 rank 0 pets. They will be your best friends as they will do the annoying work of looting up drop from mobs, however level 10 rank 0 pet has 6 seconds cooldown on looting. 
    If you can, go for 18 pets and create 3 rank 3 pets!  To get all 3 rank 3, you will need maximum 18 pets, however you might be lucky and get 3 rank 3 pets with less than 18 pets(so don't buy all 18 straight away). Not only you will have 3 pets with loot cooldown of 2.5 seconds, but you will also get additional passive buffs. Passive buffs are random, important ones are 'combat experience' (3-7% each pet), 'karma restore points' (3-7% each pet) and +1 luck. If you get luck on your pet, you will have 1 from underwear, 3 from title and 1 from pet. 
    3 rank 3 pets work like a vacuum cleaner, you will rarely have to loot items manually. You will level faster, you might have 1 free luck.
    3. Weight is important because you will be able to carry more healing/mp potions. Potions are essential in BD, you will need them to grind, you will need them to PvP.
    As an example, we will take usual day to day grind where you have little PvP. You need weight + items durability to grind, your target is to have enough potions so your armor durability ends faster than your potions. There is no teleport in BDO and the less you run to town the better. 
    Your horse will help you here, you can abuse it a bit  You can place crazy amount of potions in your horse, however it will get overloaded and will be very slow. What you can do is to bring yourself and horse to potions shop and purchase lets say 600 MP potions, put them on your horse, purchase 150 HP potions, now get your MP potions back to you. You will be overloaded, but your horse is empty(you cannot overloaded your self through shop, but you can do it through horse). You sit on your horse and you move to your grinding spot, park it somewhere close in a safe place. Get off your horse and place 500 MP potions on it, horse can be overloaded over her maximum limit. You will have your 100 MP potions and 150 HP potions and your horse is near, so you can come and take extra 100-150 MP pots every time they finish. Eventually you will reach a point where your items durability will end by the time you have very little potions left. The exact amount and type of potions you will figure out your self. Different parts of armor will break in different time, depends what class are you, how you grind and what you grind. This is a good tip because you can do 1 run to town instead of 5. Leading to a more efficient grinding.
    More on weight. Starting from day 1, don't turn your computer off at night. Put some package on your back, it will overload you. Create loop run path and make your character walk all night. It will increase your weight limits. Maximum level of this passive is lvl 30. When you reach 30, you can stop walking with weights at night. And start leveling your horse at night.
    4. All you need from costume is 10% experience boost. You can enable/disable visual effect of costume if you don't like it.
    5. Inventory slots. Depends on what you do, but you might need more inventory slots. You can get them by doing quests and buying them in cash shop. 
    Save your Miles for 'Blessing of Kamasylvia 1 day' or 'Combat EXP Booster'. 
    The rest is optional.
    1st Accessory will give you higher chance to learn higher rank of mob. 2nd Accessory will increase your chance of getting mob knowledge(rank). 3rd Accessory gives you nothing as far as I know. 
    Horse Whistle - is VERY useful, because when it is used, your horse can run through mountains and etc  
    Basic whistle is very short range.