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  1. Post on LF Mat Calculator in General

    By Krystal Moon, posted
    I was wondering if anyone knew of any mat calculators out there, I've seen some for individual things, like cooking, but haven't found one that does all of them, or the part I'm looking for. I'm looking for, one that calculates how much ore etc you'll need to make various ingots. So if you have any suggestions, please post them, thanks.
  2. Post on Cooking XP Calculator in General

    By waliori, posted
    i searched for a cooking experience calculator, but i found nothing, so i coded mine. and i want to share it with you
    good cooking
  3. Link to the google doc

    After selling a couple thousand calpheon timber crates I wanted to get some exact numbers on how much I was potentially losing from market value depreciation from each crate sold. I spent a couple hours gathering data to derive the (near) exact values for the calculation of a trade item's sale value and how much it decreases with each item sold.

    The major findings of the research are that:
    Distance bonus is not a whole number in %, and for Trent to Valencia is closer to 99.84% distance bonus. Each trade item sold decreases the value of the next item by 0.27% of market value. The highest it can reach is exactly 130% naturally excluding boom nodes, and a floor of exactly 80%, only reachable by mass sales by players.The master buff is an exact 1.5 multiplier to value.The full equation for crate value isThe chart values for silver per batch of items sold is not 100% accurate, but a batch of 60 calpheon timber crates for me was off by less than 200 silver out of 14.6 million comparing the calculated value to in game silver, which I think is close enough.
    I settled on 60 crates for my batch of 2300 because that was approximately 1 million silver lost per batch of 60 compared to selling every single crate at the full 130% market value, which would have taken absolutely forever. 
    Save a copy of the document for your own if you want to make lots of edits. 
    I don't know know how to do some of the fancier chart editing to make this a more functional document so if someone wants to make a copy, spruce it up and leave a link in the comments for people to view.
  4. Here's the original Reddit thread that people brainstormed in initially:
    And here is a direct link to the poll:
  5. Here's the original Reddit thread that people brainstormed in initially:
    And here is a direct link to the poll:
  6. Akihiko Kayaba's Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll Calculator!
    After getting mixed results from Google Calculator due to inconsistent variables on my part, I decided to make myself an Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll calculator! In fact, I actually made 2 different ones. One for predicting how much you will make from a set of scrolls, and one for calculating the exact amount of profit you made. 
    Relic Calculator: http://tinyurl.com/RelicCalculate
    Used for when you already know how many of the variables you've acquired (Memory Fragments, Hunter Seals, etc.) and would like to know how much money you've made before you've put it up on the market. 
    Relic Predictor: http://tinyurl.com/RelicPredict
    Used for when you don't already know how many of the variables you've acquired (Memory Fragments, Hunter Seals, etc.) and would like to know how much money you might make if you ran the scroll.
    Don't like TinyURL's? Check Spoiler!
    Please try to provide feedback by responding below, or by sliding into my DMs! Thanks!
  7. Hello Bdo Community
    I developed this gear Calculating Tool over several months and it has come to be of integral use in our guilds PvP tournaments and "Assessing" a players gear score. 
    The link to the Spread sheet is below but before you jump into it i STRONGLY suggest you read the section "How to use this Tool" which goes about explaining how to get your values and what each column does. For best results only include your permanent gear contributions, i recommend not including food/alchemy buffs, class specific passives etc.
    Once you've opened the link, Goto File --> "Download as" then select the format you want and you should be able to edit your downloaded file with ease.
    Section: How to use this Tool
    - Name: Text Field, Enter your characters name
    - Level: Numeric Field, Your character's Level
    - Mainhand AP (inv): Numeric Field, The AP number read directly off your characters inventory screen for your mainhand weapon.
    - DP (inv): Numeric Field, The DP Number read directly off your characters inventory screen.
    - HP: Numeric Field, The Hp of your character, Can be found is multiple places such as profile or on the health bar.
    - Primary Weapon AP (AVG): Numeric Field, This is the Average dmg of your mainhand weapon, for example Tri Liverto is 108.
    - Awakened Weapon AP (AVG): Numeric Field, This is the Average dmg of your Awakened weapon, for example the Green Mercenary Great sword at +15 is 66
    - Accuracy: Numeric Field,  Accuracy is a Hidden stat on weapons and Armors via enhancement but is Advertised on Accessories, set bonuses and as Item effects. 
             - examples. Liverto is +10, Kzarka is +20, accuracy offhand is +20, Kutum is +5, Bhegs is +10
    - Extra AP: Numeric Field, These are bonuses directly to your AP obtained from Gear sets, Alchemy stone, guild or Crystal bonuses. Also include any extra damage to Humans in here. AP, All Attack, Attack are all the same thing. Translation issues.
             - examples. Grunil head & Gloves: + 5, Full Grunil: + 7, Various Crystals can give: +1,+2, +5 or +7, Guild buff can be: +1-5
    - Penetration: This is resistance penetration. Divide individual resistance penetrations by four.
             - Examples. +10 for kutum, +10 for mainhand weapon precision gems, +X/4 for individual resistance penetration.
    - Evasion: Numeric Field, Evasion on Armor is NOT hidden, it appears in the DP of the item. For example do not add evasion here from Muskan boots it's already in the DP score. Do add evasion from Alchemy stone, Crystals or Set bonuses here.
    - Damage Reduction: Numeric Field, Damage Reduction like evasion is NOT hidden. It shows up in the DP of the item. Do not add values here for items like ultimate Armor's it's already in the DP, likewise same with certain offhands like shields. Do add bonuses here from Set bonuses, Alchemy stone, guild buff or Crystals.
    - Resist: Any additional resistances you are stacking. It's X/4 for individual type resistances.
               - examples: +10 for nouver, +25/4 for Adamantine shoe gems.
    - Mainhand Damage: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. Literally the Sum of your inventory AP and Extra AP. A MUCH more real representation of how much Damage you have.
    - Awakened Damage Version1: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. The Calculation of your awakened state weapon damage. From the perspective of 1 universal AP = 1 AP
    - Awakened Damage Version2: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. The Calculation of your awakened state weapon damage. From the perspective of 1 Awakened weapon AP = 1 AP
    - Real DP: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. Literally the Sum of your inventory DP, Evasion and Damage Reduction. The real representation of how much DP you have.
    - Mainhand Gearscore: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. A Algorithm i created to quickly determine gear score differences between players during PvP tournaments.
    - Awakened Gearscore: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. Same as the previous formula but for your awakened state.
    Thank you for your time.
    Signing Out..
    Xerise from Vault111
  8. Post on Gear Score Calculator in Guides

    By remilafo, posted
    This thread is dead... please go see Rebooted version..

  9. Hello my glorious friends!
    It has been 6 months since the original Lokien's Joy of Cooking was released on launch day.  Today, in honor of Awakenings, I am proud to release a new edition to that classic tool.  Updates include:
    Updated cooking recipes based upon your feedbackComplete alchemy functionality, as was requested many many times (thanks to @Anokai for the help)A less "obnoxious color scheme"A cooking matrix that breaks down each individual sub-cook.A more accurate shopping listAdded recipes and functionality for guild crafting an elephant.I am eternally grateful for all your feedback and use of the original.  I hope you continue to use this tool and let me know ways I can further improve it.
    With love and happy cooking,
    <Rage> (always looking for PvPers)
    Link to the Tool for those that don't click mid-sentence links:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W_49v7tSh_d4nTFNU5OwuLqlKX8G3ZUrxiS236SpcG8/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Hey guys, so i posted this in the guide's place but it has got little attention there so thought i would try one last time here.
    I have made a BlackStone Failstack vs Force Enchant Calculator.

    It tells you:

    Failstack Enchanting:
    - % Chance of successful fail stack enchant from +7 and up.
    - How much Silvers worth of black stones you have wasted on Fail-Stacks

    - How many pieces of Equipment you need to repair your durability back to 100.
    - How much those pieces of Equipment would cost in total.

    Force Enchant:
    - How much durability you will lose if you Force Enchant.
    - How many Black Stone's you need to Force Enchant.
    - How much those Black Stone's cost (Total for what you need to Force Enchant).
    - Total Cost (Cost in Black Stones + Cost to Repair the Durability of your item by how much you lost from Force Enchanting)
    - How much it will cost you extra if you Force Enchant (Difference from Black Stone's total cost to Paying for Repairs as well).
    - If you should Force Enchant or not (It will recommended that you do Force Enchant if you pay less than 1,000,00 Extra for Repairs and the success % is less than 30).

    To use the calculator, go to:
    I really hope you guys find use in the calculator. There is more to come to the website, like the "Houses" section we are working on. 
    Please leave feedback, suggestions and let me know if you will be coming back to use the calculator on here or on the comment section of the website.

    Thanks for looking! <3

  11. Hey guys, not exactly sure if this is the best place to put this. However it is considered helpful.

    I have made a calculator that works out which method of enchanting will be cheaper/how much you have spent and will spend on black stone's and repairs.
    If you have any suggestions for it, or if there is any bugs. Let me know!

    The calculator is on my new website: www.bdohub.net


    Tried to embed the calculator, however it does not seem to work here.
  12. Hello all!
    For the past few weeks I've been working on a tool in my spare time to help calculate my chances on enhancing gear as well as the costs of doing so (mostly inspired by getting a Liverto weapon and going broke on Memory Fragments).  I never really intended to put this out to anyone but me and my friends so I only made it an executable instead of a nice website app....  But I decided that I'd go ahead and upload it just in case anyone wants to use it as I haven't found too many other tools that offer the same information.  Download link is at the bottom of the post.
    Here's what it does:

    Item Type:  Select from "Weapon", "Armor", or "Accessory" based on what you are trying to enhance.
    Show Silver Calculations:  Shows more detailed view that allows you to calculate silver costs (more on this below).
    Current Enhancement Level:  The level your item is currently at (0 being not enhanced at all).
    Current Failstack Level:  How many failstacks you currently have.  Hint: Hitting the down arrow when the value is 0 will automatically set this to the Max Failstack.
    Base Rate:  The base chance for your item to enhance to the next level with 0 failstacks.
    Rate per Failstack:  Each fail stack will add this much to the total percent chance.
    Max Rate:  The maximum percent chance to enhance this item.
    Max Failstack: The number of failstacks it takes to reach the Max Rate (ex: The max number of failstacks you can use to improve your enhancement chances).
    Total chance to enhance:  Your estimated percent chance of upgrading given your current item, level, and number of failstacks.
    Simulate:  This button runs a quick simulation with the current statistics so you can "test your luck" and see if it fails or succeeds.
    Simulate Until Success:  This button will continue trying to enhance until you succeed (useful for seeing how many tries it may take).
    Reset Simulation:  This button resets the current simulation.
    Number of Blackstones Used: How many blackstones your current simulation took.
    Durability Lost:  How much durability you would have lost in your current simulation.
    Average Blackstones Needed:  How many blackstones your simulations have required, on average. Note:  All these stats are reset if you change the item type or level.
    Maximum Blackstones Needed:  The maximum number of blackstones any of your simulations have needed.
    Total Simulations Ran:  How many simulations you've run.
    Estimated Blackstone Cost to upgrade:  Using a basic algorithm, this is the average number of blackstones you can expect to use with your current statistics.  If you run the simulations above often enough you will likely see it average around this number.
    Estimated Durability Cost to upgrade:  Using the same algorithm as above, it calculates the average durability you may lose if trying to upgrade with the current statistics.
    Blackstones lost if force enhanced:  How many blackstones you need to force enhance the current item.
    Durability loss if force enhanced: How much durability force enhancing will cost.
    Silver Cost Calculations
    DISCLAIMER:  This tool was created with data found online and I cannot verify that the numbers are all 100% accurate as Pearl Abyss has not released any official data on this issue (to my knowledge).  This tool simulates luck but it is entirely possible to have really bad luck so don't take the numbers here as the absolute truth.  You may end up taking 80 tries to upgrade from a +7 to +8 weapon and that's just bad luck.
    This tool is an executable.  As such I'd recommend scanning it as with any exe you download online.  This doesn't have any virus but it's a good practice and one I'd recommend.
    I do not own the artwork displayed in this tool nor do I know who made it.  So if you are the artist and want it removed then let me know and I'll gladly change it.  Or if you want to create an icon for it yourself that I can use, feel free.  My art skill is limited to stick figures (bad stick figures).
    If you find any issues or think of anything you may like added, feel free to let me know.  I may or may not continue working on this, depending on how many people find this useful.
    Download Link:  Executable or  Installer
    Current Version: 1.2.1
    Last Updated: May 4, 2016
    Version Notes:
    Currently Known Issues:
    Future Plans:
    Look into optimizer for best method of getting failstacks. 
    Virus scans:
    Scan on the link: Executable - https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/ce73f51cab951164d047093867e5f8a0afc2347f3752dc15617f15366791a2ad/analysis/1462282761/ 
    Installer -https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/cf3ed175d15c4d5f76941538639d7096deb2b3160bac9dda621acf8c7e957b4e/analysis/ 
    Scan on the exe: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/ef539dd194686c6095536d6dad5326b6967baca5e92cbe20576867ca9d44bff8/analysis/1462282752/ 
    (For some reason this one returns a single false positive that is apparently infamous for flagging almost every program.  if anyone has any ideas on what may cause it to do this let me know.)
    NOTE:  Windows 10 and other anti-virus software and/or Operating Systems may warn you that it is from an unknown publisher.  This is technically true as I built it as an individual rather than using a certificate from a business.  I'm not aware of any way to correct this but let me know if you have any ideas.
  13. As most people are aware there are some formulas regarding horse breeding.
    The most common one is the Tier Formula which calculates the Min and Max tier horse you can get depending the Stallion's and Mare's level and death count. There is available a Google Spreadsheet as well as a Web App for this.
    Besides this, there has been an effort to determine the color values that we can get with breeding depending each horse's Color Values (R/W/B, they stand for Red, White and Black).
    I have managed to combine and put together in a google spreadsheet both of these formulas (tier and color) and created a new Horse Breeding Calculator. You will also find useful Sheets within this document to record your horse breeding, check the horses stats and skills as well as calculate the time required to level them up.
    Ultimate Horse Breeding Calculator Spreadsheet
    If you want to use this spreadsheet, please go on "File->Make a Copy..." and create a copy for yourself. Detailed instructions on how to do this:

    Please feel free to leave me here your feedback, bugs and suggestions. If anyone is good at working with excel formulas and want to contribute in finishing/improving the spreadsheet feel free to send me a message.
    How to use: Just select the Stallion's and Mare's ID using the horse's Color Values image as reference, select their level and enter the number of their deaths.
    PS1: Note that I haven't tested it throughout yet or have done crosschecking with breeding data.
    PS2: Use the horse's Color Values image to see if the horses listed are available on our current version, the calculator currently has all the T7s. 
    PS3: The Chance % is not working as indented yet. More work on the formulas is required to make it accurate. 
    PS4: Note that I will be making changes/applying fixes. Your Copy might get outdated so check the link for a newer version.
    Removed the Horses not available on our version T7O (as it is available from Horse Racing) and T7F (Mythic Horse)Chance % have been fixed and now display the proper values! 
    Latest Change Done at  Wednesday, April 27, 2016 , 6:20 PM  (Might need to get a new copy if your copy was done prior to this!)
    Credits by Sheets
    Ultimate Breeding Results by @Xandour My Breedings by @XandourHorse Stats by @AlkaSelseThresholds by @AlkaSelseHorse Skills by ?Time by ?
  14. Hallo Community,
    ich weiß, dass es zu den Skill Calculator mehrere gibt, aber ich möchte euch http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/ und http://blackdesert.tabletopgeeks.com/ vorstellen.
    Ich finde diese zwei Seiten super, wenn man kein Plan hat.
    Dieser Skill Calculator hat zu Black desert Tome gewissen Vorteil:
    Wenn ihr einen höhreren Skill anklickt, werden die dazugehörigen Skills aktviert, z.B. bei Archer war das Problem bei "Kiss of the WInd". Ich sehe keine Übersetzungslücken.
    Auf den bin ich gestoßen bei reddit. Mit dem Calculator wird automatisch set boni ausgerechnet. Ihr könnt Waffe auswählen und upgraden. Dabei wird die AP angegeben. Bei der Offhand wird aber nicht diese increased Acc ausgerechnet. Jedenfalls werden dort noch alle Crystals angezeigt, die Ihr in euren Equip einsetzen könnt. So erhaltet Ihr am Ende die Gesamt AP etc. Man kann damit gut an seinem Equip herumpfeilen und optimieren.
  15. Kein Schimmer obs den hier schon irgendwo gibt aber dachte mir is für einige vlt interessant
  16. Hello Everyone ive made this tool to calculate how much your inventory is worth, in case you are sitting a trader and want to see how much its actually before selling. 
    I have yet to make in the bargain % but that is being worked on. 
    ATT: Its has come to my attention that for each fish you sell, the price is decreased, I will try to wrap my head around how much it actually decreases and see if I can make it more precise. So for the time being its just an estimate on how much you get.
    You will have to make a copy if you wanna use the tool, you do that by hitting files in the left corner in the sheet, and "copy". Do not hesitate to post in this topic regarding prices that im missing and such. 
    If theres other sheets you would like to see, do not hesitate to write me a message. 
    Best regards Basilicus.
    Dont forget to check out http://maomaoprince.com/ 
  17. Bonjour à tous,
    J'ai créé un calculateur de commerce
    Celui-ci permet de :
    Voir les objets disponibles à un chef de commerceDe voir les objets correspondant à notre level maximum de commerce (car ceux-ci xp plus)Avec le noms d'un objet, il est possible de connaître la quantité disponible maximum, le prix unitaire à 100% et où l'acheter.Les îles ne sont pas encore renseignées. N'hésitez pas à me donner le nom de l'objet avec son prix "original" et sa zone si vous passez à coté !
    Toutes les quantités ne sont pas renseignées car nécessite d'avoir acheter le node !
    Certains points de commerce n’apparaissent pas dans l'option "prix du marché" et d'autre me sont inconnu.
    ex : Col d'oze semblerait correspondre au chemin de traverse de la carrière  terre abandonné correspond à poste sentinelle isolé / Terre des cyclopes à crioville
    Les marchés de Calpheon n'apparaissent pas.
    Chemin de la colline est un mystère
    Si vous avez des idées faisables ou des informations pour compléter merci de m'en informer à la suite du post
    Faire une copie du document si vous souhaitez l'utiliser
  18. Here is a small program which calculates the enhancement for you.
    It calculates a 100% chance (Forced to Enhance). Nothing with fail stacks.
    It calculates the amount of required equipment for repair max durability.
    It calculates the amount of required black stones for enhance.
    And it calculates the total cost required for black stones and equipment.
    I know my English is not good but I think you will understand the program. (thanks to google translator) 

    No longer up to date!
    An update is not planned.
    If you want an update, then write it to me.
  19. I know it may sound pretty weird but it would be so easier for us crafters to count needed ingredients. Because everytime I craft beer its like "Ughh, so I can make 247 beers, now I need 6 water so 247*6 is..." and then its slowing me down because I have to count  . I guess I coul just use real world calculator but this would be pretty neat.
    Make it just simple, put the toggle on and off in the ESC menu, and makethe calculator look like when you transfer goods from one inventory to another when you choose stacks and add simple +,-,* and / button and make it movable around the screen so we can put it aside when doing something else and then just se it when needed. 
    Do you guys think it would be handy or waste of time to make as we could just use normal calculator?
  20. Post on Cooking Calculator in General

    By Cowbell_Hero, posted
    I made a thing because I hate doing math! 
    Sorry for the free weebhosting, I'm poor
    Github Repository
    You can download the files here if the site gets nuked.
  21. When picking multiple items you often have to calculate simple equations.
    A good example is cooking beer:
    The already exists a calculator like interface for choosing multiple items.Therefor I suggest adding four buttons with the + - * / operators.
    Of cause this is hardly necessary, but it would provide a nice quality of life upgrade to the interface and seems easy to implement.
  22. I find myself quite often using a calculator to find out exactly how many ingredients do i need to cook X amount of portions. Maybe lots of you do it to, and not only for cooking but for all the other professions.
    Basic arithmetic operations, integrated into the ... quantity menu can be quite useful for all of us.