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  1. Greetings.
    It sometimes happens to me that I accidentally shut down the game when trying to send it to tray, because I misclick the "send to tray" box , then I reflexively click on shutdown. My suggestion is to add a 10 sec countdown timer and Cancel option to shutdown, like the one that character switching option has.
  2. Greetings!
    Trough, if i take a "small" timer interval, i dont play THAT much, but if i take a step back, i have to realize, i spend to much time playing....again.
    I deleted my B-net account and it was soooo nice. Like i felt free of a burden in my life. I have ...had hard time admitting i am addicted to mmo-games, trough the truth is : only to 4-5 games, so the solution "deleteing" an account helps. I know...dont turn on the computer, but then again, i do have to print and check things on web, talk with friends, watch movies ect....not an option.
    So my personal question is : Can you cancel your account? I cant find a way. Been wondering if i should "change" my password and push in some random numbers....but the reset option is still there. 
    Sure even after delete i can make another account, but need a new email ect....its simply to tedious for me, and its a really good way of barring me out of unhealty gaming. 
  3. Post on Positioning Solar Flare? in Warrior

    By adRocZ, posted
    I noticed in the following video on YouTube that this player was able to thrust forward during solar flare, but move the direction of where the ult landed. I've been trying to figure out just how he did it and I just can't seem to find a solution:
    I have the video time stamped at 4:25 where you see exactly what I mention.
  4. There's an animation cancel for chaining Grim Reaper's Judgment into other skills, where the ending "wind-down" of GRJ disappears and the other skill is immediately accelerated.
    I have seen this work for GRJ -> Violation, and GRJ -> Cartian's Nightmare, provided that spacebar is used for the 10 shards buff. However, I can't get it to work consistently; sometimes GRJ will just continue its animation and wind all the way down before slowly starting the next skill, which is extremely frustrating.
    Does anyone know what causes this to fail?
  5. Help...I made my horse breed with the wrong male. Is there any way to cancel it this?!
    And note, I did choose "show only me" when I registered...I just registered the wrong horse. X_X I don't see a cancel button anywhere!
  6. Bug description: Decapitation animation cancelling is inconsistent. May be very well timed (like 25ms after getting hit), but even then it keeps being inconsistent. Sometimes it goes fast, but more than often very slow.
    Testing: Tested lots of times (about 100) with and without block. Keeps being inconsistent. My latency fluctuates from 15 to 40, so I doubt it's a latency issue.
    Oct 30, 2016 - Croxus
  7. Post on Change the Ninja Ulti in Ninja

    By Djarnis, posted
    Could you guys please change the Ninja's ulti. It takes way to long to complete the combo and does very bad dmg and locks you in a position where you probably end up dead if farming at Crescent shrine or in a pvp situation.
    3 suggestions for change:
    1. Increase the completion time
    2. Increase the dmg output and apply super armor
    3. Add a cancel to it besides using V
  8. Post on Ranger Q cancel in Ranger

    By Roadman1991, posted
    Recently I figured out how to do F cancel and I want to learn Q animation cancel but can't find a text based guide on how to do it. How is it possible what are the requirements and button combination. Whats the use of q animation cancel? To use the shotgun?
  9. Since Kunoichi has a lot of useful animation cancels, I thought I would list all that I could find here as well as cancels that other people have found. I'll edit the list as more animation cancels are exposed!
    Shurikan Throw -> Shadow Stomp (RMB -> DOWN + E)
    Floor sweeping -> Shadow Stomp (DOWN + F -> DOWN + E)
    Ghost step -> Crescent Slash (SHIFT + DIRECTION -> DOWN + LMB)
    Ankle Cutter -> Smokescreen (SHIFT + LMB -> SPACE)
    Shurikan Throw -> Smokescreen (RMB -> SPACE)
    Fox Claw -> Smokescreen (SHIFT + RMB -> SPACE)
    Fatal Blow -> Smokescreen (RMB + LMB -> SPACE)
    Floor sweeping -> Ghost step (DOWN + F -> SHIFT + DIRECTION) *This seems to cancel floor sweeping while still putting the attack out, further testing required.
  10. My partner has been playing with the 100mill investment bank node and after 48hours of making laughable return, .01% or so, she went to cancel, oops can't cancel a 1 time work order, np she waited 48 hours, did not refresh her workers, to ensure she didn't restart the order, however the work order restarted automatically for another 48hours.
    Questions would be, if the investment is for an undocumented period of time, what are we talking, 100mill tied up for a month in real time? If this is case for how long is each investment in real time. If this is the case, why were there no warnings before investing? From the UI it appeared to be a per work order deal.
    Anyone have the low down on this?
  11. Hi fellow Plums/Maehwas.
    I created my plum yesterday and particularly enjoy playing her. Since I'm essentially gonna use her for pvp, I was wondering if anyone found a guide on animation cancelling for our beloved plum ?
    I noticed you can cancel pretty much any animation with chase, but this only allows to escape from a "dangerous" situation where your character is exposed due to finishing her attack's animation. But is there any animation cancel that would allow us to do combos, like rangers, warriors, tamers, etc..? I guess it would be based on blind thrust since it seems to be able to cancel animations as well.
    Also, this has prolly already been noticed by players on the KR servers but by holding down both clicks as well as W and space it is possible to make 2 blind thrusts in a row
  12. Does anybody know how to combo evasive shot to be able to use it in quick succession? I thought you just needed level 5 casting & attack speed to be able to pull it off that quickly but there are videos where it's just stupid fast. 
    i.e https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMpkxhYifoA @ 0:30 seconds.