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  1. The reason for this post is to give my opinion on the Halloween Candy event and how it should have been done (duh.. title). There are two things I feel are wrong with this event. First the fact that we can only trade in 3 candies once per day. The second thing is the fact we can ONLY get candy by grinding for hours at a time.
    First of all limiting 3 candies once per day is completely redundant due to the fact that we can only get 1 cookie per day as our daily reward anyway. So why add a second "once daily" limit? In fact what this does is screw over players who either can't grind as much as other, or missed a day of the event for some unknown reason. What should have been done is the candies should have been freely traded in, like any other trade it item, so long as you had 3. This way If Player A didn't get any candy even though they were out grinding for 2 or 3 hrs, then so long as they collect their cookie they will be able to "catch up" later. 
    The fact that we can only get these candies from grinding is another problem. Its also a problem that doesn't effect a lot of players, yet it does effect some who just don't like to grind. All other events so far have given event items to those of us who enjoy life skills.. Not everybody in the game enjoys grinding at all. There's no reason why any player should be forced to do something in the game, they don't enjoy, just to participate in the event. This is all on top of the fact that the candies have such a wide range of drop rates.. I personally have gone out killing all different kinds of mobs from Basilisks to Iron Mine workers for 2 - 3 hours at a time and get maybe 2 candies out of it, yet fellow guild members have like 100+ candies so far from the event.. Do the game developers want to force us to grind or something? Is there some meaning to the fact they want us out grinding instead of doing life skills stuff? 

    Also I know the second problem isn't going to be very popular among the general population of the game, because most people are out there grinding 5-10 hrs a day.. but what about for the rest of us? the ones who have 10 hr jobs and can't play 10 hrs a day? Or just the ones who don't enjoy playing the game that way.. should developers force its player base to play a certain way, when they have fun playing their own way?

  2. Post on Halloween Candy? in General

    By Taezya, posted
    Is anybody else having problems finding candy.  I play off and on but today I played for quite some time.  Questing.  Killing.  The only thing I didn't do today was fish.  And I haven't gotten not one piece.  I tried killing greyed out mobs.  I tried killing mobs at my lvl and above.  I mass killed.  I attacked beetles.  They weren't even bothering me and I killed them anyway.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  I even got rid of my pet so it would stop picking up loot.  Still nothing.  Somebody said they have plenty and havent had any problems, but I find that hard to believe.  So the only thing I can think of is that I'm not doing something that has nothing to do with actually killing, questing, or harvesting?
    Any helpful responses will be very appreciated as I would like to do that part of the event at least once...lol
  3. Post on [Halloween] Candy in General

    By WebKnight, posted
  4. Post on candy drop rate in General

    By jamews, posted
    Is there any chance to raise the drop rate on the candies a little bit heck when you only need 3 a day i shouldn't have to spend 4+ hours grinding and not even get one, and yes i know some are gonna come back with i get one every ten mins well grats to you but a lot of us don't have rngesus on our sides.
  5. Post on Can you please fire... in General

    By Odai, posted
    ...the guys the do event for black desert? honestly i have neeeeeever seen such bad events in any game so far. Every event is the same "grind enemys for many many hours each day do get something crappy" and BUY this new stuff for 100$$
    PLEASE take a look at other games how events are dont right. i certainly wont grind 10000 mobs for 1 dumb candy.
  6. So my guild has noticed that the drop rates for the halloween candies especially is ridiculously uneven.  Some of our guild members are getting 1 candy for about every 12 kills, and some have gotten only 2 in 2 days of grinding and killing mobs.  Some of us have still not gotten any.  What gives?  this has prevented several players from getting any event boxes yet.  Whereas some are on their second or even third.  PLEASE look at what is going on and fix it.
  7. Unforsaken is a small group of people that have come to know eachother as friends and wuld love to make new friends and grow our guild, we are currently looking for lvl 45+ for our pvp team and any levels for pve and life skill. we have no problem helping you lvl and gear, we have some knowledge in just about every part of the game since we are very mixed with personal goals in the game and have no problem helping others reach their personal goal in the game. only requierment to join is to be 18+ of age because of drama and boring stuff like that, discord cuz its alot easier to communicate and we get a voice/face to x person so you get to be a person and not just a name. we got a website that we will be using so it wuld be highly recommended to sign up and boring stuff like every guild has but we got cookies so we are obviusly the better choise. either answer to this post, send pm or pm ingame to ChefTeddy for invite or more information.

  8. Post on Perfect CBT1 Food in General

    By Paladine, posted
    For a high protein, high energy snack to keep you going during CBT-1 check out this bacon crack (I made some yesterday and trust me it is called bacon crack for a reason, it is very good and very addictive).