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  1. I'd love to write a bible of how much I love the CP system and how much of a CP enthusiast I've been since launch but I'll keep it simple:
    I stopped playing a couple months ago and left my char with 345 CP already struggling; getting 1 point with non stop cooking (back when it took energy) and doing dailies.
    Now I come back, get to 350 CP and realize there has been no change whatsoever to the higher soft cap, and needless to say; after 350 it's clear that the EXP requierements are tripled, and I'd like to know if they have risen the hard cap in Korea so I can know what to expect.
    I mean, if they havent changed the soft caps for months (or ever), my only choice is to look at Korea so I can finally put this hope to rest cause I've been expecting a change in the cap for half a year now.
    So. . . can anyone confirm this? Should I just give up and seppuku my hopes and dreams? I have thousands of CP dishes/farm/alchemy byproducts that I've been saving for months; the more I wait, the closer I think it is, but I've been saying the same for half a year lol.
  2. Without going into system specification details as they're not relevant to this particular topic, my fps seems to be capped at 30(min)-45(max) at all times. Cities, wilderness, wars, whatever location I'm at, regardless of low-ultra(high end mode) and whether or not I'm running fullscreen, windowed, or borderless. I've looked up every single forum/reddit post about issues similar to this, and all of them are connected to having v-syinc turned off at one point, and I suspect it's the issue here too. I can randomly get it to work by messing around in the control panel with the vsync off/on setting, but it never stays forever and after playing with an enjoyable 70-80 fps for a few days I'm stuck at 30-45 again without any idea of how to replicate the "fix". I also noticed my GPUs usage is 60% usually, and my CPU is only 15-20%. Is this normal?
    Anyone here dealt with similar issues, and if yes how did you guys fix it?
    Edit: Specs anyways;
    GT 750m 2x
    16GB ram
    Win 10 pro 64b
    Oh and temps are normal, so throttling is out of the question.
  3. In our guild, we see that when someone reach the 10000 contribution points, if you don't renew contract, guild gets less EXP than when you renew (just a few less). So, the question is: 
    If you renew contract, guild gets exp until 10.000 contribution points, and then stops? does it matter?
    If doesn't matter, why is a cap?

  4. What is the current energy cap, after they released Valencia part 1, now sitting on 420 energy and still thinks i need a lot, but how much is there left.
  5. I lost 2 max energy cap after talking to Karu in Glish Ruins. I got 190 energy cap after the talk 188.
    What is this?
  6. NOTE: I myself play several hours a day and i am suggesting this not becouse i feel left behind or too overpowered becouse of the level. This is just something wich i noticed would be a real problem in Siegewars and Nodewars becouse it starts getting booring if you can just steamroll everything or get steamrolled everywhere you go.
    I really dislike the fact that players can level above the "MAX-LVL" wich the released content is adjusted to. The propably biggest reason is that leveling takes a sh** ton of time and there are people who are able to play this game 24/7 and those who cant. 
    I KNOW that the game is supposed to be hardcore and grindy BUT if there would be a considerably high Levelcap at which you wont get any experience apart from Skill-EXP(wich could be sped up at this point to make leveling to MAX-LVLmore atractive regarding the nolife-grind it is) people with much time could still have a higher level than others while those with limited time are able to catch up/ not fall back to far.
    If a person would then be to reach the MAX-LVLthere can be a channelmessage:"[Player XYZ] has reached MAX-LVL!"  (For those wo are grinding for the power and fame )
    Now to the second thing i want to adress in this post. Skillpoints.
    Many people may have noticed that it is a pain in the *** to farm enough skillpoints to have the basic skills wich are needed for PvP and then you will need more for the awakening Weapons.(No idea if you are granted some through a Quest for that or not)
    I myself make about 6-9 Skillpoints an hour and i have around 650 wich isnt enough to have the basic skills for PvP.
    A possible solution i came up with would be a reward from daily quest similar to Contribution-EXP wich would allow Players to reach the highest amount of skillpoints (Skilled all Skills available), furthermore it is actually possible to have a second char with his required skills or to start a new class wich might be released later on in the game (Kunoichi/Ninja and the Nightelf)
    What do you think about this idea? Your opinion in the comments please    (Please no Bullshit like:  F*** Max-lvl this is stupid idea bro, l2p get skill, nab!!!)                                   Ignore possible grammatical issues or anything similar, english isnt my first language.
  7. Salut à tous,
    Voilà deux question qui me chiffonne,
    /- La première : Le jeu met-il un cap maximum sur le salaire ? Je parle en terme augmentation (exemple : le salaire ne peut dépasser les fonds de la guilde présent au moment de la signature du contrat)
    /- La deuxième : Il y a-t-il un autre moyen de le récupérer ? Exemple : En Lingots ? (Au bout d'un certain montant, le poids des pièces fait que l'on ne peut plus le récolter sauf si on s'opti LT mais encore y'a un cap au bout dd'un moment)
    Comme bon, au bout d'un moment, avoir un stuff full limite de poids pour pouvoir le récupérer c'est un peu relou x)
    La récupération sous forme de lingots serait fort utile à mon avis
    Ah et pour tout ceux qui me diront "Le salaire c'est useless, osef de le récupérer", ça dépends de la guilde j'ai envie de dire x')
    Exemple du mien actuellement (qui est galère à récupérer au passage) :

    Voilà j'espère que quelqu'un à la réponse à ces questions, sinon, merci pour la lecture
    EDIT : Pareil, si on me vire, les 300% on peux pas les payer sauf si ça donne des lingots x)
  8. Post on EXP Cap? in General

    By Scoobs, posted
    Does anyone know if there is a max exp capacity? I heard 51% was max but keep wondering if it can go higher. Anyone confirm?
  9. Currently running BDO on an Asus G751 laptop and noticed that no frame rate cap means overheating abound. Even with A/C on, 2 fans pointed at my laptop AND the 2 giant internal fans the pc itself has built in, the thing overheats. I noticed it only happened during moments where FPS was intense, and crashes became more common once i actually LOWERED the graphics settings. Please add a setting to easily cap framerate.
  10. Edit: Please read the entire thread before posting. Read carefully too as there's a lot of points that have been discussed.
    I get this game is an RPG, and as such, higher levels should beat lower levels most of the time. But leveling past soft cap becomes very tedious, and more a test of how long are you willing to devote your life to killing mobs.
    This isn't all that bad, if it weren't for that being only 2-3 levels lower than someone makes it very difficult to hit them because of the accuracy difference. This effectively makes it to where people who don't have jobs or errands to do, the most powerful players in your game. This is a unique situation to BDO, because leveling is supposedly infinite.
    Someone has already hit level 55. If that person can still realistically hit higher levels, people have no hope in fighting this level XX+X. Most MMORPGs have a hard cap, which eventually has everyone at the same level. The only factors that could determine who wins, are gear, player skill, and class matchup. If leveling is infinite, time is of the essence, and becomes the winning factor. I spent more time than you, therefore I have a superb advantage, is this game's PvP currently. This would make it especially difficult for new players to join, to even become relevant in PvP. Not being able to feel relevant will lock your game's PvP aspect out to a lot of players.
    If the soft cap slows down the top players effectively enough, say level 55 currently, then my point is moot, and eventually everyone will catch up. So my suggestion is mainly of paranoia, but also because only being 2+ levels higher gives far too much of an advantage.
    My suggestion would mainly be to drastically decrease the Accuracy advantage and have it only increase in minimal increments, as the skill tree by itself already gives plenty of advantages through level requirements to upgrade said skills.
    Let me clarify a little further.
    Why is accuracy such a dominant stat in PvP? What if hypothetically I was level 100 and you were level 102? We're both no life grinders, but the level advantage system is so powerful, I'll miss my attacks much more often because of our meager level difference. Forget any other stat ever existed. I can't touch you because you happened to be more hardcore than I am.
    There should be level advantages. Damage should be one of the main factors in why a big level difference matters. Missing someone, especially for a little level difference, is a bit too powerful and doesn't work well with combat like this, especially since you can pop potions ever 5 seconds. If I can't consistently hit you, you can just heal up those lucky strikes.
  11. Update 1, GM statement: http://i.imgur.com/obpaAev.png
    Update 2: I measured my XP gains all throughout 432 SP up until 501 SP. I've turned in many SP quests before this, but not during. Here are my notes from grinding pre-Mediah patch...
    444 SP  :  1% per kill
    450 SP  :  2% per 3
    456 SP  :  1% per 2
    462 SP  :  2% per 5
    474 SP  :  3% per 7
    495 SP  :  3% per 8
    501 SP  :  2% per 6
    These are very approximate XP gains from killing Cron castle mobs without any kind of buff. I'm now at ~550 SP, and I still haven't hit the soft cap. For contrast, I've talked to people who leveled without doing any quests and grinded to the soft cap. At somewhere around 465 SP, they hit a wall where they were getting about 1/5th as much SP. As you can see, there was no significant drop anywhere in my notes, and I'm still getting SP pretty easily now.
    -----------------------------------You can pretty much ignore everything below this line-----------------------------------------
    ----------------------------------------The data is still good, but not really relevant-----------------------------------------------
    Edit: For people are confused by my horrible explanation below, here's something I hope will help clarify things... 
    SP XP requirements increase each level. If you go from 3 SP to 6 from a quest reward, the XP requirement for going from 6 to 7 (or 9, in reality) would be higher than going from 3 to 4 (or 6), no? At least, that's how it would be if SP from quests affected your cap.
    Think about it. If you're level 6, and you kill a mob and get 1% XP, then instantly level to 7, and kill that same mob again, you'd get more like 0.8% or something. However, this didn't happen with the SP in my test because the extra points from the turn in didn't affect my SP level. It's really that simple.
    Conversely, if this test were replicated at 500 SP, here's what would happen... You'd kill a mob, and get say 0.01%. Then you turn in and now you're at, say, 600 SP. You'd still get 0.01% from that same mob, because according to that chart, the XP requirement to go from 500 to 501 is the same as going from 600 to 601.
    I just posted this on reddit. Here's a copy paste 
    "This information is about the NA/EU release only. I cannot speak about the KR, JP, or RU releases, as I haven't played them.
    Also, if someone has already posted information resolving this issue, sorry!
    This has been a pretty intense topic of discussion for a while now (from what I've seen), but I've verified beyond any reasonable doubt that the skill points you get from quests and rewards DO NOT affect your Skill Point cap. Many players were grinding to 500 SP before turning in any of these quests because they believed that the bonus SP contributed towards this cap. However, this is NOT the case.
    Lets start by talking about some misleading evidence I've seen floating around. This post shows some interesting numbers on SP experience in the second to last section. Namely that the soft cap is 500, and there are no XP increases for each subsequent level past this.
    First, these numbers are from the KR/JP/RU release – therefore it's immediately possible that they do not apply to NA/EU. Second, this method of counting cap is irrelevant. Every time your SP bar fills up, you gain three skill points, not one. Thus, calling the cap 500 is inaccurate at the very least.
    Next, a logical argument. These SP rewards give flat skill points – and often less than what you'd get from “leveling” your SP (in other words, they often give less than 3 SP). Keep in mind that some quests do actually give SP XP, but this is a flat number, and not a percentage of your current level. Why would one quest give an XP amount and another give SP worth only part of an SP “level”?
    Perhaps more significantly, why would Pearl Abyss implement a system that rewards people for skipping content? Conversely, why would they punish players who simply played the game normally?

    Last, lets do some science! I basically replicated /u/skywingpi 's test in his reply to this thread - with some notable variations. Thank you skywingpi! Without you, I wouldn't have thought to try this myself 
    This is an extremely easy test, and I encourage you to do your own if you don't believe these results. I created a fresh character (Ranger, because they easily and precisely one-shot beetles), and got to Buntt but did not turn in the quest for the bonus 3 SP. Then I went out and started killing beetles. Note that I grinded until I was level 6 with 3 SP (from combat – not rewards) before I started recording data, as I wasn't sure if having 0 SP would affect my numbers.

    Starting XP (Level 6)
    Character XP - 0.000%
    SP XP - 3.05
    After 15 beetles
    Character XP - 12.738% (+12.738% change)
    SP XP - 3.14 (+0.09 change)

    Here I turned in to Buntt for my 3 SP, and went back to killing beetles.

    Starting XP (Still Level 6)
    Character XP - 12.951%
    SP XP - 6.49

    After 15 more beetles
    Character XP - 25.690% (+12.739%)
    SP XP - 6.58 (+0.09)

    According to the chart linked earlier, SP experience gain at 6 SP should have been ~3.4x slower than at 3 SP. This is clearly not the case, as the rates were identical in this test.
    But lets do one more test to make sure that there is actually an increase in SP XP requirements at low SP levels. So, I grinded to 9 SP. Note that I had to suicide about 20 times before this test to keep from leveling my character up to 7, as this would affect XP rates. Finally, I ran the test again at level 6, but with 9 SP.

    Starting XP (Still level 6!)
    Char. XP - 81.528%
    SP XP - 9.00
    After another 15 beetles
    Char. XP - 94.267% (+12.739%)
    SP XP - 9.03 (+0.03)

    Note that the kills and character XP gains were the same, but the SP XP was 1/3rd of previous tests. The results are pretty clear!
    Anyway. I hope this helps some of you! Thanks for reading 
    tl;dr – SP rewards don't affect SP cap. Do quests. Level. Enjoy yourself. You won't get punished for leveling normally."
  12. Post on Luck past +5? in General

    By Rip The Jacker, posted
    I know it's possible to reach higher (with titles, crystals, underwear, etc.) but is there any benefit past +5?
  13. This worked for ME, is not meant to work for everyone as it is a bug.
    I use a TV as a monitor, GTX 980 Tri-SLI, 359.06 Nvidia Drivers.
    Go into the Nvidia Control Panel -> Change Resolution -> Customize -> Create Custom Resolution -> Create a Resolution
    My regular resolution is 3840x2160 @ 60hz, I created a custom resolution at 3838x2160 @ 59hz (Progressive 32/bpp/Timing Automatic), I lower the resolution by 2 pixels or else the game would lock to 24FPS (it may not happen to you, but it did to me), I changed the HZ to 59 instead of 60 because once I was in game I would get lightning flickering when transitioning from shadows to a sunny area, Once you create your custom resolution test it, make sure that your monitor doesn't go apeshit or that is blurry. (This is for my monitor(TV)/resolution I'm sure yours will be different)
    Once you have your custom resolution, Launch the game, and set your resolution to the custom resolution you just made (Inside the game where the graphics settings are at, not your windows resolution)
    I hope this works for some of you.

  14. Dedicated fullscreen causes the game to set your monitor's refresh rate to its minimum. For example, your 60 hz monitor might run at 24 hz/24 fps, 144 hz monitor might run at 60 hz, etc.
    Use borderless windowed, it isn't affected by this bug. 
  15. I have been looking at some of the stuff on youtube and I will be getting this game as soon as I purchase a PC (I have a Mac but that isn't going to happen) but I just have one reservation and that is the lack of a level cap. I was wondering if this would cause problems with endgame? My fear is that the people with the motivation and/or time to level constantly will have a huge advantage over others? Just wondering, thanks  
  16. I like to quest and more about playing pve and hidden contents like amity game, hidden treasures, world boss, crafting, trading node connections. So when you reach 301 contribution doing dailies quests and quests in general have no more sense because you gain nothing. In my opinion like there is no cap for levelling the character there shouldn't be any cap also for contribution, with a very slow growth like from level 290 to 301 or more slow to avoid bad exploit. In the way as it is now ppl like me are discouraged to go on playing and also the sandbox contents are broken. I can't play long term crafting/trading projects because i will always be limited and obliged to farm mobs like other ppl do (that is something that i really don't like to) or change game
    for the balance of the game i 'll really would like that this cap will be take off by game designers what you think about?
    vote for the abolition of cap (or not) down here thx