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  1. Hello everyone.
    I was thinking to myself the other day while changing gear on my horse, that it would be pretty neat if Heilang (the Tamer's beast) was also able to have gear or costumes. Costumes could range from skins to make him look like a lion or tiger, to a Christmas hat during Christmas. You know, those sort of items. I'd also think that if he did end up being able to equip gear, that he should also get a stats-box that pops up when you press 'p' while he is summoned, to manage it all.

    Let me know what you guys think. I think it'd be neat, but maybe one of you know why they haven't done something like that already.
    Thanks! c:

  2. So I've been playing for one month and have spent $320 USD on the game.. most of which was getting a T4 pet. I don't plan on spending any more whatsoever. Curious to see how much others have spent.
    If you've spent over $400 please let us know in a comment how much you've spent.
  3. Post on Pearls+Loyalties in Suggestions

    By JenOSyd, posted

    J'aimerais suggérer une chose qu'il est faite dans le cashop KR et qui n'est pas (encore)dispo  sur les version EU/NA: Les loyalties quand on achète des perles.(Voir le screenshot)

    Je vois pas pourquoi on a pas ce genre de "bonus" sur notre version. Alors que je trouve que les loyalties sont vraiment intéressantes en jeu. Peut être une technique marketing...mais je vois pas vraiment l’intérêt.

    Donc,voila, est ce que ça vas être mis en place?
    -Si oui, est ce que les gens qui ont déjà acheté les pearls auront leur bonus de loyalties après achat?

    Merci d'avoir lu le sujet  
  4. Background:
    So I have been running a bit of an experiment the last few weeks.  I've played the game for about a year on a normal account that I have sunk a bunch of money in and I'm fairly happy with where I am at in the game.  However I kept seeing people accusing this game of being pay to win with too much content being behind pay walls.  So as a challenge I decided to start up a $10 account which I call the $10 BDO challenge! and I've been recording my progress. 

    For most aspects of the game I have found reasonable alternatives to play the game in a way which will advance my character to potential end game PvP viability.  However the biggest problems I am having are trying to obtain pets or Value packs from the marketplace.  From my gameplay so far on this $10 account without these 2 items you basically are restricted to Fishing and Trading as lucrative forms of making money as you take a fairly hefty tax on anything you sell on the marketplace and you neither have the storage space or profit margins to create a lucrative manufacturing empire via nodes.  And considering the incoming nerf with trading my options will be reduced to Active fishing being my only truly lucrative source of income as Grinding mobs for silver is dictated by clear speed + looting speed The latter of which is dictated entirely but your # of pets and their Tier/level.

    The Problem:
    Players that are willing to spend money in the cash shop and sell them on the marketplace heavily favor the high ticket items such as complete costume packages particularly awakening packages due to the fact they are limited to only 5 purchases per week.  While I agree with the limitation of 5 purchases a week the inequality of value between the items you can sell on the marketplace makes it prohibitive to get pets or value packs as most players willing to spend money on the game don't want to waste those 5 weekly listings on low ticket items like the pets and the value packs. 

    The Solution:
    In a word EQUALIZATION.  Basically we need to do 3 things.  
    Adjust the prices in the marketplace to be relative to real world Dollar value comparatively and not have random differences.  For Example hawks and other 1100 pearl pets should be worth around 8.5 mil each and regular 900 pearl pets around 7.5 mil each. I would also be comfortable making 100 pearls = $1 and giving pearl shop items straight flat pricing.  Create multiple pearl item packs.  So for instance a 3 pet pack for 3000 pearls.  The pack can be listed on the marketplace and once opened the user selects the pets they want and either register them or they can list said pets on the marketplace individually.   Likewise have 60 day value packs (2, 1 month packs) available that cost 3000 pearls which can also be listed on the marketplace. By doing just these 2 things you can bring the market prices back in line as well as fuel the pearl shop section of the marketplace for other players who don't have the disposable income for spending a lot on cash shop items. 
  5. Even though the Korean version doesnt have this, it'd be nice if we could turn the profession clothes into costumes, just like it's possible with "Orwen's traveling clothes". I'm sure there are a lot of people who would greatly appreciate this option even if they gave no bonuses. Easy to implement and I'm sure quite a lot of life skills fans might be interested to buy the cash shop item required to turn them into costumes.
  6. So I've recently came back to the game after a few months, And i noticed that whenever I try to go to the cash shop and scroll through the lists. It jitters up and down as I go down. Than after a few seconds of going down the list, it jitters violently, then just dissapears and I can't click anything. 
    Its made the cash shop unusable. I want to buy weight upgrades and some costumes, but I can't because The cash shop lists wont work. This problem persists through every section of the shop. 
    If anyone has any suggestions, or a solution. That would be much appreciated, Thank you. 
  7. Why did they turn off the Value pack sales on the Marketplace?  IS this temporary?  I'm not going to buy them off the Marketplace every month.  I don't see how selling them on the Marketplace hurts anything.  What difference does it make who pays for it?
  8. Pretty pretty please allow us to buy furniture items from the marketplace/ in game vendor/ any way to acquire these with in game gold.
    I am staring at the dango/takoyaki/riceball plate set and drooling. I wantz them! 
    If you are selling other cash shop items on the marketplace, why not extend it to furniture items?
  9. Post on Bidding fail question in General

    By Onineko, posted
    Since few weeks i'm trying to buy few things on marketplace and because i've never succeed, I wish to ask about something. When the item is biddable, like some Dandelion, Value Pack, a pet or an outfit, there are two kinds of text poppin' when the bidding is closed (and obviously I wont win the bid - I never did...) One text is "Failed to purchase the item" and the other is "Item is already sold" - where is the difference between their meaning? Does that mean I just lost the roll and the text is random, or am I keep failing at some point while trying to buy something?
  10. I know I'm probably in the great minority facing this future issue but I'm one to buy everything there is for my class. Currently my Pearl Inventory is reaching capacity, and since we are unable to store pearl items in our storage (that have been equipped), I fear that to obtain any new pearl items will one day require me to throw away money to make room.
    Current look of pearl inventory:

    I have 16 slots free and this was taken before I purchased more artisan memories and the Noel outfit. So I actually have 12 slots free at the time of writing this.
    Expand the Pearl Inventory or allow players to store pearl items which have previously been equipped, in their storage.
    Again, I'm certain I'm one of very few that will run into this issue but it's an issue regardless. Thank you.
  11. So you want to play the best MMO around, here is what you need to know first.

    Pay to Win?
    Before we get going, you need to understand the cash shop, this is a 100% convenience shop, no matter what anyone else tells you.  Now let's define convenience.  Convenience (per Daum/Kakao) is anything that saves you time.  Combat EXP bonus = saving time, not having to run back and forth between places = saving time, not having to manually pick up loot = saving time, having additional storage space = saving time.  I hope I made my point there, you may also notice the examples give also show a MASSIVE benefit to someone who employs all of them, vs. someone who has none, or only a few of the above.

    Cash shop recommendations:
    First things first, buy the game (I am expecting it to be free to play early 2017, or as late as March 2017 for the 1 year anniversary), then you need to go all in with the following as it will make a massive difference in how you play and whether or not you enjoy it enough to keep playing.  You'll just have to trust me on this one, but I'll try to explain the why as much as I can, you can of course play the game without buying any in game cash shop items, but I would venture a guess that 60% of players that free play this game quit within 3-6 months and except for some of the moral issues that have occurred lately, not less than 85% of everyone who spent money early on is still playing now, 10 months later and are planning to continue playing.  Pearls are  1 per penny spent, plus a very light bonus for buying in larger quantities, due to this, you should always purchase in $100 increments, even if you only plan on spending $30 worth in game right now.

    Pearls - Put in not less than $300 in Daum cash/Pearls, before you even create a character.  (57,130 - 65,830 total pearls listed below, so a $600 purchase, after the bonus pearls would get all the below), note you can increment this and start out with the $300 previously mentioned, by cutting down the inventory expansions and weight limits, and removing worker lodging and stable expansions. 
    This is just to get you up and running, between holiday events and other purchases, you will spend more, but this may be delayed several months after you start playing)Costume - 2900 pearls - read the below section to pick your starting class and then buy a full on weapon outfit for that class, you will end up buying another one you get the following with this  
    jump height increasecombat exp bonusvision bonus  
    affects how far away things show on your mini mapalso affects how far you can see objects in the ocean (like fishing hotspots and whales), supposedlyweapon durability reduction  
    Decreases the rate that your weapon durability is reduced (equals less silver spent repairing)death exp loss reductionCostume additions - (1700 total pearls) - note you will most likely need to repurchase these for your main toon once you decide on that one, as it will be the only one leveling up to the highest levels and therefore the only one seeing certain mobs)  
    Underwear - 700 pearls  
    the luck bonus is for item drops during combat only, but makes a differenceglasses - 500 pearls  
    increases chance of gaining monster knowledge  
    equals more energyequals more titles  
    equals combat EXP bonusequals luck bonusEarring - 500 pearls - arguable, some say this functionality is "non-functioning" in game  
    increases the chance of getting "better" knowledge of a monster  
    equal better item drop ratesPets - 900 pearls each (3600 total) - (note: pets only gain EXP from eating, if you don't feed them, they don't gain EXP)  
    1x Cat1x Dog1x Hawk1X your choice  
    as right now you can have 4 active pets at a timeYou'll be buying more to upgrade them (breeding 2 pets destroys the parents)Inventory expansions - always buy in packs of 16 slots for personal and 8 slots for towns, unless the smaller packs are on sale  
    personal - 1450 pearls each (14500 - 23200 total pearls for one character - you will need to buy about 80 slots worth (or 10 x 8 slot) minimum, I'd say 128 slots as an upper limit (due to the number of freebies you get)  
    two things to note here, remember your first toon is not likely to be your main, don't go overboard on this one, but you will need quite a fewyou can expect that at least three toons will require purchased slots, 40-80 slots should be a starting point on any character you think you will play past level 50 (you will know this when you reach 50 with that character, but not likely before then)also, it may be that you want the most slots on a non-main character depending on your particular play style, something only you can tell yourself, this would be if you want a secondary character to be your main life skill toon)town storage - 720 pearls each (24,480 total pearls to bring all three areas up in storage) always buy the multi town packs in 8 slot increments  
    Balenos - purchase not less than 80 slots (7200 pearls) 
    this is the 2nd most popular location in game, expect to visit her regularly.  this makes it a good place to have room to store things.Serendia - purchase not less than 80 slots (7200 pearls) 
    this is the most popular location in the game (non-combat), it is the most "central" location (pre valencia, which you will not even visit before level 50 and should not worry about going to until 55-57 range, most of the mobs there are designed for parties of 3 or more to combat, not solo)Calpheon - purchase not less than 112 slots (10,080 pearls) 
    this is the largest NPC area in the game, you will spend a lot of time here, there are the most player houses here, you will perform LOTS of crafting here if you do anyValue Pack 30 days - 1500 Pearls each (3000 total every 45 days)  
    best to buy these at least 2 at a time, every 45 days, so you build up extra or have leeway in case you forget or are late buying itthe best benefit of this is the market place fee reimbursement  
    when you collect your silver for selling something, it adds an extra 30%  
    this is to offset the 35% sales fees incurrednext best is the 10% EXP bonusWeight Limit Increase - (4050 total Pearls) - buy these on your first character and your primary, no others, unless you are spreading your crafting out amongst multiple toons (not recommended) each is 1x per toon  
    200LT (1700 pearls each)150LT (1350 pearls each)100LT (1000 pearls each)Extra Worker Lodging - 200 pearls each (400 pearls per region, 800 pearls total)  
    Calpheon - buy at least 2Balenos - buy at least 2Stable Expansion - 300 pearls each (600 pearls total)  
    Serendia - buy at least 2  
    this can actually wait, as it is for horse breeding, something you won't be doing right awayPermanent Horse Flute (1500 Pearls)   
    it is just plain stupid how realistically close you have to be to your horse to whistle for them without this) 
    Part one:
    Getting started in the Game:
    First things first, you need to start with a class that can level well early on, get some cash, then buy the gear you need to start another class.  It doesn't matter if the first or even second class you play is what you really want to play in the game, if you are just feeling out the play style of a few classes, or even if you have no clue.  Eventually you will have 7+ toons and all will be level 45+ while you figure out what to play as your main toon, and gather the resources you need to be able to do so.  Additionally, plan on deleting at least one character if not 2 on a regular repeating basis.  This is because the first 45 levels are the easiest and fastest ways to gain account based (non-character specific) points.  I'll explain as we go, but these are your Energy and Contribution points.

    Recommended starting classes for first toon, in order. (note you can select all of them, as you want to have every available character slot filled at all times)
    Ninja/Kunoichi - Very similar play style, although there will be differences, when I refer to this class grouping, I'll always be talking about the ninja, so first thing, if I say "Shuriken" that is for the Ninja, you will need to substitute "Kunai" for the Kuonichi.  While either class can use either secondary weapon, their supporting skills are "aligned" with the play style for this equipment selection and using the other secondary weapon will put you at a disadvantage.  You will be tapping HP potions quickly at certain stages of play.

    Witch/Wizard - no difference at all, until awakenings.  Listed second only as the first 20 levels are lower damage output compared to the ninja and you will need mana potions constantly until after level 15 or 20 when you can learn the skill that is a free to cast (F2C) mana potion, after that you will be all about HP potions, in low quantities until after level 52.

    Sorceress - extremely powerful after level 40, but you will be heavy hitting MP and HP potions early on and relying on only 2 skills to level until then as well (very boring low level game play and somewhat costly due to potion consumption).

    Now go research a guild, join one that has plenty of perks as soon as you can in game (level 5 I think) as you can get combat EXP bonuses from the right guilds, amongst other things.  No need to be loyal, you can swap another one later if you choose.  Just make sure they are cool with you being new.  During this entire guide you will want to play solo, there is no reason to group up at all during this and it can actually slow you down.  There is no benefit to getting power leveled, you lose EXP when in a group, unless the group can kill mobs 2x as fast as you, then you break even and lose loot divided amongst all the members of the group.
    Part two:
    Leveling from 1 to 45 quickly
    Create your character and log in with them, if you feel like it, you can create characters until all the slots are filled, and then log in with the one that will be your "first toon" order is not important, but know that the character selection screen from within the game shows only 4 at a time, starting with the first slot and then scrolls one by one, so it would be best to start with the first slot as either your primary or "first toon".  Please note you only need the weapons and armor you get from these quests or from mob drops to complete this starter guide.  Sell any junk item (A vendor would buy this at a cheap price), and stash everything else in the storage, if you bought enough, you won't lack for places to put them and can spend time sorting your storages later.  Always keep your pets out once you get them, and make sure to equip your costume!  As soon as you get to Heidel, buy "Good Feed" form the Auction House (AH), if there is none available, get pet feed from the stable master to keep your pets fed.  At any time after level 24 if you run into competition for the grinding areas, just channel swap to another channel, very few people are leveling low level characters at this time, so it is unlikely it will be very busy.

    Note, if a section is marked with *** this means it is a place you can use the 30 minute daily grind buff if this event is still going on.  Anywhere else, and you are likely to waste it as you will move on in less than 30 minutes

    As soon as you have a weapon equipped, try pressing F3 (function 3 key at the top of the KB) if this opens up the Cash Shop, purchase your pearls and start buying stuff!  Getting not less than the costume set and the value pack will make this go a LOT faster with an automatic 35% EXP bonus to start with.

    Along the way, make sure to accept any and ALL Black Spirit Quests until otherwise noted and skip most other quests for now, you will level up much faster than the quests will appear, so performing them means spending more time getting less EXP.  (you will always be able to go back and do any skipped quests)

    Now, start attacking the grass beetles and parasitic bees next to the starting area, there are large numbers of them close together, stand in the center and use a ranged attack to kill them quickly.  do this until their name changes to light green (mob difficulty, purple > red > light red > white > dark green > light green > grey), you should be level 4 or 5 at this point, maybe reaching 6.
    now follow the quests the Black Spirit (BS) gives you, don't bother talking to people or looking around, learn to use the mini-map and full map to find your quest targets, do as little as possible to complete those quests, and FREQUENTLY check the black spirit for more quests, accept them all immediately!!!
    when you get to the steel imps black spirit (BS) quest, these guys should be a piece of cake and be either white or already starting to turn green for you (as long as you followed step #1 !!!), once you finish this BS quest you should get directed to the Western Guard Camp, go there and follow the talk to me, no talk to me quest chain until you get directed to go to the ancient stone chamber to meet Edan.  Don't bother doing anything else in this area either.  Somewhere in this part your inventory will fill up, so make sure to sell everything that isn't a potion, or gear you can wear.  Don't worry if you sell something and a warning pops up telling you that it is worth more on the auction house, just sell it!  Anything you find at this level range is worthless to a higher level player (unless your character jumps for joy when you get it)
    once that is done the BS will direct you to kill tree spirits, do the bare minimum to finish this quest too.  Hopefully at this point you should be somewhere between level 13 and 16 (if you are much farther along than that, then you may have worked too hard to get here!)
    as soon as the trees are dead, follow the road east, stay east and don't go north like you are supposed to, but instead go south.  you should pass through the following nodes on your way:
    toscani farm, marino farm, balenos forest (may show up multiple times), heidel pass (this is once the road turns south), northern heidel quarry, northern guard camp
    although you may see Heidel to the south, don't bother going there at this time.  Instead enter the quarry, it is to your right as you come out of the heidel pass and down the hill towards the northern guard camp.  note, you will not have quests through here, as you will not be the right level to get them yet.  get in the quarry and kill everything you can until you are seeing green names again. (it will be possible that while in here the BS will give you a quest to kill them, if you see it, take it, if not, don't worry)
    once all of those turn green, leave the quarry by the road, head north/West, you will be on the southern side of the mountain range that you just came through from the ancient stone chamber.  To your right (north) you will see weird looking birds (kuku), head up there and kill everything in sight! if you go far enough up the mountain, there are DOZENS of sheep and mountain goats, these should be red or white at this point, and don't fight back.  Kill em all!!!!
    somewhere around this point you should be level 19 or 20, if you didn't dilly dally or wander around aimlessly getting here, it should have taken you somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes (depending on how quickly you picked up combat in the game, how good my directions are, and how good you were at following them.  So, head farther west and find the imps over there (you hopefully will get a BS quest for this area, or 5) and kill everything.
    At this point, I recommend doing the running back and forth quests in Heidel, you can skip it if you want and do them later.
    now head to The Eastern Gateway, take all the quests there and go over to Moretti Plantation and clean up the quests there as well, Remember to get all the Black Spirit quests as many double up and you can complete more than one quest while killing the same mobs. you probably will reach the level to leave before completing all of the quests here, just forfeit the others and move on to save time, or complete them if you wish.

    Once you have those quests complete, you should be around level 24, now head South West and kill Fogans and Nagas until you reach level 27, you may or may not get quests for them from the Black Spirit, do not worry about it.

    *** At 26 stop by Glish to add it to your map, drop off INV at the storage keeper and then you can head to the Bloody Monastery and grind the snot out of some cultists there, these guys are good until level 32 and drop tons of items!  (you should be good as long as you bought your INV space increases and weight limit increases, else you'll need to make at least one trip back to Glish to drop items off.)  On your way, there are 3 NPCs wandering around the road that runs East/West south of Glish, they each have a quest for you in the Bloody Monastery area.  don't worry if you miss them.

    *** (If you stay till 36) At level 32, you will want to run over to Keplan and drop off anything that didn't fit in Glish Storage, then head north to find Calpheon, then move North by North East to the Northern Wheat Plantation (NWP).  Don't bother getting any quests from either.  From NWP head east and a tiny bit north to find Old Dandelion and the Khuruto Caves, our next target for extermination.  If you feel like it, to the north and a bit east of the caves is a group of soldiers that might give you quests for this area.  If they are not handing out quests, you can follow the road they are on to the East and there is a camp there that might give quests (I am not sure of the minimum level to get the quests, so they may or may not be offered at this time.  I personally skip them, you can fight outside if you want, but the best bang for your buck is in the caves. Stay here until all but the big guys turn green (level 36, although you can leave at 34, it would be faster if you stay until 36), then head off for the abandoned lands slightly NW of Calpheon.

    *** (ONLY if you get here at level 34, and even then you'll be ready to leave in the first 20 minutes, if you are planning on moving directly on to the next area after this one without waiting until another day, save the daily grind Buff until you get to Chimeras) On your way to The Abandoned Lands you (hopefully) will run into St. Pious on the road just outside the Contaminated farm.  Make sure to talk to him, he doesn't have much to say, but if you do not, then you will be unable to turn in the items from The Refugee Camps as the NPC won't talk to you.  Now, enter Calpheon and dump in the Storage everything you have on you and sell any junk, then head on to The Refugee Camp. 

    Once there, you will find a nice short circle you can work your way around on the far East side of the camp.  It is possible someone is here, and you can either swap channels, or head NW up the hill to more "zombies"  most of the quests here start showing up at 37/38 and are good for you to complete, but will slow down your leveling a tiny bit as you are targeting specific mobs instead of just slaughtering everything and we are not sticking around very long anyway (leaving at 39).  Once you hit 39.5 you can leave, stop by the node manager "Elionian Priest Bipache" and turn in one of the two main items you picked up while here, another turn in is the human guard in armor on the NW corner of the wagon the node manager is standing on.  Now head back to Calpheon and dump your INV and all money.

    *** (Definitely use the daily grind here, you will stay a good 60 minutes here, so you can use any EXP buff items you want while here) At this Point you can run to Keplan, open that node up, now on the SW exit from town, head barely 5 seconds north along the road, and it will fork left towards marni's lab. Grind the Chimera and Horned Chimera mobs at the bottom of the mountain until you hit 40, don't go too far up as everything here is purple to you right now, and respawns VERY fast.  Once you hit 40 they turn dark red.  You may have competition here.  Once you are level 40 you can head up the path, but don't go in the gates.  Once you can see the gates, head left, there will be 1 mad Saunil in the area just left of the gates, behind him is a path that leads to heaven.  down here are bunches of Chimeras for your slaughtering goodness.  Watch out for the two "violent" mobs down there (one at each end) until you are level 42+ and do not bother going through the cave/natural bridge.  There is more likely to be competiton over there and there will be fewer mobs anyway.  Once you get into the flow, you can easily get 5+ levels in 45 minutes to an hour down here.  While you can easily hit 46 here, you should stop at 45 (everything will be green/light green at this point anyway). Head to town, there will be one item you can trade in in town, it is to the giant standing on top of the NE gateway into the city, the rest just put in storage.  Do not try to turn in the Marni's Lab items, you will most likely die trying until you are a few levels higher or in a group.
  12. So I bought the worker item off the cash shop for Veila and Olivia so I could have extra lodging in those cities to hire new workers.  I receive the pearl item in my inventory.  Click it.  Click again.  Think I'm good to go.  But then when I go to hire a worker in Veila.  The guy says I need lodging.  What's going on.  This is the third time I've bought pearl items and have been cheated.  I'm going to quite buying these things for storage, stables and lodging.  They are BUGGED!!  
    And what's going to be done?  Nothing!  I'm out the pearls and cash.  I can't open a ticket.  No one responds.  So thanks Duam!!
  13.  Ich  kann mir schon vorstellen, das  man hier weniger Einfluß auf die Cash Shop Items hat,
    trotzdem   möchte ich vorschlagen, das man/frau in Zukunft die Auswahl zwischen einem weiblichen und einem männlichen NPC hat.(Lager NPC Maid, Verkaufs NPC Maid etc.)
    Da man ja davon ausgehen kann, das es auch etwas fürs Auge sein soll und nicht nur funktionell, fühle ich mich als Frau benachteiligt, wenn ich mir lediglich eine langweilige "Tussi" hinstellen kann.
    Ansonsten wäre ich dafür, das wir einen/eine Gleichstellungsbeauftragte   erhalten
    Aber möglicherweise kann ja eine  Anfrage nach Korea geschickt werden (oder sind die vielleicht schon soweit?)
  14. Ich wollte mal Fragen wie das bei den Pets eigentlich so ist...
    Also Pets sind ja dafür da das sie das Looten übernehmen...aber ich habe gesehen das es Pet Food gibt...bedeutet das, das wen die out of food sind nicht mehr Looten und man sich Pet Food kaufen "muss" weil sie sonst Wertlos sind? Oder wie Funktionieren Pets?
  15. Currently if a person wants to switch names, they have to buy 3 coupons, wait 3 weeks total, and THEN that person has to HOPE that the name they want doesn't get taken after the first week. This is of course assuming that the name changes take effect in the desired and listed time frame.
    I propose that a new "Name Switch Coupon" be introduced, for people desiring to Switch/Swap names with THEIR OWN CHARACTERS.
    The price could of course be the same as 3 name change coupons or whatever seems reasonable.
    This new Coupon would, in effect, take out the massive amount of time spent switching a name as well as removing the chance of losing a name to someone else.
  16. Salut !
    Je comptais profiter des soldes pour m'acheter un outfit, toutefois un petit détail me perturbe.
    Jouant musa, je voulais me procurer le set des frontières ouest d'éveil, celui-ci coûte 2720 perles.
    Or, si j'achète le set d'arme et d'armure à 1760 puis le munshido a 720 cela fait revenir le coût de l'opération a 2480 perles au lieu de 2720.
    Pourquoi une telle différence ? Est ce simplement une faille du système ou est ce volontaire ?
    D'ailleurs, le prix du costume seul est de 1760 perles et celui du set et d'armure est égallement de 1760, pourquoi ?
    Merci par avance
  17. Not sure if it has been posted before or not, but....
    Would like to have it considered for development, a housing item, "Storage Mannequin"
    This would look like a Mannequin.Interaction would open a "storage window" with 6 slots.Each slot would have a restriction on what it would accept.Only Armour, or Weapons can be stored in the Mannequin Storage, each piece in its respective slot.(i.e. Only one Helm could be stored in a Mannequin. Only one second-hand weapon could be stored on a mannequin)Costumes may also be stored on the Mannequin, each piece on its respective slot.When storing Equipment or Costumes on a Mannequin, the Mannequins appearance changes to display the appearance of the Armor/Weapon/Costume stored. 
    This would allow players to display their gear sets or costumes in their house, another Vanity item.  Selling this item in the cash-shop would be perfectly acceptable, since it is technically extra storage space. 
    If you like what you read, don't forget to subscribe to this channel. Like this post and share it with your friends, and who knows what could happen.

  18. Is it possible that we may see a Web-Mall soon?
    What is a web-mall? > A WebMall is a page on the BDO website where you can purchase in-game items without being logged into the game.
    Why a webmall?  > Website functions can allow for greater types of cash-shop expansions, ideas, and promotions. Not to mention the convenience to the players.
    Would you want a web mall? How do you think it would affect us if we had one? What type of things would you like to be able to purchase from a webmall? Would you life a gifting feature? How would you design it? What type of features would you like to see in one?
  19. Warrior, sorceress and now ranger have their awakened weapons for the ghillie costumes sold separately. The Ranger has their awakened weapon available separately on cash shop available immediately with their awakening. Why has this not been done for the berserker yet?
  20. Post on Larger Houses in Suggestions

    By Vorkrunne, posted
    I am begging for larger homes to decorate.
    I will settle for 3 story homes like Heidel 9-4. 
    What I would ideally want is a large villa or even a castle that we could permanently own (like the current system) for 20-50 contribution points. 
    I want to buy your furniture sets, but I have no place to put them. Doing so would open up more cash shop sales.
  21. Bonjour,
    Actuellement, un joueur peut acheter au maximum 5 items dans le cash shop pour les revendre dans l’hôtel des ventes.
    ça permet a certains de pouvoir accéder a ces items sans avoir a dépenser des euro.
    Le problème avec ce système c'est que :
    1- les items qui sont proposé en hdv sont souvent ceux qui viennent de sortir ou qui rapportent le plus.
    2- même si l'item voulu apparaît en hdv, t'es vraiment pas sûr de l'avoir du 1er coup (rapidité, disponibilité, B, captcha ect ect ect)
    Ce que je propose est tout simple :
    Mettre en place un 6eme objet vendable que par échange. (ou au lieu d'en ajouter un autre, on prend le 5eme qui existe déjà )
    le système sera sécurisé (il l'est déjà de base), "y" lance l’échange, "x" met son item, "y" met l'argent fixé par les dev, chaqu'un valide de son coté => ok pour les deux, sachant que l'item est automatiquement lié au compte comme c'est le cas pour le reste.
    avantage : régler un peut les deux problèmes cité au dessus.
  22. Some of us really enjoy customizing our characters, and an eyepatch is one of the many ways to give our own flair to the character that we make. Every other class has the barrackey/lhar acien eyepatch, but Berzerker and Ninja. You could have gotten a free eyepatch from the pirate rum event but that is long gone. If possible I would like to see a barrack eyepatch be available on the ninja and zerker (preferably the musa variant).
  23. Post on 30 Day Fishers Pack in Suggestions

    By Andaro, posted
    Please consider a cash-shop "30 day value pack" that would contain the following (or something similar)
    "Fishermans Value Pack" (example perks)
    (Buff) Fishing Level +?(Buff) Auto-Fishing Time decrease(Buff) Boat Mount Speed increase(Buff) Weight Limit Increase(Buff) Inventory Increase(Buff) Life Skill Increase(Buff) Extend Freshness Time (slowdown fish expire time)(Buff) Bonus to Trade Value at Trade Manager(Buff) Increase chance to catch Rare 
    The whole point really is because I would really like to see an item that increases Boat Speed.   So might as well think of a "package" that helps the company with cash-flow , while offering some awesome perks.   I would like to see similar 30-Day Value Packs for all the Professions.  Each pack having a different assortment of perks based on that Professions "needs".
    Put these in the Cash-shop in their own category under "Value Packs"
    @GM_Caramel take my money!  
  24. Post on The Wall in Suggestions

    By Haku12, posted
    I really didn't wanted to write this post because this topic was mention ten thousand times in the past but this time I felt like I have to, I still think the cash shop prices specially the costumes prices are way to high, considering the average look of them on some classes in my view but its not my business on what people want to spend their money on, getting to the point. I'm one of the people that came back to the game after the whole VP thing, which I didn't actually knew at the time, I just wanted to see Valencia. I was pretty pleased to see that the game was not so dead as I would imagine and have to admit that "give me free stuff cause I'm back" worked on me and I gave the game second chance. 
    Its been like 2 weeks I guess since I've been playing the game now and I bumped into new craftable costumes, was so happy to see that, told my self that finally this game is pointing the right direction, my happiness didn't last for long before I hit the wall again in this game and was introduced to the tailoring coupon. After I realized I needed such a thing I new exactly where to look for it,I was hugely disappointed to see that.
    This would't be much of a problem if it was a F2p game, but it isn't, it is insulting to see because the only purpose of some of these new craftable costumes are only to make you reach for your wallet, without the cash shop these items would serve no purpose in game since they're completely useless outside of the city. I've spent gold and 3h of my time in game to make one of these only to be pointed to the cash shop, it feels like I'm playing a demo or a trial version of a game that I've paid for. This game have a huge potential and that's why it feels so bad to see such a thing, if the plan for this game is to have a growing community and to be played in the next 3-5 years, this needs to stop and it needs to stop immediately since from what I read this game is currently rising from its knees.
    Also the dye system is pointless as well which everyone is aware of so I don't need to spend much time on it, the unknown boxes give always the same thing(snowy this,snowy that), they need to be added to your palette permanently and on every character, be either dropped from mobs on a semi-low rate or be obtainable in game in other way. 
  25. It's a simple suggestion that I'm sure Kaokao will promptly ignore.  But how about not encouraging pay to win even more by removing the artisan's memory from the cash shop?
    Or if that doesn't suit you how about lowering the loyalty price down to 100 loyalty, because that's the equivalent monetary value you are giving it. 
    Or Better still, how about you do away with the loyalty alltogether and just reward players with 50-100 pearls a day instead of 100 loyalty.... because that's what Real companies do.  Zenimax is the only company so far that has done a fair and profitable cash shop and they don't have a separate loyalty shop...