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  1. <Sapphire> is a  casual guild looking for members to join our ranks  If you're interested in joining us you can pm these guys: Morphling, Surial, Shenkt, Sedikash, Gandalfsson and Santoryu_Zoro. We will remain casual guild but will be prepared to go on Node Wars. Currently looking for active lv56+ players with GearScore 320+ and friendly attitude to keep our family in good mood  

  2. - - - Non Solus (lat. nicht allein) sucht Mitstreiter - - -
    Wir, die deutschsprachige Gilde Non Solus, suchen noch Mitstreiter für unsere 6 Mann Gilde. Gegründet wurde die Gilde direkt nach Release des Spieles und besteht seitdem aus 6 netten Menschen, die sich über die malerische Welt von Black Desert Online erfreuen.
    Sei es Queste, gemeinsames Farmen , erkunden der Spielwelt und sammeln aller Wissenseinträge oder einfach nur chatten ; bei uns sollte für jeden etwas dabei sein der gerne im Bereich PvE unterwegs ist.
    Der Altersschnitt liegt bei uns zwischen 25 und 60 Jahren.
    Voicechats wie TS³, Discord oder Skype lehnen wir vollkommen ab. Wir kommunizieren ausschließlich über den Ingamechat oder über das Forum.
    Was Dir die Gilde bietet:
    - regelmässige Gildquests
    - familiäres Umfeld
    - ein Forum mit umfangreicher Ansammlung von Wissen, Problembehandlungen oder einfach nur Trashtalk
    - Gildenbuffs ( Sammeln +3 , Fischfang +2 , AK +3 , Präzision +3)
    - nette Menschen, welche nicht zögern Dir bei Problemen, Quests o.ä. zu helfen
    Was wir suchen:
    - Anfänger, Fortgeschrittene oder Veteranen
    - Crafter, Fischer, Händler oder einfach nur Farmer
    Was wir nicht suchen:
    - PvP'ler
    - Progress orientierte
    Solltest DU ein gewisses Maß an Reife besitzen, mindestens 18 Jahre alt (bei Ausnahmen auch jünger) und ein wenig verrückt unterwegs sein, zögere nicht dich bei uns zu melden!
    Anfragen bitte hier im Forum via PN oder über unser Gildenforum an Zentia (Ingame Zentii) - www.nonsolus.de
    Wir freuen uns auch DICH!
  3. Hi guys!
    We just recently started up the casual/life skill guild Ventura and now we could use some more friendly guys or girls to hang out with on Discord. We have basically no in-game requirements as of now, but we prefer you to be over 25 years old at least. Most of us are in our thirties. The guild suits you well if you are a returning or new player. We don't mind helping you out to get some levels and we do a lot of stuff together - scrolls etc. and guild quests if you feel like it (again, no stress).
    The core of Ventura is Swedish (and one Norwegian gal) but we wouldn't mind english speaking members either. Just send me a message here if you want a friendly and chill guild to hang out in 
    Cheers guys,

  4. Post on No PvP option in Suggestions

    By finnishcoffee, posted
    As a casual player with very few hours per week to play, I find it very annoying that other players can attack and murder me at any given time even tho I have no interest what so ever in PvP.
    All I want to do is mind my own business, team up with a friend or two and go spelunking, exploring. 
    We do not have the gear for PvP, we don't want to PvP at all even if we did. We just want to have some fun doing our own thing and enjoy the beautiful scenery in this game in peace and quiet.
    All games have one purpose and one purpose only, to entertain. But it should never be on other players expense. Being ganked randomly when trying to complete a daily or just chopping wood, even in conversations with NPC's or looking at the big map dealing with transports and similar, is NOT fun. Not in the slightest. On the contrary. It's incredibly frustrating.

    With so many channels/servers available already, there is no reason to not give us a couple where PvP without consent is not possible.
    Or even better, a ckeckbox in options/gameplay that only allows other players to attack if I have my own PvP flag activated as well.

    Considering that classes are not well balanced for PvP anyway, this should be a no-brainer option. Lots of us love the game but hate PvP.
  5. Karma Tribe is recruiting.
    We are a casual English speaking guild looking for older (30yrs+) players to join our growing community. We are a PvE focused guild mainly and are not hardcore. We have no level requirement for joining and are more than happy to accept new and experienced players. We are a small guild but have some good knowledgeable players who are happy to answer your questions.
    We are creating a fun, family orientated group who understand that sometimes Real Life comes first. Some of us have families/significant others that can take us away from the game from time to time.
    Daily Guild Quests and weekly Guild bosses are available along with Fishing/Gathering/HP bonuses.
    We spend most of our time on EU_Velia 6. Discord channel is available too.
    If you think this is what you are looking for in a guild then leave a message below with your detail or contact me in game.
    Siaan Mythras

  6. Hello everyone,
    We are looking for members! Most of us like to take our time and enjoy all aspects of the game. We don't mind helping each other out and enjoy chatting about the most random stuff. Of couse we do guild missions now and then, everyone is free to jump in on those or not. 
    So if you're looking for a guild to have a bunch of crazy  nice persons to chat with and ask questions ranging from gathering logs, to horse breeding, to becoming a stronk player it's all fine, Stronk got it all covered.
    Cya around and if you want to know more let me know! 

  7. Hello everyone,
    We are looking for members! Most of us like to take our time and enjoy all aspects of the game. We don't mind helping each other out and enjoy chatting about the most random stuff.
    Of couse we do guild missions now and then, everyone is free to jump in on those or not. So if you're looking for a guild to have a bunch of persons to chat with and ask questions ranging from gathering logs, to horse breeding, to becoming a stronk player it's all fine, Stronk got it all covered.
    Cya around and if you want to know more let me know! 
  8. Recruiting for the guild SCAM we offer +2 fishing, +2 gathering and +3 accuracy. We are looking for active players and welcome people that are new or veterans to the game, we do PVX and lifeskills. We also offer max contracts for guild members who contribute by actively doing guild quests with us. We have a discord but it is not mandatory but if you do join us in voice chat, please use push to talk as a courtesy to everyone We are a fairly new guild created about few weeks ago, so we are still growing towards a bigger size.

    Please message IGN: Steamm , Nkri , Chuu_desu, Maeyue or Denkou in game about joining or more info.
    Hope to hear from you soon and yes we have memes.
  9. Hello!
    I recently returned to the game, and figured perhaps this time around it'd be worthwhile to join a guild.
    If my partner wishes to join with me, I'd appreciate that being a possibility. We're both very casual, and at lv56.
    I dislike speaking (discord/teamspeak), but am perfectly fine going on to listen - as long as I can mute myself
    I'm not a big fan of PvP, but am willing to try and learn. Activity varies; some days I might not feel like BDO.
    Like mentioned, I'm lv56, playing Dark Knight. I can't remember AP/DP on top of my head
    (i got stuck at Margoria sea and had to log while awaiting rescue cause im an idiot), but it should be around 116/213,
    which is not impressive at all, I know  I'd like a helpful and friendly guild who doesn't mind if I'm antisocial for a bit,
    where Node Wars etc isn't mandatory. Experienced members is a bonus, I'm pretty clueless about most things
    Reply here with some info on your guild or PM me ingame
    Fam.name: Aquamire
    Char.name: Aquamoore
    (should it be relevant -as i know some Guilds have a +18 rule- i'm 20y/o)

  10. A torn piece of yellowed parchment, edges curled and tattered, impaled to a wooden post by a single rusted nail flutters in the breeze. If you want to read it, by all means do so. If you ignore it your day continues as it always has…
    The printed words are somewhat smudged, the style rather gothic. The ink used was probably of quality although the printing press likely dubious with missing 's' s replaced by 'f's in some cases. There are areas where weather and minor nicks by daggers, and so on, have made words impossible to read…
    “Heigh-ho, and all that…in short Greetings and, of course, salutations.
    We, the members of the adventurers Company <MoonRise>, are pleased to present ourselves as we look for new members to join our pursuits throughout Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah and beyond…….Despite our former lives as Brigands, Mercenaries and HighwayMen, Farmers, Tinkerers and….we are…still able to take up the sword and Stave as needed. Our ranks include… some of the very best skilled Tradespeople. If seeking gainful employment, pleased be you to contact any of the sisters Leafsilver.”
    OOC- in short, <MoonRise> was formed in July 2016 from the cadre of the Uno server guild Skeleton Crewe after a bit of faffing about as a clan (Nebulous Gods). We’re simply a purposely small casual players’ guild supporting both martial and life-skilling players. Currently we have 17 of 25 slots filled. Some of the members are avid role-players and our role-play runs the gamut from RP-Lite to hardcore and mostly just happens. We keep guild chat as just chat, not for RP. We operate MoonRise on the premise that life happens so guild events (such as scroll runs, guild missions, guild hunts) are never mandatory. We have no gear/skill minimums, nor level expectations, no play-hour minimums and no voice chat requirements. MoonRise welcomes new/returning players too. We simply expect members to support, honor and respect each other and members of the community at large. No drammah.
     If interested in being an integral part of a small but vibrant guild, please contact one of us listed below or any MoonRise Officer, and thanks for reading! 
    Server: North America
    Channel: usually Serendia 6, but may be found on others too (e.g., Mediah 5)
    GM: Radiant_KukyWu (family name Leafsilver)
    Co-Leader: Keltyn (family name Silvernacht)
    Officer: Ezuri (family name Ooroo)
    Officer: LeiannaFabs (family name Fabbrication)
  11. Coining a new term.
    this is brought on by the fact that only people ever -----ing about the game being "p2w" are the new people and casuals that think level 56 with 350gs is end game.
    GL trying to p2w and catching up to anyone that even pretends to not be a casual. Not only will it cost you between $1100-$2200 per piece of TET BiS I also garrenty you won't win the bid because people are bidding 3x and 4x what the item says it lists for and are sitting there 12 hours a day sniping then off AH if they don't go to bid.
    I should say except for carry weight. That shits p2w can't get that 450 weight any other way then opening the old wallet. 
  12. Hello Everyone
    I am creating this topic to talk to you about my new guild called 'Flare'.
    We are welcoming all players, these being newcomers and oldschoolers, We are currently just a casual couple of players looking to build up a nice group of friends.
    Currently we have no level requirement, We just hope people would participate in guild missions and be active we tend to do scrolls every week but we would like to try and do more content as a team once we have built up more members.
    We are active almost every day so if you would like to join the guild either message me on here or PM me on Balenos 2: Family name: Elandroe, Mainly played character: Kaharuu
    Our Current Perks are : +4 AP
    To Note:
    we are not a big guildwe currently do not participate in sieges, node wars due to members. We are currently very casualWe do scrolls every week generally on the weekend.We are always on teamspeak and generally a must
  13. Non Solus sucht Mitstreiter zum gemeinsamen spielen und spaß haben!
    Kurz über uns: Die Gilde besteht seit release aus einem festen Kern von Spielern. Aktuell sind wir 6 Gamer, welche sich ohne zwang am Spiel erfreuen und gemeinsam den Alltag in Black Desert Online individuell gestalten. Sei es questen, vervollständigen des Wissensbuches, grinden oder einfach nur chatten...Alles was eigentlich andere Gilden auch machen. Der Altersschnitt liegt zwischen 24 und 60 Jahren. Also für jede Altersklasse etwas dabei :-).
    Wie man oben schon erahnen konnte, spielen wir zu 99% PvE. Aus Node Wars halten wir uns dezent raus und PK ist bei uns garnicht gerne gesehen.
    Wir besitzen eine eigene Homepage inklusive Forum für den Austausch von Infos oder Screenshots aus dem Spiel. Dort sammeln wir alles Wichtige, was für einen Neueinsteiger bestimmt hilfreich sein kann. Einen eigenen Teamspeak³ Server betreiben wir ebenfalls. Jedoch wird dieser zu 99% nicht genutzt, da die Kommunikation im Wesentlichen über den Chat erfolgt. Wer den Server nutzen möchte, tut dies so wie er lust hat.
    Wen wir suchen: Anfänger, fortgeschrittene Spielerinnen und Spieler oder einfach nur Crafter.
    Wen wir NICHT suchen:  Dauer-"afkler", Progress orientierte, reine PvP'ler
    Du fragst Dich jetzt bestimmt, wieso unbedingt Non Solus? Tja, diese Frage kann ich Dir leider nicht beantworten. Lerne uns einfach kenne, chatte mit uns und bilde Dir deine eigene Meinung über die Gilde!
    Gerne kannst Du dich in unserem Forum etwas umsehen. Bei Interesse, dort einfach eine PN an Zentia oder Saruk senden.
    Non Solus Forum : http://www.nonsolus.de/
    ...oder schreibe uns Ingame auf dem Channel Mediah2 an. Wir stehen meinst in Heidel oben am Brunnen.
    Wir freuen uns auf DICH!
  14. <Astalder> We are the Valiant Ones
    We are a North American guild focused on creating a casual but fun environment for players of all types to enjoy the game and have fun together. We don't have any pesky requirements that force you to be online everyday at a certain time, and we don't force anyone to play when they don't want to. If you're looking for helpful hints on how to get started in BDO we have members that can help you figure out what it is you want to do, whether its Life-skilling, PvP, or something else entirely. If you're a veteran player like the leader and co-founder who's grown tired of all the politics of the major guilds, or who's tired of this game being your second job then you'll love it here. 
    Our founding principals are:
    Real life comes first. Black Desert Online after all is just a game, and as much as we enjoy having all our members be active we understand that jobs, family, friends, etc come first and will never fault/punish you for having something else to do.Black Desert Online is a GAME not a job. As such there are no leveling quotas and no gear requirements.Our guild name is elvish for "Valiant One(s)", and as such we expect our members to behave as such. We're not anti-pk, if someone is taking your spot and you've asked them to leave we have no problems with you flagging, but we are anti-griefing so our members are not to go around pking for no reason.Don't forget to have fun. 
    If you're interested in joining our guild, or have more questions feel free to leave your reply to this thread or PM Masyaf in game. (I do my best to respond to any PMs I get in a timely manner)
  15. I am looking for a guild to join. I am lvl 29-Witch is my only character atm. I am a returning player but have been away fro several months. My game play varies in when and how long so I need casual with little requirements. Looking for small-medium size (Less than 50). A guild that plays all areas of the game and doesn't mind teaching or answering questions. Also looking for a guild that doesn't mind me streaming my gameplay on Youtube. Please contact me via steam (noble_matrix), discord (Noble)
    If you'd like to scan through my stream to see what I'm like. Friends refer to me as Jacob or Jake and I talk to people in the chat: 

    We are looking for players -both old and new- to help us build something <Incredible>. 
    Perks: Spiffy new guild, seasoned leadership, building for Life and PVE skills, a place where your efforts are rewarded
    Great AttitudeDesire to help and learnPVE/Life mindedDiscord RequiredImportant:
    If you have a real interest in competitive PVP this is not the guild for you.  You can be our friend though Not Welcome: griefers, trolls, douchebags, discrimination, or politics 
    Ready to Be <Incredible>?
    Fill out the <Incredible> Interest Form  
    Contact (In-game /Discord)
    TrixiEE/TrixiElla / #TrixiEEEE7953BastetGoddess/ZacksSexyKitty / #Allycat88x#1269
  17. Welcome dear travelers,
    It seems you have found yourselves at the GrandBasar. Why not stay for a moment and listen to what I have to tell:
    This is a new place, for people that seek their own freedom, but also a sense of community. Because, some task are more fun together.
    The Basar doesn't judge. The Basar doesn't wage wars. The Basar crafts/finds. The Basar sells.
    The Basar admires the Arts of Life, and supports them.
    You think this might be the place for you, then please come in.
    What does this mean:
    - This guild is casual and laidback. No hardcore grinding, playing. (Unless you yourself want to do that, then go right ahead. But dont expect anybody else of the guild to follow)
    - Everybody is accepted (but please be 18+). No required LvL. No required communication software (I have discord and can make a channel if demanded).
    - This is no guild for war.
    - The guild has no real goal, but if I would have to describe one it would be "becoming a somewhat known merchant guild". So yeah, find or craft stuff and sell it.
    - If you need help, ask we try to work together.
    Some stuff about me:
    Ingame Name: Fefhal Biyaemo LvL 53.5
    I am a casual player, so I play around 2 hrs a day (if I have the time). I am online in the morning or evening.
    If you are interested PM me
    ~ TS

  18. We play primarily on the Mediah6 channel.Our goals are simple: 
    We want to enjoy our game time and help each other grow as a guild. We are PvX but are PvE focused with and want to enjoy all aspects of the game. These are just a few things that our guild does:
    QuestingFishingCraftingHorse TrainingExplorationTitle FarmingGuild BossesScroll Bosses
    But above all, we're here to assist each other through the game. We help any guild member, at any level, as much as we can. Artisans has many members who have made it a hobby and a passion to know a lot of the aspects throughout the game. But, we're all still learning while having a great time.
    You can contact use via our website  http://theartisans.shivtr.com  or on Discord https://discord.gg/SzP4p4T/
    You can also contact any of our officers in game.
  19. Post on RETURNING PLAYER in US Guild

    By Aria Sunshine, posted
    returning after rl took me away for nearly a year currently rolling a lvl 48 witchy woman <3 possibly daily player unsure yet...im seeing that ALOT has changed in the game tho...looking forward to some help along with enjoying the game and meeting good friendly people  *not interested in PVP* pve ONLY!!
    Aria ♥
  20. <TeamSAGA>
    TeamSAGA is a fast growing guild looking for new members to share this momentum with us!We are a super social guild with family like and fun atmosphere. 
    We do node wars, grind, PvP practice, and try to have fun! Our two requirements are that you use Discord (if you're shy at first, no need to speak), and participate in the node wars. We do weekly incentive payouts based on your involvement with guild activities and node war participation.. Currently, we have main node wars on two days of the week, but have many other optional ones for fun and practice on other days from time to time. We speak Korean and English!
    We have experienced players who would be happy to help you improve and get stronger with the guild!
     Buffs: Most of PvP and +1 gathering 
    Requirements: lvl58, active, Discord, and a brain
    If you're interested, visit our DIscord and introduce yourself in the new member section or PM me or any other officers listed below in game!  
    Jinus (Ashirizen), Raccoon_SAGA (Raccoon_SAGA), EmpressPenguin (EmpressPenguin)    https://discord.gg/82XZ7kn


    <Swift> is a relaxed and friendly PvE guild on the EU server. We aim to create a fun, mature environment where members can enjoy the game at their own pace. We do daily missions and currently have Fishing +3, Gathering +3, Accuracy +5, AP +5 and Hp +40, Damage Reduction +1. We also do weekly scroll runs, awakening and regular. We're a PvE focused guild looking for people who enjoy this side of the game. We don't take part in node wars or any PvP activities so if that's something that interests you we may not be the right fit for you
    Whether you're into life skills or love to grind, or both, it's all good by us, everyone is welcome.
    Age requirement is 25+, we welcome players of all levels, a lot of us have played BDO since launch so have experience/knowledge of the game and are more than happy to help newer players out. Having active members is really important to us, that being said we don't expect you to be online 24/7, we understand that RL comes first!
    So if you're up for a bit of friendly banter and don't take yourself or the game too seriously, why not give us a shout? Feel free to pm me or one of our officers anytime and we can give you all the information you need, you'll usually find us hanging about on Balenos 6. Alternatively you can go to our website at www.swiftguild.shivtr.com and fill out the application there..oh, and we have discord too
    Here's your go-to people if you want to get in touch:
    GM - Lapowinsa
    Officers - Tilia_Cordata, Pajia, Promethius
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  22. Greetings! 

    ZenMode is now seeking active social players within EU that are 56 or higher.
    Our goal with this guild is to create a nice, friendly and tight-knit community with a good environment for people who wants to play the game at their own pace, with their own goals but still enjoy the company and content of a guild doing group based activities with others.
    While I still want it to be a casual guild, I'd still like it to maintain and recruit players with experience and who knows what they're doing, that usually results in players being active for once, and that leads to things like being able to do the same content with the guild members and help eachother out. 

    I'd like to establish a team of social/funny, down to earth individuals that you get to learn more of and get to know on a more personal level, I will not set out or aim towards any competitive or hardcore aspects with the guild, Although I'd still like us to atleast remain and stay viable but not to a hardcore standpoint that is.


    Hit me up here or ingame, you may reach me on either "Timpan" or "Invoken" or "Sparrouw" (Duria) family name, or hit up "Calissa" or "Roannon" in-game.

    Hope to see you ingame!

    We are using Discord as our Voice and Offline chat!

  23. Bonjour à tous,
    WelcomeToHell <WToH> est une jeune guilde francophone créée le 12/02/2017, plutôt axé casual, car nous ne recherchons pas à se prendre la tête !

    Nous sommes actuellement 13 membres sur 30 slots avec normalement 4 nouvelles recrues à ajouter aujourd'hui, mais demande qu'à s’agrandir, minimum en guilde moyenne (30+ de souvenir) !

    Niveau exigence ? aucune sauf être sympa ! Nous avons un discord de disponible (non obligatoire !), nous sommes pour l'instant axé PvE pour développer la guilde et avoir assez de fond et de point de compétence pour les statistiques de guilde et dans le futur, quand nous serons une guilde moyenne avec plus de joueur expérimenté, des arènes d'entrainement PvP, des parchemins de boss de guilde, des soirées chasses qui peuvent être sympa, du farming, des sessions quêtes etc..
    Nous recrutons donc tout joueur, nouveau, expérimenté, stuffé ou non, tant qu'il y a de la volonté et qu'il soit sympa !
    Niveau activité, rien d'obligatoire ! nous avons tous une vie de famille, vie irl, de travail etc... à gérer. Je suis étudiant, bientôt en phase de gros concours d'entrée, mais présent tout de même pour soutenir ma guilde !

    Nous avons :
          > un discord, de disponible et non obligatoire pour parler, déconner, se renseigner ! Avoir aussi des liens utiles !
          > un futur agenda, pour déterminer les dates des événements, dire si nous sommes disponible ou non !
          > peut être un futur google doc, pour mettre des documents en rapport de la guilde (statistiques etc...) mais aussi des documents "utiles" (guide de classes, tableau de FS etc...)

    Voilà, pour toutes questions vous pouvez me mp SoulsReaper (MorriganSama ou KakashiSenseii) ou venir sur notre discord si vous le souhaitez !
    Mon identifiant discord pour le lien du serveur : SoulReaper #9872
    J'espère que vous trouverez chaussures à votre pied que se soit chez nous ou ailleurs ! Bonne journée et jeu !