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  1. Who We Are
    Cream is a guild that was created for people who want to be hard core but cannot due to having a life. That being said, we do expect you to be somewhat hard core in terms of progressing in the game. Such as gearing up, leveling up, and getting life skills up. While these are our standards we do give you time to progress. We’re also a bunch of goofballs so don’t worry, we don’t take everything seriously. But we do if we need to.
    What We Do
    We spend most of our time grinding. We do guild missions daily. We also help our lower level members reach level 50 so that they may participate with guild missions and join our never ending grinding parties. We enjoy talking on Discord, sharing information and knowledge with each other.
    Who We Want
    We want people who can socialize with us on Discord, participate with guild missions and grow together with us both ingame and as a community. People who can fool around ingame but can progress without falling too far behind.
    Cream is a fun, easy going guild looking for members that are level 45+ and have endgame in mind, such as pvp/node wars etc. People who play at least three hours a night, in the evening through late night hours, preferred. (USA PST-EST) We also offer help to reach level 50 so that one may participate in guild missions, and grinding parties. (Must be 18+)
    While we are still a small guild, our numbers are steadily growing. Our Discord is open to anyone wanting to join our gaming community
    If you have any questions you may message me in discord or whisper me or one of my officers ingame.
    People you can whisper:
    Poofy (GM)
  2. <DangoDaikazoku> Is an active guild seeking more members.
    Currently we have 55 members with about 20-30 active daily. Our guild points are spent in AP+3, Fishing+2 and Gathering+1. Working on HP and accuracy buffs next
    We are a casual guild so all players, new and veteran are welcome. We have people anywhere from FoB's to 56+.
    Guild missions are never required, but anyone is welcome to join us when we do them, for the lower levels who want to participate we do a few gathering missions as well.
    We have a discord, but it's never required to get on. It's available for members who want to use voice chat.
    We do guild bosses every weekend. We have a Medium Lava Chief Scroll we will be doing tonight. If anyone wants to join you can either let me know here or PM me in game. The same applies for those who want to join the guild or have any questions. 
    Character: Clouse
    Family: Vallca
  3. Red_Illusion
    We are a small guild and are gradually focussing on PvP so we can take part in the upcoming node wars. It is not our goal to become the number one guild; all we want is to participate and have fun. Daily guildquests, a weekly guild boss and small PvP events are all part of our guild. Our main focus is to have fun in the game and improve together. We are not hardcore and understand that people have real lives beside the game. At the moment we have 25 members in total, and would like to grow to 50 members.
    You are a friendly, social player who is willing to participate with our guild quests and events. You are interested in PvP. We prefer players level 45+, but if you're not level 45 yet we can always help you level. If you're away for a longer period of time we would like to know, as we are kicking inactive players.
    Are you interested or do you want to know more about us? Send us a message ingame or visit our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/809575899177504/?fref=ts).
    Familyname - Character name
    Isenia - Jersysite
    Chasigo - Aletta
    TheWarValDoos - Warvaldo
    Keep - Snakerblaze

  4. <Spirit>
    We're a small and casual PvE-oriented guild. We don't have any requirements to join, and also don't require you to participate in guild activities if you don't want to. We're just looking for some more talkative people to join the group. ^^
    At the moment we want to stay at maximum 25 people but we have plenty of spots to fill those up.
    What we offer:
    Friendly and relaxed atmosphereGuild buffs: +2 Gathering, +2 Fishing and some combat buffsSome experienced members that can help you out with anything (even some that played the Korean version)Discord - voice chat is optional, we mostly use it for the chatPossibly guild bosses if we can gather enough members for itA good laughIf you're interested, leave your ingame name here or pm one of the following: SnowCake, Ashelin, Bashkara
    Hi - für die weitere Lebenszeitplanung möchte ich mal nachfragen,
    mit welchen groben Spiel-/Grindingzeiten man denn so in höheren BDO-Leveln,
    je nach Spielstiel (Casual/Pro), rechnen kann?
    LVL 01-50:
    LVL 50-51:
    LVL 51-52:
    LVL 52-53:
    LVL 53-54:
    LVL 54-55:
    LVL 55-56:
    LVL 56-57:
    Ich fange dann auch gleich mal an:
    LVL 01-50: ca. 2 Monate gemütliches Casual-Play (ca. 10 Std/Woche) mit 1 Main +1 Twink, eine Menge Quests (ohne Mediah), diversen Craftingaktivitäten, Sightseeing, ...
  6. Gildenvorstellung:

             Server: Jordine
             Kanal : Valencia J3
    Die Feierabendgilde  Survivorfreunde sucht noch aktive Mitstreiter 28+.
    Aktuell befindet sich die Gilde noch im Aufbau und ist daher um jeden neuen  Weggefährten dankbar.
    Ziel soll es sein,trotzdem Aspekt Feierabendgilde eine recht aktive Truppe zufinden um gemeinsam durch die weiten von Black Desert zu streifen und Regelmässige Gildenmissionen absolvieren.
    Je nach Wachstumsverlauf und aktivität der Gilde währe es cool später an PVP , GVG oder gar an Posten Eroberungen teilzuhaben.
    Lust bei den Survivorfreunden mitzuwirken?  Dann schreib mir.
    Teamspeak 3 und Webseite sind auch vorhanden =)
    Ingame: Artarion EpicFischer
  7. Paramount Knights

    Sever: [UNO]
    We are new a new guild that is looking for any one who just want to enjoy the game. The only requirement we ask is the you are respectful and mature.
    If you are looking for a new guild to grow with and be part of then the Paramount knights is a group just for you.
    You can message us here or send me a in-game message to Magicalhobofank or Azazz if you are interested.
  8. I am a casual PvE solo player. I still like to play BDO, go figure. As long as I can play it my way. That said, I have a couple of gear-related questions:
    1) What gearing options are there if it doesn't have to be the best (boss armor and weapons) or even the second best (Grunil armor and Yuria weapons), and it still shouldn't totally suck? As for armor, the options seem pretty clear to me: mainly Agerian, Taritas or Hebe with some minor mix and match, depending on the class. But what about weapons? Kalis looks on paper like it should do the overall best damage on average, but then we get into the whole sucky hidden stats and things like the Bares weapon with its unspecified "additional damage to all species", and the situation becomes considerably less clear. So which of the non-boss, non-Yuria weapons sucks least at level 50, considering +8 to +15 enchantment levels?
    2) I have no problems farming Mansha, Rhutum, Catfish or Treants (I haven't checked the Hexe Sanctuary skeletons yet) even with my mediocre gear, but the Calpheon/Abandoned Monastery crowd kicks my ass, and I suspect the same would be true were I to venture into Mediah. I figure I'll need more or less full +15 gear for Mediah, but what's the recommended gear for Calpheon Shrine and the Abandoned Monastery?
    So how casual are we talking? Despite playing since the early headstart for pre-orders, I got my Sorceress to level 50 only this weekend, I'm no higher than Apprentice in any life skill. I run with the +7 Basteer Amulet from the story and 5+ Agerian armor. That casual. So suggestions about gritting my teeth and going Grunil/Yuria/Boss gear like everyone else, or otherwise finding another game to play, will be met with the mockery and derision they deserve. Any actual help will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hallo Abenteurer,
    Seid gegrüßt,
    nach langem überlegen , habe ich mich dazu entschieden eine eigene Gilde zu gründen  "ArmyOfChaos".
    Leider bin ich noch alleine in dieser Gilde. 
    Ich habe mehrjährige Erfahrung in MMO, gespielt habe ich Aion,Terra, Rift, Guildwars,Archage und WoW.
    Egal welches der Spiele ich gespielt habe, zuletzt habe ich immer PvP gemacht und so soll es auch diesmal sein.
    Wenn du Interesse an ArmyOfChaos hast dann meldet euch gerne, entweder im Spiel wo ich auf dem Server Alustin/Calpheon A1 unterwegs bin, mein Charname "Armdawya".
    Ihr könnt aber auch gerne auf meiner Homepage ArmyOfChaos vorbeischauen und im Forum eine Bewerbung da lassen.
    Beruflich bedingt bin ich in den Abendstunden anzutreffen ab 18 Uhr. Reallife geht absolut vor. 
    Was erwarten wir:
    Aktivität im Spiel
    Teilnahme an Gildenmissionen und Gildenbossen
    Freundlicher Umgang
    Soweit vorhanden TS-Aktivität
    Was erwartet euch:
    Mehrjährige Erfahrung MMO
    Freundlicher Umgang
    Spaß am Spiel
    Nette Gespräche im TS
    Homepage mit Forum
    Wir suchen noch Offiziere
    So nun genug von mir.
    Bei Interesse meldet euch einfach.
  10. If you'd ask me, what a perfect game should look like, I would say almost exactly like BDO except a few things.
    I think BDO is very close to being perfect but what worries me the most is that you would only need to change a few numbers in the game code to make it 100% perfect.
    BDO is without doubt very good for people who can let their computers run 24 hours a day and play actively for 6 hours a day, but it is a complete nightmare for more casual players as they either don't have the time or they are not willing to spend so much time playing a single game.
    What I'd like to happen is to create a server for casual players where there would be a max lvl - about 50 - and on that lvl, you would have access to all your skills and everybody would have the same amount of skill points regardless on how they got the 50 lvl. The grind to get there couldn't change much, but I'd welcome it to be for example 2x or even 5x faster than the grind is now. Also, the grind to get a decent pvp gear on that lvl shouldn't last too long. If possible, I would completly cancel or limit in-game shop on this server and make certain items available in the game for silver - such as skills reset. Farming, gardening, auto fisihng and training horses should be possible to do even if you are offline and could progress a little faster.
    All those things could be changed, they don't change the game mechanics very much. The hardest thing to change would be the max lvl, but it could be done.
    I decided to quit the game because of the amount of time it needs, but I think it is such a good game and it is shame that players like me don't get the chance to enjoy it. I would definitely come back if such a server was created, but I don't think that game developpers will be willing to realize it. The game is clearly designed to hook you up during first hours of your gameplay and then to make you pay for ridiculous stuff in the shop as you endlessly continue to lvl up. Developpers will not sacrifice this income but I might be wrong. I hope I am.
  11. [Edan] Server 
    Hey guys this a brand new guild. Tight-knit friendships are what keep this boat sailing.
    And if you're new to this game even better. All levels are welcomed. 
    The idea of this guild is to have mature, respectful people who are willing to improve at the game.
    This guild will not exclusively be a 'PVE' or 'PVP'. Crafting, and grind parties are all super-duper welcomed and encouraged.
    Wet your toes in a little of everything, or stick your whole foot if you will. 
    While we are a small baby guild I've already been able to make some alliances with other much bigger guilds, so have no fear we have friends out there in this big bad pvp world.
    Must be activeStrive to improve your characterAbsolutely be respectful to others in and out of the guildJoin Discord, if you're not talkative that's fine. 
    If you feel like you want to join us or even just hang out contact me. 
    IGN: Tallgi            Family Name: Moiety
    We hang out in Calpheon E2. 
  12. BlackXDesertXHos
    We are a international, social, active, casual, friendly, crazy, weird, funny, ball of awesomenessesesesessss (with added pirates for that rummy goodness). We are all vet mmorpg players but all are welcome and help is always given :). We use to run a 500 member guild in GW2 (Devilsreapers) before BDO release >.> .....<.< ....>.> so we know how to run and organise a guild and our main focus has always been fun as hey..... it is a game after all :). We don't believe in ranks, if you join us your family and it is your guild just as much as it ours. We only ask your respectful of others and enjoy yourself as much as possible. We have teamspeak and all the trimmings ...yada yada yada.... If your interested in joining us or wanna know more respond to this post or send me a message (Glychi Glitch/ Mentaru Glitch) in game we are normally bumming around calph a1. 
    So hope to see you in the matrix, if not happy gaming and toodles!!!

    Hello, fellow players!
    We are the Nakama, a currently growing and upcoming guild.
    A few things about us:
           Guild Master:     Enedia of the Shadowmist family
      Guild Officers:     LoLaBee of the Wolfy family
                                      Sakuzeku of the Vagoir family
                                     Equilor of the VinCrew family
    Guild Chat Language:              English
                   Server:              Jordine
                     Orientation:              PVP, PVE
           Required lvl:              -  
                              Voice Chat:              Yes (Discord)

    Our Name:  "Nakama", is the Japanese word for "Comrade", a friend in battle that you can rely on.

    Since an mmorpg is more fun to be played with company, we are inviting you to join our guild.
    We are casual and friendly. We don't mind your age, lvl, or the time you can invest in the guild. We just ask you to be active, nice to others and fair.

    We will be happy to have you! Feel free to whisper any of us in game for more info!
  14.                                                                                                                         DESERTCROW
                                      "We few, we few bastions of hope, we will be the resistance, the resistance to call upon a new dawn"
    Server: Orwen
    Voip: Ts3
    age req: 18+
    Gear or lvl req: none
    Timezones: Est and Pst
    Playstyle: Casual progression
    About us:
    Desertcrow is founded by 4 old friends who have been playing and leading games for a very long time. We made Desertcrow for BDO for the purpose of being a well known force in the game when it comes to upcoming Node and Siege wars, while our focus will be pvp, we will do everything that BDO has to offer, with many scheduled events throughout the day and week. Desertcrow is a casual guild with a hardcore progression mindset, even casual players want to be able to log on and by the time they log off have completed some sort of progression, in Desertcrow thats what we do, while maintaining a fun, active, and silly atmosphere. Life and the real world is serious enough, don't make games your job. In Desertcrow we get shit done, and we do it with laughs. Are you looking for active, helpful members, who have a sense of humor, not full of themselves and enjoy playing BDO as much as you? Then join us!
    Can either leave your family name here, or message me ingame.    Family name: SilentDevotion
  15. Solo Union are a group of older players who formed up to play Division - but given the state of play in that game, we are branching out. A few of us are now hooked into BDO - we are looking to build a small guild, and whilst we prefer mature players, you don't have to be as old as we all are! If you are currently solo, not sure whether to go for a big guild, not clear on how you want to maximise BDO fun, then maybe joining an emerging guild would suit you. We have only one rule as a group - and that is we have fun, so a sense of humour is a must. We have Discord set up for BDO - so a mic would be good, because chatting even when not in party can make the experience more fun.
    We have made our home on Croxus Valencia C2 - if interested, reply here.

  16. We're a new guild looking for like-minded individuals to play and enjoy the game with. We're a relaxed group of people that like to push end-game content and expand into all sorts of PvX content. We have people experienced in a multitude of different areas (from horse-breeding to fishing to hunting to alchemy and everything in between!). We're extremely helpful and are willing to help newer players learn the ropes or join up with experienced players to hit up more challenging content.

    We run guild missions daily and do boss scrolls semi-weekly. The nature of each mission is up to what we (the members) prefer. Grinding parties are also running almost daily and consists of whoever is online at the moment.

    Officer positions are definitely still available and we welcome all types of players. We use primarily use Discord for voice comms, but we have dedicated servers for Mumble and TeamSpeak for anyone who prefers a different client (we tend to hop around unless someone has a specific preference).

    We're a group of young adults (21+ mostly); all either in college or finishing up and starting on our careers, so we understand if you can't be on daily. We just ask you have fun and enjoy yourselves and ask for help whenever you need it.

    Feel free to message me here on the forums or in-game (character name: Rhytlie, family name: Rhytlocke) for details and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Commit to honor. Commit to excellence. <Commit Sudoku> today!

    Please contact our GM/officers to be added or with questions.
    We are on Orwen Server, primarily Velia 01 channel. 
    GM: Aleksandar
    Officers: Oizys, Isj, Ranera, Moonie, Rev_jackson, Smokey. 
    Also check out our Website and feel free to apply there too. http://theronin.shivtr.com/
  18. Guild Website: http://www.balmaethor.com
    Guild Category: PvX
    Server: Uno Valencia U1
    Voice: Discord
    Recruiting Status: Actively recruiting
    Main Time Zone: All time zones are welcome.
    Age Requirement: 18+
    Who We Are
    We are an online gaming community with members participating in a wide variety of massively multi-player online games. We are comprised of friends, both real life and in-game, that have been gaming with each other for almost 15 years and in many different games and guilds. Bal Maethor was formed to provide a collective gathering of those friends. We strive on individual qualities within a guild. If you are looking for the large quantitative guild "the zerg", we are not it. We are a small qualitative guild focused on the honing of our members into lethal players.
    What We Are About
    Bal Maethor is first and foremost about having fun. We are a small guild that wishes to progress deep into the game, but we only wish to do so with the guild as a whole. We are mature enough in achieving these goals as a group; instead of rapid progression seeking loot as individuals. Bal Maethor is unorthodox in its ways because it is a guild run by its members, majority rules in this guild.
    The members of Bal Maethor enjoy the challenges of MMORPGs. We enjoy raiding along with the development of tactics and strategies involved in the demise of difficult monsters and their bosses. We often do this with less people than those of your average guild. Because of this unique play style, our members are known to be some of the best players in their class. We value all our members as friends and family, especially maintaining courtesy and respect to the person behind the pixels. Above all else, to include having fun in gaming, is that real life aspect. Theognis, a Greek poet, was quoted as saying "moderation is best in all things". Your real life is more important than our gaming life. We will never hold anything against a member who puts off gaming for real life.
    Recruitment Process
    All potential recruits should read our Recruitment Policies. Our recruitment process is discussed in full there.
  19. DangoDaikazoku is looking for Casual players wanting progression. Most of us are newer 50's or still working on getting to endgame. We are a newer guild, less than a week old. Already at about 20 active members. We are a social bunch, have fun on discord as well as in-game chat. 
    Lately we have been doing guild missions while the other guildies level up, working towards guild bosses and doing boss scrolls. Our goal is to help each other by sharing information and leveling/ progressing gear. Right now we have +2 ap for skills, with more waiting to be spent. We vote on what best to spend them on based on the needs of our members. 
    I myself have taken to cooking and distribute milk tea (food and potions are tradable) to the lower levels for free. 
    If anyone is interested you can post here or whisper me in game. My name is Clouse. 
  20. Consilium de Ratio (xberg-sandbox.de)
    Hallo Gamer und Gamerinnen,
    Teamplayer, Kommukation und Spaß am gemeinsamen Zocken ist bei uns das was zählt.
    Wir sind eine kleine deutschsprachige Multigaming Plattform und haben uns für die Gründung einer Gilde entschlossen.
    Aus diesem Grund suchen wir auf diesem Wege gleichgesinnte Spieler, die nicht mehr alleine die Welt von Black Desert unsicher machen möchten.
    Wir haben ein aufgeräumtes Teamspeak sowie Forenboard, daß zum gemeinsamen verweilen und Spaß haben einlädt.
    Die Devise bei uns heißt: „Alles kann – aber nichts muß„. Bei uns ist Jeder ein wertvolles und geschätztes Gilden/Community-Mitglied.
    Wir freuen uns auf Euch.
    Für eine lange und schöne Zeit, solltest du unsere Erwartungen bzw. Anforderungen entsprechen.
    TS3 ist wünschenswert , aber kein PflichtMindestalter von 20 Jahren (Ausnahmen gibt es immer)Freude am zockenWenn dir unsere Mentalität gefällt und dir alles zusagt, solltest du dich nicht scheuen, und Kontakt mit uns aufzunehmen.
    Ingame (zu Feierabendzeiten):
    Server: Croxus - calpheon c1
    Spielernamen: Cierea Andoel;
    http://www.xberg-sandbox.de oder
    Entweder über das Forum, Kontaktformular oder Email.

  21. Hello there!  Taken is a PvX guild.  We are a newly formed guild looking for everyone and anyone to join our ranks and currently seeking more officers as well.   We are a small guild residing on Edan (channel: Serendia E1).  We are going to be focusing more on end-game PvP and plan on getting more into the GvG when that time comes.  For more information or an invite to the guild, please message me in game (Spiny/Xips).  If I am unreachable in game, due to afk or offline, then you can always send me a message here on the forums or reply to the thread and I will get back as soon as I can.

    Scroll Runs
    Boss Runs
    TS3 (Coming soon)
    Mature community, 18+
    **and more to come as content is released!

    Be active
    Be friendly
    English Speaking, or able to read/write for guild chat
    If you are interested in Taken, please don't hesitate to message me ingame/ on forums/ or on this thread.  
    We are still recruiting all levels and classes!  Reply to this thread or find me online for more information!
  22. Focus: PvE, PvP, Progression, Crafting, Social, Hardcore, Casual Friendly
    Time Zone: Eastern to Pacific NA; All TMZ welcome
    Voice Chat: Dedicated 512 slot Teamspeak Server
    Website: http://badwolvesgaming.com
    Size: 35+
    Allied Guilds: TBA

    About Us: Bad Wolves is an adult oriented community for casual and hardcore gamers. We meld our play styles together to compliment each other with a focus on co-operative team play with competitive tendencies. We do not require members to play any particular way in order to be a member although our members are commonly group oriented, competitive and unabashed by adult environments.. We have members that at times do not participate in any of the games we play and are around just for the camaraderie. We like to operate by the idea of if we are not having fun, we are not doing it right. Our team is lead by seasoned leadership from many corners of the gaming world under the shared vision of staying united no matter the paths and games we end up playing. Our leaders are veterans of successful endgame progression guilds dating back from EQ, EQ2, WoW, Aion, Final Fantasy XI, AoC, AO, and FFXIV. We have seen too often what the instability of fickle and unsteady leadership does to groups of gamers and friends and hope to unite all those who find appeal in our vision so that we may have a community in any game our members decide to delve into.

    Our Mission: We aim to be a progressive endgame entity but are openly casual friendly. We are an adult oriented community that follows a no drama policy and our guiding rule is respect. Although no community is perfect, we strive to provide a relaxed and fun environment for whatever playstyle your into. Our membership vets each new member to ensure that we maintain quality over quantity. So come get to know us and if you have time hop on our teamspeak and say hello. If your interested or have questions feel free to reply here or contact us via our website or steam group
    What We Are Looking For:
    Experienced or Aspiring Leaders to assist our pack in deploying and growing in full force across Black Desert
    Experienced or Novice gamers looking to get all they can out of Black Desert
    Streamers, Artists and musicians looking to capture their time spent in Black Desert
    Gamers looking to be apart of a different kind of community
    That is Rank Neutral; meaning that titles and ranks are about function and not power
    Is not family friendly; meaning you don't have to watch every word or thing you say cause you might offend a child
    Is adult oriented; the majority of our membership is 18+, childish behavior is not tolerated
    Is Team Oriented; leechers and whiners are prohibited
    Is Community Vetted; rank and file members are apart of the membership vetting process, not some singular entity
    Is a Community; we are a community of gamers, which means when you want to take a break there is more than just Black Desert for you to partake in
  23.  occidere
    occidere is a brand new, casual pve/x guild in primarily the EST timezone.
    we are looking for friendly players who are, like us, focused on achieving our
    own personal goals, whatever those may be! as a guild, we are particularly
    interested in socialization, guild missions, helping each other out, and generally
    just having fun!

    we have discord and a guild website, both of which are listed in the guild panel.
    discord is not (and will never be) required.

    in order to join occidere, you must meet our three requirements:
    ♦ be 18 years or older.
    ♦ have a friendly attitude.
    ♦ be mature.

    if you would like to join, please respond here, whisper us in game, or add us
    to your friend list! we are usually in valencia u2. if we don't answer to a
    whisper, we're likely afk-training something.
    guild leaders:
    ozette or daath (family: toize)
    sindra or silphy (family: zarine)
    taylyria or jaborosa (family: tayler)
    mikacchi or matthewmatical (family: daiki)
  24. This guild has been passed onto one of my members. I will no longer be updating this thread, the new guild leader may choose to create his own thread here. Feel free to close/delete it moderators.
    Our guild is <Forgotten Legacy> in the UNO server. A casual guild with 40+ members currently(again, not updating no longer).
    The guild is a "branching" guild of our main community website. The main community website is very small, and trying to recruit members. We want to grow into a large multi-gaming community. There are no focus' on the games we can be involved with. Any game on any console. PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, MMORPG, MOBAs, anything as long as they're games.
    Our website is www.ForgottenLegacy.ca
  25. Hi, I'm (Kinda) a new player who is looking to join a casual guild on Uno. I say 'kinda' new because I played the game when it first came out in the US but had to stop for a bit because college got in the way. Now that finals are about to come to a close, I want to get back into the game. I'm looking for a more casual guild because I'm going to be working a lot during the summer but still want a group to play with.