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  1. Nerd is a casual gaming community with nerds located throughout the United States.  We originated on GW2 in 2013 as a small organized WvW zerg busting guild.  We have since moved to Black Desert Online and with the move we are looking to open our doors to expand!  Though we are expanding, we are looking for quality not quantity.  We don’t like losing and take having fun seriously! 

    Why us?

    Don’t travel the lands of BDO solo!

    We believe in gaming with everyone and working together to achieve our goals.

    What we are currently focused on weekly:  Farming, Leveling, Guild Missions and Boss Scrolls, gearing.

    (There will be scheduled guild activity nights so you don’t have to stress about how often you are participating.)

    We will be participating in all aspects of PvP! Node Wars, Territory Wars, GvG, arenas and more!

    We provide forms of communication: Facebook, website, TS3.

    Who are we in search for?

    We are looking for active and mature players that strive to win while having fun steam rolling enemy nerds.  To achieve this our members must be the age of 18 and over, represent our guild with integrity and use the forms of communications that we provide.  It is very important to us that every member participate on Team Speak 3 while in game and have a working headset/mic.

    *** Also welcoming other small guilds with merger opportunities. ***

    Interested in joining?

    If you are interested in meeting new people, completing PvE content, becoming competitive in PvP while being able to play at your own pace we may be the guild for you!  In game PM SirAntisocial / Qales / Nilly or you can apply at the Nerd’s Website under recruitment.

  2. Hello together,
    Since its quite hard for me to find out which guild would take a player as I am, I just gonna post an lfguild.
    I'm Becii, a 23 year old Student from Austria. I'm into MMOs since I'm 14 I played WOW very casual, GuildWars semi-hardcore and Guild Wars 2 Hardcore (PvE and WvWvW->pvp). I also had a look on some other games but never so deep that I'm gonna mention them here. Since i quit GW2 I stepped back from hardcore gaming and I've less time now.
    I play on Alustine, I've currently a Tamer on 38 and a Valkyrie, which I'm leveling when I get bored from my Tamer  , on 17. I'm quite into everything in this game I've Gathering Skilled 3/ Processing Skilled 1 and I'm planing to get higher there. My Ranger who is my cooking and farming b*tch is bout to get the first skilled rank, same as my alchy sorceress. Also I'm trying to get knowlege as hell (126 Energy and 120 Contribution Points), aswell as I'm tryin to craft as much as I can by myself. 
    So I'm lookin for a friendly casual pvx guild which is not forcing me to get 50 asap and +15 equip, I want to have fun and since I'm helpful and VERY talkative  I'm a win for every TS conversation  . My timeshedule will be mostly evenings and not every weekend since I've a reallife too ^^. Don't hesitate to contact me Ingame, just dont only send me an guild contract I would prefer an TS conversation to get in touch. 
    FamilyName: Valtalis
    My Tamer: Valery
    My Valkyrie: Becii
  3. SomewhatPro is a new guild looking to fill up its ranks for the upcoming Node wars and we want you! And your friends!
    Our only requirements are that you be a stand up guy and we ask that you be 40+ or willing to push hard to 50!
    Our main channel is serendia u2
    If you have questions please message me in game or just comment below!
    My main is Kuzko
  4.   Region-Server: Europe - Alustin / Type: Casual / Focus: PvXRecruitment: OPEN / Age: 21+Website: hon-bdo.enjin.com    INTRODUCTION
    HoN is a unique community PvCS guild. PvCS? Player Versus Casual,Social. Here is where you will meet people who are genuine, positive, pleasant and respectful who can have fun and enjoy the game without being negative about you, your achievements or level and experience. This is why HoN may just be the guild for you.
    As a member if HoN you can be part of a drama free, non-toxic community where the community remains amazing even when the leader changes.
    Directed by our community members our future aim is to remain as a PvCS guild. Our foundation principle remains unchanged,  
    Our aim is to create a casual but active guild, that engages in PvX and other activities, without the massive pressure that comes from playing with a hardcore guild! It's a friendly, welcoming environment in which we help each other out while, of course having a lot of fun adventuring together!
    It's a crossroads for players of various playstyles, We as a guild are not against PK'ing (we just do not aim to PK/flag Up), We Understand, defending yourself by killing a PK-er that attacks you or has attacked one of the guild members is allowed. The most important and precious piece in this puzzle, is the community itself. It's the members that are the CORE of the Guild. Therefore, I we are more than glad to listen to any suggestions, ideas or opinions.You are important! Your words matter! Let's build a beautiful community together!
    Grouping PvX, trading and more (without the pressure of a hardcore guild)Help and advice where neededWelcoming environmentFun time 
    FriendlinessOpen-mindednessSociabilityRespectJoin our Discord server and be active thereKnowledge of EnglishParticipation to help maintain and preserve the incredible HoN community 
    Website: hon-bdo.enjin.com
    Join and Apply to our Website. Make sure you offer a decent amount of information about yourself.
    We will do our best in game to climb as high as we can, making the name 'House of Night' one to be respected within Black Desert Online.
    Let's make that happen together!
  5. Hi! My guild, Liminality ,is looking for members. Were on the Orwen server, and primarily play on the Serendia 01 channel. Were a small, somewhat casual, group of players looking to have fun and just enjoy the game. We typically do guild missions around 10:30 pm pst on Sundays( a rather friendly time for both pst players and Aussies, believe it is around 6:30 pm for them). We may do more more on more days as guild size increases if people like. We have no level requirement and new players/less experienced players are welcome. All are welcome We also have a teamspeak. We do not require members to participate in guild missions, but we will adjust contract pay/daily pay based on participation in them and overall activity. We are mainly active during the evening and continue playing late into the night. If interested feel free to send me a message on here, e-mail me at taylorakt1993@gmail.com, or whisper Ember_Luna in game. My family name is Blaer.
  6. Note: as of 27 May 2016 we've downsized to a Clan format, having voted to disband from the guild mechanic.  We are still around for RP, just in a different disguise ^.^-- Leaf
    Server: Uno
    Channel: Serendia U1 (usually)
    Website: none needed
    VOIP: Mumble (absolutely not required)

    Skeleton Crewe is a motley band of wandering fighters and sell-swords. We are also sometime brigands, often-times care-worn and desperate. (ooc- at BDO launch we find ourselves currently on the lam having escaped Calpheon a few weeks ago after a contract failed). Disguised and living scattered, yet within a days’ hard ride of each other... We start again, gather our strength, fill our muster and eventually return to hiring ourselves out again…--Journal Entry, Cherri-Anne Leafsilver, Matron

    Skeleton Crewe is a friendly guild of RP-PvX casual players. Despite the 'casual' label, we do play hard and fight to win. Note that many of our members work shift. Times we are online are somewhat scattered due to real-life; morning/afternoon/evening/some nights. Timezone-wise we are mainly MST/PST. We welcome members from anywhere around the world.

    Our meta roleplay is purposefully broad to allow for variance and easier fit. Our roleplay style encompasses everything from RPLite to Hardcore which we leave up to the individual player. No godmoders pls. We hold to the tenets of respect, honor while playing- roleplay is not an excuse for @sshattery. We are always happy to help each other out, grouping to grind etc. Skill level of player is not a consideration (skill can be learned). If this is remotely interesting and you are looking for a home on Uno contact any of the Leafsilver family, Antigaar family, Nakatani family, or Onyx family. Thanks for reading!!

    Kukyochan Leafsilver
    42 Tamer,
    Serendia U1
  7. Server: <Jordine>
    Focus: Excell in PVE & Casual gameplay and Group PVP based on demand
    We have a discord server, but you're not required to join.
    PM for more info.
           We Berzerk, are a small semi-casual guild as of right now. Many of our members are new to the game and still grinding out/learning the game. New or not we'll take you if you are active and love doing guild wars. Eventually I would like to get to the point where we can do node wars/guild bosses. We are wanting to grow into a full 100 man guild! Right now I am looking for Active players that will have Black Desert as their MAIN game. We have a TS3 server but you are not required to use it if you do not wish to do so. Also right now I'm just giving everyone the default 30 day contract for 30k silver because I would like to try and save our money to nab up a guild house for battleships when those are released. Take note it could take a long time for us to accomplish these goals depending on how this goes. Nothing in the guild is concrete yet since we are just starting out and the competition of guilds seems rather stiff. We Are not Pure PVP I also like to fish time to time and eventually hunt whales.
    I Do plan on kicking anyone who has not been on for 7 days unless they notified me ahead of time that they would not be on. I'm also kicking anyone who shuts down(Meaning they no longer listen to reason or are not willing to talk about how to resolve the issue) when something doesn't go their way or rages hardcore at other members over small accidents.
    Positions I am searching for:
    Reaper Squad leader: Duties are to recruit and maintain a small 5-10 man group of active players who will work together to track down and kill players who are slaughtering our lower leveled members. You will report directly to the guild leader if any supplies are needed. Since we are just starting up I will help recruit for your squad unless told otherwise by squad leader. Must be willing to stop current activities if player is repeatedly killing our members( Unless your doing a world boss or something important). 
    Reaper Squad Members: Looking for 5-10 people whose main job in the guild is to track and kill every player who is griefing our lower leveled members. Also to take orders from your squad leader. Example: Squad lead might be a lazy dude and tells you guys to go kill someone without him or tells one of you to have an alt in veilia to spam search and locate the position of a pker. 
    Berzerk Cavalry(preferred classes wizard/ranger but well work with what we get!): Members will breed and train horses while upgrading their horse combat gear and their character gears. your job will be to learn basic group formations and strafe back and forth across the battle field where your commander or guild leader pings you to. There may or may not be a lot of choreography involved. This is a really demanding position as you will be required to work with other Calvary members to execute formations/circlings on the battle field that are called out. I'm expecting there to be a lot of downtime before our Calvary is even ready for combat. 
    Cavalry Leader: In this position you will train and recruit any members who are interested in joining the Calvary. You must be able to help members with advice on training their horses/ horse gear. You will have to gather up Calvary members and schedule a practice time for executing formations that are needed in combat. Example: perhaps the scale of battle is not that large so your group can easily circle around it and continuously attack the enemies. Or perhaps the battle field is large and the best option could be to strafe across in a line formation to increase aoe effectiveness. You and the guild leader will work together in calling out the formations to use in battle. You will have to Ping the regroup point in battle for your Calvary to heal up,when to break formation, zerg etc.  Try to find a balance between dmg taken and dmg dished out. 
    Berzerk Knights: You are the foot soldiers, your job is to gear yourself up and participate in guild wars. You will probably die alot! 
    I am thinking about adding other factions in later if people are interested, I know for sure I will need some people to drive the battleships and crew them... But that's only if we make it into the future. Also if your new to the game don't be afraid to join us, I'd be more than happy to progress with new people and teach them the game if your gonna be active! Again we are new so are going to be shifting through a lot of players before we get a stable guild. Most of all just remember we are doing all of this to have fun! We will lose some and win some.  
    Leave a post here with your IGN and Position your interested in or you can message me in game at Valkyriem  I work first shift so I am on from 3PM to 12am central time on the weekdays and on all day on the weekends. If you could too that would be great but not required. Like I said level at your pace, but if you only log in once every week I would prefer someone more active.
  9. RisingPhoenix is recruiting. We have a knowledgeable, friendly core that are adding more like minded players to our group. Casual with a focus on our players growth and enjoyment of all aspects of this wide open game. No voice services are required. Normal hours of play vary but are more focused on EST to PST times.
    Interested parties please whisper/friend Nonchan in game on the Edan Server - Serendia E2 channel. Any additional questions can also be sent to myself .. Ansion.
    Now hosting a Chewbacca look a like contest for all perspective members - Bring out your most fearsome Berserkers and approach Nonchan with your best War Face on!
  10. New guild looking for mature and laid back players.
    5-11PM EST prime time
    No TS required. No website. No forums. Play like you want.
    Let's get some guild points going!
    Be the first to join Akkadian Empire!
    GM e-mail: elalonde83@gmail.com
    GM family name: Mysticus
    GM mains: Eltruism and Straightshot
    Reply to this thread, contact me by e-mail or whisper in-game to join!
    53 Wizard
    41 Ranger
  11. Post on Plejehjemmet in European Guild

    By best<, posted
    Plejehjemmet ny guild der ikke bare er casual venlig men helt igennem casual husk din hest Rolator  ( Old boys guild for laidback super casuals. Balenos 1 danish founded evryone is welcome)

  12. Hello Forums
    We are currently recruiting active members that are looking for a welcoming home. We are a semi-casual guild that have a very active core group of players that enjoy helping anyone new to the game. Our major focus is on being helpful to all members that contribute to the guilds growth whether that is via organizing boss scroll parties, helping with the level grind or anything answering any questions that are within our knowledge.
    We prefer that you are the following:
    Age: 18+ (Lenient)Level: 20+ (Lenient)Wiling to help out in various guild missions and farming groupsWilling to share information on areas of the game you are knowledgeable inAbove all that you are social and friendlyWhile we do not claim to be the most ambitious, we try to help our members grow in any way they please whether that is life skills or combat. Our preferred method of communication is Discord, although we do not force anyone who does not like using its voice functionality to take part in conversations it is where we spread a lot of our news so if you want to stay current you might need to use it somewhat. We also have our own website however it is under construction as we have some web design junkies who decided to build it themselves.
    We usually play on the Balenos C1 channel and can be reached either via our discord or sending a /w to Kynlo, Squishy_boi, Xuhybrid or Darvale in-game as one of us are almost always online.
    Thanks for your time
    Edit: Typo's (it's late)
  13. Looking for a casual guild in uno to be in, I'm in high school so weekends are really the only time I can play,
    --though not required somebody with a cool medieval esque guild name would be nice,
    Family name: Volkaus
    Main Character name: Erala 

  14. Are you looking for casual allrounder guild? Then Foxy is perfect fit for you! We have no level requirements, neither force you to participate in any guild activity (ofc it's recommended tho, getting some guild activity points boosts your daily pay and helps the guild get more skills that benefit every member). Our active members are kinda experienced players in every field, so you can ask us about anything and I'm pretty sure someone can answer your question. There might be some Finnish talk in guild chat (especially if someone gets drunk), since most of our members are Finnish, but TS usually works in English.

    Requirements: Practically none, just don't be a -----. And tell us if you're going to be away for longer period of time, we're not keeping inactive members in guild.

    Joining: Post here with your ingame name and we'll contact you, or contact following families in game: Hanzan (meeee, teh God), Zit, Hammeroid.

    Sincerely, Mizaru
  15. After trying the Red Battlefield out for a bit, it's just not my style to either gank one guy with a shite ton of people or get ganked by a shite ton of people. Anybody want to have a DS style fightclub? If so, whisper me, let's get one going.
    1st RULE: You do not talk about fight club.
    2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about fight club.
    3rd RULE: If someone says "stop" or goes limp, taps out the fight is over. Just kidding, you fight until the other guy dies and is resurrected by Cthulhu, our Lord and Savior.
    4th RULE: Only two guys to a fight.
    5th RULE: One fight at a time.
    6th RULE: No tunics, no sandals.
    7th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to.
    8th RULE: If this is your first night at fight club, you HAVE to fight.
    Pm me here or find me in-game. NA OrwenCalpheon 02Horace Altman 

    Co Guild Masters: Kiye (Family)/Dracharis (Family)
    Officers: Kamada,Maryellen,Liere,Kones
    Website: http://www.solarisgaming.net
     Server: Uno
          Focus: PvX 
                                                 VoIP: Teamspeak3 - ts3.solarisgaming.net
       Timezone: All
                   Members Count: 50
    Requirement - 18+ Be active! BDO & TS3 (mic not required)!
    Recruitment status - OPEN
    A little more information!
    Solaris is recruiting players of all levels/experiences to join its ranks. We have been on various games, as we are a multi-gaming community. We're not only a guild, we're a family. We treat each and every member the same and not like a number. Stupid/witty banter from our members is highly encouraged!! 
    Our goal
    To become the best guild we can be. Simply, A guild of the best all-round; a force to be reckoned with while keeping a strong, very tight-knit community. 
     If you have any questions feel free to message any of our leadership.
    or if you are brave enough you can join our TS3 and come chat with us to see if we are a good fit, We don't bite hard....
  17. The guild disbanded
    Getting random adds, wasn't sure if it was guild related, so updating this post. 

    Due to inactivity it disbanded. Guildmaster McDolh, now happy in her new guild Swift. 

    TENEBRIS NOS VOCAT is a home for the 'dedicated casual' player in a relaxed family-type of guild. By 'casual' we mean players that have other commitments in real life such as their job, family and other interests, and whose play time can be fairly random. By 'dedicated' we mean players willing to get involved in the guild and on our forum boards and who enjoy grouping with guildies. Above all we like to have fun, make friends, and try out everything that the game has to offer: PvE, PvP, trading, crafting, etc. but members are not obligated to anything. Most of our members have been playing MMOs for many years.
     Why choose to join us? Well, maybe because you also believe, like we do, that it is more fun to play in groups in a small/medium size guild with a relaxed family atmosphere and other mature folks (most of us are 30+) who have jobs and family just like you and where everyone knows each other, rather than to be in a larger guild with hundreds of strangers or alone. First-timers or experienced gamers equally welcome.
     If you are interested to join us, please have a look at our forum info & recruitment section or contact Medrall or any other officer in game. SERVER: Alustin mostly on Mediah A2WEBSITE: www.tenebrisnosvocat.comRECRUITMENT: OPEN TO FRIENDS & FAMILY
  19. Webshrouds. We're a Guild that focuses on just having fun.
    So if you like that idea, shoot us an
    Email at Webshrouds@gmail.com or give a PM at mnrykou@gmail.com!
    Aside from just playing Black Desert we also strive to do fun community activities and events to make our guild members feel more involved, so give us a try! If you do send an email to the guild website make sure to say Mnrykou sent you there for easier processing of applications
    (No wait time)!
     Like this


    Salut à tous, le Drakkar amène son équipage dopé à la bière givrée sur Black Desert Online : l'escadron mercenaire viking sur Jordine (Mediah J1).
    Pour l'occasion, vous êtes invités à venir nous connaître sur notre site : Cliquez ici et il se passera quelque chose de merveilleux. Notre communauté est composée de joueurs se connaissant pour certains depuis plus de sept ans et qui se suivent de jeux en jeux. Nous cherchons à garder une taille raisonnable afin de conserver notre ambiance conviviale, une équipe où tout le monde connaît tout le monde et une structure organisée qui ne part pas dans tous les sens.
    La performance à tout prix, au mépris des joueurs recrutés autant que ceux rencontrés en jeu, alliés ou ennemis, n'est pas notre objectif. Nous jouons pour nous détendre et pour partager ces moments en groupe. Nous n'avons d'ailleurs pas de pré-requis concernant les avatars, en revanche il est difficile de réussir à nous rejoindre car ceux concernant le joueur, sa personnalité, sa mentalité et sa volonté de s'intégrer à notre groupe sont très élevés. Nous considérons que la qualité d'un joueur se trouve moins dans sa capacité à réussir une action dans le jeu qu'à comprendre que dans un MMO, derrière chaque avatar, une vraie personne subit les conséquences de nos actes.
    Et surtout, nous avons des cookies...
    Le recrutement sur BDO est maintenant fermé.
  21. Hello All,
    Leader of DarkMoon here, We are a guild that is run by experienced leaders (Hubby and Wife) We have run many guilds of all sizes small and extremely large. We are mostly a Casual / Social based guild so that we are very laid back out to help each other and have fun, Even if we are playing the game for a social experience thats fine to!. We may have PvP in the future in the guild when its larger, but currently we have our eyes set on a social / casual experience. We do enjoy doing guild missions together or even quest, grind, fish or what ever we can together. Newbies are always welcome.
    Invites: I am usually on channel Velia 1. You can whisper me at Thedarknights if I am online. You can also chill out at our Discord server as well (http://www.discord.me/darkmoon )
    Have any questions? Just feel free to shout out to me in game.
  22. I do not enjoy pvp and I surely can't be the only one?  I'm looking for a guild on EU Croxus that wants to stay small and friendly with a family type atmosphere, social and casual in that real life is acknowledged to come first? A guild that will never be hardcore and doesn't want to get into pvp or guild wars? Basicly a guild that wants to be a group of friends enjoying all the pve aspects of this game and avoiding pvp aspects as much as possible?
    If it turns out there isn't one on Croxus server I may consider restarting on a different EU server, but would prefer not to have to.
  23. Post on deleted in US Guild

    By Thibble, posted