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  1. We are currently investing all our guild points into fishing level, to join us whisper Lgk or Walruzly on server Croxus Calpheon C1.
  2. Hey guys, it's Hashdog here from the Edan server, leader of Das glorious Arschlochen, and i'd like to welcome players, new and old to our family. We are a pretty laid back group of people, mostly still leveling to 45. Members tend to lean torwards the casual side, but I myself am more hardcore, so am always on keeping things organized.  We lost a few members recently due to irl issues, so now would be a great time to join if you are looking to be a part of something we can build together from the ground up. We use teamspeak, and can usually be found running guild mission marathons in the evenings. We have a variety of different players from different time zones and there are usually people on to chat with! its very active! So if you think any of this sounds like your bag hit me up with a pm here, or  whisper me or my recruitment officers in game @Hashdog, Executie30, or Stephans. Due to the loss of said members earlier this week, I am also looking for more officers, so if you want to join and have that kind of time on your hands, let me know  -hash
  3. Hello fellow gamers,
    About the Guild
    Brother In Arms (BIA) is a new guild looking to recruit new members.  We are a laid back friendly guild that caters to many different type of players. BIA exist for our members to have a place to enjoy the game, no matter what type of poison they chose; whether it is crafting, horse breeding, exploring, grinding, and/or PVP.  We want to foster a community build upon camaraderie, and with that being said we would like to stress that our members be respectful, friendly, and mature to each other; as well as the community.  We are looking to be more of a midsize guild, something that allows our members and leadership to get to know one another. We are a NA based guild that plays during the evenings and weekends (EST).
    Our goal is very simple right now; learn everything BDO has to offer; to kill and/or be killed, and have a lot of fun doing it. 
    No real requirements, we just ask that you keep the following in mind: 
    Be friendly, mature, and respectfulParticipate in guild quest/boss scrolls (when possible)What We Offer
    Discord voice chatGuild activities such as boss scrolls, PVP practice, and whatever else we can think ofA casual laid back community  How to Join
    You can PM me here or PM any of  us in game 
    We are on Mediah 1 channelFamily name: Blaquewell...Character name: TrorienFamily name: Goodknight...Character name: OreisiaFamily name: Jsquirrely...Character name: Ladylost 
  4. Hello everyone!
    We are a newly formed semi-casual guild. We want to provide a learning environment for new players as well as a mean for more experienced players to hone their skills in a fun and respectful atmosphere. This is a great guild to join if you just started playing this game because we will provide you with all the help you need to level and we will be learning the game with you. An officer will be online at virtually every time of the day since we are scattered across the world and live in different time zones.
    We will be playing daily but still are taking a casual approach to the game since there is so much to do and to see. Our primary objective is to build a small but cozy guild at first to make our base. And from there, we extend to our secondary objective to expand to a larger guild to participate in GvG, battlefields, node wars and other end-game activities.
    No level requirements. We are looking for semi-active players. We want to see you at least once a week if possible! Being a close-knit guild, would mean moving forward as a whole. Important guild decisions will be made based on a democracy. Everyone has an equal say to the guild.
    We are a happy bunch and encourage you to be friendly and social in the guild chat and voice comms. (WERE ON DISCORD) VoIP is strongly encouraged and maturity is a must. We know how to take a joke, we're all here to have fun, so just make sure to not take it too far.
    Add me in game and whisper me! (ScatteredBones)
  5. We are currently recruiting new members who are active. We only have four main requirements of our members.
    1. Help each other and the guild out (missions) if you are able to at the time.
    2. Do not attack anyone from another Brotherhood guild, or start wars(that is a leadership decision).
    3. Use Mediah U1 as your channel unless its for grinding/hunting and you need to switch temporarily for that(Mediah U2 is The Brotherhood's secondary channel).
    4. TeamSpeak - Having it and using it is very important for us  to help you as a player and so that you know what is going on.
    Now that all the formal stuff is out of the way, we are a group of active players who lean on the casual side of things. We do have some very active hardcore players, and that playing style is more than welcome. <Clockwork> is a great guild to help get your foot in the door of the Brotherhood, especially if you are still lower level and learning the game. We try to do all five or our guild missions every day, and we stick to ones that even a level one player can help out on--- the vast majority of the time. Though it is not a requirement to take part in the missions due to you might be in the middle of already doing something else, or have just popped a exp scroll for example, we do expect contribution from our members. Helping out with guild missions helps everyone out due to the guild while buffs we are able to unlock.
    There is no level requirement and we do help new members learn the game.
    The Brotherhood does use Teamspeak and it is a requirement for new members
    If you would like to join please reply here and/or message Aurri or Shyblade in game.  If you can not get a hold of one of us, try contacting a members and asking them to give you the name of an officer that is on.
    If you have any questions about joining please feel free to ask.
    Also, if you are interested in joining another guild in The Brotherhood, feel free to contact Aurri and I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.
    - Matthew
  6. Gotta get this off my chest.
    I am a casual player. This means (to me) that:
    1) I don't care about "Racing to Level 50"
    2) I don't care about the "perfect skill build", but rather pick a skill build that feels comfortable to me
    3) Plays 2-4 hours tops a day, even on weekends
    4) Works on life skills and questing, while not abandoning the eventual target goal of PVP'ing.
    5) Wants to work with like minded guildies to achieve a goal and not be in a race to gear up
    6) Enjoys the atmosphere and lore of the game
    Now, I am level 31 and have been playing since launch. I looked for the most "casual" (as advertised) guild to join, and did so. They are an awesome bunch of players and am very grateful to be a part of their group. But even there, I am the lowest leveled player, am the only one with just ONE character, and am severely lacking in all things about gear/enchanting/etc. Then, upon looking in the guild section of the forums, looking for other casual guilds, I see one marked [Casual] and upon reading see, "We are all Level 50's and looking forward to sieges". Um...what? Has the word "Casual" changed since the last 10 MMO's I've played? It's like I'm in a different universe now. Granted, I am an older player (46) and maybe times have changed. Does "Casual" simply mean a style in attitude, rather than playstyle now? It's really buggin the heck out of me.
    For those of you that say this is a game for only hardcore players, I say hogwash. I paid the $30 (or $60) just like you did, and can play any playstyle I choose. I just find it rather frustrating that there are so few that choose to play "Casually". Seems like a waste of artwork, graphics, quest mechanics, and life skill mechanics, if everyone is just choosing to "Race to 50" (or 55 now).
    Roleplaying? What roleplaying? I've yet to see a single roleplaying guild in such a vibrant, lively world. I don't roleplay but again, it seems a shame that a great game like this is not being used for such things.
    I guess the point I am trying to make with this post is to find like-minded individuals and/or see if anybody is out there that appreciates the finer points of the game rather than grinding and enchanting 24/7. Please send me a shout out if you do. And yeah, I suppose I will get the usual "PVP or GTFO" replies, which will harmless bounce off my flamesuit.
  7. Hi !

    Im Bjo, I play a sorceress (51) on Jordine server, channel Mediah 2!

    Our Guild name is <Carepolice>, we're a mix of people who either enjoy completing quests from town to town, doing life-skills, grinding for higher levels or a little bit of everything. We have some players from Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Also one guy from Iceland

    If you're looking for a group of players to play with, that have a friendly and mature guild chat (english) and want to join us, leave a message in this topic or you can try /whisper me ingame (Bjo). I don't want this post to get too long, just ask me if there's anything you'd like to know!

    Reason we're looking for more members:
    - I plan on having a day each week we can go together and do boss-scrolls in the future
    - I want more players so we can start some guildwars and have fun PvP'ing (only for us who are interested in PvP and 45+)
    - We have been expanding slowly up until now, that way we got to know eachother on some level.
    - More people means we can finish harder guild missions, and do them faster
    - More guildpoints = more guildperks/skills
    - Our guildbank keeps getting bigger and we need more players to share our silver with ^^

    Some short facts about the guild:

    - Guild was created 5th of march.
    - All members are 18+
    - Currently 6 of us have atleast 1 lvl 50+ character.
    - A few members are close to having 200 energy  !
    - We try to finish 5 guild missions every day
    - Most of us play 30-40h each week (Casual..) Was crazy this easter, think I played 80h last week..
    - We havent started a single guildwar yet (mostly because not having so many players 50+)
    - Our members are very helpful and can answer most questions about the game
    - We don't push anyone to go for level 50+, this game can be played in so many ways!
    - We have +2 Gathering and +1 Fishing skill for everyone in the guild at the moment.
    - Did I mention we're a bunch of friendly people? ^^

    I hope some people are interested, you don't have to be scandinavian to join, but I want mostly people who are older than 18 years. Most of us are 25+. 

    There are a few requirements to join, those are:

    - Have a character above level 30.
    - Have 60+ Energy
    - Play atleast 20h every week, we want active players (just give us a notice if you're going somewhere or taking a break, that's ofcourse ok)
    - Attend to some gathering missions. It could be just chop a few lumber, so that not the same people have to do all the work, we're a guild afterall!
    - Be friendly, or you'll be back on the streets of Velia in no-time ^^

    I hope to hear from some friendly, active people who is interested in joining and that our topic doesn't drown among all the others!

    (-_(-_(-_-)_-)_-) Join our Squad (-_(-_(-_-)_-)_-)

  8. Post on Geschlossen in Gilden Rekrutierung

    By Khakhua, posted
    Die Gilde gibts nicht mehr
  9. Hi!

    My firends and im looking for a guild (4 player).
    2 of us are lvl 50+, others are the way to get that level.
    Basicly we are crafting and doing quests for contribution, but since lvl 50 we started grinding and do daily boss fights.
    We are live in Hungary (UTC+1) and mostly we online after work and weekends.
    This means 1-3 hours in workdays (maybe more) and 5-10 hours in weekends.
    If this enough for you, please contect me.
  10. Hey everyone
    We formed a casual guild called Villains and we're looking for more casual players to have fun together. There are no level requirements, just looking to enjoy all aspects of the game. We're on Alustin[EU]. If this is what you're looking for contact me
    You can also contact us in the game
    Family name: Batai Character: Kapno

  11. <DeadliestCatch> is a Casual/Fisher guild established on Croxus' Calpheon C1 Channel.
    We do not have requirements in the form of levels, amount of playtime per day etc.
    We welcome all fishing enthousiasts! Take your raft, ferry or fishing boat and head out with <DeadliestCatch> for exciting fishing adventures!
    = Guild's Contract Policy =
    New players will start with a 1D contract to see if they enjoy the guild and its members. After a day it will be upgraded to a 7D contract in which we will check how actively they participate in guild missions and fishing adventures. The more active you are, the longer your contract term will be.
    Feel free to add me ingame.
    Family Name: McLeetz
    Main Character: MsAmy
  12. hello,
    we are a small friendly casual guild. we plan on closing our doors to recruiting soon due to the amount of active players we have. until that happens we are looking for players that are active and a mind set on having fun. our guild has recently moved from guild wars 2 because that game is dead and this game has soooooooooooooooooooo much to do. our main focus of our guild is exploring, trading, and player vs environment. we will be doing a tiny bit of pvp ( mainly when our players get ganked ). we have our own teamspeak but it is not required to hop in our teamspeak but you will get a faster reply from people if you use our voice service. we do not believe in having a guild contract we dont plan on paying people to play because then it turns into a job because then we can make people go out and do things rather then going out and doing it for the fun. when i say we are active i mean we have players on daily with an exception of a player or two who logs on weekends. we are new to the game s dont come to us expecting that we know everything. if we dont know it we google it if we cant figure it out we will hold hands and cry together. we do prefer our members to be 18 years or older because of the things that are said in teamspeak and in guild chat. we will not change how we talk or act for anyone we are who we are....with that being said no drama or racism is allowed in our guild zero tolerance policy on that. even though this game takes alot of time and effort to get almost anything done we like to keep in mind that it is a game and were here to enjoy it. if you would like to join our guild and are on the server uno please contact me at Westscot_Kreiger family name pallypower.
    lator gator!
    P.S. screw grammar! 
    just going to bump this back to the first page!
  13. M59 und UO sind für dich kein Fremdwort? Dann bist Du genau richtig bei uns! Auch wir stammen aus der Zeit von Ruhm und Ehre und wissen was es heißt keine Flat zu haben. Wenn du dich unsere Ü40 Gilde LostBoys anschließen willst bist du herzlich willkommen.  Lerne dazu nur etwas neues auf deine Alten Tage kennen: Discord! Das ist unser Voice Tool was die Gleiche Qualität wie TS hat, aber ein paar schöne Features bietet die TS nicht hat. Du lässt dich davon nicht abhalten? Dann los und lade den Client herunter und joine unserem Server:
    Client: https://discordapp.com/api/download?platform=win
    ServerID: 143119517772546049
    Links beim Tool auf das + drücken und beitreten klicken, dort die ^^ ID eingeben
    Ingame als Freund hinzufügen: Scutum
    WEB: www.lost-boys.info
    Cheers Mike
    P.S. M59 auf 113 und 200 gewesen
  14. Hello! 43YR Old Male here LFG. Just your regular El'Duderino... Playing a lot these days, but I'm mostly Casual flavored. RL career getting in the way of all this game time! 
    Want to PvP and PvE and all other good stuff. I'm moving slow, trying to soak it all in. Main is a berserker, but also playing a valkyrie and Sorceress.
    Look forward to meeting y'all! Cheers!

  15. Tired of other people trying to get your attention? "HEY, LOOK AT MY TEETH!!"
    Tired of hitting Demi-humans, because your favorite spot is camped by eleventy-billion heavy-breathing dudes in Ghillie suits?
    Need a hand grinding out that "Master Baiter" title all on your own?
    Well, okay, we can't help you there . . . But we can help you enjoy the game!
    We are Unrepentant Gaming, a community of like minded individuals who realize that work sucks and that being an "Adult" means we don't need pants! Except for that sweet set bonus...
    Here is what we are NOT:
    Hardcore: Hey, we want to experience everything in game, but not by tomorrow. We know about RL.
    Teens: 18 and up. One, it saves on jail time . . . Two . . . jail time.
    Drama Queens: The only Queen we like is Freddie . . . or for those across the pond, the ACTUAL queen . . .
    The list of what we ARE, however, is much longer! 
    Unrepentant is a socially-driven, casual guild spanning multiple games, with a focus on freedom. Freedom to play games the way you want to play. We have families, jobs, life obligations. You wont find any play time quotas, extensive guild taxes, mandatory events, or drama-laden infighting here. We've been around since Bieber was in diapers, and we have learned a few things along the way.
    Most important to Unrepentant is our sense of community. We believe the games you play are not as important as the people you play them with, and to that end we strive only to admit the kind of members you would want to hang out and have a drink with. You don't have to be a good player to be Unrepentant; you have to be a good person to join our ranks. We don't cheat, we don't exploit, we don't abuse mechanics and we try really hard to not be "That Guy."

    Still with me? Then swing by http://www.unrepentantgaming.com/forum/showthread.php?43151-Are-you-a-new-applicant-Start-here! to fill out an app, and get a better feel for us.
    See ya around, cupcake.
  16. Introduction 
    Are you a casual gamer?  Are you an anime "weebo trash" who likes Japanese cuisine? Do you like getting fat over conversations of food? Do you like fishing / farming / anything else you do in this game besides grinding and killing high level enemies? Well you came to the right place! ( I think you did? )Welcome to guild Omurice's recruitment thread! We are a casual gaming guild. We play many different games (Check out the section below!) but we are currently recruiting for Black Desert Online! We are welcoming to very new players, but also accept players who are knowledgeable in the game. You can visit our main page right here.
    Games our members currently / plan on playing :
    League of LegendsBlade and SoulSteam Games (too many to list)Tree of Savior (We actually were planning to play this initially but Black Desert Online came out first)Maple Story 2 (If this ever comes out)These are just a few of the games we currently play but as you can see, we play a lot of games. 
    Additional Information
    Our guild uses Discord as our voice chat so be prepared to use that. You don't need a microphone to join our guild, just hop into discord so we know you are actually human and can respond to us via text. 
    If you are still hesitant about joining our guild, just take a look at this picture below. 

    You don't want to make the omurice sad now do you? 

    Thank you for visiting and have a nice day!
    - Lyton and the administration staff of Omurice
    So I have updated the new main page. It was having problems for new players. Sorry for those who were having trouble

  17. Los Mercenarios es una Guild que esta empezando a formarse. Esta pensado para una comunidad tanto casual como hardcore y social. No importa tu conocimiento del juego, todos nos ayudaremos mutuamente.
    Por el momento somos 5 integrantes y estamos buscando a mas gente para compartir una aventura en este nuevo mundo llamado Black Desert.
    Admitimos a todos los que se quieran unir.
    Tenemos en cuenta que unos no pueden jugar todos los dias, y eso no es de importar, siempre y cuando puedan hacer una que otra cosa para la guild esta bien.
    Algunas reglas a tomar en consideración son las siguientes:
    Respetar tanto a los miembros del Guild (Sabemos que aveces hay que bromear pero tampoco hay que llegar a decir cosas ofensivas).Mantener en secreto los planes del Guild.Respetar las decisiones tomadas al final de las juntas (las decisiones se tomaran en conjunto, pero después de hechas no se dará marcha tras).Respetar a los demás jugadores ajenos a la Guild, ya que la imagen de una buena Guild lo es todo (Tener en cuenta que si en las zonas PVP los empiezan atacar defenderse).Las misiones de la Guild las podrán hacer todos aquellos que quieran colaborar.
    Por el momento contamos con un Ts provisional, pero no es necesario el uso de este, casi siempre nos comunicamos por el chat de la Guild.
    Canal VeliaU1
    Información Necesaria:
    Clase.Nombre de Personaje.Nombre de Familia.Nivel.Enviar a pixelmael@gmail.com.
    Si tienes alguna duda pregunta, estamos para ayudar.
  18. <Invicta>
    Invicta is a newly formed guild involving a group of long-term friends who have spanned over many games. We are a Softcore guild who play for fun, a laugh and at a steady pace
    What we are looking for
    Considering the vast size of this game, Invicta are looking to start slowly adding people into our guild. We are a close-knit group of friends and we would like to add to that foremost, we require people with a good sense of humour, who are willing to put in the effort on guild missions and who are willing to help defend your colleagues or help them attack. We are not aiming to be hardcore. We do not require anyone to be on for X amount of hours or X amount of days per week. Although it would be more convenient, we do not force you to use Discord. We look for the quality of a player/person not the quantity of them.
    We accept people of all ethnic backgrounds, but the spoken language is english. There is no level requirement, no equipment requirement.
    How we play
    Invicta is a softcore guild, the only thing we try to encourage is that you contribute to the guild when needed. We do everything inhouse, we try to keep everything we can inhouse (scroll runs and sorts), we farm/grind together and provide knowledge for the new starters or less acquainted to the game. We aim for a relaxed vibe whilst gaming filled with banter and afew beers on friday nights. For those who are comfortable with it we have a guild facebook closed group set up, i find this an easy way to 
    If you feel like Invicta would be a good fit for you, you can message me ingame /w Sashagray, /w Vitoris or /w Cagali. Failing that reply here or private message me and i will do my best to contact you
  19. About Us:
    We are a Casual/Semi-Hardcore PvX guild based on Alustin, we accept anyone from 16+ and accept any level. We just want to build a fun community for anyone interested. Most of us play daily of every other day.
    What We Want To Do:
    We aim to have a fun community built around PvE and once released we will begin delving into PvP, GvG and Node Wars. PvP will NOT be the main priority, we will play all areas of the game as we want a fun guild for all.
    We have a discord: https://discord.gg/0tCRAiMBqTAupMvW
    Age: 16+
    Level: Any
    Language: English
    If you're interested please send a message on the forums!
    <SilentWarriors> LF Members! We are an experienced 18+ guild focused on Guild Quests/PvX. If your looking to maximize your fun online without drama, join us! TS3 & Discord and website. On Valencia 1. www.swgaming.com or PM me Balacgos AzureNexus(family name).
    Silent Warriors is not only a guild but a community of gamers looking for other equal minded individuals to join our family, We do not expect you to rush to end game but enjoy the game in whatever way you like be it trading, fishing, exploring anything you enjoy doing is the highlight of a game such as Black Desert there is no limit to what you can do and we wont stop you. All we ask is for you to communicate with the guild in teamspeak, assist when possible with guild quests and continuously annoy our guild leader(personal request).Our times of activity are spread throughout pacific, central and Eastern time also have a few members over the pond.
    -No Level Requirements-TS3-Beginner Friendly-Relaxed Atmosphere -Helpful Leaders and members-PvX Guild-Website-Gaming Community 
    Guild Rules
    No cheating, exploiting, or otherwise engaging in dishonest play (RMTing, for example).No scamming your own clan members.   Asshattery is not allowed because it reduces everyone's intelligence.No sexismNo unwelcome flirting. If you're told to step off, do so.Be good to one another. Treat each other like distant cousins you don't see much but you'd like to be friends with- even though you think that since they live in Kentucky, they're most likely inbred; but hey, they have hearts of gold and full heads of goldenrod hair despite obvious leg and arm genetic mutations that are at first super-jarring but later on settle into acceptance and love. 
    All types of players are welcome, Our Main channel of operation is [Valencia 1 on the Orwen Server] if your interested you can reach out to me (Balacgos) screen shot below to help you find me
    Also can contact the names below
    Guild leader - Lorilie
    Officer-  Magesw

  21. Hello everyone. Our guild, CClassHeroes, is currently recruiting! We are a casual guild looking for more members to join us on Edan.
    No religion, no politics, no drama, no pressure.
    Message me in-game (Kadica), or leave a post here if you are interested in joining. Newbies and experienced players are all welcome.
    Kadica Clain - GM CClassHeroes
  22. This is mentioned in a few patch notes comments, but I believe this is the proper place for this request.
    We have a 'walk' key, but you need to hold it down. (and in my opinion, this walking is significantly slower than what you would call a 'walking pace', slower than walking NPC's)
    Therefore I would request a Walk toggle key, so you can 'auto-walk' to just follow your casual path at a leisurely pace.
    (I would add that a few MMO's I've played before have this feature, which is one of the reasons I would want it implemented. examples being: Guild Wars 2, TERA.)
  23. ....wie der Titel sagt, bin ich NICHT!
    So, aber nun erstmal ein herzliches Hallo, Servus, Grüß Gott, Moin Moin oder wie auch immer *lacht*
    Ich bin auf der Suche...*sich nachdenklich am Kopf kratzt* ...ja, wonach eigentlich? Ach ja, nach einer super netten Gemeinschaft, welche sich nicht als Hardcore und/oder Progress Gilde sieht. Eine Gemeinschaft, die sich aufgrund kleiner(er) Mitgliederzahl noch wirklich kennt bzw. kennenlernt und nicht nicht nur die Worte Hallo und Tschüss beim Kommen und Gehen in den Chat schreibt. Freundliche Mitglieder, die respektvoll und herzlich miteinander umzugehen wissen und älteren Jahrgangs (ü.30 + ) sind. Eine kleine, familiäre Gilde halt, die gerne auch mal ins Roleplay geht, mit denen man sich austauschen kann und die vor allem aber auch wissen, dass RealLife immer Vorrang hat.
    So *lächelt* und nun mal zu meiner "Wenigkeit":
    Ich bin eine Lady reiferen Jahrgangs (47 Jahre alt) aber im Kopf immer noch ein "Spielkind".  Ich bin im kleinen aber feinen Land Österreich zu Hause, bin beruflich selbständig und in meiner Freizeit ein absoluter "Nerd". Seit fast 10 Jahren spiele ich nun schon diverse Games (World of Warcraft, HDRO, SWTOR, GW2 uvm.) und seit ich Black Desert angefangen habe, bin ich kaum noch vom PC weg zu kriegen *lacht vergnügt* ABER: auch wenn es jetzt vielleicht anders klingt, ich bin kein Hardcore und/oder Progress Gamer. Auch wenn ich mir in jedem Game Ziele setze und diese bislang auch immer erreicht habe, so spiele ich in erster Linie just for fun und ganz gemütlich. Games sollen, meiner Meinung nach, der Entspannung vom Alltag dienen und nicht zum Stress werden. 
    Apropos Stress bzw. entspanntem Gameplay: Ich bin KEIN Freund von TS und das aus zwei guten Gründen: 
    1) Ich bin eine "alte Häsin" *schmunzelt über diese Wortwahl* in Sachen Rollenspiel, ein echter Fan des geschriebenen Wortes und genieße die Atmosphäre des Games ohne ständiges "Gebrabbel" *grinst vor sich hin*
    2) Da ich Familie im Hintergrund habe, möchte ich nicht in meinem Headset versinken...
    Ich liebe Black Desert Online mit all seinen Facetten seit der ersten Stunde und verbringe so viel Zeit wie möglich in dieser wunderschönen Welt. Mein Haupt Augenmerk liegt im Crafting, Trading/TradeRuns etc. und natürlich im ausgiebigen Erkunden der Spiele Welt. Und ja, ich gebe es gleich mal zu: Ich bin nicht so der super tolle PVP Spieler, aber ich gehe dem natürlich beizeiten auch nicht aus dem Weg *lacht*. Sollte ich dabei (und auch im PVE Content) öfter mal die Radieschen von unten sehen, nun tja, Schicksal bzw. vielleicht finde ich im Boden ja mal gute Samen, die ich dann wieder in meinem Garten anbauen kann
    So, zu guter Letzt noch eine Sache: Ich habe zwar einen Main Char, aber dieser ist (noch) genauso klein wie meine Twinks.  Ich ziehe parallel 4 Chars hoch um an das Max. Level an Beitragspunkte etc. zu kommen sowie natürlich auch ein sinnvolles Energie Management für meine Berufe nutzen zu können. Wenn sich also eine nette Gemeinschaft für meine "Wenigkeit" interessiert, dann reise ich gleich mit "meiner ganzen Familie" an *schmunzelt*
    Puh *leise seufzt* , das soll es erstmal gewesen sein. Ich hoffe, ich habe Euch (die Leser) nicht überfordert *lacht* und mal sehen, ob sich der eine oder andere nette Kontakt ergibt. 
    In diesem Sinne wünsche ich Euch eine schöne Zeit ingame als auch in RealLife!  *winkt fröhlich in die Runde*
    P.S. Ich bin auch ein "Seppi Deppi" *lacht vor sich hin* Server ganz vergessen - Alustin  Familienname: VonFalkenau

  24. <Sunset> is recruiting the dirtiest, meanest, saltiest pirates that ever did sail the 10 seas. Yes, we are casual, yes, we take total narbs, no, you don't have to use a VoIP. Looking for Officer material. Must be a pirate. Must like pastel pink ponies. Must give me your firstborn son. We're the saltiest load of sea-men you'll ever find.

    Jack-of-all-trades guild. Casual PvP. A little bit of everything.

    We're a bunch of -----ing nerds.

    Contact [Teacup] Chihuahua in-game.

    CBA; Carebears Anonymous
    Server - [EU] Croxus
    Contacts - Faolan, Asgard.
    A small concentrated community of like minded individuals, a place where you can chill out, kick back and enjoy what Black Desert has to offer. Only rules being be respectful, be friendly and pop by every now and again so we know you're still alive! We want to be a fun, friendly community for people to escape too. We are primarily English speakers, so an acceptable level of English required!
    Goals & Direction
    Currently our only goal is to enjoy the game, explore what it has to offer and discover that which we do not yet know. We may create goals as the game and the community evolves, but these will always reflect the will of the community and will never be forced upon those who wish to just enjoy the game and our community.
    EU, Croxus, Valencia, Casual, Friendly, Respectful, laid back, Discord, English, 21+