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  1. Vertex Hosted 2V2 PvP Tournament
    5/4/2017 @9:00 PM EST
    Calpheon Castle
    Winners earn the GRAND PRIZE of 2250 pearls each.
    Vertex is hosting an open pvp tournament that will allow anyone to join. The Tournament will take place in the Calpheon Castle courtyard.  The tournament will be a 2 versus 2. Each pair must sign up together. To sign up you will need to join a discord server that I have set up for this tournament. The instant invite link can be found here : https://discord.gg/qp94Hp8 . Join the discord and send a message to me, ATallStalker, on discord with the in game names of both the participants and a picture of each of their gear sheets. The tournament will be a best of 5 rounds. The rules are simple and are as follows : No duplicate classes on a team (for this witch/wizard count as the same class), If a match is interrupted then that round will be restarted fresh. Before each of the rounds of all the matches starts the players from both teams will be killed and have their black spirit's rage siphoned. There will be a spectator placed in each teams party to ensure that there is no foul play. The winners of the tournament win the prize of 2250 pearls to each participant.
  2. My pet striped cat does not show on my horse if either my pet brown guide hawk or desert fox are out, they must be put away first before mounting. I can see the cat jump on the horse when mounted, but it disappears. I can get the cat to show if only my shepherd is out or no other pets are out, no other combination seems to allow it to show. 
    Would like to see a fix to this as I purchased the cat due to it being able to ride on the horse. 
    Thank you for your time!
  3. Hey guys, after I finally claimed my free hawk from the Maewha event, I took to extend my enjoyment of horse breeding and pray to RNG for some luck with my pets. 

    For those of you who aren't entirely too sure what Pet exchanging is, it's more or less like Horse exchanging. You exchange two tier 1 pets, lvl ~ and get X back. 

    The following is ripped from Dulfy.net to give you some info on pets and i'll leave a link if you wanna check it out further - http://dulfy.net/2016/03/18/black-desert-pets-and-pet-food-guide/
    Breeding allow you to exchange two pets of the same type (i.e. two cats). This will kill them both but the offspring have a chance to advance a tier or even multiple tiers. The highest pet tier is tier 4.  You cannot breed two pets that are more than 1 tier difference apart. For example you can breed a Tier 1 and Tier 2 dog but you cannot breed a Tier 1 and a Tier 3 dog.
    To breed two pets you first need to check them in. Click on the Exchange button and this will open the breeding window. Select the two pets you want to breed by clicking on the breeding button. This will place them into the breeding window. If your pet has any skills that give player buffs  you can select which one parent’s buffs you want the offspring to inherit. If the number of the inherited skills does not surpass the new pet’s skill capacity, the skill slots will be filled with extra random skills.
    Levels do still play a factor but the system is predominately RNG based. If you want the best chances at advancing a tier, obviously breed two Level 10 pets. However, I have gotten Tier 3 pets from breeding two level 1 Tier 1 pets so if you are in a rush and have money to spend levels may not matter as much.
    Appearance wise you can either get unique appearance exclusive from breeding or the appearance can identical to one of the parents. For example I breed a Tier 2 Shepard dog and a Tier 3 Batian Dog and got a Tier 4 dog with an unique appearance.

    Here are my results from two seperate breeding's ! 

    Tier 1 Brown Hawk lvl 10  + Tier 1 White Hawk lvl 10 = 
    Tier 3 White Hawk /w Special Colouring -


    Skills : Karma Recovery +3% and Training Exp x3%

    Secondly I got excited from the first one and wanted to test it out - 

    Tier 1 Brown Hawk lvl 2 + Tier 1 Brown Hawk lvl 1 = 
    Tier 3 White Hawk /w Predominant brown markings. 

    Skills: Hunting Exp +3% and Trade Exp + 3%

    I'd like to know what people get though or have gotten! The idea of having unique and special pets is pretty awesome...
  4. Post on Error: 30660564 (Cat) in Off-Topic

    By Saramew, posted
  5. I recently just bought a moon cat from the shop. However when i right click it it says it will give me a horse flute, one of which I already have. The cat emblem that I right click is definitely a cat not a flute! Thanks  
    Also I noted that when i check off auto arrange in my pearl bag the flute disappears...plz  help lol!

  6. I understand that you do not control the artwork to this game, but perhaps you could find a way to avoid our pet breeding results to end in such ugliness that we are afraid to try a hand at pet breeding.
    I can avoid buying "cats" like this hideous deformation on the cash shop, but there is a chance my beautiful stripped cat will result in an animal that looks NOTHING like a cat.
    For all this game's beauty, I truly think the artists and developers of this game have never seen a cat's spine. They obviously do not have the slightest clue as to feline anatomy. 
    I am begging you for a fix. I do not mind paying to avoid this eyesore. Perhaps we can purchase a ticket to fix the LOOK of our pet?

  7. Pets make way too much noise. The frequency of barking, and meowing etc. is way over the top. I have noticed the option to 'Hide All Pets" but this does not silence them. Please... please help. I'm going insane.
  8. Greetings,
    I'd like to suggest an improvment to the Cats Special Ability "Find Resource".The way it currently works makes it useless in certain situations. Currently in the game, the Cat will mark any resource in range, based on the Gatering Tool you have equipped. And by any I mean even the ones we're already Gathering from.

    I had a quest, to gather 2x10 of specific Herbs, so my target was Wild Herbs, the Cat is very usefull for that as there are lots of bushes and foliage in the areas and you gotta run through all of them to see which ones are interactive.
    What happened in my case is that the Cat would point the first Wild Herb, I'd go to it and start Gathering, while doing so the Cats ability would come off of Cooldown and the pet would mark the same Wild Herb, while I'm still Gathering from it. I'd finish gathering and would have to search for the next Resource on my own, because the Cats ability is still on Cooldown.
    I would find a Wild Herb, on my own, and start Gathering from it, the Cats Cooldown is ready and it marks the Herb that I'm gathering from, again, triggering its CD yet again without actually providing me with a new Herbs location to go to.

    So, I keep searching for my own herbs while the Cat simply marks the ones I'm already gathering from. Of course, every now and then it'll mark a Herb that I have yet to find, but more often than not, at least 7 out of 10 times, it'll mark the same Herb that I'm already gathering from.

    My suggestion is to make the Cat ignore the Resource we're already Gathering from and mark a nearby (if available), unattended, Resource so we know where to go once we're done with our current resource.
    Thank you!
  9. So I just happily bought two cats from the pearl shop, and I'm noticing some strange things about them.
    Firstly, when the Tabby Cat model tries to sit on my shoulder, it's hovering off of my back.

    And the Orange Brindle Cat looks really strange when in the full sunlight - as if its face and paws have had their fur shaved off (left). In the shade, it looks correct (right).

  10. If I buy a cat from the Pearl Shop, can I pick its gender or is it random?
  11. Post on Sady's Cat in In-Game Bugs

    By Sierrabelle, posted
    Anyone else try to catch Sady's Cat and get a glitch where it only shows you the Back button or the Exit button, but it won't let you click on anything? What do?!
  12. Hi everyone!
    I would like to share my opinion with you on costume prices to see, if you agree or not. Because if I had to name one thing about the game I don't like this would be the first. And I know this topic has been discussed a lot. I read more then a few, but most of them had a black and white solution in them: lower the costume prices by x% or leave them as is.
    The game offers very little diversity in costumes obtainable in game, instead you have to buy them from the cash shop. This way they won't have to put pay to win items in the cash shop and still be profitable. I actually like this model and support it. The gameplay is finally something fresh and I really enjoy it. But eventually I would like my characters to look different, and that's when I have to decide to buy a full set for 30€ or don't. And that's the part I don't like. That money is just too much for me for a costume. And this leaves me with one other option... not to buy.
    Now before I continue let's look at another company with almost a monopoly set up like the BDO cash shop is, where they dictate the price. (Well this one is an oligopoly but close enough.) I hope to clarify with this where my problem lies.
    Let's say Intel and AMD declares that from this day forth every CPU is 5000€. So you want to buy a low end CPU? 5000€. You want to buy a high end CPU? You guessed it... it's still 5000€. Since you can't buy them from anywhere else they should make more money with this decision right? Well... I am a physicist not an economist... but I am pretty sure that's not how this works, because we would always have the option not to buy. And those who would buy anyway would buy the best CPU there is, because it cost as much as the worst. So 99% of their products would become useless and they would lose 99% for their costumer base. But they don't do this. They sell CPUs form a below 100€ to thousands. So everyone can find the right one to buy.
    But getting back to BDO you could say, that this does not apply because CPUs are vastly different from another. Well costumes aren't? If they were not we would not have this conversation now.  So if they are different why sell all of them for the same price? Those who buy will buy the best looking one (ofc that varies from person to person, but you can still see trends) the rest would just not buy anything because it's just too expensive. The costumes that look good, but not that good will not sell as much as they could on a lower price, and this will just lose potential money for the company.
    And looking at this from the costumer end the whales will buy the 30€ costumes effortlessly but at the end: "Hey look at my cool new costume... oh wait all the plebs have this one too..." And from my pleb perspective: "Yaay... I bought a new costume... in a game... for twice as much as my life worth... I hate myself..." And for the thirds group: "30€ for a costume? Ok."
    So what I am trying to say is: people are different with different circumstances, costumes are different... why do different people have to pay the same price for different costumes? It's bad for everyone but the third group.
    A simple solution could be to sell costumes for 15€ 30€ 50€ ... etc based on how detailed they are, or desirable. This way everyone could find something they are happy with. The costumers would be happy. Costume sales would go up so the investors would be happy... so why not do the thing that every successful company in a similar situation have done every time without fail? Am I not seeing something here? That could be a possibility. But speaking for myself I would buy more if I had more options. The buy-for-this-much-or-don't-buy-at-all model is just a weird concept for me. It looks inefficient.
    What do you guys think?
    ps: If a similar idea was mentioned before then sorry to bother you with it again. I really read a lot of topics about it but didn't see it anywhere. Also my original language is not even remotely close to english, so if I made mistakes, sorry!
    tldr: Diversify the price of costumes... please?
    I wish there was an Event for pets to gain a title on or something....but nonetheless I'd like to see your favorite screenshots of your pets and you!
    Here is a couple of mine!
    I have named my cat, "Snowball" and my Hawk, "Haku". My horse pictured is, "Silver" (currently training him and I have a T5 horse, "Pegasus")

    ALSO, if anyone would like to add me and play please do so!
    Character Name: Smeegzz
    Family Name: Corsetti
    P.S I am starting an IG with Black Desert related photos if you would like to follow! Instagram: ALWAYZSALTY <=== (I am pretty salty sometimes..hehe)
  14. Post on Pet Tiers in General

    By The Grey, posted
    I picked up a a pair of hawk pets. I am not seeing the "combine" option to try for a Teir 2 pet.
    Was this feature removed from the game or was the process, simply, changed without notice?
  15. Ummm. I bought pets with my Pearls. And there is no function to exchange them to breed them up a tier or whatever. Did that just get lost from beta. I was in beta and I performed such tasks multiple times. Now the button isn't even there. It is 12:15 Central time. Hoping just a small bug or something, because I sure did spent all my pearls on pets, hoping for tier 2 pets and what not. 
  16. Huhu, mich wurde mal das komplette Thema mit den Pets intressieren.
    Was bringt Pet fusion, Wie geht das ueberhaubt? Kann es fehlschlagen? Wenn ja is das pet dann weg?
    Habe in der CBT1 und CBT2 weder ein pet level noch sonstige infos dazu finden können. Hatte nur eine Hunger Anzeige, den tooltip das meine mietze alle 8 Sekunden looted, und dass sie wohl wütendc ist.
      Wo kriegt man überhaubt ein Pet her? 
    Hatte in der cbt1 die Katze aus der post und in cbt2 die maskenkatze halt von den test Pearls gekauft ^^
    Kann ich jede Katze mit jeder fusionieren? Kommen dabei neue baby Katzen raus die komplett anders "einzigartig" von den  skill so wie aussehen sind? Kostet dies silber? 
    Kann ich die Katze auch  verkaufen, wenn ich eine gezüchtet habe?
    Bitte um aufklehrung.
  17. Post on Rabbit Pet in Suggestions

    By Kuro Usagi, posted
    How can we have a penguin but not a cute rabbit?
    I will preface this with saying I have not played BDO nor have I watched enough to know if what I say below is balanced. If you have ideas that may balance it more please feel free to put them in a reply. I can add things to this as I see things that may prove to be better and/or more balanced
    Pickup Speed: 9 Seconds (They're close to the ground so they pick up fast!)
    Hunger: 100 (They have tiny stomachs!)
    Movement Speed: Same as dogs (For balance since the pickup speed is faster)
    Special Skill: Random chance to gather an extra 1-3 of a plant (Help with this one since I haven't played?)
    Extra(s): Should sit on your head when you idle, that is very necessary.
    For Reference:
  18. Where is the fur? i got all settings max on.

  19. Hi,
    Since Pets seem to be causing a lot of controversy here is another video for you.
    Just a very quick  guide to show how cats use their 'Resource search ability'.
    In fairness you can just stumble around randomly looking for rocks as I'm sure will be pointed out elsewhere...
    Anyway here it is. Hope you enjoy and are perhaps informed a little in preparation for the big day!
  20. Post on Created Lil Bub in Off-Topic

    By Jaycob, posted
    I was just messing around and was low on ideas so thought I'd try to create my favorite cat on the internet.

    I might try and fine tune her later in the week to look more like bub

  21. Hey everyone this is Cat/Yoruki!
    I'm back with my new project! This time I'll be creating famous people/characters in the BDO character creation. You can watch my videos to get an idea how to use the character creation tools for yourself and you can even download the character files to have this character for yourself!
    Click here to view my youtube channel with all the videos and subscribe to know when I add more!
    Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
    If you want me to make a famous character that you like, add your suggestion in the comment section of the videos! I'll also hold raffles and the winners will get their unique character made (the file will only be given to you)! I'll also do giveaways (steam cards/BDO packs/etc) for reaching subscription milestones!
    So far I've taken requests from my previous thread and I've recreated Rikku (FFX), Jon Snow (GoT) and Selene (Underworld). I aim to release about 3 new characters a week so keep a lookout for new ones!

  22. As you guys know, we got pets to try out! Even though I didn't pay attention to the pets at first, I thought it was cool that the cat climbed on my shoulder why I was just standing idle. So, I thought it would be cool to take a cute picture of my pet like that. However, I couldn't really get a good picture. The animation of the mouth on the cat was just weird, like it was trying to not take a good picture!  The cat looks odd and deformed in these pictures. Here are some results:
    I don't really know how to feel about the cat, but I think the cat can convey some of my feelings himself:
  23. Hey,
    Please remove the "Lost Cat" line from the cats. It is pretty annoying when you see many cats in one place (like in Iliya islands). 
  24. Post on What about the pets? in General

    By Octane, posted
    Hi i was wondering if the was more info on pets. The only detailed thing i can find about them is here http://blackdeserttome.com/wiki/Pets 
    - can they die (if so are they like horses needing to go to the stables to revive)
    - can they be attacked by other players and mobs (if so do they attack back)
    - do they only pick up items from your kills (or can someone run through your grinding spot with 3 pets out and grab all your items)