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  1. Post on Short CBT2 Review in Suggestions

    By Saskl, posted
    Right this is a review so its just my ideas of the game and what could be changed etc.
    I have been playing Black Desert for around 2 months now I started on KR so I would feel that i can say I have quite a bit of knowledge of the game now as i have played pretty much every day.  
     PVE: Now allot of people seem to feel there is not much PVE in this game, Well sorry your wrong. There is loads, might not be the most exciting in the world but there is a lot to do and explore. ATM on release we are looking at two world bosses and also the summoning bosses that drop good rewards, also these have been made a little more difficult so its not just face roll all the time. I would not say by any means its Hard but at least there is a small amount of challenge to them. I do this the developers really need to dive deep with the pve though in the game and add allot more boss like features etc, but as for mob grinding and over 10,000 quests to do. there is a lot for PVE players for sure. 
    PVP: Yes Black Desert is a very PVP game, to be honest I would not recommend this game to anyone who is wanting to do this game just for PVE, As to quite honest that wont happen, as PVP will always be around you and you will have to jump in at some point. Now there has been some changes of course from KR, but I would not say vast by any means, I'm content with the Karma system at this moment, but I will have to explore more in-depth upon release and see how it really plays out. there are 3v3 and a big battle ground, but to blatantly honest apart from the 3v3s i would not bother with the battle ground, i did it once in KR and was a bit meh about it all. the other issue i do have is the power of some classes, i'm playing Ranger upon release and even i have to admit that being able to 3 shot people is a little crazy. Yes ill admit that skill is needed for all classes in some way. but the difficultly and power of some classes is a little over whelming and makes other classes look pointless. for instance if you play a warrior and have the same gear as a wizard and you 1v1, even if the players had the same skill level. the warrior would win hands down just due to how it plays " this is just an example, I know wizards are group PvP chars" but this counts for a few classes and play styles in the game. lets see if it will change over time who knows. 
    The World: 110% best world I have played. I love being able to run around any where no lode in screens and nps that feel alive also. also the graphics make it just top notch. I have no issues with the world at all, its lovely and beautiful, and ever where feels different in its own strange way. 
    Cash Shop: Okay this is where i really am pissed off about the game. $32 for a costume is not okay, the max they should be is $20, to be honest all the cash shop needs lowering from pets to other stuff, also im not a fan of the this damn "horse re set" this just means you can get two tier 5 horses level them and then keep letting them breed to make more horses at higher levels as much as you like, this takes away so much out of the game and enjoyment that comes with horse breeding plain and simple get rid of it. By no means do I think black Desert is pay to win, but the cash shop has got to be sorted out. I might pay that sort of prices for stuff, but 80% of people wont, and no should they. if they lower it, it will bring in more revenue for sure. to be quite honest I would even go to say if they Don't lower the coasts it could kill the game after a while.  
    Customization: okay they hit this on the nail, amazing job. so much to do and make your char look unique, but i do have one problem, that dose relate back to the cash shop, The developers really need to make more different looking gear in game, its to simple and boring atm. now to some people it wont bother them but to me it dose. As said id happy pay for a costume, but prices are way to high at the moment. more items cosmetic need to be added in the game for sure, but as for anything else top notch I love it. 
    Combat: its good, very good, not great but still very good. I can grind for hours and not get bored due the way the system is so I'm very happy about that. 
    Other: its just a small thing that id personally love added, please bring out more ships and designs, like being able to customise them more. Hate to say its name "Archage" but the one thing they did right was the navel system. id like to see something like this in this game for sure. 
    Overall: great game i cant fault it in most parts, I cant wait to play with the guild im in and really see if i can shine in this game, i'm happy the developers listen also and take time to think over what we have said. if anything that needs doing now is just the cash shop needs sorting out ASAP. 
    I do apologize if some of this don't make scene or is spelled awful I'm my dyslexia is awful haha. this my not be the best view I could of done but its just some of my views that came to mind. 
    Look forward to seeing you all in game.
  2. Hey.
    There was a group of people I played with in CBT1, and I've been wracking my brain but I never remembered the name for the guild.
    I played a Ranger, was one of the top Gatherers during CBT1, and TwentyThree was in my name, probably my surname. Amber might have been the first name.
    I know the people in this particular guild were going to change the name from what they had in CBT1 to something else.
    Just trying to find them for launch.
  3. Hello all,
    I joined this community at the beginning of this month, purchasing the Conqueror's pack. I wasn't there for the first phase of closed beta, so I don't really know how it was. I watched videos, read patch notes and FAQs from the developers, but I'd like to hear from those who were there to test CBT1. What are you sure (by reading dev claims) to have changed since then? And what do you instead expect to have been tweaked, or even just hope to have been modified?
    Please let me know. CBT2 will be a whole new world to me, but I'd like to hear of what I've missed (for better or worse)!
  4. Bonjour/Bonsoir,
                     J'avais reçu une clé beta (que j'ai utilisé) à la paris games week, ce qui me permettait bien d'acceder a la cbt1 mais malheureusement je n'ai pas pu y jouer a cause d'un probleme technique. Enfin le probleme n'est pas la : je voulais savoir si la clé fonctionne toujours pour jouer a la cbt2 (si je peux juste retelecharger le launcher et y jouer directement lors de sa sortie) ou il faut une clé spécialement pour cbt2 ? 

                                           Merci de vos réponses ! 
  5. Post on Screenies W/ Jouska! in Art & Media

    By Zim, posted
    I said it during the events, but the beta test I was in was one of the most exciting and fun times I have ever had testing a game. I had lots of great moments, but some of my favorites were when @CM_Jouska gathered everyone to channel 1 for the last round of events they had in store!
    The call to arms to Hidel!
    Then Jouska called us over to try and snag a screenshot!

    After that, it was off to Velia for one last round of shenanigans!

    Again, this was the most fun I've ever had. I can't wait for CBT2 and for the launch of this game! Thank you Daum for such a wonderful experience!
  6. Daum,
    Please post the statistical results of your CBT1 survey for the community to see where the community stands. I believe, in the interest of transparency, we should see how participants in the closed beta responded. This way we can hold your feet to the fire in a manner of speaking .
  7. My CBT1 Feedback

    I’ll organize things by topic to prevent rambling. It’s my first time playing this game (any version of it)

    Graphics – Loved them. I was particularly impressed by the cutting of grass, the blood soaking the ground and stones, and the blood getting on my character’s clothing. I also enjoyed the sun shinign through the trees and in my eyes. At first that bothered me, not being able to see, but then it got me more immersed as I had to attack with the sun at my back to see better. Night might be a bit dark and the lantern might not brighten up the night as much as I’d like. Mobs can be difficult to see sometimes, even in the daytime. I enjoyed seeing my cat jump on my shoulder or on my horse as I rode along. Odd that my hawk and my cat shared the same shoulder. Also odd that my horse’s head would  go through walls (and other collision “bugs”).

    Sound – Fantastic. I really like the horse music. It reminds me of getting on an airship in Final Fantasy games and feels really special.

    World – I really feel this is a game world. I like the various buildings, settlements, towns, cities, etc. I enjoy the variety of NPCs just hanging around and like the idea of having to talk to them, gain amity, etc. It’s a social type of exploration that feels fresh. Likewise the idea of nodes and that you need to invest in the area along your way to max level rather than just see the world as a tutorial until the instanced content at max level and forget about the world. I hope the world stays just as relevant at max level.

    Water – seems to be the forgotten half-cousin of the game. You can’t swim deep, or for very long, no water combat, nothing to see there, nothing to explore.

    Traveling – At first, I was annoyed at the travel times as I was used to Skyrim or WoW or GW2 with instant teleports everywhere. However, I soon came to enjoy the traveling (or just alt tab away if I wanted to) and organize my play to travel around less. Truth be told, the traveling made the world feel more alive and that made it fresh to me. Certainly the auto run/waypoint system is cool, as long as it doesn’t get abused by players “automatically” running loops from one part of the world to the other just to level their stamina; same for eating(health) and strength.

    Potions – The potion cooldown felt fine for me as it reminded me of Diablo 1 where the potions were just another resource to track. Didn’t do PvP, only PvE and it’s fine for that.

    Names – Odd that family name is first. Probably an Asian thing but it’d be nice if it was changed to a LAST name for us westerners. Also, the family name should be unique but there’s no reason why the first name needs to be unique. See GW2 for examples of this working very well.

    Keybindings – it’s great to be able to rebind everything. However, I’d really like if we could rebind combo/inputs as well as some of the combos are a bit awkward. For example, I bind the evasion key to a button on my mouse and having to press LMB+Evasion key to launch exploding arrows (Ranger) or bolt blast (Tamer) is very difficult to do and means forgetting about that skills. If I could bind it to, say, “F+LMB” or “LMB+RMB” it would be much easier for me to use.

    Armour Dying System – I like how we can dye many aspects of the armor. However, my concern is with using up dye colours. If I dye an item with a colour, it prevents me from dying another item with the same colour, so matching colours will be difficult to get. I’d prefer a system like Wildstar or GW2 where once you obtain a dye colour, it’s yours to use as much as you like or perhaps for in game silver each time you dye an item. I also notice that you can change the look/durability of an item but whenever I chose a lower durability, it didn’t work and my costume looked the same as max durability. Is this just to show what it looks like when you take durability damage? If, so, that’s a neat feature so you can see on your character when you need to repair your gear. Otherwise, it’d be nice to have the option of customizing the “durability” of your gear with this option but it doesn’t seem to be working as is.

    Character Customization – Nice options but I was surprised there were no freckles for the face or body (upper shoulders, upper back, upper chest, outer arms, etc). Also some classes seem aged-locked like the old Wizard and prepubescent Tamer. Some younger Wizards and older Tamers would be nice options.

    Classes – 3 men versus 3 women seems fair but I hear that you’ll be adding the Valkyrie and Witch, 2 more women; what about the blader or ninja to get more men options?

    RolePlaying – It’d be nice for the walk button to be a toggle option rather than a “press to hold” as it be nice in one’s house, or for RP purposes to toggle this and just walk slowly without having to hold down the walk button.

    Energy system – this needs in game explaining on its purpose and what it’s supposed to do. Initially, I just gathered stuff and talked to everyone but once I lost energy, I stopped doing those activities all together, then slowly started up again but mostly had full energy at all times.

    Deleting toons – Why must I wait an undefined period of time to delete a toon? I wanted to try more classes, or perhaps redo a class and I hated having to wait so long to delete my toon. Please change this; again see WoW, GW2, and others for examples.

  8. First off, I just want to thank BDO staff for being so thoughtful with this game. I have had SO much fun in CBT1, and I am so excited for a fantastic game. I also appreciate the attention to feedback, and openness to community suggestions. Thank you! 
    I took notes during my time playing the beta, and wanted to share them. I've separated them into plusses and deltas, as I think every piece of critical feedback should also come with a piece of positive feedback! Thanks for reading!
    Deltas - Things to Change:
    ·         Text limit in chat box. It's just way too small. You can write about a sentence and a half before you're locked out from typing more. Please expand, as most other MMOs have a much larger text limit.
    ·         /emote channel - Other MMOs have a /emote channel. This is mainly for RPers, but can be fun for other folks as well. Not necessary, but a nice addition.
    ·         Bumping into people – while it’s cool that you bump into folks, the game is too crowded at the moment and it actually breaks immersion when I’m running through town and bump into 100 people trying to get from one side to the other. This is more a personal issues, as other folks don't seem to mind it as much.
    ·         For the “investigate quests” – there should be a completion bar when you are ‘investigating’ an item. It can be extremely frustrating – like in the investigate the statute at the center of town quest in Heidel – to be circling the statue with the camera, and not know what you’re missing. I spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure this one out....
    ·         The level recommendation of quests needs to be reconfigured. I’m currently doing quests marked for “Level 20” at level 15. And I find these quests actually at the right difficulty level. They are fun to do, but at times can be a little challenging and I have to watch my health consistently. That said – the gearing would have to be altered a bit as well. As though I’m 4-5 levels under the recommended quest level, the gear I have is better than the gear given to me by a level 20 quest giver while Im at level 15.

    ·         Sitting in chairs at tables--would be nice! But not a necessity.
    ·         If you’re in observe mode and type something that includes any of the letters that move the camera into chat, the camera will move as you type those letters.
    ·         Armor customization options. I love the dying system, but I really just need more armor options to customize my character with.

    Plusses - Things I Love!

    ·         Soundtrack is excellent – music to environment is amazing. What a score! Amazing job with the music.
    ·         Locations and environments are UNREAL. I love the variety and the beauty of cities and villages, of forests, and caverns. What a beautiful game!
    ·         Size of map is overwhelmingly great, which makes for a deep and enthralling adventure.
    ·         Camera system - I love taking photos in games, and yall make it so easy! Thank you for the camera system!
    ·         Day/night cycle. Yes. Yes. Yes. 
    ·         Weather events are realistic and beautiful.
    ·         Ladders. Something about climbing ladders is really enjoyable.
    ·         Housing system - Well thought out and incredibly interesting. I love the role that housing plays and how MANY housing options are available!
  9. Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great CBT1 and got to dig your heels into what the game has to offer. I'm sure most of you know, but this is only the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to classes and content.
    In this post I will be going over my experiences with CBT1 while highlighting some things I liked, and some things that could be changed.
    My Experience
    To start the adventure I decided to play a Tamer (See the picture below) I didn't go into much customization this time around because... well... i've done it before on the KR version and didn't want to waste any time with a character that was going to be deleted anyways.
    The leveling experience is very typical to a normal KR game. Grind... grind...grind... that is, if you want to level up quickly. But that isn't all BDO has to offer. In addition to the combat, pvp (At later levels) and economy, there is a lot for you to do even sub level 30. 

    When I started this CBT I didn't want to go for leveling, because I knew I would be spending a lot of my time grinding to the highest level available. Instead I decided to go for a different goal, and that was to tame and raise horses. But in order to do that I needed to make some money. So for a while I spent some time fishing in order to get the funds needed to raise about 20+ horses. 
    To do that I decided to fish, when you're first starting out it was the best, quickest, and easiest way to earn money. Most of the fishing spots were depleted and I needed to find a way to make money quicker, people were going to start to out level me. So... after a good 3-4 hours I finally figured out how to make a raft.. there was a lot of trial and error involved. The game didn't spend much time teaching me how the worker and node system worked, but I knew it was important. 
    FINALLY after figuring out how the node system worked, and having some workers in Velia, I was able to create a raft and sail the open seas for fish. (See spoiler)
    After gaining some 300k from fishing I went out and started to tame horses. Mind you i'm still fairly new to the game. Up until this point I have just been riding around on a horse leveling it up to get my training points. First I tried to figure out where I could find horses in the world. I'm not sure how many of you know this, but the game actually has a map filter that will show you where various things are in the world. Note though that it's a totally different map than the one you get from pressing 'M', and I don't have a screenshot of that (yet) sorry!
    So I used this map to find various locations where the horses spawned. It was pretty apparent when I tamed my first T5 horse that many people didn't know about this location, possibly because it wasn't ever showed to them how they could even find it.
    After A LOT of time riding and taming horses I started to climb through the ranks and eventually began to reach rank 1 in training. (See picture below)
    Literally.... I spent almost all of my time running around. Better yet I rarely used auto pathing (Which is probably why my rank was so high) It took me about 2 days after launch to really start training horses, so I was at a disadvantage... I needed to constantly be there and keep my horse running at full speed.
    Work did get in the way for a bit (I edit videos on YouTube) so I had to stop playing for a bit, which made me have to play catch-up when I got back online.
    Overall the horse taming experience was a blast. The only complaint I have about it is the fact that none of my horses ever sold because the price of them was way too high. My T5 horses were defaulting to 400k+ minimum. 
    Now then! That's what I did the whole CBT1
    If you're interested here are some screenshots from the Lantern Events that the CM team did (Thanks for that guys it was a blast)
    Things I feel need to be changed 
    Alrighty! So there are a few things I thought needed to be changed after playing the CBT1. 
    - Archer (Character Class) The Archer's damage seemed to be very low compared to the other classes.
    I found Archer to be very fun, and possibly the class that was the most fun for me. However their damage compared to other classes is almost laughable. Now then, that being said their damage may get better at higher levels, but speaking from the experience I had, archer needs some kind of damage buff to stay competitive with other classes. To give an example; if I was killing 5~ things with pretty much any other class it would take let's say 5 seconds. If I was killing the same 5~ mobs with the archer, it would take about 10 seconds. 

    Now that's not only because of the skill set that I have, even killing 1 monster is a notable difference. Now some people could argue that I had no idea what I was doing with the class compared to the others. But in all honesty I feel like I understood the archer class more than the others, and the others STILL did way more damage in comparison.
    - More guidance for new players
    I didn't suffer from this too much. I still had to learn most of the mechanics myself during this beta, but I have played the KR version and had a small idea of what I was doing from the start. For players new to the system I feel there isn't enough there to help guide them along. (Yes I realize this is a sandbox game :P) 
    When it comes to things like Node management and training I feel like there could be more to tell new players what they are, and why they're important. I've already noted this in my survey, but I think it would do every a great justice if you were to code in a new screen that pops-up giving people information about these things, or at least code in a trigger that will bring up the help menu with that information there already. 
    - Experience gain (How fast you level) 
    From past experiences it seems that the leveling has slowed from it's KR cousin. I heard people mentioning that the leveling won't match up to the quests you'd be getting (I would assume this is because the exp gains had been slowed down. (maybe for testing)
    For CBT2 I would recommend trying to raise the exp gains to see what works best.
    - Increase horse spawn rates, or add new spawn locations
    Since the game isn't live (And I haven't really played around with taming(Training) in the KR version) I can't really say if it's a good thing to have the horse spawn rate where it is. But I was an individual that took advantage of all of the horse spawn locations, and still had trouble finding horses sometimes (as I believe others did as well) This is only CBT1 imagine when the game launches and there are a lot more people to deal with, you might never see a horse spawn. (Even T1 horses because they are still training experience) 
    For CBT2 may I suggest increasing the spawn time in all locations, and/or adding more locations for horses to spawn at (AND reflecting that in the game maps)
    Darker Nights Please Keep them 
    I love darker nights. I'm talking about everywhere and not only where the test is happening. It's my hope that you will continue to keep darker nights in the game. I want it to be dangerous to go outside in the wild at night. Whether it be bandits, other players, or the new-found strength of the monsters in the night, I want people to make that decision on whether or not to go back to a city for the evening. It adds additional depth to the game. Let the people complain about not seeing anything, we have lanterns that's good enough to see.
    My only gripe about the darker nights is that when it's dark we can still see the fog in the distance as bright white light. Consider adjusting all of the graphic settings to reflect a truly dark night.
    - If you want more people to be interested in the game at launch, consider adding Blader instead of Valk first - Just my 2 cents
    That's all for now as I think (And remember) about more I want to say I will add it here
  10. The CBT1 Survey is up on the homepage. Go share your feedback noa!
  11. I found it a running gag during CBT1 that I saw so many Gandalf spinoffs. What about you?

  12. Post on Velia arena screenshots in General

    By Huyana, posted
    A few people wanted me to post some of them here, so here you go. Feel free to share your own too.

  13. Post on CBT1 Feedback in Suggestions

    By SgtEnigma, posted
    Best MMO beta I've been apart of for a very very long time. Well done Dev's, Well Done! 

  14. Post on CBT1 Feedback in Suggestions

    By Unleashedkaoz, posted
    First I want to start with the classes.  I ended up playing 5 out of the 6 classes.  The only class I didn't play was tamer, I just didn't have any interest.
    Warrior- felt typical sword and board character but was more exciting then the typical.
    Ranger- cool to attack from a far but felt too detached from the combat, so didn't really like it.
    Sorcerer- Wicked fun close to mid range magic attack.  looked a lot like Natsu from Fairy Tale combat style.
    Berserk- Cool twist to the dual wielding class. started out a bit boring/sluggish compared to warrior but got more exciting after a few level.
    Wizard- Awesome mage. aoe seems a little to op.
    Overall all the classes felt very different from each other, so it makes playing a different class feel different from the typical mmo where many classes feel similar so it becomes a drag to play a different class.
    On a side note I hope the Blader is available on the cbt2 or at least release day.
    Gameplay was flat out amazing. Love the fact that we have different keys to perform moves rather than pushing just a number keys. The fast pace of it reduces the feel of the grind of an mmo.
    I did expeierence some bugs.  There was a text bug a few quest.  The words didn't show up.  and When dropping down theres a bug where the character drops down and goes back to original position a couple of time.

  15. We kept funeral for the horse who drowned, RIP larry (lawwy)

    Discovered the capital

    Climbed mountines

    Found a beautiful forest and new area to look forward 

    Dreamed about being a pirate


    Bought a house in the capital and bought some furniture!

    Got a new outfit from the marketplace + dyes

    Waited for the worldboss



    Grouping up

    Having fun


    Fooling around

    Fought the bosses

    Kept hitting them

    Got some wood while at it

    Had some awesome pvp at the arena

    Nightly talks

    Last hours of beta

    The views..

    Found the house of Mary Hex

    Took a break from adventuring

    Found some funny stuff

    Captured a castle

    Row a boat

    Stared at the statues

    Had a great time with new friends

    Enjoyed the variety of the world

    Ran towards the sunset

    Watched it go down one more time...

    but it's over for now...

    Good bye CBT1, and hope you guys had a blast with it!
  16. Audio
    When minimizing to tray, the audio keeps going. That needs to be turned off. I have to mute everything when I am going to minimize it so that I can do something else without the game sound coming through my movie/video/etc.
    If there was more control over individual things, that would be awesome. For one, I love hearing the environmental effects, but I don't want to hear other players gathering and such. The Ambient slider seems to turn off all of the game sounds, but the player sound effects control mine and others sound effects. So I can't have both. Mine and Environment without Players effects. Kind of annoying when I am trying to do a video, and someone is exploding something nearby my house 
    Overall the environmental music and effects are excellent. The music seems to have some stuttering effects when I am recording (but that's probably my PC again). The game music transitions need a tiny bit of work. They don't really smoothly flip. It's like a hard fade-out and then a hard fade-in of the next song. Could be worked on like, "If you are X distance fade 100-50% out, at 50% fade in 0-50% of next song while first song goes from 50-25%, and then 50-100% of next song while first goes 25-0%"
    Something like that.
    Final Words
    Excellent job thus far. The translations will keep coming and providing I get into the second phase, I will spend time reading the grammar on all the quests to see if it is right. I have my new parts on Order for after Christmas they will be here  So I am really really hoping I can put this game through it's trials on a different set of hardware as well.
    Hopefully see you in CBT2  <3

  17. Graphics and Textures
    On my system I cannot give a negative review. They looked good even at my low settings. It took forever for me to load the NPCs so I had a bunch of black placeholder characters for a few seconds until they loaded heh. When they did load it was good though. I turned up the detail quality, and put the textures on low. I got about 16-19 fps in town with everything turned on. Looked awesome. Good job.
  18. User Interface
    Main screen has 3 buttons. Start, End, Game Settings. End should be labelled "Exit" or "Quit".
    When you end game and logout, it goes to the main screen with an ok menu, and clicking okay closes, but also clicking end closes. If I click End it exits immediately, and pressing Okay almost always crashes my client unless I have minimized to tray first. Could just be my system, but I usually disconnect and then Alt-F4 the game anyway.
    Map filters for types of icons to show would be nice. It gets cluttered with the visible ones, and if you have a secret shop on the screen and it's hidden by a quest, then it's kind of hard to go to the shop.
    It would also be nice to not show certain types of quest NPCs. For example, hide all the cooking/fishing/gathering quest givers if I only want to do story line quests. Or a toggle for Main Quest Line Only.
    Black Spirit animation when you press [,] is long and I wish I could skip it. Just a preference.
    Auto-Skip Cinematic's would be a good setting to have as well, as I don't want to have to press Esc -> Enter every time there's a cut-scene.
    Stability of individual menu items needs to be address. The first character I made had the quest tracker disappear for a while. The second character I created and third, didn't have a Mini map for 4-5 quests at the beginning, and then it appeared randomly and never disappeared again. I don't know what causes it but...
    Maybe have a /reloadui function for the user so we can reload the interface in hopes it reloads whatever might be missing?
  19. Riding/Taming
    My question is, would it not make more sense to have a riding skill and not just taming? Taming is kind of worded oddly if it stays like this. Taming would mean your level of ability to tame a horse in this game, but it goes up as you ride your donkey/horse etc.. Not really the same thing.
    If there was a Riding skill, that could add something in PvP since you could have less likelihood of being dismounted with a higher riding skill, and still have a separate taming skill for getting other horses.
  20. So spreading my time around as much things as I could, while learning how the game works, I will split up my feedback in to topical posts.
    Cooking Quests
    The quests themselves are actually really well done, though part of me wishes that they had their own category or icon on the map to distinguish them from the rest, so we could toggle it off/on. I made it up to Apprentice levels, and I got through the Heidel cooking quest with the Egg, though I have been too busy doing other things to make it back to turn it in.
    Recipe's Themselves
    I really wish that there was a way to gauge how difficult the product is to make in relation to your skill. Even a color gradient like the monsters. There's no point in me trying to make something super complicated if I am just going to waste the ingredients that cost me 5+ energy to harvest/gather. Take meat for example. Making the different types of stew, there is no way to know if you can actually make it, or it will say, "it is too difficult." and it takes your items.
    When you make the recipe, I wish there was a counter like in the processing. Processing tells you how many successful creations of whatever you have made in that loop. If I process a bunch of Potatos to Potato Flour, it tells me Potato Flour (11) above the cast bar. If I make 17 Beer, it doesn't tell me how many I actually made. The bars are different (needs to be the same bar style to keep it cohesive). If there was a counter so you could count how many you have done (progress bar in % and then how many are made) you can gauge how successful at double proc's you were, because I personally put it on a loop and do something else for 5 minutes while it crafts. I don't manually count them and it's interesting if I come back to see how many it has made vs. how far in I am. Gives me an idea of how long I have to go. As it stands, I have no idea, I have to manually count them.
  21. I'm just going to get right to it.
    Wizard needs younger faces.Currently as it stands we have Tamer, Valkyrie, Witch, Ranger, and Sorcerer for female character lineup while we only have Warrior, Berserker, and Wizard for male. While this is bad in itself already it's also worth noting that all female classes (minus the Tamer) has the flexibility of adding wrinkles if a player wants to add some 'age' into their character's look giving plenty options for those who are inclined to play female characters. Unfortunately for those who want to play male characters, not only are their option for classes restricted, they have limited choices when it comes to achieving the look a player might want. If you want a 'good looking' and/or handsome eyecandy man meat (or even just want to recreate yourself in game if you are of younger age) only option you have is to play Warrior.....what does that say?
    And before anyone start to bring in 'lore' and try to wave it off as 'man can't do magic unless they study real hard for real long'.....I have screenshot of enemy npc wizard in game who look quite young so that's quite invalid point. (the game itself doesn't follow their own lore..so why should we?)


    Need more classes!!In line of reasoning above, we need more classes! Specifically more -male- classes! I'm not saying developers should drop everything and get to class gender ratio balancing right now, but some time in -NEAR- future would be much appreciated. In fact, how about having counterparts for those female classes that are already released? Male ranger and sorcerer anyone?
    Give none high-heel boots/shoes armor option for the ladies.Do I -really- need to explain why this is ridiculous? I wouldn't even be bringing this up if not for the fact BDO is a game that clearly tries its best to be immersive in almost every way. I'm not saying all high heel shoes should be removed (though I wouldn't complain if it was removed) but more choices in armor for those ladies running around on their broken ankles would be appreciated. I can maybe give it a pass for sorcerer....maybe..but for rangers and valkyries....not realistic. At all. Only good excuse I can think of is if they need those heels for horse riding as is somewhat accurate historically...but out in the frontline battlefield...sheesh. It personally breaks immersion and prevents me from ever really touching those classes for the same reason.
    Variant standing idle poses.Similar to how you can change your sitting posture by pressing 'q' key while sitting on ledge etc, a different option to choosing your character's standing idle animation might be neat. No complaints to how things are currently really...just thought it might be neat addition/feature.
    Potion drinking/using animationTwo reason for this suggestion...one, it'd be kinda neat. Two, it would be useful if you or your guild is running a tournament event where you were disallowed to use potion or some such as it would show if someone was using the item. Similar to up above, no real complaint to current system and just a mere suggestion.
    Marketplace Search Function..broken?Ok, probably not broken, technically as the game comes from Korea and they don't use English there. But when I try to search for items, it seems like the system takes capitalization to account. Example being if I search for 'milk' I get no result while if I search for 'Milk' I get instant result. This seems minor with one worded item as you'd just need to capitalize the first letter but with items with two or more words it can get bit....annoying. Things should be searchable with or without capitalization whatnot. Example picture links down below.

    Guild Rank CustomizationCurrently, as I understand it, there are only three guild ranks. Guild Master, officer, and member. (And then protected status, but that's different) It would be nice if we can add more ranks and customize its name and privilege given to each rank.
    Allow us to hide our pets names.You can hide your own character name, you can hide other people's names, you can hide npc names.....but you can't hide your pet's names. Why?
    Chat text font size and colorPlease allow us to edit chat text font size and color. There are many other mmo that does this and it helps with those who have hard time reading the texts in its default size.
    Allow us to turn off 'lore' notification pop ups.These ones.
    Unless I'm missing something terribly, you can't get rid of these until you've clicked through every single one of them. It's not a huge deal-breaker or anything but it grates me. I want to turn this notification off. I can always look through these knowledge bits in knowledge menu if I ever felt like it anyways.
    Eye burning lantern color.Current lantern color is red. It tires the eyes very quickly and easily. I would suggest changing to yellowish color the destination tracker glows in world but maybe subdued down in brightness.
    Comparison image:

    "Bandits" Remove them or improve them.....are a joke right now. I'm talking about those supposed bandit npc that pops out while you are doing trading runs. I see potential here in this feature especially if there is to be no pvp in lower levels. (it helps 'train' newer players to be alert and lookout for danger while out and about on trades etc) However, as it is now, it's just a mild distraction as anyone with any form of transportation can outrun them without even batting an eyelash. I was riding a heavily loaded donkey which can only 'slow walk' and I managed to outrun these thugs while going on auto pilot mode. Sure, I got damaged a bit by their archer but it wasn't even 10% of my health. Only threat it poses is to those who insist on walking while trading. Even then, I'm in understanding that they don't even pop if you don't go down the traditional road path.
    I'd suggest greatly improving their running speed..or something to give players reason to lookout for them on map. Or just outright remove them.
    Trade pack vehicle/horse distance to traders.You have to be pretty close to the trader npc to be able to sell your wares off your vehicle/mount. This results in areas around trader and/or stable person really clusterfuck crowded with various donkeys, horses, and different sizes of trading wagons. While there is no collision detection on these, it can get bit hectic trying to find the npc for more newer players. (not to mention MAH IMMERSION BREAKING LIKE PASTRY CRUMBLES!!11!). Honestly, it just looks bad. Perhaps increase the allowed distance so people can park a bit further away....and this would also help with maneuvering your damned wagon out of those tight corners as you're trying to depart...
    Potion Cooldowns...While much better than Korean version, 5sec is still quite short. I'd suggest 10sec at least. I'm sure there are many who disagree with me but I only felt the need to really try and learn my class when I challenged myself not to use the potions and being hit was a big deal. This would put more emphasis on skill based gameplay rather than 'who has the most potion' gameplay.
    Something I forgot to mention...another reason for wanting longer potion CD is that...in KR server, I managed to track through the Valencia desert with just spamming potion on a level 20 character.....while I'm happy I got to see the city of Valencia..I just think this shouldn't be possible in terms of gameplay design wise.
    Leveling rate/monster difficulty.Again, I'm sure there are many other who disagree with this one as well but...Leveling rate is too fast right now. It's LOT better than Korean version, yes, but it's still a joke. For those who has played lot of KR version whatnot and already know the game inside out, they'd want to race to cap asap and get to endgame but for the new players who are just coming into game...it's bit different.
    I know for a fact current KR version has ton more quests than the version we got in CBT1 and at this current level rate, most folks won't get to finish half the quests they offer.
    I don't necessarily mean reduce the amount of exp given, perhaps just upping the difficulty of monsters would suffice as those veteran players would already know their classes inside out and can speedrun to endgame anyways then.
    Anywho, those are the things that come to me off the top of my head. I want to note that all these are purely personal opinion/suggestions and I don't claim I have all the answers etc. Everyone and anyone are free to agree or disagree with me. Either ways, hope to see you all in game once it goes live!
  22. Hello, my name is Xlore and I am a year long player of Black Desert Online and the guild leader of Gatekeeper. I have been waiting for this game for several years alongside many others and while it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting I grew to love a game that has a lot of potential.
    This potential is why I am going to give all the feedback I have gathered on CBT1 with as much detail and explanation as I can give.
    Before I begin I would like to first say most of my knowledge, experience and comparisons for NA come from the Korean version. While some of you may say Korea is a different region and has nothing to do with NA. I want to make it clear that Daum NA/EU are the publishers of Black Desert, the developer Pearl Abyss is Korean and everything Daum gets is from Korea. Daum is the middle man between us and the developer and changes can only happen within the frame that Korea allows. So yes, changes can be “adjusted” for NA but nothing huge can be changed or added. For instance if you want instanced partied dungeons, Daum NA/EU cannot do this, Pearl Abyss has to add it into Korea and then the decision is made on when and if NA gets it. Not the other way around. So please do not make the excuse that Daum NA/EU can create it to solve a problem about the core of this game.
    Leveling and keeping PvP at 50+:
    Make leveling from 1-50 the same as Korea or slightly slower than Korea not CBT1 Exp.
    There is no need for leveling to be as long as it currently is. Level 1-50 in this game is a tutorial. You do quests for story and contribution points, you can learn about the game and take in the world and then you grind mobs to practice your class. At 50 you have some knowledge about your class and enough skill points for combos and damaging skills of your class. This is when the real game begins and you can actually PvP and start guild wars with your guild or gear up and craft to become a better PvPer.
    PvP should also be locked until you are level 50, the reason for this is because you are not ready to PvP below 50 because of the lack of damaging skills and the game is not balanced below 50.
        Now immediately I’ve probably lost quite a few of you and now you’re angry that I don’t want you to PvP below 50. However, from the leaderboards on CBT1 the majority of you never made it past level 35 let alone 30. This means a lot of you are just upset that you couldn’t test PvP and want it at level 10 so you can try it. Everyone that has made it to 30 will tell you that PvP below 50 either ends in a wizard killing you or so much pot spamming that you just run around chasing each other without dying.
        I’ll touch on wizard later but as for the second point, as much fun as it is to try and pummel an enemy out of your grinding spot your skills are too weak to be fighting and killing people when you are below 50.
    The reason for this imbalance is because Korea was locked at level 50 for PvP. Balancing was only done in comparison to mobs below 50 not against each class.
    Now here in the PM Diary, PM Belsazar states: “Additionally, Pearl Abyss is working on rebalancing the Warrior, Berserker, Ranger and Sorceress classes, to make them able to go head-to-head with new classes such as the Wizard, Tamer and all other upcoming classes.”
    Now its unclear where this re-balancing is happening, whether its for CBT1 to test or if its for levels below 50. Either way wizard is still way stronger than all the other classes, the reason for this? Pearl Abyss made all classes after Warrior, Berserker, Ranger, and Sorceress stronger at lower levels to rush through 1-50 to catch up to the other classes. That is why Tamer and Wizard are the strongest classes pre 50 and that is also why pre-50 PvP does not matter.
    You can argue that they need to balance lower levels and let you PvP below 50, but its a waste of time and resources. There is no reason to stay a lower level but to extend the amount of time you are playing until “end game”
    Making people grind more at 1-50 to stop them from getting to 50 and grinding more makes no sense. Make the mobs harder to fight, but making the exp less than Korea, Japan, and Russia does nothing but give Tamers, Wizards/Witch, and Valkyries an advantage in leveling over the other 4 classes.

    Class Balance:
    I touched on this before but it needs to be explained more. Newer players that haven’t played other regions and even some people that have played other regions think wizard is broken. Yes, wizard is strong especially if you have only faced one at lower levels. Like I said before wizard was designed to be stronger at lower levels to grind faster to catch up to everyone else in Korea that was 55. Wizard released months after Korea started and 50 wasn’t the soft cap anymore. Wizard also had  two hard counters in PvP when it released, Valkyrie and Blader, both of which weren’t in this CBT or alpha.
    As PM Belsazar has stated here Valkyrie seems to be perfectly fine and balanced  with everyone else. I don’t know if she’s been altered at all, but since wizard hasn’t been altered I doubt it. If she hasn’t been altered and won’t be altered at CBT2 or launch, just like wizard hasn’t. Valkyrie is not balanced, but she is blessed by the gods
    Valkyrie can go to purple mob grinding spots and 2-3 shot mobs at lower levels. For newer people that means she can go to grinding spots 5-6 levels higher than her and quickly grind the mobs there. No other class can do that as easy.
    Now not only does she have an unfair advantage early on against mobs, this damage output makes her extremely strong against all other classes early on in PvP. All of this is low level grinding, and PvP at 50+ with gear evens things out and Valkyrie only really counters Wizard and Ranger; Warriors even start to counter Valkyries.
    However, because of the grind and already seeing the cries about Wizard PvP before level 50 and +15 gear PvP, Valkyrie is going to be complained about even more leading to unfair nerfs to Wizard and Valkyrie.
    My whole point with this section is to say that the CBT and Alpha so far has only tested low level play and there does not need to be balances for these sections. No one should be at these levels so long that resources should be sent to adjust the PvP at those levels. The game needs to be tested at high level and the current Exp gain is blocking people from trying out the game at the level it is meant to be played at.
    The classes are meant to be imbalanced pre-50 because no one needs to be below 50 to PvP they only need to be below 50 to experience the game for the first time. (I even think this game could start you at level 50 and then just have you do quests to learn the systems and gain contribution and energy as you follow the main story quest)
    There are other issues at 50+ that need to be addressed but can’t because we can’t even test it. Tamer is a useless class because its pet dies too easily, but no one notices that pre-50. Wizard gets shut down by counter classes at +15 gear but everyone is calling for nerfs because of level 30 PvP. and sorceress is one of the strongest combo/damage classes in the game but no one will ever know because they don’t have time to learn or even earn the skills that are needed for that class at 50 because the beta is too short.
    CBT1 was disappointing class balance wise as there was never an opportunity to test it and the majority of the community never even made it to 30 in CBT1.

    Vigor/Energy use:

    This is already an amazing thread on the issue with the vigor/energy system but I figured I would mention it again. Go to this thread if you want to find out everything wrong with adding it to crafting professions.
    The biggest issue with the economy right now is that prices are determined. If this was Korea last year this wouldn’t be as big of an issue. The reason it is an issue with NA is because NA is using the current Korean auction house prices and not Korea’s starting auction house prices. Blackstones were less than 100k and weapons and armor were not selling for more than 50k at launch. All of the prices right now on NA reflect the many price hikes and adjustments Korea has done to the items on the auction house over the course of a year.
    The issue with this is that the people that get ahead of everyone else will stay ahead of everyone else. They will be able to sell everything for tons of money that they shouldn’t be getting yet. On top of that money they are also turning in items from monsters that give them more money, something that wasn’t there at Korea start.
    It took a week or more before people started having 5 million or more silver. I had that same amount 4 days into CBT1.
    The most concerning thing about all of this is Loken, got +15 in 3 days. On Korea it was weeks before anyone had +15. Part of this was because there were no fail stacks in the beginning of Korea, but there is clearly an issue with starting this game using the current version of Korean BDO.
    The only good ways of fixing this issue to an extent is:
    Adjusting the price of all accessories, weapons, armor and blackstones.
    Reverting all mob drop loot items from silver turn-ins back to armor/weapon turn ins.
    Putting up a macro captcha on the auction house.
    Readjusting the RNG on weapon and armor to +15. After +16 to 20 enchantments came out and new armor and weapons replaced the old ones, the older ones were easier to enchant from safe enchant to +15. The reason for this was because people would use these cheaper sets to gain fail stacks for higher tier armor. This updated system is still being used for CBT BDO and if its left the way it is for launch will be a very poor mistake.
    Do not allow trading. This is not only important for real world money trading, but for anyone that will get a huge advantage in this game. If you allow trading entire servers will be ruined and are planned to be ruined if you allow trading.
    Unless the points above are done, everyone that has played another region of BDO before will have an extremely high advantage over all other players that will never be caught. Making those adjustments will at least slow the advantage.
    General feedback and suggestions:
    Parties: Parties should not reduce exp, this is silly and just makes grinding take even longer and discourages working together which is what an MMO is supposed to do. Boss scrolls also do not give drops to every party member like Korea does, which further pushes away the working together mentality that Korea was trying to fix.
    In darker nights mob health bars should light up as you get closer to them. It is really hard to see mobs sometimes and grouping them up is annoying when you can only see them by directly looking at them.
    The servers really should be moved to Chicago or Texas for NA especially since Daum has shown interest in wanting this game to be an E-sport. I get 140 ping from the East coast and that is ridiculous I could just play on EU and get the same ping.
    The volume options should be split up more between different sound effects if possible. You have to turn off all sound effects to disable pet noises.
    If you have a lantern equipped and it turns night the light doesn’t come on unless you un-equip and re-equip. (This seems to be a bug I had)
    Please nerf horse archers and wizards, that is some ridiculous stuff right there.

    That’s all my feedback for now. I will have more if things change in CBT2. The biggest issue with NA/EU right now is scaling, Korea didn't have tier 5 horses in the wild at launch it only had tier 1 and 2. NA has up to tier 5 just like current Korea, not release Korea. Add on the auction house prices and the mob drops to increase loot and NA has all current scaled content from korea minus the new areas and level 60. NA needs to be scaled back to properly reflect being level 50. I really hope if Daum has genuinely shown interest in E-sports and wants balancing and game fixing feedback you will seriously look at what I’ve written above. I said it on the alpha forums, I know you want a good game but all of this focus on low level combat and PvE, Roleplaying feedback for this CBT is concerning.
    I’m looking forward to seeing changes between now and CBT2 and hopefully high level PvP can be tested better in that closed beta.
    Thanks for reading.
  23. Hello this is Micha (cbtname) / FlyingSquirrel,
    Since Admins say we should give Feedback, but did not make a "CBT1review" part in the Forums and most are doing those Little threads, i decided to post one myself... please don't kill me ^^
    The Game itself is super fun as it is already and the Beta seems to make very few things bad.. however here are some things that I would like to see different on release
    1. Leveling Speed:  Personally I think those ~50-60+/-X hours for casual grinders to 50 is quite okay... hardcore 0815 grinders can do it in about 28 hours if they know exactly where to go and what to do next. However the real game starts with lvl 50 and a slightly increase in lvling Speed would be realy a wishfull Thing for those Players... it has not to be Korean Ratings but something in between now and korean Ratings would be an Optimum compromise for everyone i gues..
    2. Partys should be rewarding. An MMORPG is most fun when you Play it in a Party. Right now as it is, you only get arround 45-50% exp while playing in a Party, therefore making it extremely inefficient if both are aoe grinders and you have to find 2 huge mobspawns next to each other to make it worth more than simply grinding alone... this is extremely saddening and I'd like to increase the EXP you get while in a Party... Maybe 80% of the exp you would get alone... this would speeden up your grinding in a Party a lot and would make it extremely rewarding to find a partner. The Optimum would be no difference in exp.. but this is something that won't be seen for sure.. Groupgrinding already has the fewer loot as a downside, it does not have to be on the exp side aswell. Even if you can address higher lvl Mobs together, the exp you get will still be less than soloing.
    3. Increase the mobspawn in certain Areas. Right now there realy are only a few grindspots each levelpart that are worth staying as the others barely have any mobs ins crowds. (For example the dodu birds south of calpheon) If the density of the mobs would be bigger, it would be a spot worth grinding therefore making a good way for alt charrs to grind on other spots than your main charr to have a bit of variety.
    4. Quests giving regular exp aswell.. this does not have to be much, it should stay a rather grindy Korea mmo and not a 0815 questingmmo, but a bit of exp (like 0,5 - 1% if on same/higher lvl) would be a nice Thing to get an additional exp boost.. still it would be realy minor and has no real priority or urge to happen for me.
    5. Maybe a bugg or not but:  In enabled PvP mode you should be able to kill the horses of other Players, even if they are not flagged. At least in this beta Version I tried it several minutes and it did not appear to work. Not sure if this was some Kind of bug or not. My pet did attack it at first but then suddenly let go of it (@Chimeras and im darn sure it was not in the save area - maybe it was a bug and the pet was already dead but did not disappear for me if thats the case - bug for some Players [i remember a friend saw my donkey in the water while it disappeared for me])
    6. Grouplooting Extended: Earlier in Korean BDO time there was the Lootbag where parts of the looted items in the Party were transfered and you could split those and share items dropped right at leveling. It is not realy a Kind of abuse as both of you did achieve it together.
    Restrictions: Loot that got dropped while ally was not in exp range, should not go into the lootbag - but only for the lucky finder.
    Alternatively they could use the tradesystem they have in some mmos (WoW and co)... where you can trade items within a short time they dropped with members that were IN A PARTY while it was dropped.. this Feature could be limited aswell to only a certain bit of items (no bountyitems/tradinggoods/blackstones for example.. not sure what exactly it would be up to them) The period for the trade should be within ~10 minutes. Going afk while the other one grinds for you paid is not the Option.
    I'd like something in that Kind.. can live without ofc
    7. Not sure if I was just blind, but when you buy Mounts from other Players it seems to be that you can't see the Name of the Horse before you buy it.. I bought 4 of them to test it and 3 of those had swearwords / unclean words in it.. how immature... I'd like to see the Name of the Mount aswell when buying. (Ones I got:  Fart, Boobienator, Callgirlfreak)... nuff said
    8. Your character while riding should not be allowed to have a certain % of overweight,.. not sure if this is already a Thing, but i had more than 200% and was still able to ride like i had 100% with my t5 horse... at least slowing it down would be a nice thing
    9. A nice Feature I'd like to have would be a Reservation of items in the TH. Let's see I have 10m silver and I want to buy 30 blackstones but in the TH there currently are only a few. Now you could store your Money in the warehouse and say the th i want to buy 30 pieces to arround this Price and he will reserve and buy, and put those into your storage after the item was a certain amount of time in the TH.. let's say 10-24 hours untouched items are open for this Feature to still give the personal buyer that is watching the TH himself the upper Hand. If more Players are reserving the same items, you are in a que where the first one gets first while the others have to wait. Also the amount the vendor is buying for you is only 1 a time, he will just automatically put you in the que again until your order is completed. This would allow you to farm or go to work/on vacation and when you come back you might have the items you wanted.
    I think this would be a nice Thing to have, might have to be adjusted and altered to make it worth and playerfriendly. With the time that has to pass until it works it is not like those unfair autobots and available to everyone (also I think a Limit in items to buy will not happen that often after a bit of  time)
    Just an idea that came to mind while i was editing, it is not essential and not necessary to make this game awesome
    10. A rightclick reportfunction for the chat with either a few choices or a "put reason yourself" Input. This would be helpfull against scamersites/Boosters/botadverticers/hackadvertisers/rude behavior and so on..
    11. A higher HP Regeneration once you sit down outside of fight.. having only a ~3hp/3 sec regenerationrate is fine once you run arround and farm.. but outside of a fight there should be a higher Regeneration.. at least when you sit down.. this makes sence as you take a rest.. therefore a ~5hp/sec Regeneration would be okay i gues? You can put a CD on it aswell to not abuse it. I just find it disturbing to have to use potions to Regenerate while i am Walking back to town to heal quicker and be therefore protected from pkers that try to gank me once im 10% hp.
    The regernation should stop once you are attacked.
    Here are changes I liked in the CBT1
    - The limited Trading really is limited to consumables, I did not try trading with over 100% weight but if this Feature stays in the final release i hope it can't surpass the 100% weightlimit to not make it possible to trade 1m potions and sell those for silver. (Even with it... this would be an extremely inefficient way of trading as the sellprice is only a Fragment of the buyprice and would result in farming 3-4x the ammount of silver they sell, making it unlocrative. Also huge amounts of pots can be tracked realy fast in the System and therefore depleted their salestactic... in a 30$ game i don't see this happen much.  (I like the part how it is limited to consumables only - not that i Need that Kind of trading.. i did use it to Hand a few potions to friends when he ran out of it though)
    - Blackstones seem to be pretty rare in low Levels but do increase in dropchances in higher Levels (maybe it was just luck.. got my first one with ~24-27). In the korean Version I often had blackstones within the first 15 Levels aswell.
    - PvP with 30.. even though lvl 30 pvp tends to be who can cc someone efficient enough while having the higher ap to outdmg his 5 sec healpottimer it does bring a bit of variety into the earlier Levels.... lower than 30 would be a nogo though
    - 5 sec HP pots.. I think this is enough.. more nerfs to pots will make melees suffer that get zoned in bigger pvp battles fairly easy. Not sure if i like the removal of the biggest hp pot.. making it brewing only and accbound/charrbound would have been the better Option...
    - The mob difficulty.. i like that one <3 they are fairly good how they are right now.. not too hard but can still screw you over and/or kill you if you pull too many or are not careful. They can stay that way
    More might follow.. if i remember Points i did not mention but thought while playing
    I totaly do not regret paying for this game <3
    Pic: cause awesome scenery

    Buggs I found:
    - Possible dead horses / donkeys still for Players visible while not for the owner
    - Some items can't be enhanced while other items of the same Kind can be enhanced.. not sure why
    - Bought Horses Change gender from Female to Male
    - Horses Change Color after catching
    - In coloring mode, sometimes Colors sneak into items you did not want to Color (since there is warning... not that much of a Problem and only happened once)
    - Some mobs can still hit you while actually in evademode (happened to others)
    - wild Horses stucking in walls (assuming only those spawned via gm though)
    - Heilang sometimes stays longer than intended
    - Absorb Heiland sometimes does not absorb him but goes on CD
    Errors in spelling or formation are due to autocorrect and tireness due to too much bdo too few sleep... and common mistakes 
  24. Hello! I've played CBT1 for some time and these are the things I think should be improved:
    - Security system: The game should have a security system like IP authentication or a 6 to 8 digit code to prevent hackers/people from other countries from playing in our account. As of right now, anyone who knows our email and password can play in our account. I know a lot of players use dynamic IP, so IP authentication would probably be time-consuming, but maybe you should add a numeric code chosen by the player that would have to be entered in case someone from other country tried to access our account.
    - Report system: We should be able to report players who are toxic to the game. I saw racism, sexism and toxicity in the chat, but unfortunately I forgot to take a print screen. This behavior shouldn't be tolerable in any way possible, even if the game is Buy-to-play.
    - Character customization: Please add afro hair (to go with darker skin colors), bald hair for female and more shades of brown for the eyes. I also noticed the japanese version had more features like changing chest/waist size, etc.
    - Naming policy: Please remove adding numbers to name and replace the underscore with a space.
    - Split item quantities: In the beta, I couldn't split item quantities. I don't know if it was a bug or if I simply didn't know how to do it, but I failed in completing two quests because the ammounts I added into cooking/alchemy were wrong.
    - Monsters: Monsters seem too weak. I generally killed all of them with one or two Wizard skills. Although they seem to get stronger with levels, I don't feel challenged at all. Also, sometimes it looks like their HP bars aren't decreasing.
    - Crawling: The crawling animation needs improvement.
    - Sprinting: Sprinting doesn't seem to make much of a difference. I generally feel like walking is pretty much the same.
    - Housing: The housing system needs a tutorial. I bought a house but I was very confused with how to proceed after that.
    - NPC talking: After talking with a NPC, my character automatically draws its weapon. This is very frustrating.
    - Quests: Whenever I login, all the quests I've completed are automatically selected to be displayed in my quest window. This is frustrating and should be corrected. Also, the Quest's UI feels very confusing and should be adjusted into something more simple. Maybe there should be an option to hide completed quests.
    - Skills: Wizard's Mana Absortion skill absorbs mana from objects like empty crates, boxes, etc. I think this should be changed.
    - Snow: Snow should be ligher or its effects should be adjusted. There were some places where the snow effect felt very weird (see attached images). It would also be interesting to add footsteps to snow.
    - Graphics: The graphics are amazing, but there were some bugs in the beta, especially characters disappearing inside others/objects and bugs with horses/cats climbing stones. Also, although the characters are HD, plants seem to be made of paper and their resolution is pretty low when zooming in nearby them. I noticed graphical bugs when hawks rest in Wizard's shoulders, disappearing into their hats. (see attached images)
    - Collision: After colliding with something/someone, living obstacles are ignored, which causes graphical bugs.
    - Some texts are not localized correctly (see attached images)
    - Lanterns: Please make lanterns visible! Maybe they should be carried in the player's hands or attached to their belts.
    I've attached some images so you can see the graphical bugs I found, as well as the texts that are not correctly localized. Thank you for reading this and I hope some of these suggestions are actually implemented

  25. This is a petition to have Blader released in CBT2 or on release.

    Reasoning behind this petition:
    1. This class was huge on your other servers, why wouldn't it be here?
    2. There's a lot of people looking and waiting for this class. Some barely want to play the game without it.
    3.  Most of NA enjoys the Eastern style characters, you can see this in other MMO's. Characters with eastern fighting styles/sword styles become very popular.
    4. Out of all the male classes, his play style is what's lacking. Warrior is the hide behind a shield and attack, you have the berserker which is beat it into the ground, Wizard gives you the magic ranged class. You don't have the fast paced class. Female classes, thanks to the release of tamer, now have that, however male classes do not.
    I am happy to be a part of the beta test and I can see so much potential, I will provide more feedback on the game as it progresses, but I truly believe having Blader on your CBT2/release will allow you to keep as many of your player base that you've already gathered. 
    [[Will add more info from those who comment!  ]]
    Additional Feedback per extra comments:
    MikeHeel: [pg. 2]
    1. "... two other classes have already been confirmed for launch, Witch as well as Valkyrie, both female classes. Meaning that the ratio is now turned from three and three, to five and three."
    2. "...So while all five of the female classes are young so women and men that enjoy playing good looking female characters have -plenty- of options to choose from, men whom just want to look like an average, young adult male are forced to play warrior."
    3. "...Roleplayers -will- come to this game for it's absolute beauty, it's graphics, and it's vivid near living world, and in doing so absolutely will that in game store get a LOT of buys, I've personally spent over $300 alone in GW2 on just -dye- packs. But something like an extremely limited male selection -will- turn away a good chunk of RP'ers"
    TLDR: "...Adding Blader for release makes you money, in more ways then one..."
    Futanari: [pg. 5]
    4. "...Western players appreciate Eastern culture just as much as they appreciate ours. Launching BDO with barely any classes with 'asian flair' isn't really a smart move..."
    Noth: [pg. 5]
    5. "Blader..Was released before The Valkyrie, Wizard/Witch which we are getting..."
    KhaiDan: [pg. 11]
    6. "...One another note I'm not sure if it was mentioned or not is that NA/EU version are b2p unlike every other models in other regions....so it's natural folks want their main class to be there at the beginning."
    {will update as we get more}
    Thanks for your support!