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  1. I was wondering if there is a specific number on how much the mob knowledge/note lvl increases your dropchance. Especially the "S" on mobs seems to be a big mystery.
    Everywhere its said "it will increase the droprate" but aren't there any more detailed informations?
    Do you guys know something and/or whats your experience with mob knowledge/node lvl?
  2. Certain statistical tests on RNG activities like farming and gathering (due to ease of testing) revealed some anomalies.
    In simple terms, in gathering and farming you can classify everything into just two events: energy used and energy not used. Depending on skill level it can be 1/3.5 or even better.
    However the incidence of over 15 consecutive events of the same class (energy consumed) only have a less than 1% chance of happening, yet they are way over-represented (5%+).
    It seems unlikely that the developers made such clustering happen on purpose, it is both more difficult to do and would reduce fairness.
    The other option is that the PRNG implementation used is rather poor, resulting in this unfortunate clustering. Using a hardware TRNG would be most fair however I have known 'respectable' gambling services to not use them so I wouldn't expect an MMO to. Please at least use a cryptographically-secure PRNG, those are easily accessible to developers. Given that players' money is on the line it's surely not too much to ask?
    Failing such a simple test as we on our end can perform doesn't bode well at all, I shudder to think how well whatever RNG you use would actually score on standardized testing.
  3. So i was grinding for tree spirit belt in treant forest. and noticed that:
    1. The Khurutos at the entrance of the cave respawned A LOT faster but only dropped silver.
    2. Mobs near the Treant Forest Node respawn A LOT faster and were MANY more than those near Treant, the drops where the same e.g. Crystals and japtems/trashloot
    So they drop the same Stuff but i see nobody farming at the Treant Forest Node, instead they stay near Treant, Why?
    What is the Gathering "stat" in costume/profile? Does it affect gathering time or does it give us better chance to get fruits, cherry and/or trade pack items too?
    Which is the better in rare/trade item/cherry droprate? Higher gathering ability or higher luck?