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  1. Post on SEEDS STACKABLE in Suggestions

    By Zure_it, posted
    It'd be amazing if black desert could take a step back from the ocean of duam cash and realize that plant seeds arent as large as a sword, or piece of armor and make them stackable.  Like for the love of goodness make seeds stackable already, if you have like 11 farms this is just insane, I seriously have to throw away so many seeds, every 2 farms I am throwing away around 12 seeds. 
    I am over 900% sure this is done purely for the mighty dollar, stop being so damn greedy with the micro transactions, you already have the p2w skins etc just back off the bloody farms T_T
  2. I want to change the e-mail of my account and i have already read the related article in the support section. My problem is that after ticket submission, i get no verification link in the e-mail i receive from the Black Desert Online Customer Support to verify the e-mail so my ticket will be submitted.  As customer support states at the end of the ticket submission form
    "Make sure to click the verification link in your email after submitting your ticket.
    Tickets will not be submitted until the verification link is clicked."
    This causes me trouble because i cannot find the ticket i opened and take a photo of my ID with the ticket date on the background, as this is a prerequisite for the account e-mail change.
    Any help would be highly appreciated. 
    Thank you all in advance.
  3. Ok kakao it would be good if the min and max prices of the market stay the same for a while, some like top predict what the market is soon going to be at, and with the constant up and downs my way of making money is useless, please don't treat the NA market as if it was the EU or KR ones.
  4. Hello,
    I am unsure if this topic has been suggested already, if it has, then I apologize. I've only recently gotten into life-skilling and I've been playing the game since release. 
    I feel as if life-skilling is an under-appreciated aspect of the game. Most of the players who join the game pay little-to-no attention to the life-skilling aspect of the game because grinding can arguably be considered more beneficial than life-skilling in a shorter amount of time.
    In my honest opinion, life-skilling in BDO has the potential to be a very fun part of the game, but currently grinding just seems to be more beneficial and yields more rewards in a shorter amount of time. 
    Here are some suggestions that can possibly make life-skilling on BDO better (once again, I apologize if the following suggestions have already been suggested) :
    Suggestion 1.) Providing an introduction for new players on CONTRIBUTION POINTS and on LIFE-SKILLING
         I have been playing BDO since release. Looking back, I now realize how much emphasize there is for players to focus on grinding. In fact, there is no formal introduction to life-skilling - an aspect of the game that a large community base within BDO considers vital to their entertainment. There is no mention of how contribution points are imperative to life-skilling or even how interrelated these concepts are within the game.
    Suggestion 2.) Making certain life-skills more interactive rather than just an AFK-able activity
         I'm not saying that life-skilling SHOULDN'T be an AFK-able activity. I'm suggesting that there should be an interaction such as a mini-game for players who do want to actively process. In the same way that you are able to auto-fish and also actively fish. By completing these mini-games, players will be able to get more XP and/or rewards from the minigame, such as extra produce if farming, etc.
    Processing: Producing more by successfully completing the mini-game without any fails
    Farming: Gather more by successfully completing the mini-game without any fails
    Cooking: The ability to craft a higher quality meal by successfully completing the mini-game (giving meals certain grades/quality depending on your cooking level such as A,B,C,D quality meals) 
    Make these activities worth doing rather than simply being an "over-night" activity
    (Mabinogi's blacksmithing system as an example) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukCjNinCDZo
    Suggestions 3.) Making guilds more interrelated with life-skilling
       Guilds are a defining characteristic of Black Desert Online. By incorporation elements of life-skilling into guilds, it can expand the definition of 'endgame' for BDO. 
    Guild farms: Give guilds the ability to place their own farm plot so that their guild members can use them
    EDIT: Will add more suggestions once I come up with more
  5. I just came back after a couple months did farming change? I feel like I'm getting different yields than I use to. Harvesting after 120% would net significantly less crop but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I'm instead getting more harvest as it goes up. Did something change or am i just imagining things?
  6. Will the terrible long neck of the wizard be shorten? I find that it ruins my character creation
    It honestly look likes a bug, so anytime soon that it get fixed? Hopefully it can be hotfixed.
    or am I the only one who are bothered about this  
  7.     Alright, so I think we can safely assume we all agree magoria was a pretty crap expansion... Hell I know I would have at least liked it way more if Port Ratt was a whole city instead of just the docks, like what the hell BUT theres more that came along with this expansion than just a ton of water and a bunch of annoying sea cucumbers, theres a huge active trading nerf... yep, something most people here don't even care about, active trading. Hell alot of the grinders should just skip to the combat version of this to understand better.
         Most people won't see it much unless they are someone who likes to trade, and it's about 250-350 items before it even goes into affect, when your past that point all nodes will only have 75% of the trade items they did before (quantity wise) and this isn't the lowest it goes.It take somewhere between 1 and 2k items before you hit the cap, which is 0 items at not just nodes you bought items at but all nodes... now THAT is a big nerf, still most of you are gonna be screaming who cares so I have 2 examples I'll share; the combat and fishing comparisons.

        Combat comparison:
            Decided to go to pirates and grind your face off for the weekend, you get there and start killing some mobs... after two or three rotations you notice theres less mobs, nothing major but hey you're still getting less exp.. ANOTHER three rotations and now it's real noticeable, only half the mobs that should have been there... Finally by the point theres no mobs left its been maybe an hour just cause you had to look for the silly land lubbers and got 25% of 56, now thinking this is just a weird thing going on at pirates you go to sausans (its easy sauce anyways, might as well) and theres no mobs there ethier, almost think node wars are going on, but your on a #2 channel not a node war... No mobs no matter where you went, no matter where the hell you were grinding, and only able to get 1-2k mobs before this bull happened. That is what's happening to trading right now, not just the node they bought from but every node.
        Gathering comparison:
            You start chopping some trees with blessing of kalamsylve and fig pies up (getting logs for the sailboat, might as well get some hards/sharps out of it y'know?) and by the time your 2/3rds the way out of energy alot of those damn trees dont want to talk to you anymore and it's taking forever to finish off your energy, by the time you do and need to swap to ana lt to finish up, only half of the trees you find (even if nobody else ever goes there) have decided to ignore you, this alt takes FOREVER to finish their energy but eventually you get to 20 energy left and no tree likes you at all, silly haters, and you cant find a damn tree on any alt, anywhere... that's trading right now, yep, all their trade managers (trees) hate 'em~
        I hope you like the examples I have >.< this bs would make tons of sense if it was only in the places you bought items (chopped trees / killed random shit at) but it's litterally everywhere in every channel and on every character, you wouldn't do that to combat or gathering, or anything else so why nerf active trading that next to nobody does? NA has alot more lifeskillers than KR and in the end you're killing player base who do nothing but do this, and alot of horse breeders aswell who do this while trying to level the horses for other people to enjoy at LEAST make it the node you already bought at if your going to nerf active trading like this, that is understandable as you've already bought them out and they can only have so many a day, or even based on region, as just because you bought out all the items in valencia city and arehaza, port ratt and olvia shouldn't be sold out too... that doesn't make any sense at all 
        welp thats it for my rant, thanks for reading and feel free to share all your thought in the comments~ althought you were probably going to do that anyways...
    https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/5qc4js/trading_nerf_what_combat_and_gathering_equivalent/ is the reddit link~
  8. Post on Best time to reroll? in General

    By remymaes, posted
    So with the frame system being added to the game. Having multiple alts is more rewarding for sure. Are there people who are going to take advantage of this and change their main spec? I'm thinking about it but the loss of all my inventory space and life skills is holding me back for the moment. Do you think this would be the best time to change main class? If so are you going to? I'm changing from Valkyrie to a Wizard. But how do you guys deal with the fact you lose practically everything. You just grind trough those life skills again to get to the same point where your other toon is? 
  9. @GM_Caramel
    A small, and simple suggestion!

    I've bought A LOT of horse skill change coupons and it always feels super gambly. While it's a nice thing to have but it should also be available in the loyalties shop. Maybe at 1000 Loyalties! Every ten days someone could get a chance to reroll a skill! It's not too high and unattainable, but it's not low to cut too much into sales!!! ( I know that's pretty important for a great game like this!!!!) ♥

    Expecially with T9's in the future, this could be great!!!!!!
    It would even the playing field a little more even for those who don't have the money to pour into the game on gambling items. People who don't have the best luck with the skills they get on a horse can still get a t9 with enough time and patiences; not just splurging money!
    (also as a side note, if you switch one skill and then switch the one you get from that it will only go back to what it was before. For example.
    Switch 1: Roar Get: Caution
    Switch 2: Caution Get: Roar

    I've tried quite a few times, but stopped testing since it's a waste of money...Maybe someone could test this out on the GM Side? Is it suppose to work like that? Or is it suppose to be random? ( -___- )
    Ps: Also failstacks on horse skills don't seem to do anything at all!!!!
    Edit: ^ Would there be anything that could be done about this awful hope system? Maybe make our hope a little more useful!!!!!
  10. Hi, i bought a Guild Name Coupon, i changed the name of the guild at monday, the coupon description told me the name will change after maintenance. Well, today is Wednesday after Maintenance and the guild name is still the same.

    want to ask if there is a technical problem, did i lose my coupon? Or is it because of holidays? 

    Guild Leader Florani, from the guild "KamasylveWatch" former "Kanji"
    EU Server
  11. hello, i'am a valk 59 just rerol to a tamer 52 actually...
    So hello friend tamer =)
  12. I would like to know why we just cant trade our Founder outfits in for Musa/Maehwa and Ninja/Kunoichi?
    Share your suggestions
  13. this is madness, i cant join any channels. servers have this crazy bug. i went to sleep, wake up 5 hours later, still cant join anything cause of "restrictions".     i bing searched and found lots of people with this problem all year.
  14. Post on Your face ingame in Off-Topic

    By Blaze016, posted
    I was wondering if there is any way (sofware, submition site, etc.) to recreate your face in the character customization, I have no skills in searching for my face characteristics, so i usually go for default faces and proceed to do some tweeks. note: that i dont know if this is the best place to post this topic here, so I'm sorry for my mystakes.
  15. Would there be a way to add a change to which pet is currently at the top of your pet list when you have all of your pets out? Currently the pet at the top of your pet list is the pet that will sit on your shoulder. This is problematic if you have more than one pet that can do this. For example, if you have a bird and a cat, the cat may hop up on your shoulder because you bought the cat before you obtained the bird pet. I've asked around and there seems to be no way to change the pet order. It would be very convenient and fun to be able to select which pet is at the top of the pet list so that we can choose which pet sits on our character's shoulder. I believe this change would be a wonderful addition that all would be able to enjoy. I've included a screenshot below for reference.
    Any thought on this? Please comment below if you agree or disagree with this addition or have anything else to add related to this topic. The more comments the better.

  16. A few weeks after having changed my email on my main account in order to separate my emails for personal reasons, I attempted to contact Daum for support regarding payment issues and was surprised to find that after attempting to login this page (In the attached image) keeps flashing on my screen. The email on the page is my previous email I had attached to my account and is barring me from trying to login to my new account through any means.

    Has this occured for anyone else before, or is there any way to fix it?

  17. There's a simple and sound solution to all of this Kakao, something that'll benefit the entire community. Still having people buy your items in the pearl shop because it's absolutely not worth buying it with silver. Instead of putting said items in marketplace, why not make a premium goods NPC that charges up the rear to buy anything in the pearl shop for silver. For example: One Costume set + weapon skins is 2900 Pearls. You can easily make this accessible to players who don't want to pay by placing this said item in the said NPC for 290,000,000 Silver. Still making it available to cheap players, and still making buying from the pearl shop a very viable option. This obviously will create more people to either 1. Buy the item in the Pearl Shop or 2. Make a LOT of silver by fishing, hunting, gathering, etc to buy the item from the NPC. Please, Kakao Games, when you guys started this game for NA/ EU. It was stated that it would be DIFFERENT than KR server. That instead of the P2W motto, you guys would be more complacent with the community and have the B2P motto instead. Please keep your words and keep your customers who believed in your original vision. Don't ruin it with the obvious greed that the company is showing with the upcoming patch to allow such P2W option.
  18. Hey all,
    I am going to use Farming as the example, as it is the most vivid example (for me, at least).
    As per the general setup (I _think_, admittedly it has been months since I started the game), the "R" key is the "action" keystroke.
    (1) If a crop is new-ish, and has no conditions, "R" gives "crop info".
    (2) If a crop has bugs or is tangled, "R" debugs/prunes
    (3) If a crop is 100% or greater, but tangled, "R" harvests, "F2" detangles
    (4) If a crop is 100% or greater, but has bugs, "R" harvests, "F2" gives crop crop info (and no way to debug)
    (5) If you have a line of crops -and because of inevitable previous bugs or tangles- you have crops that are of different % to completing, hitting "R" will debug/prune (99%) one crop, but Harvest the next (100%)
    (6) There was something else, but writing this as I run around doing CP quests, so I forgot what it was    >X^)P
    Again, this farming example is only the most obvious.  Steeds (I think?) can be the same, where hitting "F" or etc changes, depending on the the skills the horse has.
    Obviously, setting keystrokes/hotkeys does nothing to assist in this.  I love my car and both of my motorbikes.  But if turning left:
    (1) Turned left (if I was under 10 MPH/KPH)
    (2) Turned Right (if I was under 20 MPH/KPH, but over 10 MPH/KPH)
    (3) Went in reverse (if I was under 30 MPH/KPH, but over 20 MPH/KPH)
    (4) Put on the brakes (if I was under 40 MPH/KPH, but over 30 MPH/KPH)
    (5) Started singing Gospel music on the radio, and then jumped around on hydraulics (if I was under 50 MPH/KPH, but over 40 MPH/KPH) (Wait, how the HECK did I get hydraulics!?!)
    (6) Something else, and even less sure were THAT came from (if I was under 60 MPH/KPH, but over 50 MPH/KPH)
    Can't we just have keystrokes that do what you expect, every time?
  19. Post on Server Change in General

    By Izaris, posted
    Hello everyone
    Many people need to have the opportunity to switch between servers in the same region. I do not speak to switch between EU / NA but switch between servers in the same region.
    I will open a vote to assess if the Black Desert Online players need that option. If the answer is positive in the survey, I hope DAUM Games Europe B.V. do you need to provide us with the service.
    I understand (and probably also the community) that the service is paid, since it is a server service DAUM Games Europe B.V. and not a NPC Black Desert Online.
    Thanks for participation.
  20. Post on Block in Warrior

    By Neptus, posted
    I would like to see a change to block where 10% of the damage goes through, It seems like we are to incentivized to just hide behind our shields all day. Maybe compensate with an immunity frame on the roll to help avoid attacks that we cant currently block.
  21. Since it doesn't look like any AU servers are going to be popping up anytime soon, could we at least get a section on the forum here to meet up with? There is US and EU guild sub-forums, I would love to see an AU or APAC sub-forum in there.
    There are 4.2 billion potential APAC clients. Think about that!
  22. Post on Name Change Coupon in Suggestions

    By ORFEAS, posted
    I suggest among with the family change coupon to add a Name change coupon as well.Or a coupon that we can use to exchange the names of our characters (in the same family) at least for one time.
    Its very important for a player to feel nice with his character name.
    Some of us quited our main character when new classes got released.Why we cant have the chance to keep the name we really want on the char we play?Also i see players with "test" name on their chars but it ends to be their main char.I believe we could all use a name change coupon, please consider to add this in pearl shop.We are many people who will buy!!
  23. This racially insensitive title is appropriating African and African-American culture and blackness. It is also racially stereotyping all blacks as living in the desert, which is not true as Africa is mostly a jungle. We are moving to a post-racial society here in the West, and people can't take this kind of blatant microaggression every time they try to log in! I know many people have left or are thinking about leaving for this reason.

    So if you want this game to succeed you better start showing some racial consciousness or it will fail, we just won't put up with this kind of offensive behavior anymore in our video games.

    Also would it kill you to have a kingdom of blacks to balance out all the completely white states in the game?
  24. Post on Marketplace in General

    By Superman, posted
    This is just another example of why people do not like the way the marketplace is setup. I have read and heard from at least a couple of a hundred people about the issues in the marketplace and not being able to buy anything that is placed.  I know there are many factors,rules, and game mechanics in place when someone wants to buy something in the marketplace most are very noticeable and very agreeable accept when we go to buy.  Many people have said oh when an item comes up we hit refresh and this is where it becomes interesting because many things happen 1: We get the item after placing the captcha and of course we have the money to buy the item we get it, 2: We try to buy the item but its already gone by the time we refresh, 3: We put in the captcha and then it says failed to purchase and it either comes back to purchase or its gone because somehow its been purchased already and I dont understand the behind the scene of whats going on and how does the system says who gets the item.
    Maybe its just a few people or a lot of people that do not understand the mechanics, maybe if we knew we would say "hey this sucks so we just have to get better at our click game" or "this system sucks and it seems like there are marketplace bots that snipe everything we want up".  You cant say that neither of these statements have not been said on these forums.  I am not the only person that wants a better system in place to help everyone.  I do not have a slow computer or slow connection time to the game and even if this was true it should not make it a turning factor for the reason why we cant but things we want. I cant say with a 100% certainty that any of this is true but its been said that there have been a whole bunch of duped items, marketplace bots,  botting in general,  a disadvantage at the beginning of the game where people where able to get a lot of the best accessories and when its was noticed the drop rate was lessened but no items taken away.
    I love this game and so do a lot of other people.  I am so glad that this game was brought to the US/EU, but if we can not change anything can we at least get some explanation about the marketplace and the other things I mentioned? Oh and please do the poll.
  25. Not sure why, but I can't use the family name that I reserved.. it's "Chicagusan" for some reason, when I reserved "Adorea" with my pre-order of the game. I have never played this before and just made a character now.
    What I did notice, though, is that one of the servers had a character made already at lvl 5- possibly I was hacked? Unless everyone else already had a premade lvl 5 character. I deleted that character, anyhow. 
    But can anyone tell me if I can change my family name to what I reserved? Attached is a screenshot of my reservations, just in case.