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  1. So I saw that Black Desert will be coming to Steam soon, and since most of the money I had went to Steam before I bought Black Desert, I have a ton of money on my Steam account. I was wondering if, when BDO goes to Steam, we will be able to transfer our accounts to Steam so we don't have to pay for the game again?
  2. I am trying to create a character creation for my sorc and wicht but it takes weeks and I do not get the result that I want erasing the previous creations starting from zero and nothing
    If someone can help me or has the creation and can pass me it would be helping me a lot I prefer it for the sorc but if you have it for the wicht or other kind I do not care so I make screenshots of each trait of the face and then recreation in the 2 classes I want to sorc and wicht but I will have exactly the details to create them in the 2 classes I love (prefer sorc)

    You are my last hope
  3. It'll be really nice if we could choose to identify ourselves using family name or character name. Both are unique anyway. Some people have totally different name for their characters so it's hard to identify especially in guild.
  4. Just a quick poll to see which classes are more popular than others and which are the most and least popular in BDO.
  5. Hello! Tell me how to transfer the character from the HA server to the EU server. I understand that I can not play different characters both in the National Assembly and in the EU. I have to play either on the NA, or on the EU. And I will pass the character to the poet. If anyone knows, give the link! Thank you!
  6. I am positive that I am not the first person to post this based on mathematics alone. I want to tell BDO and the community that I tried to play this game. My first run in with BDO was waiting for it to come out based on YouTube publicity by beta testers. I really waited for this game for along time. Then I checked Reddit. I saw people posting screenshots about the game and in the screenshots their names were gibberish. jjjjjssssuuudddddd. I'm not kidding in the slightest as serious as a heart attack.
    I thought this was just people messing around. I still had hopes that BDO would be the game I had waited for my entire life. There are some very attractive features to this game BDO 'could have' used to become truly massive and take over the gaming industry in the USA. At the heart of this matter is one simple yet overwhelming flaw. The naming convention for your character is a combination lock. I made the mistake of purchasing the game before trying it. So that lost money is on me.
    To anyone else you should absolutely try this game, understand the impossible combination lock of the naming convention. Understand you cannot personalize or become personal with your character due to every name under the sun being taken due to people needing two names to even make one character. Do the actual math and realize almost every language has been completely used. Realize it has gone to the extreme due to alternate trial accounts people likely used to get names as well.
    Fact is from day one this should have been a single name and a single name only. No one can invest in your game because they cannot become personal or personalize with their character due to a completely gibberish combination of a name. So whether you know it or not you've lost a ridiculous amount of money due to your naming convention alone. That is and always will be the only flaw that exists with BDO. It ends there. I invested around 2000 dollars into Archeage because I could personalize with my character, feel connected to it. My name was not gibberish.
    People are not going to want to throw money at a character with a gibberish name. I feel this post is justified I paid for the game. I paid for a few other things before even playing the game and I wanted to share my experience with the company. If you can do something about this I would. I understand databases so I don't know that you could. This could be as I understand it a franchise so again I don't know that you can fix it. BDO to me will forever be broken and the game that was simply a legend never come to life. Thank you for reading.
  7. Hello everyone!! I don't' see many art shops at all on the BDO forums, so I was hoping to find a bunch of great artists to do a few commissions for my character!! <3 It can be anime, realistic, doodles, lineart, color.....anything in your best style will do!! I hope it's not to much trouble and I don't mean to annoy anyone by posting this, just looking for some artwork!! Thank you for your time everyone! ^_^<3 

  8. Im stuck atm as my screen does not go on.
    1. Change character ingame through esc button keeps standing on 10secs does not go down
    2. Return to character select screen it just moves me halfway it seems cause world around me is gone of people but im stuck on this screen
    3. stuck 10mins at least on processing screen, then another 10 almost.
    Edit: seems allright now with going in.

  9. I would suggest, to make the function to disable the display of the characters of other games.This function is in some games.This is a very good help for weak computers.And essentially raises the FPS.With this function it will be easier to go through single quests.And to display those characters with whom you are in a group or guild.Thanks for the great game!
  10. Really enjoying the new voices, but what I noticed is that the voices are only heard on the person who chose them. That means that the voice pack you chose will only be heard by you and your friend will still hear the default voice pack. I sent in a ticket thinking this was not working correctly; however, I received a response stating that is not the case (screencap below).
    Therefore, I would like to suggest a change to make the new voice packs hearable by other players. You can already hear adjusted tones for the default voices that are player made changes, I personally feel that this would be similar to applying dyes and not being able to show them off to other players.
    TL; DR
    Other players cant hear your new voice pack, and this should be changed.

  11. Hello,
    First of all - these are just a few possible hair- and eye-colors, but the most common- / hard-to-make.
    Without getting a tinge of other colors or looking rubbish in the game itself, it was hard to find something fitting, but here they are:
    dark-brown hair & brown eyes tutorial
    hazel hair & golden-shimmer eyes tutorial
    mid-brown hair tutorial
    light-blonde hair tutorial
    natural blonde & green eyes tutorial
    dishwater blonde & deep-brown eyes tutorial
    [bonus-special] violet hair & brilliant eyes tutorial
    Please note, that this is a guide for colors only. No template is required. The used characters are randomly edited or on basic-settings. I think the colors can be used by almost every class, tho i used ranger, valkyrie and warrior here.
    Inspired by this webside, where you can find more cool color-ideas: nailingtons
  12. Hello,
    I'd like to ask information regarding the Character Creator download for BDO. I was talking to a friend about the game, and she was interested in trying to look at the CC (since it was her major point of interest), but we've found out that the download has been taken down ever since the end of the Dark Knight creation event.
    I know it used to be downloadable for free back when I started the game, so maybe this removal is temporary? Or did I miss the announcement that it'd be removed as a stand-alone free download permanently? If so, what are the reasons?
    Thanks for your time!
  13. Post on Region transfer NA/EU in Suggestions

    By Nevon, posted
    First time submitting an idea here, so here goes.
    Since I started playing the game about a year ago, I have had many and more joyful hours in the virtual realm that is BDO. From slaying dreadful monsters, setting up trading empires, teaming up with friends to take down larger challenges to becoming a potato baron. There is much to praise about the game for sure. But as we all know there are also a lot of things that have major room for improvement.
    Now I understand that a lot of players want a lot of things, and it is impossible to implement every single idea. If not because the idea is not good, then because it requires a lot of programming to combat the current game structure. I would say my request falls in the latter category, yet I think it can be done!
    To get more to the point. Since launch in EU/NA, BDO, and especially the community has changed quite a bit. Servers have been merged, content has been added, people found their place in all of this. And personally I must say a lot of my friends have shifted focus to the NA servers for.. a variety of reasons I will not name here. As much as I would like to follow my online companions in their quest to the new world, I feel bound to my old and trusted EU lands for reasons that I think shouldn't do this. I have spent quite a bit of money on customizing my character with outfits. I have spent countless hours grinding my way up and getting gear as well as that sweet sweet silver. I have build respectable empires of trade and am an employer to many and more Goblins that would be stuck in the gutter if it weren't for me.
    All of this makes moving to another region (NA) and starting over completely very hard. It would be a waste of nearly a year worth of progress, and many euro's of hard earned cash. Not to mention the effects of the aforementioned employee goblins that rely on my trade to sustain their families! What kind of human being would I be if I left them all to their faith?
    So... what is to be done? Give up my dreams of exploring the new world? Let my friends drift off to a vague memory in the back of my mind while I get rooted in the same place? I think not! Another solution rises to the surface, and it is named "Region transfer". Now before my outlandish idea gets shot down, allow me to explain it.

    In its very essence, the idea is for players to have an option to transfer their character to another region (From NA to EU, or EU to NA). And with the character, their energy, contribution, dye's, costumes, and more are transferred along. This way, people can freely (Or for some pearls I suppose) move from one region to another if their friends decide to relocate, or for other reasons. I am certain many players would appreciate this option, and it seems to be a common thing in other MMO's. It would be yet another thing that makes BDO more attractive to the public, a useful feature that satisfies both players, and gives DAUM a reason to steal a few pearls from our pocket (Although free would be even better, although very unlikely!).
    Now I get that this is not something easily done. A few things that immediately spring to mind are issues with transferring account (or server) bound stats. If you move your highest character, then what is the new energy/contribution of your remaining chars based on? Does it all transfer to the new region or not? Questions I can not answer here, and I am sure the team that will eventually have to work on this will flesh out.
    But enough rambling about. I hope this gets a bit of attention.

    A hopeful player.
  14. Bonjour,
    Je me suis connecté il y a une semaine, pour m'appercevoir que mes personnages ont tous été supprimés, quelqu'un pourrait m'expliquer pourquoi?
    Merci, tous!
  15. If you want to improve quality of life, for the love of everything change the damn CD on character deletion. There is absolutely no reason for me to need to wait 24 hours on a character i didn't even spend 30 minutes on.
    There's no argument to not making the 24 hour CD a choice thing rather than forcing everyone to wait as long. It's completely unnecessary 'feature'.
    Please change it.
  16. Description: The Change Character Location function seems to not work if the user has more then 10 Characters. If we try to move the 9th character upwards it will not budge.
    Login to BDO account with 10 characters.Navigate to SELECT CHARACTER screen.Select Change Character Location button.Move the 10th Character up using the arrows that appear.Try and move this same character into the 8th slot.Result:
    The Dark knight in this picture will not budge after these steps are complete. It can be moved down again to the 10th slot but not into the 7th 6th etc.

  17. I created a new character, pressed the button that said complete character creation and it saved. Took me back to the choose character screen. It shows the character I created, but when I connect to the server with that character, it didn't keep most of my character creation settings. It didn't keep my skin tone or eye color, and I think it reset my facial features as well. I restarted the game (or to be more accurate, it keeps closing the whole black desert game just because it lost connection to the server, of which it's done this 8+ times already), start back up, and it does the same thing - load and show the character I created at the character select screen, but then when the game starts, remove most of my character settings.
    is this happening to anyone else? 
  18. Post on Dressed right? in General

    By Redzebrass, posted
    So i was adjusting my sorceress in the beauty shop, and wanted to take a photo for the album, when i noticed the outfit i had chosen the Eckett outfit looked a little off somehow, check the title let me know what you think (^,^ )

  19. So, I would like to ask someone to create an Inori representation of the Dark Knight class. There is already an Inori creation floating around for the Witch (this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP9Ui9YRjdo). Though, I feel like the Dark Knight class would better represent her, yes, because of the sword.
    Is anyone up to the task? Maybe we could get a competition going? And if anyone does this, could they post the download :P.
    Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown-
    I posted some pictures of her below:

  20. Hello,
    Yesterday was the last time i played and everything worked fine. But when i tried to Login today i had to choose a new Family Name and every character from my Account is deleted there is no one left.
    Why does that happen and what can i do?? And dont want to start from the bottom
    Ah okay i solved the Problem
    For everyone who has the same Problem: Check your selected Region because of the new launcher
  21. Hihi! I'll be posting templates here, and hopefully keeping it consistently updated. I will not take requests, but would be more than happy to take suggestions. So if you want to see something in particular made, feel free to post an image and challenge me to do so!
    (While waiting for my character slots to free up, only my dark knight presets will be here!)
    Dark Knight
  22. Hey guys!
    I need a little help or just an explanation.
    I started my 7 day trial today, first time playing and haven't bought the game yet. I log in create character all that awesome stuff. I leveled up till 18 or something like that. Then there is this quest in that big city where I had to speak to some guy and give him the letter, then it showed like a little film thingy where you could watch the cut scene, I pressed it and bam the cut scene rolled. But after it was over... I couldn't speak to anyone anymore. I could only attack and press tab. And since I couldn't even press ESC to log out i had to close the game with Task Manager.
    Then I log in... and it again asked me to write my family name.. I found that weird so I wrote the same I had before and my character was simply gone  
    Is it because I have 7 day free trial or something? I was thinking of buying the game. So now I'm a little disappointed. If anyone knows the issue please do comment.
    Thank you for any kind of help!
  23. As you can see here https://gyazo.com/ce97ca14589a353c2f5f66151467ca6f

    I cant arrange my character order from the selection screen.
    How can i fix this or find an alternative to get my main to the first spot?
  24. Will the terrible long neck of the wizard be shorten? I find that it ruins my character creation
    It honestly look likes a bug, so anytime soon that it get fixed? Hopefully it can be hotfixed.
    or am I the only one who are bothered about this  
  25. I was bored and I somehow got a hold of my chara's inside of his head, apparently no brain but he has his eyes facing inside lol