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  1. I am trying to create a character creation for my sorc and wicht but it takes weeks and I do not get the result that I want erasing the previous creations starting from zero and nothing
    If someone can help me or has the creation and can pass me it would be helping me a lot I prefer it for the sorc but if you have it for the wicht or other kind I do not care so I make screenshots of each trait of the face and then recreation in the 2 classes I want to sorc and wicht but I will have exactly the details to create them in the 2 classes I love (prefer sorc)

    You are my last hope
  2. A few patches ago, the lips on the default ranger model had a glitch appear which makes making the lips how you want VERY difficult. This occurs on weather 1 (default), 5 and 7. I'm so used to creating on the default weather that the other options just don't work for me. Never used to happen and I never complained initially since my archer is already made, but I want to use a beauty item to redo her (since she was a very early go at making a character and I have since become much better with the creator) and am finding it frustrating. I figured it would get fixed in the following patch (happened a few weeks back).
    I only have a day left to use my item so I'll have to live with it, but I when I feel like it's time to refine her again I would like not to have anything glitching.
    Also, since well before the lips started glitching, the eyelids glitch out with eyeliners > 50% density.
    Have tried highest settings and high end mode and my usual slightly high settings (which I play in) and it seems to make no difference. Haven't noticed the issue in game, just in the creator.

  3. So while creating the new Dark Knight I was wondering why some hairstyles are locked to specific classes and others are available for all of them.
    Would it be possible to unlock them all for every class to enable a more diverse look for our characters?  I mean they are already created, it's not like asking for something brand new
    Have the devs or the publisher made any statements on this matter in the past? 
  4. Hello pals,
    The title is self explanatory; Show me your best Warrior screenshots, dressed up in your favourite outfits dyed in your favourite colours!
    Please be respectful and only use constructive criticism if anything.
  5. In this type of game i like to make the character like me and I want to play other class but i can't because that class is for other gender and i can't make the character like me.
  6. Greeting everone.
    I have a bug with my new younger wizard character, I can not modifier the ears forme. and the legs length,
    the legs length of my character are not the same ( showing In the picture, I can not change them same as use apparence change coupon)
    this bug only with the younger wizard i gusse, cause my other character havent same problem.
    please help me.... I wanna creat some preferct wizard character..
    Thank you !

    dose anyone have the same problem??? thank you 
  7. I represent a member of your LGBTQ fanbase in America, and there are many fans who enjoy creating beautiful male characters as much as beautiful female ones.  The fact that this game shows so little attention to detail and quality for male characters is a huge black mark in an otherwise excellent world setting and game experience.  It is terrible to play a game with one of the most amazing character creation systems ever, and be unable to appear as one wishes to appear on each class.  Every female class is classically attractive, and capable of producing a wide range of different appearances.  Only three of the five male classes are (and don't even get me started on the ridiculous gender locking of classes, and the inbalance of male to female characters).  This is a major stumbling block for myself, and also I know for many others like me (both male and female, LGBTQ and allies).  Please address this in a timely fashion, as it seems well within the reach of the technology you have already created for this amazing game to allow for greater diversity of appearance in male characters, both face AND body.  And if you'd really like to make us gay guys jump for joy, consider de-genderlocking your classes (especially classes with no clear story purpose to be gender locked).

    PS:  Attached are some of my characters, including my attempt at a decently attractive wizard.  However, even if the face textures are replaced, the old body is still a problem too.  Please fix!

  8. I am having issues with character creation - when I select "body" in the customization menu, the game crashes. Also, when I select face or hair customization, the sliders are locked and the mouse-over sliders are not available i.e. I can't customize hair or facial features.

  9. There are several shades of unnatural colors for both hair and eyes while the natural colors are mostly missing. 
    Please fix this! 
    We need several shades of browns for both hair and eyes. We need dirty blonde hair that looks natural in all lighting and doesn't transform into neon yellow at night.
    I see several shades of neon green eyes running around the game that resemble Warcraft's fel green rather than any shade of green you would see on a normal person. It's the same story with a lot of blue eyes I see running around in game. They look like the fluorescent blue from Avatar rather than any human's blue eyes. 
    It's fine to leave these over-the-top neon colors in the game for those that want to look like cartoony anime characters, but we'd also like options to create realistic looking characters without having it feel like it's a huge undertaking. 
  10. One suggestion: Make Musa and Ninja share their hairstyles.
    I find it sad that i can't use many of the same hairstyles from Musa for Ninja and vice versa. Why not mix them up?
    Would be an easy fix =)
    Like these for example:

  11. Hello BDO players and BDO team! 
    Let's be honest everyone, we ALL love customization options, we ALL love creation and being able to make and mold our characters into our very own. It's like moving into a new shell of what is us, just in a virtual world. Obviously, we all know that BDO is known for it's massive character creation options, sliders, menus, the possibilities are large! But I feel like the character creation screen is lacking ALOT for what it really should be!! We only have a few select styles to work with and modify, which are all really great, but I can't be the only one who feels there should be so much more!! I am also aware that when an MMO is still new all the pretty ideas aren't out on the table, and there's so much more to focus on for the staff, but I can't help but crave and want for more pretty things! Anyone agree? ^_^;; Personally I'd LOVE to see extremely long hair, pigtails, more color pallet for hair, and we ALL know if we had more outfits in the pearl shop with lots of pretty pieces and things, people spend money on fashion, I do ;D LOL. 
    I was thinking of even drawing out and posting my ideas for outfits and hair on this thread. If anyone has anything they want to show and throw in for motivation in hopes the makers will see it, post it right here! I'd love to see it too!!  
    Thanks for your time!  
    -Risa <3
  12. I'm so impressed with the variety in the beauty album! There are some great designs from some really talented people. I know there is already a thread for people who are showing designs they are NOT sharing, so how about a thread for those of us who can't stop designing and uploading to the Beauty Album?  I love sharing designs I'm not using on my current characters, so I'll start. I'm not out to win the event challenge, just want to share and see what others have done! How long did it take you? Have you forgotten your dailies and spend all day in the character creation tool? Feel free to post a screenshot of your album and ***your in-game family name*** so we can all search for your creations! Mine's under violetarc.   

  13. Hey there,
    I was wondering if there was anyone on the forum here willing to give me a hand making a Maehwa/Plum template. I've tried my best but it seems that I am unable to master the character creator to the extent that many of you have. I would like to request that someone make a Scarlett Johansson type of Template for me to use. I've leveled the character to 50 on already with my own creation but I've felt like it is lacking. I would really appreciate it, thanks in advance.
    Picture here for reference, I tried to use a picture of her making the least expressive face possible to make it easier to replicate. Also, don't worry too much about the hair or makeup, I'll likely want to add my own personal touches in that department. 
  14. As the title suggests, i'm having a bit of trouble finding the download link for the character creation tool! ;(
    I searched for it on google and i'm only led to this page:
    Unfortunately there's no download link to be found! Any help?
  15. (Ignore pls if this is already brought up)

    I was tooling around in the character creator, and I noticed after the recent maintenance from a while back, I saw some P's near some of the current hairstyles. So far, they're only on Witch and Tamer ( as shown below ). The handy-dandy little message that your shown is also below.

    For KR, this makes sense since the game over there is F2P... But here, we already pay to even get the game, and now we have to pay further for hairstyles that were free originally, when a single costume is already $30 USD, among other overpriced things in the cash shop. I can't tell if this is just runoff from a patch KR did ( Since the pop-up window clicking one of these hairstyles in the CC is translated ) or a fully permanent decision from now on.

    I'm just wondering what everyone else thinks about this so...
  16. Post on [poll] Pretty or Creepy in Tamer

    By Fxavier, posted
    I thought my little tamer was a cute little girl until some of my friend said she was a creepy doll :'(
    I wanna know if that is how others think she is....
    (Without Glasses)

    (With Glasses)

  17. Update: my character has improved so much from you guys suggestions  
    Thank you you all   I will continue improve my character if you guys have more comment on her   
    *a thank you pic for you all*

    @Skyfrog @Morkelfaun @Kanono @scau @ヤンギレ @Noa @Cat @Flemeth @Eireochd @Rayin @Katzilla @Rozett @RulesBot @Locket @clangpicky @Vannox @Stormwind @Blob @Tsingani @Arithin @Meatjunjun @Desado @Ryuna @Acover @Feyria @Desvero @Garuwashi @iller @Tazmanyak @woots @Kuroshikon @Heroes.Never.Die @Elessara @Nirax
    ---------------------Old Look below--------------------
  18. Hello folks,
    some weeks ago I created a tamer, her lower face (mouth especially) looked totally different from what I created, it looked like the standard face, not what I made. It didn't bother me that much so I didn't create a new one. Now I used a appeariance change cupon, to fix my issue, and have the exact same problem again! Lower face looks exactly like before. I contacted a GM, who sent me a new cupon, what was really great, but the only answer i got about my issue was, that i should explore all features in the character creator, meaning, that it's my fault not the game's. I sent the template to a friend who doesn't has the problem, his char looks ingame like in the creator. I will send a screen too, so you can see the problem yourself.
    I really hope someone can help me, I don't want to use a new cupon, and have the same problem again..:!
    Best wishes Evisa

  19. Hello folks,
    some weeks ago I created a tamer, her lower face (mouth especially) looked totally different from what I created, it looked like the standard face, not what I created. It didn't bother me that much so I didn't create a new one. Now I used a appeariance change cupon, to fix my issue, and have the exact same problem again! Lower face looks exactly like before. I contacted a GM, who sent me a new cupon, what was really great, but the only answer i got about my issue was, that i should explore all features in the character creator, meaning, that it's my fault not the game's. I sent the template to a friend who doesn't has the problem, his char looks ingame like in the creator. I will send a screen too, so you can see the problem yourself.
    I really hope someone can help me, I don't want to use a new cupon, and have the same problem again..:!
    Best wishes Evisa

  20. Welcome to my creative corner!
    I'm WiFiPanda. Just a few days ago I noticed I'm quite not happy with how my character turned out and got really interested in learning about BDO's character creation tool. So I've started to make a few templates for future use or just to have fun creating them, hahaha! 
    I hope you guys enjoy them!
    And if I have time over I can create a template for free if you want or if you would like to have some of the templates I've created. Just message me. 
    I will add more to this thread for you guys to see and will also be working on new templates as time goes.
    Edit: 2016-07-03
    OHOOOOY! SOOOOO, I've decided to share travel photographies, random pictures and other creative images of what I am doing as a university student. I loooooooove to travel and create as many memories as I can while being alive and I thought I'd share it with you guys!
    But I hope you guys enjoy my stuff on this topic!  
    Thank you for your time on this thread!
    Champions from League of Legends
    Lux ( Maehwa )
    Sona ( Maehwa, also in Sorc version )
    Edit: 2016-05-25 Added Ashe. ( Ranger ) 
    Update: 2016-6-06. Gave Ashe long hair.
    Update: 2016-09-02. Changed Ashe's appearance. Gave her fuller lips.
    Edit: 2016-05-26 Added Riven and Cassiopeia.
    Riven ( Maehwa )
    Cassiopeia ( Sorc )
  21. Du bist eine absolute Nase was Charakter Edition angeht?

    Dein Gesicht sieht aus wie ein Ziegelstein?

    Lass dich nicht Lumpen wie Lumpi und holle dir eine Fratze die dir eventuell zusagt.

  22. From looking at the character creation it looks like they intended to add more voice variety but never did. This is obviously a trivial issue but there is just as equally simple solution! Overlap some of the class voices, I might be unclear so here is an example.
    I have a Warrior and this guy can borrow the voice of Berserker and Musa. Or perhaps the Witch shares voicings of Valkyrie and Kunoichi. That is it gives players an option to somewhat sound different without needing to hire new voice actors. Perhaps it is a silly thought but I think Musa sounds cool and the voice for Witch is a bit "nagging."
  23. Could you please add sliders to adjust head size? A slider would do but all 3D would be even better. Currently especially sorceress has such a small head compared to her body and neck that it is making her look quite ridiculous.
    I believe this is a realistic addition which should not require too much work. It should lead to increased sales for appearance change coupons and thus generate revenue as well.
  24. It would be helpful. Its hard to judge the characters scale during creation.
    A small, but probably easy fixable problem I have with creating new characters, is that you cannot tell how tall they are
    in comparison to,say,an average person of the world. There is no height meter. This means that you have to 'guess-and-check'
    when you create your character,and if its wrong,you get to wait 24-hours as your character deletes itself.
    Perhaps a simple height meter on the side,when in the menu for adjusting body proportions? Since all classes have different height, the shortest may not be what you think it is.
  25. In character creation, under "Standby Expression". The first expression is a "neutral" expression. Sliding the bar from 0% to 100% should do nothing (as it does nothing to all female classes except Tamer).
    However, on Tamer, if you slide the bar from 0% to 100%, the character will do a mild smile expression. This is unique to a Tamer and will not happen to any other female classes.
    Here comes the troublesome part of this issue. 
    In the character creation screen, the character will always do the neutral 100% expression regardless of what you set as her standby expression.
    In game the character will do the expression you set in creation. (while idle)
    In the pearl shop the character will always do the neutral 0% expression regardless of what you set as her standby expression.
    It is near impossible to fine tune the mouth part of a Tamer because of this bug. 
    If you set the standby expression to 0%, you can not adjust her face accordingly because you can not see that reflected on the character's face during creation. (unless you keep switching back and forth between Face Shape and Standby Expression and use your imagination to compensate the difference.)
    If you set the standby expression to 100%, you can fine-tune her face in character creation and the in-game idle face looks perfect. However when you open the pearl shop it mess-up your mouth because in pearl shop it is always set to 0% expression.
    This is very confusing and it stands out as an issue comparing to other classes.
    To reproduce this, follow these steps:
    1. Go to character creation, select Tamer as the class.
    2. Click on the top-right face modifiers.
    3. Click on the Standby Expression.
    4. Under the default "neutral" face, slide the bar from 0% to 100%. You will notice that she will do a mild smile expression (on the mouth).
    PS. This will only happen to tamer. I tested all other female classes, sliding the bar I mentioned above from 0% to 100% will do nothing.
    I had submitted this through the CBT2 bug report system (ticket number 100562)but im not sure if that bug report system is still up and running. So I figure I should submit a copy here as well.