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  1. I've seen a few game character models based on our favorite TV shows. In the spirit of the new season of Game of Thrones, I give you...
    Daenerys Targaryen, the First of Her Name,Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, called Daenerys Stormborn, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons.
    If you are a fan, Give me a High-Five! Or show me your best Game of Thrones Character model

  2. In honor of Conan O'brien's visit to South Korea I made this monstrousity.
  3. This button here:

    And this is the reason why:
  4. So I created a tamer yesterday, but today when I try to find that character there is no such thing on any of the servers...??
    What's up with that? I tried every server and no tamer...
    Anyone else had that happen?
  5. I just began playing and created a couple of characters and both times selected some clothes but both times when the button was clicked to create the character the clothes were some random selection that I had not chosen.
    Not a huge deal but still annoying.
    Anyone else had this to happen?
  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned or not (because it seems pretty obvious...) BUT ALAS!
    As the title says, have the ability to check if a character name is available on the character creation, prior to actually creating the character.
    This could allow people to cycle through available options before finally settling on a name they'd like to use. Could also save a lot of hassle, especially considering it takes 24 hours to delete a level 1.
    Rather surprised BDO doesn't have this in place already! ;o
  7. First thing's first, I LOVE this game. It's depth is unlike any other I've seen before and i'm the type of player that really appreciates that. It's sometimes really scary how I can just set the game to a certain photo-mode and stare off into the beautiful distance for about 10 minutes before i realize it's not real life. 

    However, there are some minor tweaks I think would subtly, but also greatly, benefit the game. That is: the color palette/selection in character creation.

    With the new character slots and classes Musa and Maehwa, I once again have a chance to create a new character. However, after creating 6 different characters I've realized that the whole color scheme is a bit... wonky.

    Rant Part:

    Most of the colors are in order, but in some instances they're completely scrambled which is really a hassle sometimes. Likewise, most of the colors do add up to what they should look like on my character, but some are just really far off. Ex: if I click what looks like to be dark-brown for hair on the palette, it shouldn't seem so orange. Same goes for eyes and skin color. Additionally, I feel like there should be more variability when it comes to actual eye color customization. Ex: there is no "Red" for "iris" but there are about 4 different purples and about 6 or so yellows (this is the really scrambled color palette). I can still make red eyes though, it's just more challenging than it should be. Likewise, I can manage to make a black or red Sclera (white part of the eye) but it would be nice to have that as an added feature. 
    End Rant.

    Mainly, it would be nice to see a more organized color palette in some sections in the character creation as well as a more variable color scheme (maybe even user created/controlled) and verify that certain colors should match what they imply.

    I know from what little experience I have that coding is hard and making and maintaining a game is even harder, but I'm sure a large amount of the player-base would appreciate this little trifle.

    If anyone has any suggestions, comments, or edits I would appreciate it. Lets try and get this fixed yeah?
  8. Here is my Sorceress and my Pets and also my new Tier 3 Sheperd!!

  9. I know Daum probably won't bother acknowledging this or taking my request into consideration, but it is worth a shot.
    Black Desert has an amazing character customization system that is one of the most detailed I've ever seen a video game. Players have spent hours upon hours perfecting every little detail on their character before finally loading them into the game. With how extensive the customization is, many players are bound to have second opinions on their virtual appearance once they see their character in the world, or maybe they forgot to adjust a slider. A lot of the characters end up looking very different in the overworld then they did in the character creation interface. It also takes 24 hours to delete a character, and if all your character slots are full, this means you must wait an entire day. I think it would be a great addition to the pearl shop if we could also purchase appearance change coupons with loyalties, since forking over 10 bucks just to change some details on your character isn't something everyone is happy to do at the drop of a hat. Much like being able to purchase more character slots with loyalties in addition to having a real-money alternative, maybe you could charge somewhere around 5,000 loyalties for one appearance change coupon? 
  10. I tried to create a ranger and customize her for 2 hours! In the customization window, she looks like this 
    In the character selection, She looks like this

    But why in game, SHE LOOKS LIKE THIS???!!!

    Does anybody know how to deal with this? Thanks a lot!
  11. I was thinking that I spend a lot of time in character creation like many of you. My suggestion is that the character creation launcher that was given before the game's release (which was awesome, thanks daum team), becomes available again. Being it available all the time or a just 1 week before a character is released so that we can create the character and as soon as it's available, upload the file and play with it right away.
    Let me know what you think.
  12. Anyone knows where i can find some good witch templates? I've looked around but all i could find was a site with really bad ones and old ones as the site seems to have not been updated for ages.
  13. Is anyone else having the problem where their characters are not appearing in-game? Like for my characters they have the original hair colors and body and face then the ones I made? I haven't been on for a while since I have been dealing with school and this was the first time I have went on since then? Is there something I missed? 
    In the picture, that is what my character is supposed to look like, but instead she doesn't have that face nor hair color, but the hair style she does have.

    I apparently have more fun making characters than I do actually playing the game...THUS, for public ridicule viewing, I present to you various faces (both serious and horrifying) for your viewing dis/pleasure...Updated semi-frequently and most likely not categorized...abandon hope all ye who enter...
    A Gorilla
     I don't even...
     Abraham Lincoln
    More (unfortunately) to come. I'm prone to boredom/inspiration, so bug me if you want me to work on a face or something.
  15. I had a hard time recreating the look of my girl friend with the character editor - mostly due to my limited artistic abilitites I fear.
    So I wrote a small tool that allows you to overlay the editor (in windows mode) with a semi transparent photo, while still enabling the mouse to use the character editor - the overlaying image can be toggled transparent to your mouse.
    I blogged about it here, you find the download at the end of the blog. Its an exe file, so Windows will warn you - I give a couple of tips to mitigate that risk - or if you want to be on the ultimatively safe side, go to Github and compile it on your own...
    Helped me a lot - just still struggeling with the predefined face forms, they need to be a bit more flexible...

  16. So, I got the idea from this thread and I thought it would be nice to have a more formal thread with ratings that aren't scattered everywhere
    1 character per postBe kind and respectfulDetailed opinions optionalHave fun
    Please use this format:
    Rating (x/10)
    Your Screenshot
    I will start us off with my sorceress!

  17. While changing characters I noticed that my characters are certainly NOT looking the way I created them. In fact they look completely different. (See picture attachments)
    My question is WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?! I know I sure as hell didnt create them to look the way they do in game.

    The most noticeable change would be with my Giant. Who I spent quite a bit of time on to make him look like some sort of badass orc type thing.
    My Wizard doesnt look TOO different... Aside from the fact that his hair is white now like default, and his eyes are certainly not the cataract milky white that I specifically made them to be.
    (I also think he gained a few feet in height because I originally made him as short as possible but now he doesnt need a stepping stool to have a face to face conversation with a Tamer.)

  18. So the other day I created a beserker. Spent roughly an hour on the customization which is where some of the frustration lies. After clicking to finalize the creation process, it brought me back to the general character selection screen yet my new berserker wasnt there. In fact, the entire slot is blank - completely inaccessible to delete or select to go in game. Just a wasted slot now.
    Please help. I'd like the slot back first and foremost, but if we were able to regain the exact character settings as well that'd be ideal. I've attached evidence of the problem.

  19. I'm creating a witch and I can adjust everything else it seems but when it comes to the hair I don't see any blue areas to alter. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but it kinda sucks! I wanted to have really long hair but there's no way to move anything around. Has anyone else had this problem? ._.
  20. Hi, I just started out today and I'm having a problem. 
    I'm not sure if the character design changes later on, but my character won't show any of the original designs I've created when I started to enter the game.  
    Hair color is different from what I picked in the character creation tool as well as make-up.
    I tried to make a new character, but it's still the same.

  21. Hello. So I am having a problem with the character creation tool. Every edit I make, besides the hairstyle, doesn't go through once i actually start playing the game. However, my characters end up looking exactly how I made them in the character selection screen. Is there a way to fix this? I just bought Black Desert Online last night and I am really hoping that i can continue playing without the character creator tool being bugged. 
  22. OK, so I am a bit salty about this issue with wizards being.... really horrible to look at. For a game that boasts how god like it's character creation is. WHY IS IT SO TERRIBLE FOR THE WIZARD?! 
    But ok i get that most people like the idea of a wizard being and old decrepit looking thing, but that's just a REALLY outdated character trope (BUT THAT SHIT SHOULDN'T BE FORCED ON YOU)
    It really feels like the choice was taken away from me, and it sucks.
    MEANWHILE the wizard with boobs gets to be young and hot cuz it's got boobs. LIKE WHYYYYYY?
    I would really like to see this changed 
    It really ruins the whole game for me, and it's the reason i'm just not gonna play because no other class has any appeal. 
    Unless this is changed or a nice looking male version of SORC comes out i won't be playing.
  23. Post on Hair color in New Adventurers

    By Kayray, posted
    So i just joined the game and created a new character. You know how it is, you put in like hours into it making things just right and all that, but when i got into the game my hair color just changed into blonde. I recreated the character similarly with similar results. Any suggestions why i cant get the colors i want ? The color i went for is black with purple in there. I put shine all the way, but that shouldn't change hair color. Thanks in advance.
  24. I tried to Make Conor McGregor.
  25. I think She/He came out pretty well lol