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  1. I feel Daum really failed at making character creation cater to the North American and European regions. In character creation, the templates are very limited and don't encourage diverse looks. It is very difficult to make hooded eyes not look hooded, and the shapes of the character's faces also appear Asian. I think they should add more character templates that allow players to look like any group of people around the world. It's not just the facial features that are very limited, the hairstyles are as well. Not everyone has or wants perfectly straight hair as it appears to be in Asian countries. And that hair "curling" feature? Come on now, you can do better than that. There is a lot of praising of the Black Desert character creation, but I feel it is extremely limited compared to an imported MMO such as Blade & Soul. Blade & Soul, also a Korean MMORPG, did a considerably better job of porting their game to the West. Blade & Soul's character creation has MANY different hair styles, and face and body templates. Also, editing the physical appearance of characters in BnS results in much more impacting changes. I honestly feel like the release of Black Desert was rush and little effort was put into optimizing the game for the West.
    I would like to know if anyone else feels this way. Have you been annoyed by this too, has it subtly bothered you, or does it not matter to you at all?
  2. *****IF YOU WANT TO ADD SOMETHING, this thread is NOT about adding new hairstyles, tattoos, boob sizes, etc. This thread is purely functionality and usability.
    Alright folks, I love love love Black Desert's character creation. It is flipping fantastic and I've spent hours on it. But, as an avid customizer who spends hours doing so in each game she plays, it is clunky and time consuming. (More than it should be)

    So for you guys I have tried my darnedest in making an easy to read list of functionalities that would valueadd+++ to the user-experience in creation & editing.
    Add a rain effect toggle to the weather optionsWe need to see that sleek and shiny body in action <3Assuming rain effect is different from the skin shiny slider* 
     Allow users to Edit Pose from Default (the stick figure pose) or In Game StanceUsers aren't always creative from scratch, and they don't all have the time to spend making a workable posePossibility: Have some pre-made poses users can switch between with a click. (battle, flirting, shy, pointing, leaning, etc)Sometimes all I want is a small pose change for editing
     Allow users to select more than one feature to edit during Face Editing Not talking 'bout that symmetry stuff, I love that thing. I'm talking "I click all three upper lip sections and move them with sliders at the same timeChanges to Layout
    Allow users to toggle hat in every sectionI was making a wizard, and to see the hairstyles by themselves AND under the hat I had to: exit to see hair with hat, go back to hair, exit to see hair with hat, change the weather, repeat process... a toggle would save the User time
     Rename the weather from 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 to CAVE, NIGHT, INN, DUSK, DAWN, FOG, NOON etcthe circle labels are more than big enough to fit a three-five letter word, and would give the User context for the different lighting. Currently the number 1 2 or 3 gives ZERO substance to the User.
     Allow users to toggle weather in every sectionSee the two above commentsLogic (coding, simple to medium complexity fixes)
    When a user has NOT made a change, allow the user to flip between temporary saves with no Confirmation Box people make minuscule edits, this would help with the photoshop-esque process of char creation
     Allow user to move every tattooI feel sad when I can't be unique, and some of the tattoo's would be absolutely fantastic if I could move them. Ex. Golden Frame Glasses on the Ranger, I could tilt this into an intricate gold crown or head jewelry
     When creating a Save File, have it remember the most recent Save File name.Say I saved my file as DarkMagic1, I changed her hair and I like it better, lets save over it! Wait.... What did I name the previous file? *scrolls through saves* Ah! There it is! *spends time retyping it* *saves* *repeats process five minutes later all over again*You can see how tedious this can be for a user who saves often or has many char saves.... and a bad memory
     Make View setting permanentY U RESET MY VIEW ALL THE TIME? I only ever edit characters with an immobile head, and that's important to me. I even ragequit once and took a break because it kept resetting when I switched to makeup or etc. It's annoying to put back, but it's also confusing for my eyes & sanity after I've been staring at an immobile head for fifteen minutes and then it turns to look at me. 
    Suggestions from others:
    Add a "Do not show this again" button to confirmation windows, such as the one under facial expressions or loading a save file.
  3. Dear Devs
    Please consider making character deletion time a lot shorter if the character is under 10. Considering it only takes 10-15 minutes to level up to that point. It doesn't feel very good to have to wait a whole day if you decide something is wrong in that amount of time. This gives players a chance to tweak the appearance, get the general feel of combat and clear any mistakes they may not have noticed like a spelling mistake.
    On a side note, Changing the idle face of the character really shouldn't cost anything if there are only 5 or 6 expressions. If anything they should just be part of regular emotes that hold when standing idle. Having your face stuck in a smile or frown really is a bit much.
  4. I just recently found out about this game, and i wanted to download the character creation demo first (to try it out). But it seems that everytime i go to the page, where the file should be, it's not. I don't know if it's because they removed it or something, but i just can't seem to find it. I've always loved character customization in a game, so i desperatedly need help.
  5. Valkyrie


  6. Is there a way to add the character introduction once the character has been made and played ?  It takes me awhile to get a feel for the rp of a particular character and was waiting to do my introduction later.  I do not see a way to do this now, nor can I find any info on the all knowledgeable google.
  7. After a couple hours I finally managed to make Geralt. I think it's pretty close, tell me what you guys think!


    I guess I forgot the scar lol

    Best I could do as this game doesn't seem to have scar options.
  8. !! I will not be accepting any new requests! I will be finishing the ones I have now. Thanks! !!
    Since I enjoy character creation a ton I thought I'd make a thread for requests.
    It can be of a celebrity, an interpretation of a character, or just a custom request!
    Please note that because character creation is limited, exact replicas are not guaranteed. I will do what I can with what I have.
    I will send you the file via private message. To install, drag the file here: C:\User\Documents\Black Desert\Customization and start up your game.

    Order Forms
    Note: If possible, having 3 photos- front facing, side, and 3/4 view, is very helpful!
    If you're requesting a celebrity OR character from photo reference...
    If you're requesting a custom design...
    bold = started
  9. Trumpy the wizard!
  10. So when will we get the gifts to all who entered the Character Creation Event to win some stuff and acquire the In Game Title and the 7 day Karlstein Costume?
  11. So I wanted to make you see that what you can do with character creation and you are complaining that wizard is too old! Well he is, but I edited witch class to look like male. And I think I did good. So if you want to play as young male wizard just create female witch and make her look like a boy or man. It is so easy to do so   You can make him/her sound like a man too.  I dont play as males, but I just wanted to show you people that you can create young "male" Witch 

  12. I would like it if I could create an average looking male character for the male-locked classes.  After reading how wonderful character creation was in BDO I was excited thinking about how this game could let me come closer to my visions for these characters than any games before it.   But then I got in and found that not only are there only 3 classes that can even have male characters, but none of those classes support even a close to normal, average looking human male.  I can be some kind of giant ogre beserker, some ridiculous looking square-jawed beefy man beefcake McMuscles, or Gandalf.
    I've spent hours fiddling with these 3 possibilities, and the closest to an actual human being I can build is from the wizard.  If you mask the wrinkly face under facial hair & eyeliner you can kind of get to a 50 year old average looking guy.  Well, maybe closer to 60.
    I understand why they would give 4 female classes that can all be tweaked into attractive young women, I like playing as the pretty ladies sometimes myself.  These guys know their market.  But for those of us males that want to have a main that is our own gender we are severely limited.
    If they really believe that their game is more fun to play because of their restrictions, I guess there is nothing to be done.  But if they are willing to give a little leeway, I'd like to see the ability to make a warrior and/or beserker with an average male body shape, and wizards that can be any age down to young adult (in their 20s).
  13. If so I can't seem to find a link to download it. I've gone to the page with the videos of it but can't seem to find the actual link. If it's not up then thank
    you for your time.
  14. I just finished the download of the Character Creation standalone but the Play button is disabled. There's no more way to play just the creation part?
  15. So i made this in char creation client , then did a little change here and there during CBT2 and saved it into a new file:

    So... yeah... I just started the game, opened up that one file, and this happened:

    What the hell? what do i do?  Am i really gonna have to spend another 3h working on that beautiful char i made, instead of playing the game like i planned on?
  16. Looking to create a new, or your first, character? Have an idea in your head that you're just not sure how to put down in a way you like? Want some peer review for your upcoming creation, to gauge how other people think about the person you plan to put your mind into? Then this is the thread for you!
    Decided to create this thread to either help new people to get started, or for a more open-grounds workshop. Given we seem to be a friendly bunch, I'm sure having something like this around would be a great boon for those looking for help in fleshing out, developing, or otherwise create their characters in a way that they'll be able to enjoy! So? What are you waiting for? Get to questioning!
    Helpful resources (In no particular order)
    (links coming in post update due to forum bug.)
    Beginner's Guide to Roleplay - BDO thread by Arden Ammund. Contains videos that could be of use.Black Desert Lore - Lore gathered by the BDO community. Good read to ensure your character does not conflict with key aspects of the game's history!Black Desert Roleplayers - Fan site dedicated to all things BDO-RP...I'd have a lynch mob after me if I didn't mention them. (this is a joke, they seem a good bunch.)Guide to RP - general purpose guide to the art of Roleplaying, by or attributed to one Heather Hamilton.A Little Bit of Personality - Great website about character typing, typing analysis and identification, and the creation of a more in-depth character in general.Writer's Tools - Tools written up awhile ago by me, made to assist writers/RPers with fleshing out their characters and in general world-building and story writing. More will be added in time...when I finally get around to it. Eventually.
  17. Hey all, not sure if this has been answered before, but I was unable to find anything on this topic in my forum search, hence the post. I apologize if this has been discussed previously elsewhere and I just missed it.
    I realize there is a 24-hour waiting period upon deleting a character, so my question is this: if I delete my character so that I can recreate him/her later, do I risk losing the name I reserved within that 24-hour time-frame?
    Thanks in advance.
  18. I do not want to attach an image here, as im sure nudity will get me in trouble. I have a screenshot though, if a GM or someone here wants to contact me about it. When im in character creation for the valkyrie, if i select underwear as a costume, she is completely naked. I can replicate it every time, and its only on valkyrie.
  19. When creating a character in the Wear Costume dialog box what does the "P" (1st 3 icons for me) stand for as I select one and when character is created she not wear those close but instead a green dress
  20. A few problems with character creation:
    1. No head scaling, we can scale the individual body parts but nothing can be done with the head size. After scaling the body to be larger the head always remains the same and the character just ends up looking freakishly weird. We really need a slider to change the overall size of the head, really not hard to add this and should have already been included.
    2. The Witch's body scaling is flawed at the forearms and from the waist down, you only have to set the "body weight" controller scale to max to notice this problem. The most likely reason for this is because of robes being the main outfit and was implemented this way to prevent mesh clipping, however 1 or 2 other classes have this common issue (sorceress) and the body scaling for them is perfectly adequate in all regards. Fix the body scaling for the Witch class please, this should be a high priority since the class is liked by many and will only become more of a problem later if it is not addressed.
  21. Though the character creation is quite in depth which is incredible in my opinion, the only issue I have is the set genders for the classes, where a ranger can only be a female, or a warrior be a male. Which for those who may only like to play per say female characters, they will not really like this and if they play these male only classes they may feel genuinely uncomfortable doing so or opt out of playing those classes all together even if they are interested, and this could work vice versa for someone with a strong preference for male characters. This itself creates a kind of limitation on character creation because you are unable to play the gender you want of the class you want. Which can break some of the immersion which this game appears to have a heavy focus on. So though you are given a lot of freedom in character creation, to me there are also massive limits on it.
  22. I love the character creator, however I would love it even more if it had:
    More variety in base hairstyles, especially more ethnically diverse hairstyles, but also things like more variety in side-parted hair, pig & pony tails, buns, buzz cuts, etc. If you wanted to add these via the cash shop, I'd be okay with that, being used to it in Guild Wars 2. Curly hair definitely leaves something to be desired and could be improved, as well.More body variety. I was really disappointed that I couldn't make a short, fat wizard. Some people would like to be able to make more "butch" female characters or more effeminate male characters as well.More tattoo variety, including scars. This is also something that could be in the cash shop, but I'd be perfectly happy if there were just more choices. I made some pseudo-scarring on a wizard's face by choosing a certain tattoo and then choosing a fleshy color for it, but more realistic scars would be AWESOME. 
  23. Post on My Feedback in Suggestions

    By Dali, posted
    I was not able to play in CBT2 nearly as much as I did in CBT1.  But these my thoughts/suggestions.
    Character creation:
    1.  Remove the gender/race locks.  It is ridiculous to think that ONLY an elf can be an archer, or that elves can only be archers.  What if I want an elven wizard? Or an elven warrior?  Only a female sorcerer?  I understand the lore says females are more magically inclined, but these limitations are simply irritating, and as I cannot see any real difference between the functions of the classes that share the same traits for different genders, what is the point other than to make things more difficult for the developers, as well as to frustrate your player base?
    2.  More base options on the creator.  Not the customization controls (I like those the way they are, with only the exceptions noted below), but the base options.  I am hoping this part is as basic as it is simply because this is Beta, and at launch it will be better... but just in case, I am throwing my 2cp out here.
               A.  The hair styles for each class are all pretty much the same thing, with only a few variations (like the braids on the Valkyrie).  But for the most part, I personally do not like any of the current female options.  French braid?  Great.. if it didn't poof around my face like some 1980's hairdo!  More long hair options!  There are only a couple long hair options, and if they are pulled to the side or anything, then most of the customization controls do not work!  (The one long one that pulls around front.. you can change how far it goes down the chest , and the length of the few strands left dangling on the "pulled around side"... and that's it!)
               B.  All of the base presets are the exact same face with only slight texture variations.  It takes A LOT of time and effort to make them look like something else, and while I enjoy that part of the process, I do not want it to FEEL LIKE WORK!  The presets should actually be different faces, not slight (almost unnoticeable) variations of the same thing.  Change the facial structure, the ethnic group, the hair, whether it looks "cartoony", "anime", "realistic" etc.  
               C.  Remove the age/body restrictions from the Tamer.  I have no desire to play as a pubescent teen character.  Too many games are catering to this for whatever reason, and I wont play those races in other games either, no matter how much I want the class (same reason I would not play the Reaper in Tera, although I REALLY REALLY wanted to).  There are enough customization options already built into this game that players can choose to make their toons as young and small as they want.  But let those of us that want them have mature characters regardless of what race/class we choose.
    Game play:
    1.  The cursor misalignment that others have mentioned.  I do not play in full screen...ever.. so that option really isn't a solution for me.  I experienced this as well, so that's all I will say on it.  
    2.  Amity quests with the NPC's, I noticed when I was building Amity, none of them would give me the quests, even when I met the Amity level noted in the tooltip.  I even tried logging out and back in, as well as leaving the area and returning... nothing would induce them to give up the goods!
    3.  Quests vs. contribution points.  I know in CBT1 I had to return to the beginning area to do a bunch of quests, but as I went through it again in CBT2, I noticed that there are almost no quests in the beginning other than ones given by the black thing (who REALLY needs a changed voice-over...).  His quests do nothing for contribution points to an area, and so it is impossible to actually start building our links to other places, without having to run all the way back when we get higher level!  I ran all over the beginning area with 3 different toons, got all of the people except the lazy chicken expert... never did find him... and still... no quests.  The only ones I saw were the Amity ones, and as I mentioned... they weren't sharing.  
    4.  Gathering and Crafting.  I did not get into this much in CBT1 or 2.  (No crafting in CBT2 at all, but I have been gathering) But I have been playing BnS, which operates on a "have someone else do the crafting" basis... and I have to say... I do NOT like it.  The gathering in this game is MUCH better than in BnS, so I'll leave that alone... but I want the individual crafting, or even some mix of the two.  The feeling of accomplishment when you have been working to master a craft, and create new exciting armors, weapons, etc. will just not be there with this method, since there is no "mastering" of a craft.  And getting anything done this way takes FOREVER!  Hopefully it wont be as outrageously demanding to craft something as simple as a key if its needed in this game,...  
    5.  I have to own 15 different houses to run different trade-skills and have more space in my vault to hold all the mats?!?!  I love having my own place, but this game takes that and turns us into land barons to get anything done!
              The houses for vault space should be replaced with in-game items (not cash shop items) to expand that space, as many other games do it. 
              I think instanced housing works better, but I liked the Archeage method of combining tradeskills, farming, and a house into a single, or few places (just not their taxes...).  Particularly given this game's lack of quick transport, having this many houses  all over the map is not practical, even for someone that ONLY does crafting/trading... that wont be me BTW... I like to PLAY, not WORK.
    I know I am forgetting some things, but I will stop...
  24. Why close the creator? I mean, I guess to save on server costs and to prepare for launch, but isn't the whole point of the char creator to prepare characters for launch? When launch arrives, there will be a surge of people grabbing for names.

    Did Daum mention anything about the character deletion timer for launch? In beta it was an inexcusable 24 hours(who puts a 24 hour timer in a beta lasting some days?).
    If I'm to go with default characters just to grab names I want, will there be any way I can remake the character and still keep my name? For example, in Guild Wars 2 there's a 24 hour window where the name you gave a character cannot be taken by anyone else, but you are free to delete the character and remodel it as you wish with the guarantee that your name will still be yours to use on any new character during that time period.
    In my opinion, Daum should switch the char deletion timer to the name deletion timer, or at the very least make it so we do not have to wait 24 hours just to remake a character because our Valkrie's nose doesn't look quite right in game. Thankfully in the beta there was extra servers to make a new class on, but the 24hr wait is a bit ridiculous altogether. While it may be there as a safety mechanism to prevent hackers from deleting your characters, I think Daum should already have a rollback system in place like every single other MMO; many of which are quite old.

    Just my opinion.
  25. Hello fellows, i noticed when you are creating a character and the box with all the colors showing up, for example hair option.
    Its gets really complicated for "us" colorblind people to guess wich color it is. If you could make a name on the color when the mouse is hovering over it, it would be awesome!
    Its not so awesome when you see the green and yellow as the same color, and then the gear is orange and you think, "this is freaking awesome" but in real life look like a clown
    It's the only problem i had so far with colors that is annoying me deeply, please add color names in character creation <3