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  1. Curiously--
    Is there no plan to have the ability to change the coloration, style or look of any female character's facial hair? beyond eyelashes and such-- similar in the same vein that you can change for the male's.
    It threw me off to make an alternate colored hair Valkyrie, to find she would keep her reddish eyebrows. Regardless of her hair style or color. Same with any of the other female classes.
    Or did I miss something?
  2. The biggest thing that pops out to me right at the start of everything is the color selection for hair, eyes, and tattoos. It's very limited and really really needs to be switched to a RGB slider or color wheel that will allow people to choose their own custom colors. It's an easy feature to do and is one of the biggest things that would help perfect the amazing character creation engine you guys have built.
    *side note* Larger selection of tattoos would be incredibly nice.

  3. I wasn't really finding many videos on how to import your characters appearance so I decided to go ahead and make one!
    Black Desert - Import Your Character Appearance!
  4. I think that I can't make a better one, I am so proud.
    (This is off-topic )
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone here could try and make a Wizard that looks just like Chef Ramsay, you can find the character I'm rolling with at the moment inside my forum profile (Cover Photo) Could you please help me out?
    Much love <3
  6. Post on Hair Length in General

    By Elvi, posted
    Hello everyone,
    Sometime ago I saw this picture of a character:
    It makes me wonder how they made the hair so long, since the original hairstyle is a lot shorter.

    I am aware that you can change the length of the hair, but when I tried it out myself in the character creation I could not get it that much longer. 
    So is it some mod or is it some cash shop thing to make hair even shorter/longer? Or I'm doing something wrong.. '-'
  7. I feel like I'm missing something, I like it a lot, but I think there's something I could improve on

  8. Here is my berserker char, I took inspiration from the Red Hulk, His name is Smash Smash.  SMASH! DEM PUNY HUMANS! 
    I just know im going to loOOOove the berzerker, i mean c'mon who doesn't want to smash and crush enemies all day long?
  9. So... I got the name Akihiko Kayaba, and if you don't know (which you probably do) he's the antagonist in Sword Art Online S1.
    I need someone to make a warrior that looks like him, now I know how hard it is to make warriors into anime characters, but do your best! 
    I'd like to see some like this:

    And some like this

  10. Lol. Please make a better Naruto Customization so that  Ican use it for a reference. Thanks.

  11. I am not very artistically inclined; however, i tried my hand at the character creator. Tell me what you think of my character! 
    - Alex Friedman

  12. I have been inspired by another forum member, @Grimmonsoon, to make this thread.

    The gender-locked classes are not ideal. Everyone knows that. I sincerely hope, in the future, that the developers address this and there is a gender option for EVERY class. However, in the time honoured tradition of RPers (check the roleplay forum for more brilliance) life has found a way.

    By manipulating the character creation options available to us a Witch can become a boy-wizard. A Warrior can become a plate-covered girl. A Sorceror can become a...well...a male Sorceror (I'm sure the word Sorceress exists).

    Let us know what you think or have a go yourselves and see what you can come up with. 

  13. Hey there, i've just finished my second Character and right now I noticed that I actually have an ' original' name now. Meaning I got the name 'Blood' . Im wondering right now, is that permanent and will the character only be saved as a template or do I have that name for sure now?
  14. Hey guys!
    I haven't seen a thread for anime character creations so I figured hey why not start one ^^

    I'll start off with two of mine from Log Horizon



     And Minori

  15. I have been trying to install BDO character creation tool for awhile now; and there is no luck with it at all. As soon as I run the program, it is crushed right away without giving any error message. I have checked Anti-virus as well as the firewall which are not of the concern here.
    What is the solution?
  16. I've noticed that there's no real way for you to tell how tall your character is going to be next to others in the character creator. I think that a great way to alleviate this and prevent people from going back to painstakingly adjust their height and body-type over and over would be to have either their numerical height, or some way to compare heights with other classes. Final Fantasy XIV has the former (character height in centimeters is displayed alongside the height slider), and Blade and Soul has the latter (you can view an outline of the standard body-type for each race next to your own character to see how you measure up).
    As it stands, it feels as if I'm designing in a vacuum; when I appear in the world and interact with other players and NPCs, I might end up with a wholly unexpected height difference.
  17. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet. Sorry if it has!
    BDO has an absolutely phenomenal character creator; I think every MMO community knows that, and so what astounds me is the limitation between picking eye, hair, skin, lip, beard, makeup etc color.
    I expected full freedom RGB color slides, and darkness/brightness slider, albeit with skin colors being limited to a natural skin palette, of course. Much like Aion's system. 
    The 'box' system actually causes a bit of an issue when you manage to create a unique hair color via the base, ends, and roots, and then can't get a beard color to match.
    So, pardon me for stealing this directly from Aion's character creator, but this is the sort of thing I'm proposing:
  18. Post on What do you think? in Berserker

    By Rohunt, posted
    So, I've been endlessly staring into my screen, trying to make a 'good' looking giant. It's possible, I know- But, ANYWAY! I've got a few variations of my giant. I'll just post them up and let you guys tear him apart.

    Here's the other one- I just messed with the chin a bit.

  19. Hello Everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone would like to share their character creation templates? I have a website I have been adding little by little templates either made by me, by others or modified. I would love to see your creations and if you would like to share them with me to add to the website.


    Here are a few I have done/uploaded. Feel free to post or private message me if you would like to share and provide the zip, rar or files. You can either post them directly below or send them to me privately and even on the website, has an option to send me an email.

  20. So I downloaded the character creator and I was wondering if the name I put in there is going to affect my account in any ways? I typed in random letters just to get to the creator and then I realized that it is linked to my account after all. I'm looking for any place to delete/modify that name and can't find anything and it's a bit scary.
  21. It wasn't like that on the CBT1 so i guess this is a character creator bug only.

  22. Post on Beauty Marks in Suggestions

    By Kuukan, posted
    After messing around in character creation for a while, I realized there is no option to put beauty marks on your characters. I would really like this option as it adds more customization to character's feature and also because I find beauty marks sexxxy!!!!   
    While I'm at it freckles would also be nice as well. Yea I know there is the facial tattoo that you can sort of make it look like freckles with the right density but how about an option to expand it across the entire face or something because its kind of limited. That's it.
  23. Hello all~! 
    I just have a small suggestion to have an option added to the character creation system  to allow us to change the OVERALL size of the characters head. 
    I say this because when you make a character bigger in terms of height the limbs and core changes slightly but depending on how big the character is the head will appear too small for the rest of the body. This will help people in terms of proportion. 
    *also a simple way to move the eyes closer together without pulling them out of their sockets would be cool...*
  24. Posted this a bit ago on Reddit, thought I'd repost it here. This will probably serve as a hub for updates and other future characters. Was inspired after seeing the picture of fox ears off of KR to make some cat ears.

  25. Hi there!
    Well I just downloaded that wonderful character creation and got really interested in the game in general. I sat for almost a day making characters. Now I have nine, but I wanted to play around some more, so, it seems I had to delete other characters which is perfectly fine but which takes 24 hours. I dont understand this. I dont have the game I just want to mess around in customisation before the game comes out. And what does the different channels mean? One says "crowded" three says "serene" and the first one is marked 6/3. ?
    When I clicked create I was able to save many different layouts... why cant I just go there and continue to change and play with those? I dont even have to save the character, Im perfectly fine with having just one charachter - or no charachter at all... - Its enough for me to just save the customization. Thats all I want... But its impossible? Have to wait? Once the limit is reached you cant go into customising mode? If that is so - there maybe should be som info about that before the player locks herself/himself out from the software?