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  1. Didn't see a bug report section for the character creator, so I'm putting this in Suggestions instead. If there ends up being a section for that created later on, I'd appreciate it if this was moved there instead.
    When applying curls to certain hairstyles, the portion where the hair meets the scalp ends up "curling" as well, resulting in some rather unslightly lines between hair and head:


    Is there any way that the dev team can take a look at or fix this, or is it something that's in the Character Creator to stay?
  2. Recently i installed this program and i'm kinda glad i did, stops me from spending all day on char creation on release date  purchased the Conquerors edition. It does give early start dates, i can understand why with the character creation. You can do alot but you can also mess up alot but has any had any problems? Ive hit 60FPS once but the rest of the time its 23-49FPS for some odd reason. Not only that it changed my refresh rate, for the last couple of hours ive been telling myself my mouse ain't lagging, blaming it on my eyes due to being ill. But it seems to have changed my refresh rate with out me knowing. I have yet to test the game out with the my proper stetting but i get the feeling itll change my refresh rate again to 23Hz instead of 60Hz. Has this been optimized for Windows 10 yet?
    CPU - i5 6600K OC 4.2 
    GPU - 970 Zotac GTX 970 Amp! Extreme CORE Edition
    RAM - 8GB Corsair Corsair DDR4 Vengeance
  3. The character creator is a fantastic tool. Utterly fantastic.
    However, there is one particular gripe that I have with it at this time, that being that for many classes, it is impossible to create decent or otherwise good-looking people of specific ethnicities.
    To people of these ethnicities, this can be more than a little disheartening. In a game that looks so great and has such a robust character creator, it still winds up being extremely hard to create characters that manage to look like us, instead of like chariactures of us, which leads to a serious "so close yet so far" kind of feeling. This is easier for some classes when compared to others; while it may be possible to make someone who looks like they're from my ethnic group with the Witch character, for example, it seems to be downright impossible when creating a Sorceress character.
    Before people get the wrong idea, I'm not saying the game is racist; that would be stupid. All that I'm asking for in this post would be for the developers to continue putting in some facial presets that approximate various other real-world races. Hairstyles would be nice too (some of us have curly hair, not wavy), but that's secondary to facial styles.
    For characters that are from specific places (such as the Far East classes), these changes would not apply.
    Thank you for your consideration.
  4. Hi all,
    With this game having the deepest and most epic character creation in the history of, well..............everything, what I'd love to see is founders having access to character creation a week or 2 before release..  Only the visual aspect, not names etc which will be dealt with separately.
    FF XIV did this and as a player I loved this as I could spend days creating the best characters possible and tweaking them before the game opened up..  Its also a good talking point in the forums showcasing your work...
    Any chance of us pre-creating our character models for use on launch???
  5. Post on Sorceress Pre-Sets in Sorceress

    By Kinna, posted
    Hello everyone!
    I might be wrong, but I assumed that the sorceress that was used in the early promotional trailers would be in the pre-sets of the game, but I don't think it was there during CBT1. Is it there for other versions or was it only for their trailers? Just curious here because I wanted to use that one as a base. ^.^ I feel like the current presets make her look older and I had problems making her look like I wanted. I do admit that I'm not very skilled with the creator though because the first and last time I played BDO was during CBT1, sadly! I posted pics below as reference of which template I'm referring to. It looks like they left it for the ranger but created new ones for the sorceress. Thoughts?

  6. Post on Tamer Tattoos in Suggestions

    By Chiago, posted
    i noticed during character creation that tamers were missing an option other female gender characters had. Please allow tamers to have the same tattoos as the other female characters in game. I understand that character is supposed to be "cute" in a way, but having complete control over your characters creation and looks, really helps with immersion.
    PS: Here's another great suggestion, release the freaking game already >.>
  7. I was wondering about this, having played some of the other versions, I presume that your chosen character receives the exclusive/ additional preorder items either through mail or the reward section. 
    Say I launched the game and created multiple characters, either on the same server or one on each of the regional servers (NA /EU) for instance, do I get them on the first character I start playing with regardless of server or choice or I can choose to redeem them once on character of my choice ?
    example: created two characters on NA and one on EU before I actually started playing any of them, do I get the items only on which ever character I started playing first or I can play on any/all of them and then decide on which one I choose to redeem them?
  8. Post on List of Zodiac Symbols in General

    By LiZzz, posted
    So I was searching the forums looking for the traits that come with the zodiac symbols because I was curious and I couldn't really find a good answer. 
    I found a list of them though, felt like sharing

    Dragon: Prestigious, Exalted, Attentive, Sensitive, Social.
    Camel: Patient, Docile, Witty, Enduring.
    Giant: Observer, Dreamer, Nimble, Ambitious.
    Shield: Deliberate, Rational, Disciplined.
    Boat: Relaxed, Wanderer, Free, Optimistic.
    Hammer: Brave, Combative, Conversative, Righteous, Cooperative.
    Key: Scholar, Relaxed, Determined, Attentive.
    Goblin: Intelligent, Adaptable, Materialistic, Opinionated, Linguist.
    Blackstone: Secretive, Careful, Ephemeral, Quaint.
    Wagon: Wealthy, Noble, Ambitious, Calculating.
    Elephant: Strong, Committed, Trustworthy, Crass, Honorable.
    Owl: Naive, Stereotypical, either very wise or an idiot.

  9. Please allow for customization options so that we can create younger looking wizards. Though I understand it goes against the lore, I think many players in a Western audience would prefer this. Though they display some degrees of variability, no female classes are restricted as strongly.
  10. I just think it is a bad idea. I haven't lost any effort because I know the value of the save button :), but it is concerning. I got kick out of character creation when the unplanned maintenance happened on the second day of CBT1. Why does the game do that? Character Creation shouldn't require you to interact with the server at all until you hit that "complete" button right? It would be disheartening for a new player who doesn't use the save option as frequently to lose all their hard work on days when connection is sub-optimum. Also-also I'm one of those people who like to hang around in character creation while the game is undergoing maintenance. I do this for many games with complex character creations :P. If possible can the developers fix it so that while in Character Creation we don't have to interact with the servers? Or better yet, let us access character creation without logging in ^.^. It'll increase sales because once people create an awesome looking character they'll surely want to buy the game a play with it d($.$)b.
    P.S. why can I not load my saved Poses?
  11. All characters I've noticed are either hooded eyed males or monolid eyed females. Are eyelids customizable, or are you stuck with the default asian features? If the latter is true, will there be an option to change this at launch? 
  12. Note: This is not a major issue. i don't intend for it to be. it shouldn't be. it's simply something ive noticed and am commenting on/
    So I've notice that darker skin tones have been added to allow for racial diversity in the NA/EU version, where as those skin tones seem to be lacking in the RU,KR,JP version. However, despite this there still is a bit of a limiting factor. The only Hair style that is reasonably and realistically black(African-American for the more PC sensitive, also im writing this as a Person of Color but that's not important) is the bald haircut. Frankly not all black people cut their hair to be bald, I know i don't. And im not saying add dreads, and afros, no. Though, adding those probably wont hurt. What I am saying is to add hair options that are more of a low cut for example and courtesy of google images:
    granted the last one isn't so much of a low cut its just the singer shaggy and i thought his hair style was kind of cool, and will smith is like a half low cut half mini fro, but you get the general idea. Again this isn't a major issue, but i do believe it will help add to the diversity as well as provide more options for players making a black character. For some it's about self insert, for others its about making that fantasy character. however without those, i myself will personally just go with the following attached files. (not sure about others though, also this guy is not my main, my sorc is but that's a different story)
    thank you.

  13. BDO is a very open game, where you can basically do whatever you want. There is much freedom and you can decide how to play the game. And that is awesome, but one thing, is like a thorn in my foot in all of that. One thing bothers me, cause it does not fit so well into this kinda open gameplay. And that is the character creation.
    Now, listen to me first, I know many people talked about gender locked classes and I know the tool to edit your character is awesome, but, I still feel very restricted in creating my character.
    My suggestion to give the player more freedom here would be following:
    First, every class should be playable with every gender (maybe with the giant as exception, cause I never saw a female giant ingame). The basic look of the characters should be opened up. You should have an extra option called "Basic preset" and each preset is one of the standard look of the characters, so that it would be possible to choose the basic wizard look to build yourself a knight from it, and then start editing as normal. Cause yes, the editor is mighty, but it is kinda restricted in a way, that you can only edit your character that much. It is a bit restricted by the basic characters stature and facial structure. I know too, that there are different face presets, but they are still somewhat alike.
    The dificulty of this would be, that every class armor had to fit to every possible creation. I know that this might not happen, but it is a suggestion, maybe giving the devs an idea for something else.
    If this was already mentioned, then sorry, but I cannot read every suggestion post for character generation.
    And I hope it is somewhat understandable what I mean here. If not, always open for questions and suggestions.
    Have fun and enjoy the rest of the CBT1!
  14. I attempted to create a character yesterday using the name "Cassius" and was unable to due to the name having a "banned word" in it. I am assuming that that is the "ass" in "Cassius." Please remove this as it will limit a good handful of completely legitimate names from being used. The alternative to it would be handling it through reporting or lightening the restrictions. If you see someone with an offensive name, just let the community report them. Thanks!
  15. Grüße,
    Ich hätte gerne noch ein paar Gedanken anderer Leute über diesen Charakter den ich mir zusammen baue. Also sprecht bitte an was euch auffällt.

  16. Currently, when it comes to shorter hairstyles on female characters we're fairly limited.  What I mean are hairstyles like this option for the female Blader:

    The only one that really counts, currently, is this female Sorceress hair when shortened all the way:

    It would be nice if all of the female classes could at least have a few of these.  I'm not asking for 20+ of them, but at least 3-4 would be nice -- and they don't even have to be different for all of the classes, just chuck the same ones on each!  It would be extremely easy to add these, and take virtually no development time.  How?  Because the men already have them!

    Move the meshes around to fit properly on the female characters' heads, and you have short hair already there and just waiting to be used!
  17. With Black Desert being Buy-to-Play in our territories rather than Free-to-Play, everyone who is going to enter character creation as the first step of playing the game has already spent money on the game. I think it is a little heavy handed to then limit those people in available character creation options unless they make another payment so soon after buying the game. These outfits can be moved to the in-game store where people expect to pay to buy access to new cosmetic items and if people, like conquerors pack purchasers, have access to additional outfits they can be included in their character creation or deliverable in game if it is too difficult to show that outfit to a limited number of users.
  18. Why are avatar names unique when we have family names?
    I have always thought it strange that there cant be more than one Joe, Anna or Audrin in an MMO. After all, we have our familly names that "identifies" us.
    I suggest that names (first name) should NOT be unique
  19. Why are avatar names unique when we have family names?
    I have always thought it strange that there cant be more than one Joe, Anna or Audrin in an MMO. After all, we have our familly names that "identifies" us.
    I suggest that names (first name) should NOT be unique
  20. This isn't a big request, but it's something I figured I'd like to put in just for the heck of it as I figure it'd be easy and it's something that is just minorly bugging me.  Currently, a lot of the eye colors are very bright and saturated, which is fine.  But when it comes to darker eye colors, we're fairly limited.  We have Black, and Blue-Black.  We could easily mess with the opacity and area of other colors to give us some more "natural" looking eyes -- but dark browns/reds/oranges/yellows/greens have no options.

    Example Palette
    Currently these are two of the darkest eye color options that could be seen as "Brown":

    The problem with the first is that you can't make it any less saturated without making it brighter, resulting in a much brighter brown than perhaps intended:

    It would be nice if we could make eye colors more like this (quickly photoshopped):

    The closest you can get currently are Gray Blue and Dark Blue:

  21. This is just a quick suggestion that I personally think would make creating your character much better.
    As we all know you get to choose a family name in BDO which depicts the name in which all your characters will reside and be a part of, so for this reason i believe that you should be able to name your character what ever name you would like as instead of it being depicted as just a name in-game you can see the family name too so having players with the same name wouldn't matter much as there is a family name too, this would work like real life where there are many bob's for example but all will have different last names which makes them identifiable as that person.
    So if we could get the name restriction lifted so that everyone can pick whatever name they wanted instead of trying to get a name it would be great.
    I cant believe how good this character creation is! Here are 10 of the BEST celebrity look-a-likes ive found.
    Super impressed. does anyone know of any Character creation better than this one?
  23. Anyone else would like their female characters bald ?
    I personally don't like any of the hairstyles/colors and rather go with a bald female character.

  24. This was my main issue when it came to being a Heavy RPer and someone who spends roughly 3-10 hours in creation, based on how diverse it is.
    Unless I'm using names I've liked to continue. Making up new names- also to fit the character- are hard.
  25. Post on Character Deletion in General

    By Risx, posted
    I think 24 hours to delete a character that's less than lv20 is way too long, is there any particular reason why its so long? With only 4 character slots and a 24 hour delete it's nearly impossible to experiment with character creation and classes.