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  1. Please put a warning "OK" notification up that changed body size will eliminate all body modifications. Also, navigating character navigation is a bit confusing a "Back" button would be helpful to navigate to the main mod menu.
  2. Post on Wasted Effort T-T in Off-Topic

    By Snagy Atom, posted
    After almost 2 hours of serious business (detailed character design) server kicked me off my design, now i gotta do it all over again D:
  3. In a game with such an expansive and advanced character creation system, why is there a limit on something so redundant and weird as using the same letter in a name multiple times? Think of it this way; You can edit the shape of the PUPILS IN YOUR EYES but you can't name your character Penelope. And while we're at it, why restrict how many people can be called the same thing? It doesn't make any sense! Why have the family name thing that's supposed to make you special when your name also does that. Plus, the game's gonna be full of people with intensely bad names after a while.
  4. I attempted to delete one of my characters because I wanted to try another class, but I noticed that you need to wait for 24 hours before it's actually deleted. Why have this feature in a beta? I can see it's usefulness otherwise but not in a closed beta where the main reason for the developers to get feedback.
  5. Just wanted to share a site I just created for Black Desert - Character Creation Templates, just incase some prefer to download a template rather than creating your character from scratch. I know of a few non-english website that provide this, but decided to do my own since I like creating characters  Anyways little by little I will be adding more. Especially with the NA CBT I can create Witch, Wizard and Valkyrie...sooo more coming soon!  http://bdocharactertemplates.blogspot.com/
  6. Post on Am i the only one? in General

    By acemaya, posted
    Am i the only one who thinks the necks of most female sorceress are way too large/thick/wide or the heads are slightly too small? Seriously, when i tried the KR version (not even too long ago) there were 3 sliders for the neck, one of them doesn't do anything, one is to move your neck forward/back and the other to make it longer/taller or shorter. Lol... And as far as the head goes, there's no way to make your entire head bigger / smaller to do any sort of proportionality...
    I'm attaching a picture so you guys can see what i'm talking about and I don't think this is a sorceress restrict thing tho, i've seen many different characters with very thick necks 
    Or would it be the heads being too small and creating the neck faulty illusion? I'm still unsure. lol

  7. I think...hmmmm..45 minutes-1 hour
    And pre making character/stealing someones character file isn't fair! you cheaters don't vote >:O
  8. Please,devs,on behalf of...well....me and whoever else wants this,give us chest hair option for our male characters! EU and NA needs dis! I swear do this and you'll have my money O_O I really don't want to play a weird hairless chicken just like all the other korean games that I have played...just draw it with a marker,I don't care,I don't want my characters to be looking like 12 year old boys,facial hair ain't enough *makes puppy eyes*
  9. Hello people PerlStyle here with a question What is Your Name. And by that i want to know what will you name your character. now now wait i am not done here  and i do not want to know the names .  What i want to know is if you can have "Spacers" or "Symbols" to create your Name or Family Name. 
    With that in mid Customization of your character can be complete considering the vast amount of randomness you can go with the actual character creator (thank you god for making me live in this era) can we use a double word name for the Name or Family Name of our characters? or even have a (overkill) 3 word names example : Nietono no Shana that is a 3 part name and most translated JP names have or can have an extension like -san -sama -chan ( and i know some one will go for Grey-sama or  use  "Von" like Klaus Von Reinherz at some point  )
    So the question is can we or can we not use (space) _ - / . , in our names 1-3 times /name? 

  10. Is that actually a thing? People asking other people to make certain characters?
    'Cause.. if you paid me with an emote, I'd totally do it... Anyone interested?
  11. Post on Age-Locked classes in Suggestions

    By Ereos, posted
    So recently I have found out that the Wizard class (and possibly others) are Age-Locked. Please remove this lock, I feel people would be happier. Personally, I like Full-Customization, and I do not want to be limited by something like minimum age. When I make my character, I work very hard trying to make them look as perfect to my opinion of an attractive person. Wizard will be my very first class played and my main, and I do not want to have to go through this wonderful world as someone who looks no younger than 40. I'm 24, not 40, and I would greatly enjoy the game more if my character could look 24 as well.

    This seems to be the youngest anyone has been able to make their Wizard http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/413-john-the-young-wizard/ and I, as well as many others do not like this fact. Let us look however we want to look, whether we're a Warrior or a Wizard. If we want to look old, we'll make the choice to make our characters old.
    Thank you
  12. Are you guys going to use any reference pictures of real people to create your character, maybe yourself or a celebrity.